Sunday, January 15, 2017

Seat swap a MCA 'face-saving' bull?

Malaysiakini - Penang MCA may seek seat swaps (extracts):

Penang MCA will not rule out the possibility of seat swaps and loans among Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties in the state, as a strategy to ensure BN's victory in the 14th general election.

Its secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan said MCA is very open and had accepted the fact it could not compete on its own strength and that it needed
support and cooperation from BN component parties to ensure victory.

"We need to collaborate with other BN component parties. We have lost two terms (in Penang) and we need to accept the fact that if we have seats, but the candidates from any other BN component parties are stronger, then we should acknowledge them and give our support to the candidates.

"And, if there were seats held by another component party, but our candidates seem stronger in those constituencies, then we may persuade them (component parties) to give our candidates a chance to compete."

What Ong Ka Chuan has said (above) has been nothing more than a face saving gesture, to mask its loss of its previous share of allocated Penang seats.

In 2013 MCA contested in 4 Penang parliamentary seats and 10 state ones. It lost all, as did Gerakan.

I think Najib has assessed that MCA will once again lose any seat allocated to it, and has probably redesigned BN's allocation of Chinese seats.

But who will be given MCA's previous allocations in Penang?

That is Najib's dilemma.

Once I suspected Minister Nazri wanting to co-opt the DAP into BN, to be the principal Chinese-based component party.

But I also recall that at that time, Mahathir (then still in UMNO and mentor to Najib) sensing Najib's move to jump into bed with a party he (Mahathir) hated and probably still does, wakakaka, namely, the DAP, threatened Najib, telling him not to mollycoddle the Chinese but to focus on the Malays.

Najib then backed off.

Today MCA and Minister Nazri are still NOT kawan, wakakaka. I suspect it's because of that.

from FMT (19Sep 2016):
 Negeri Sembilan MCA is not amused by Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz getting chummy with DAP leader Anthony Loke.

MCA chairman Lim Chin Fui [said] it was improper for Nazri, as an Umno supreme council member, to have such close ties with their political rivals.
His comments were made following pictures circulating on social media of Nazri giving Loke a bear-hug. Nazri also recently admitted to being on good terms with DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng. 
The shot of Nazri hugging Loke was apparently taken when the former was at Titi on Saturday, at one of his stops during his visit to Jelebu.
“It looks like he (Nazri) has forgotten his identity,” Chin Fui reportedly posted on Facebook, Sunday.

But back to intermediate future possibilities - perhaps Najib is thinking of giving MCA's allocation in Penang and Perak to Gerakan, and Gerakan's Selangor and Johor allocations to MCA, hmmm, something along those lines, a North-South divide?

It's possible that MCA may surrender its seat to Penang UMNO where those seats have, say, around a 65:35 (Malay:Non) ethnic ratio.

In April 2013, the now-defunct TMI in its editorial Is there still a point to MCA’s existence? stated:

Even its closest ally, Umno, has little confidence in the party that was formed in 1949, to champion the interests of the Chinese as we head towards Election 2013.

Umno plans on fielding its candidates either in all of the DAP seats or most of them in Johor as the Malay vote is more dependable than Chinese support, according to its strategists.

That is sound political strategy.

In fact, Umno leaders have a better chance of scoring more Chinese votes than MCA.

Hadn't the last sentence above been the most tragic indictment of how far MCA had fallen, even way back in 2013?


  1. Malaysian politics is not like before.Where we have strong leaders in the Alliance,MCA and MIC.Today,Umno is the "taiko",and the rest of the component parties are it's minions.These minion leaders have to suck Umnoputras balls,and in the process have became eunuchs(balless).

  2. Footballer,Mohd Subri bought home a trophy from FIFA in Switzerland.Instead of cheering and jumping with joy his receiving the award,he was made fun off for his lack of proficiency in the English language.Malaysians can blame this on Anwar,who then was education minister,completely,single handedly demoted the English language to a third tier language.

  3. Nazri had more respects for DAP leaders,because he knows that MCA and BN component party leaders(eunuchs),have been sucking Umnoputras balls for decades to date.

    In olden day China,enuchs serving the emperor have their balls cut off.So that they cannot go screwing around the concubines of the palace.