Friday, January 13, 2017

Parliamentarian questioning UUC355 investigated for sedition?

MM Online - Guan Eng under sedition probe for questioning Hadi’s Bill

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 13 ― Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is scheduled for questioning by Bukit Aman police for alleged sedition over his statement on the proposed amendments to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, his lawyer said.

Lim's lawyer R.S.N. Rayer was quoted by English daily The Star that the police were expected to question the DAP leader at his official office on Level 28, Komtar today.

“We were told Lim would be investigated under the Sedition Act. The police will be coming at 11am.

“I will be accompanying the CM during the questioning. We will co-operate with the police as we always do,” Rayer said, referring to the chief minister.

Lim had said in a statement in November last year that the DAP opposes the proposal for the law also known as Act 355, claiming it is “hudud-like” and runs contrary to the Federal Constitution.

was this seditious or Lim Guan Eng's questioning of UUC355? 

Lim also claimed that the failure of several Barisan Nasional component parties to leave the ruling coalition was seen as a form of tacit approval of Umno's support for the private member’s Bill by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to raise the punishment cap by Shariah courts.

This is extraordinary, a parliamentarian is being investigated for sedition because he questioned Pak Haji Hadi Awang' UUC 355.

It's not unlike RSN Rayer being charged for sedition because he called UMNO celaka, but which the court dismissed kau kau.

There should be a law against frivolous allegations and the police should have been mindful of that instead of responding like a marionette (patung) to every of UMNO's accusations, especially against parliamentarians like Guan Eng and Rayer.

celaka seditious? 

I read just a couple of days ago that Guan Eng's son is still being investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a fellow student 6 years ago, yes SIX years ago.

Malaysiakini reported:

Police are still investigating claims that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's son had sexually assaulted a schoolmate, almost six years since the allegations circulated on pro-Umno blogs.

Police received six complaints alleging that the then 16-year-old boy had committed the crime, and that money was paid to ensure the matter was not circulated online.

Lim had vehemently denied the allegations while the headmaster of the school the boy attended said no such incident occurred there.

"The case is classified under Section 500 of the Penal Code and to date no one has come forward to say they have been molested, or to confirm the incident.

"The case is still under investigation, to determine the identity of those who spread the allegations," Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said in a written parliamentary reply during the previous sitting of Parliament last year.

He was responding to a verbal question from Lim, who asked why no action has been taken against those who spread the lies.

The claims were published, among others, on pro-Umno blogger Papagomo's website.

Papagomo and buddy

Former police officer Wan Mohd Azri Wan Deris was today ordered to pay Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim RM800,000 in damages over blog posts as “Papagomo”, despite continued denials that he was not the offending blogger.

Wan Mohd Azri was ordered in another trial to pay businessman Abdul Razak Mohd Noor RM500,000 in damages over blog posts penned by “Papagomo” that implied he was a liar who earned millions of ringgit in the Commonwealth Games.

from MM Online

The allegations were accompanied with a picture of the so-called victim.

However, Anya Corke, a one-time Hong Kong chess champion whose picture was used, denied knowing Lim's son or that she was molested.

“I have not visited Malaysia for seven years. I have never met or even heard of any of the people involved. I have never been physically assaulted in any way.”

“The only way in which my ‘modesty was outraged’ has been the publication of my picture in connection with these scurrilous and unfounded rumours.”

The bloggers then claimed that her picture was randomly used to protect the identity of the real victim.

Yes, and kaytee was the real Shahanshah of Shangrila.

Don't the police have anything worthwhile to do than to respond to UMNO's Black Underground Loathsome Liars (BULL)?

But all above means that there is now no more doubt the general election is just around the corner.


  1. first they came for anwar, u did not speak out. next they came for uthaya, u oso stay silence, then they came for rafizi, u still buat tak tahu. but i will still speak out for lge regardless.

    1. anwar was UMNO screwed by UMNO
      uthaya was anti dap, screwed by umno
      rafizi was PKR rancid satay, screwed by umno

      why should I bother?


    2. muslims nak potong tangan other muslims,
      muslims nak rotan 100 kali other muslims and
      muslims nak penjara other muslims upto 30 years

      why should non-muslims ambil peduli? let muslims screw muslims.

    3. we have witnessed many non-Muslims affected by Islamic laws, that's why

      secondly, we don't like increased punishments even for non-serious crime - why 100 lashes when our forefathers saw fit to restrict it to 6

      thirdly, for serious crimes there already exists the civil courts, thus we should therefore not have a duplicate system or Muslims will be confused, wakakaka

    4. Yes, HY...when they came for LGE , only DAP supporters were left to speak for him.

      DAP is not an island, and DAP supporters will end up on withered vine if it thinks it can go it alone.

    5. only dap supporters will speak for him because pkr definitely won't as they are jealous of and thus hate him

    6. @ kampung lad 4:36 - You are correct absolutely since those offences under the State List of the Ninth Schedule of the Perlembagaan Persekutuan only apply to Muslims and the syariah court has jurisdiction only over Muslims.

    7. monster, i still believe many in dap r inclusive n fully understood the importance n priority. the problem is with some narrow minded lge fanboy.

      we could only see 阿谀谄媚 (adulation) n 奴颜媚骨 (obsequious) in their writes when the topic is pertaining to their master.

  2. how do you define serious & non-serious crimes?

    1. non-serious - theft, fraud, etc

      serious - murder, violent robbery, etc

  3. 1. your examples of non-serious crimes such as theft, alquran presribes potong tangan will result in the offender becoming a cacat person for life vis-a-vis the serious one i.e. murder where death punishment is optional. (am talking in the context of syariah criminal law). mana lagi serious as far as the offender is concerned?

    2. let's be clear about ruu355 which is already in force. hadi awang merely proposed the present hukuman of 3,5 & 6 (jail term, fine & rotan) be upgraded to 30, 100k & 100 in name of empowering the syariah courts. it is not a new law. however i fail to understand the co-relation between the proposed increase in penalty and memperkasakan mahkamah syariah. maybe the present ones are insufficient to 'erase the dosa committed'.

    3. yes, agree with you that non-muslims are affected by the syariah law such as in cases of divorce, unilateral conversion, inheritance, curi mayat etc, but that is covered by islamic family law which is different from ruu355. would like to ask you again, mana ada non-muslims kena tangkap kerana minum royal salute, beli 4 nombor ekor & bercengkerama didalam bilik hotel atau rumah?

    4. you don't favor the increased penalty and i assume you are very happy at what it is as far as criminal law is concerned and i also want to believe that you are such a compassionate and caring person, melayu panggil mr. budiman. since the non-muslims are so 'prihatin' about the proposed amendment, why don't they strongly propose the repeal of the islamic criminal law in-toto. remember muslims have been subjected to 2 sets of law. alang2 selok pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. cheers kampong lang!

    1. No 1, I oppose severe punishments such as flogging or even the civil court type caning - it's inhuman; justice does not mean we have to be as inhuman as the criminals. That's why I am anti capital punishment, even for murderers and/or IS terrorists - let's jail them for life and f**k the EU policy that life sentences have a finite term

      No 2, some ulama love to increase punishment such as 30, 100k & 100 for syariah courts, but when will these increases end?

      No 3, just a few years back, non-Muslim Chinese couples holding hands or kissing were arrested by town authorities in both Ipoh and KL - the couples said the officers wanted bribes and when their demands were rejected, arrested them, but the officers said those couples did not behave properly in public (as per syariah laws?)

    2. syariah laws currently apply to Muslims only on family issues and "special" such as khalwat and fasting

      if muslims want these repelled, I will support as I don't believe in muslims being punished for (in my eyes) moral (non criminal) issues such as their private doings or breaking the fast (does Allah swt in the Quran prescribe punishment for those breaking the fast?)

      I am also wary of "relatives" rumoured to exploit Islamic inheritance laws to "rob" the wives of their due inheritance (brother instead of wife inheriting deceased's fortune by claiming the deceased's converted to Islam just before they died when no one had heard about it except the brother) and as we know only too well, child custody cases

    3. Has any Nons being tried by Syariah judges/courts?

    4. your no 3 @ 2.32pm. itu dibuat oleh penguatkuasa kerajaan tempatan & bukan 'syariah moral mata-mata'.

    5. oops, your no 2 also @ 2.32pm, whatever increases will still not affect non-muslims. as i said before let muslims torture or punish muslims kaw kaw. ini muslims punya privilege.

    6. berdasarkan atas "nilai2" Islam

    7. No 2, never trust a cleric who loves to punish people MORE severely (not just Muslims but human beings)

  4. Zilch.. because only Muslims can be tried by the the Syariah judges/courts.

    1. u r right, however, who decide one is muslim or not?

    2. MF, u r no wordsmith lah.

      Non Muslim isn't been tried by the syariah judges/courts SIMPLY bcoz that moronic legal system CANNOT do justice to the Non as defined in the letter of law.

      It's the same that the civil judges/courts lost their teloq to hear legal cases involving Islamic affairs.

      So, what happened to cases involving both Muslim & non Muslim as those children custody hearing?

      In limbo!!!!

      In fact, most of the time the non Muslim loses out in such cases as compared with the Muslim!

      Need examples??? Go & read those cases from the newspapers lah.

  5. I don't know if any Nons been tried by Syariah judges/Courts but there are innumerous judgments being imposed on the Nons! So what is the difference?

  6. y suddenly u care so much abt punishment of non criminal act under syariah when u seem no objection toward punishment of consensual anal sex under civil law? like lge put it, y the double std?

  7. HY @ 7:12..   you can determine and have any belief that you choose. But my  belief must not be subjugated by secular dominance.

    But since you are not allowing me to practise my belief/faith, are you NOT indicating that you are indeed a totalitarian, and perhaps secularism/atheism is the imperial power par excellence?

    1. nope hasan, in fact i am perfectly fine with hudud for muslim. did u ever read my writes criticizing hudud, 355 or islam? my nasty remark on pas n hadi is referring to their "dedak-ing" with umno/najib.

      to clarify, i dun know how divine law can apply on some so called muslim that no more believe in god. get my drift?

    2. 'I am perfectly fine with hudud for muslim'

      '..let muslims torture or punish muslims kaw kaw. ini muslims punya privilege.'

      名正义直 sounds so correct!

      In actual fact it's 各人自扫门前雪,休管他人瓦上霜!

      Tempurung logic to the best.

      Israelis & Palestinians conflicts in that cursed Midle East, in a bigger picture, SHOULD fall into that category. So WHY r u so kepochi?

      Chinese M'sians want to substain their cultural heritage through language & education, yet the ketuanan freaks object kawx2. Mengapa tak bolih ke?

      Cruelest still, Nazi Germany wanted to exterminate the Jews, who r u to make noise?

      IFF everyone thinks like that, we wouldnt be sitting here writing syiok-sendiri nonsense. Bcoz, the human civilisation wouldnt be reaching the current stage as we, ALL, would have done ourselves in long looong time ago.

      Oooop...Can't compare, different level of atrocity, different scenario!

      I say, everything starts from a small insignificant beginning. Then the bleeding hearts been exploited by a small group of elites, leading to overblown exploitation, usually with the cruellest endings.

      Historical example aplenty!

      We talk cock & never learn, in the name of increasingly masqueraded political-correctness!

      Next time, think of BIG picture - as postulated in chaos theory. The flipping of the butterfly wings in the Amazon jungle, causes a hurricane in North America!

      That's the ultimate rule of nature, god or no god!

    3. ck, btw countries, we call it sovereignty. among communities, we try to respect each other rights. however we can always protest n oppose if there is genocide, or against human rights etc.

      i would vehemently oppose if the changes impact me or my community like what i am doing now, or else, i believe our involvement n interference could only make thing worst. dap stance is a good lesson, some turn it into a malay/muslim unity topic n many fall into this dichotomous, include the moderates.

    4. again & think deeper lah!

      Every event on this Earth starts small. Whether it's across race, religion, community & sovereign.

      So how could u fortell now that any 'insignificant' zombie event WOULD NOT impact u, yr community & yr belief?

      Our involvement n interference could only make thing worst. It could also make thing better.

      Judging from the irrationality of these zombie tribe's 'thinking' & their manipulative elites, early intervention is a must.

      For they won't rest till the land be zombie-fied!

  8. Sahih International: Indeed, those who have believed then disbelieved, then believed, then disbelieved, and then increased in disbelief - never will Allah forgive them, nor will He guide them to a way. (quran 4.137).

    see HY? no worldly punishment whatsover for murtad.

    1. i recall hasan cited the same many times, i oso read that it is a great sin to trial a non believer under islamic law. however who can judge one murtad is a murtad except the murtad him or herself? what happen to a murtad that steal, khalwat n drink? my view is that at least there is freedom of religion for non malay (a non born muslim), as prerequisite, what do u think?

    2. HY... as you have already known there is no compulsion in religion. As kampong lad said, the Qur'an sanctions no wordly punishment for apostasy, and likewise nor do we see any defectors from the faith had been punished with death during the life of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

      Having described the above a Muslim can be considered a "murtad" by one's very own "niat atau perbuatan atau percakapan".

      Thus, if there is any evidences or witnesses, a Syariah court decision should be made against him/her by prescribing him/her a "murtad" only after a fair trial and due process of the law (syariah) being accorded to him/her.

      Shake hands and cheers.. HY.

  9. Hi Ktee, seeing this drastic changes brought about by RUU 355, shouldn't the rakyat have a say? Why must it be the domain of politicians to decide what is right or wrong for me. Have a referendum. Two third wants it, gomen implement. End of story.

    1. your elected rep will do it for you. Too small an issue to have a referendum