Thursday, January 05, 2017

Kuda dah cabut-ed (2)

MM Online - Ministry suggests refresher courses for doctors (relevant extracts):

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 5 — Medical practitioners have been urged to take refresher courses to improve their skills in order to minimise medical mishaps, says Health Ministry.

Its minister Datuk Seri S. Subramaniam said the ministry was also looking at re-accrediting medical practitioners to ensure they were able to carry out their tasks well.

There had been two botch circumcision cases in the past month involving two boys aged 9 and 10.

“We want to re-accredit medical practitioners to ensure they remain on the ball,” he said

“We are in the process of listing the required skill sets and will ensure doctors undergo such courses.

“It is sad such incidents happened. We will keep a close eye on the victims and ensure they are doing well,” Dr Subramaniam said.

My dear YB Dr Subramaniam, it's is not merely 'sad' but an unmitigated horrible f**king disaster, especially for the latter victim where the re-attachment was a failure, nor was it just 'incidents' as you attempted to euphemize those disasters.

How do you like to have a truncated cock? I am not being insensitive to the grief and anger of the affected parents but the doctors who f**ked up should be hauled up for thorough questioning by experts.

If they are found to lack the qualifications to perform such circumcisions, then those were NOT mishaps or accidents but gross negligence or malpractice, They should then be charged kau kau.

If they are found by the courts to be grossly negligent or guilty of malpractice in their declared professions, they have to be sent to prison to reflect, regret and repent on their crimes and sins. 

In my previous post on same topic, namely that of attempting to close the stable doors after the kuda has cabut-ed, I said the proverb is applicable in a number of events in Malaysia, where this is now the second discussed happening.

And dear readers, if you haven't yet looked up the meaning of proverb, then don't bother to read this second issue.

As I had also posted in the previous issue of kuda cabut-ing, my dear YB Dr Subramaniam, please don't sermonize to your bloody 'marines'. Tell that to the families of the victims.

And I pointed out too that far far far f**king worse, no government or quasi-government body or government assigned agency oversighting or/and licensing practitioners (as in this case doctors) has ever been blamed or any officers (like those two doctors) investigated kau kau and if found guilty or gross negligence or malpractice, either to be fined severely including compensating the affected victims and families or/and jailed.

Believe me, this is not the first time such ooops-a-daisy mishaps had happened during circumcisions, except that previously I came to know about the sad but horrible 'accidents' through hard copy newspapers about some village ulamas being the perpetrators.

Of course in today's instantaneous media environment, no mishap, f**kup or accident is likely to escape immediate public notice.

As the Health Minister I understand you (and your cabinet predecessors) could not have possibly done anything about accidents involving ulama.

I am not sure whose oversight the clerics acting as 'local surgeons' should come under, but if only the religious minister, Jamil Khir Baharom, take note that JAKIM, JAWI, JAIS and other JA-organizations should pay more attention to such potential circumcision disaster and the 'skills' of our 'local surgeons' rather than just arresting 17 couples for khalwat on New Year's Day in flood affected Terengganu (plus 2 more in Malacca), or harassing innocents like poor Nik Raina, then we in Malaysia can minimize such tragic occurrences happening to very young Malaysian boys.

One last note, my dear YB Dr, I resent your statement saying, to wit, Medical practitioners have been urged to take refresher courses to improve their skills in order to minimise medical mishaps.

WTF do you mean by '
to improve their skills'?

Shouldn't they have those skills in the first place?

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  1. I have no love for the "JA*" organisations, but this really has nothing to do with them - it is a medical matter.

    Up to the 1980's , Malaysia suffered from an acute shortage of doctors. Rural hospitals, small towns were really poorly covered. The government over-reacted to this by creating a quantity-based system.

    Private companies soon saw this as a way to make money, with a proliferation of private medical colleges. Many countries were opened up as a recognised source of medical graduates, instead of the traditional Commonwealth countries such as Britain, Australia.

    Now Malaysia is facing a glut of - poorly trained doctors.
    The usual locums you get with a 24 hour clinic do not inspire any confidence at all.