Wednesday, January 04, 2017


FMT - Leiking supports border wall idea on Sebatik island (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Sabah BN assemblyman Abdul Muis Picho’s suggestion that a concrete wall be put up along the international border in Pulau Sebatik, shared by Indonesia and Malaysia, should be considered.

Penampang MP Darell Leiking, who’s in favour of the suggestion by the Sebatik assemblyman, referred to a news report which alleged that “the border stone on Pulau Sebatik has been moved by Indonesia”. [...]

Leiking said he was upset over the alleged action by Indonesia in Sebatik, adding however, that it is the Malaysian and Sabah governments which should feel embarrassed by the border stone being moved.

He reckons that Indonesia would not have been able to move the stone if the border had been secured. [...]

If villagers could argue and fight over a border stone being moved, what more in an area said to hold massive oil reserves, he asked.

He pointed out that security was one of the reasons cited in pushing for the Malaysia concept which saw Sabah and Sarawak in a Federation (from 1963) with Malaya under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

Well, we don't know, do we, with the news being just allegations, though soldiers of another neighbour were known to have destroyed our concrete border markers by the use of dynamites, rather than merely moving them, wakakaka.

But it's significant that a Sabahan like YB Darell Leiking now talks about the FEDERATION of MALAYSIA (instead of Sabahan autonomy) when the security issue might go s**t again for Sabah as it did in the 1962 when the late President Diosdado Macapagal and Indonesia's Soekarno were eying North Borneo and Sarawak for their respective greater Republika ng Pilipinas and Nusantara Indonesia.

By the by, Leiking was a PKR MP but had resigned, as many suspected, to form a Sabahan Party with Shafie Apdal. Another PKR member (Adun for Moyog), Terence Siambun, might have also resigned to join Leiking.  Trust Azmin Ali's nice (over)control of PKR assets and politics in Sabah.

BTW, I used to have the 'hots' for Macapagal's daughter Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, wakakaka. She followed her dad's footstep to also become her nation's President - see my Kongsamkok post Lustful Fantasies, wakakaka again.

But back to the mainline of this post - what with GPS now being available for accurate mapping purposes, and current relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia being still friendly, the exact delineation of our international borders with Bapak Selatan should become quite clear and easy to identify.

But I wonder what sort of wall our dear Abdul Muis Picho has in mind?

Shall it be like the draconian land-robbing Israeli wall or known as the Israeli West Bank Barrier, an excuse about security against terrorism but in reality about stealing Palestinian land?

It has been said that 85% of the wall's 708 km length cuts far beyond the official demarcation Green Line (UN approved border between Israel and Palestine) in many places as far as 18 kilometres deep into the West Bank, annexing the wall-enclosed territory and thus barring some 25,000 Palestinians from their original land.

Or, shall we follow the former East German wall separating East from West Berlin, commonly known then as the Berlin Wall?

The Israelis have done so, being admirers of anything German.

One of their earlier so-called Israeli freedom fighters, Lehi (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel), often known pejoratively as the Stern Gang, being assassins, robbers and gangsters led by a man named Stern, appealed desperately to Nazi Germany for an alliance, offering to fight alongside them against the British in return for the transfer of all Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe to Palestine.

Stern believed Nazi Germany was a lesser enemy of the Jews than Britain. In fact Lehi twice attempted to form an alliance with the Nazis.

This was despite Britain announcing the Balfour Declaration in 1917, expressing British support for a Jewish national home in Palestine, which came about as a consequence of decades of British support for Jews 'returning' to the so-called Promised Land, a British decision based on their Christian belief.

It was a sterling (excuse the pun on Pommies) example of backstabbing treachery by Zionists against the Poms who in turn backstabbed/reneged on earlier promises to the Arabs regarding Palestine. Weren't that like today's Malaysian politics? Wakakaka.

How about something more modest like the Hadrian Wall?

The Roman conquerors of Britain then wanted to keep the ferocious fighting Picts in Caledonia confined to the wild north of the British Isles. Then they didn't know those Scots made wonderful Scotch Whisky, wakakaka.

But such a wall may see its bricks being stolen to build houses in you-know-where, wakakaka.

Then there's the Donald Trump's much boasted but yet to be realized (and unlikely to materialize) wall between the USA and Mexico.

maybe I'll just buy a Chinese one from Walmart - it's cheaper 

I guess that brings us to the final recommendation - like Trump, shall we imitate the Great Wall of China when we build one across Pulau Sebatik?

Of course it's a f**king Chinese design, which will draw condemnations from Chinese Malaysians but much approval from Malay Malaysians, well, UMNO Malay Malaysians anyway, wakakaka.

But you know, we have lots of 'walls' in our society, which we should demolish instead of building more physical walls.


  1. When North Borneo - Sabah & Sarawak - joined Malaysia, Indonesia considered this an affront. Many still do.
    Malaysian fishermen often get harassed by Indonesian naval patrol in what is rightly Malaysian waters.
    Malaysia's stand is usually passive-submissive. I'm not suggesting we risk a shooting incident with Indonesia, but it is necessary to speak up and not keep quiet.

    Walls are sometimes, regrettably necessary. The return of Gaza to the Palestinians led to the biggest security failures in recent Israeli history.
    Gaza has become the source of deadly rockets, a safe haven for terrorists. Terrorists use Gaza as a Rest & Recreation center with impunity. And if Israel takes solid steps to neutralise the terrorist attacks, they get condemned for "Brutality".
    European countries, especially, are being idiotic on this.

    The wall along the Gaza-Israel border is extremely necessary.

    1. when zionists fought the Poms in the 1940's they were called 'freedom fighters' and even recently honoured in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), including those who assassinated a Swiss ambassador and those who murdered innocent people in the bombing of the King David Hotel - twas all for zionist fight for freedom

      who do you think is there today in Gaza?


    2. Terrorists have been firing rockets from Gaza into territory inside Israel's 1967 borders.
      Israel has handed Gaza back to the Palestinians. So what are the rockets for ? They aren't tipped with firecrackers, but Real TNT.

      Yes, Gaza is crowded and the social situation is extreme. Many used to have steady jobs in Israel.

      But they voted in Hamas, which has chosen NOT to live in peace with its neighbours. So the border with Israel is largely closed, the jobs are gone, and the border with Egypt is highly restricted.

      That is their choice, and they have to live with the consequences.

    3. be honest - have the Israelis retreated to their 1967 borders in accordance with UNSC Resolution 242?

      They haven't, which is internationally illegal, and if Palestinians were to do that, you would scream.

      The Israeli international crime or arrogant disregard of UNSC Resolution 242 has been only possible because of the USA blind support, governed by the American's majority Christian evangelistic beliefs. The US continues to support Israeli crimes of illegal land grabbing and continuous building of settlements in the Palestinian West Bank and reckless killing of Palestinians.

      They keep the Palestinians locked in two of the world's biggest ghettos or prisons, namely, Gaza and West Bank.

      Taxations of inbound goods at the borders are deliberately seized and controlled by Israelis and so are electricity and other amenities, while fishing in Gaza by the Palestinian fishermen are confined to a couple of km from shore.

      The Egyptian borders are closed to Gaza because the Israelis through the USA has required that of dedak-ed Egypt.

      Under such ghetto-rizations, as the Nazis did to the Jews in Europe, why shouldn't the Palestinians fight for their freedom when the Zionists could do that? Did the Zionists live peacefully with the British?

      Thus it was the choice of the Zionists, so now is the similar choice of the Palestinians.

      Don't set hypocritical double standards against the Palestinians.