Saturday, January 14, 2017

art of black magic by science of purple bullsh*t

Malaysiakini - USM cancels black magic seminar

Last year, there was much criticism over the so-called “anti-hysteria kit” at Universiti Malaysia Pahang which was sold for the handsome price of RM8,750.

The kit contained chopsticks, salt, lime, vinegar, pepper spray and formic acid and the producers claimed that it wards off evil spirits.

Ironically, the same year, there was an announcement about a Standard Operating Procedure to combat the practices of which [witch] craft.

In 2014, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Faculty of Social Science and Humanities organised a forum to help local Muslim doctors reconcile their beliefs in spiritual being and black magic with modern medicine.

Bloody spoilsports.

I could have learnt a few tricks of the trade (santau) to poison some of my naughtier visitors, wakakaka, no no not to death but to make them sh*t kau kau, wakakaka again.

But on another issue, jokes aside, I must admit I'm amazed, nay, flabbergasted by the price of the anti-hysteria kit sold by UM Pahang. It's at the unbelievable price of RM8,750.

anti-hysteria kit approved by mufti of perak

from FMTIt is official. Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria has given his endorsement to an anti-hysteria kit developed by a local university, reports Harian Metro.

The kit, which consists of commonplace items such as chopsticks, salt, vinegar, pepper spray and formic acid, was developed by the Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and launched at the Ministry of Education last week.

“We get injections for health reasons — this does not go against the teachings of Islam,” said Harussani to Harian Metro.

bonus - buy 1 kit, get free raja bomoh consultation? 

And it even has chopsticks, which we all know are Chinese cutlery, unless we want to split hair and say they are the pointy Japanese version or the metal Korean version, wakakaka.

Are they halal, and is la vinagre as well?

Vinagre is French for vinegar while Vin is for wine.

But damn it, I am interested in santau especially santau angin, thus USM in cancelling its seminar on said esoteric topic will now lose out to UM Pahang and UKM in the study of esoteric art & science, as well as lose my keen participation at the forum where I could have then meet up with bloes I don't like, wakakaka.

I wonder why our universities with so much "amazing discoveries" have not been placed among the world's top 100?

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  1. As a subject of Anthropology, the study of human societies and cultures, academic inquiry into Black Magic is actually a legitimate subject.

    Harvard University, no less, has passed PhD dissertations on the study of Black Magic, Superstitions among the World's indigenous cultures.

    But these were serious academic inquiries into a significant area of the belief system of those cultures, and the Malaysian universities efforts may be far below those rigorous standards.