Thursday, January 19, 2017

Disrespectful misuse of name of late Adenan Satem

FMT - ‘Don’t contest, out of respect for Adenan’

PBB secretary-general Stephen Rundi Utom makes request to opposition.

KUCHING: The opposition should not contest Tanjung Datu out of respect for the late Adenan Satem, says Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) secretary-general Stephen Rundi Utom.

This is even though PBB regards a win in the by-election as almost a given.

Stephen, who is also state minister for public utilities, said this after members of the state cabinet were sworn in today.

“It doesn't matter who the candidate is. Tanjung Datu is a safe seat for us.

“We will work very hard to increase our majority. And if possible, it should not be contested out of respect for our late chief minister,” he said.

While everyone, other than a few immature FB vandals and kids, respect or/and admire the late Adenan Satem, ironically Stephen Rundi Utom is the very one who obviously doesn't.

In his brazen misuse and exploitation of the good name of the late Adenan just to grubbily secure an electoral seat for PBB in an uncontested fashion, he might have disturbed the blessed rest of the late CM in god's arms.

Stephen Rundi Utom, please show some respect for a dearly departed.

He has also shown disrespect for a democratic election by urging Tanjung Datu be not contested.

In that exploitation of the good name of the late Adenan, he has simultaneously insulted the rights of voters in Tanjung Datu.

I feel disgusted by the politicised words of Stephen Rundi Utom. He should bloody hang his head in shame and apologise to the family of the late Adenan Satem for misusing his good name for blatant political exploitation.

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