Friday, January 13, 2017

Sedition complaint on Guan Eng by 13-year old

Malaysiakini on how a 13-year old reported Lim Guan Eng for sedition:

I'll use everything to stop you from criticising my Bill

everything ? yes, I know  that already 

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng questioned if the police was trying to protect BN component parties by launching a “sedition” probe on him.

Lim said two police officers from Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, questioned him today over his statement on Nov 23 urging Gerakan, MCA, MIC and SUPP to quit BN.

The parties were asked to quit the coalition over the coalition’s stand on PAS’ proposed Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (Act 355).

Lim is being probed under Section 4(1)(c) of the 1948 Sedition Act which deals with publishing seditious statement. [...]

It was learnt that one of the individuals who lodged a police report against Lim was a minor (13 years old) from Ampang.

“I don’t recall there were any protests, the reports seem to come out of nowhere, it is a frivolous investigation,” Lim said at a press conference today.

“At the end of the day, it is up to the police to proceed, but to whose benefit? These are the new challenges I have to face,” Lim said.

Why police don’t question PM?

Lim decried the police force's double standards for targeting him when he issued the political statement.

He denied questioning Islam but said he was merely giving his views on the proposed amendments to Act 355, saying it was not in line with the Federal Constitution.

“Prime Minister Najib Razak has also been the subject of many police reports but why hasn’t the police taken any statements or probe him?” Lim asked.

“If statements are taken from me for all my statements, I don’t have to do my job, but why the same action is not carried out on the PM?” he further asked.

“There seems to be a special treatment when it comes to me,” he said.

Isn't our police amazingly efficient ..... in cherry picking (selection mengikut suka-sendiri)?


  1. Whilst I would support as little restriction as possible in matters relating to freedom of expression, I would agree that it is seditious libel to stir up enmity between Her Majesty's multi-racial subjects.

    We are NOT amending the Federal Constitution, are we?.. i.e. to subjugate the Nons to the Syariah laws?

    This amendment has been hanging for more than 32 years. Do we Muslims must wait for another 68 years?

    1. but that is umno screwing dap n has nothing to do with pas, y u bother wakaka.

    2. I just want to provoke and gauge your toleration of my opinions (dissenting) and its palpable effects on you, wakakaka..

    3. dun get so excited, i just mimicking kt wakaka

  2. Wakakakaka... zombie hive has a queen!

    RM must be that title, come to think of it.

    Islam promotes universal harmony without class distinction, just like communism. Double check with yr holy book lah.

    & yet fake Allah followers, like the zombie, keep creating hierarchies, not only amongst themselves but also across species in clear violation of the TRUE teaching!

    So ain't it seditious libel to stir up enmity between Her(????!!!) Majesty's multi-racial subjects an oxymoronic chorus of a easily confused mind(if there is one existing)?

    A f**k up amendment that has been hanging for more than 32 years?

    Do the 'Munafik' must wait for another 68 years? Better still - wait till Ākhirah (Arabic: الآخرة‎‎) then all will be well & done. As these zombies can have what they want without the state of confusion! Hukum syariah should be implemented there firm & solid.

  3. the fact is it is a proposed parliamentary bill which means it's subjected to the scrutiny of parliament. pak haji hadi awang, much as he might want it, cannot bypass parliament which currently is multiracial in membership and secular in law

  4. Ooh..... I thought that is exactly amending the Federal Constituion isn't it? While the Ninth Schedule in its original state arouse no one, the proposed Act 355 instead is the cause of the current enmity between Her Majesty's multi-racial subjects. Either you are a real blurr sotong or you are really a sham........ wakakakaka

  5. Wakakaka.. pray tell me please which clause of our Federal Constitution/Perlembagaan Persekutuan is amended?


  6. I make no secret of my criticisms of Lim Guan Eng's policies and management style in Penang.
    However, I will say this.

    THE most important responsibility of an MP is as a lawmaker.

    The political sparring between Lim Guan Eng (MP Bagan) and MCA, MIC , UMNOI etc over a proposed law in Parliament is part of an MP's primary responsibility, and is NOT a police matter.

    I have not seen anybody produce any credible evidence that remotely shows Lim Guan Eng saying anything against any Race or Religion.

    Polis Raja DiMalaysia must stay out of taking sides in politics.

    In Malaysia, spurious police reports based on Fake News are now the weapon of choice to attack the Opposition.
    The way the Sedition Act is being interpreted , you can be jailed even when you are being implicated by Fake News.

    Basically that's what happened to Karpal Singh, charged based on a police report against him made by an Utusan Meloya reporter with lousy comprehension of the English Language.

  7. The Constitution, in its current form (1 November 2010), consists of 15 Parts containing 230 articles and 13 schedules (including 57 amendments, presumably up to 1 November 2010) of which the UUC355 is part of the Ninth Schedule. Tahu ke?

  8. As indicated by KT in this post -  PAS/Hadi is proposing to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965. The proposed amendment is to replace Section 2 of the existing law with proposed new Section 2 and Section 2A. The proposed new Section 2 is almost identical to the Section 2 of the existing law. But the proposed new Section 2A shall replace/enhance the cap which is popular known as 365 under the existing law. So, it is just a legal issue here and NOT a constitutional issue. Ada faham?