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Worst of living creatures in sight of Allah swt

MM Online - Dogs, faith and reason by Syahril Jalil (extracts):

“Surely the worst of living creatures in God's sight are those that are deaf and dumb and do not reason” — Quran, 8:22

woohooo, not us 

As we can see from the above Quranic verse, the worst of living creatures are neither dogs nor pigs but those who shun themselves away from reasoning. [...]

woohooo, not us too 

In the ongoing conflict between the traditionalists and the rationalists, both are at odds in other areas as well, including the rights of women, freedom of religion and temporal laws.

In the traditionalists' world, ulama's “fatwa” (juristic opinion) alone is sufficient for the traditionalists to accept a ruling as divine.

Reasons merely lend supplementary support and at times is considered redundant. Once a fatwa is issued, traditionalists acceptance of perceived divine rules is almost instantaneous.

Rationalists, on the other hand, seeks to examine the reasons before accepting a fatwa, hence the hesitation to simply accept scriptural interpretations of traditionalists ulama on absolute basis.

Taking the debate on dogs again as an example, nothing in the Quran describes dogs as impure. In fact the Quran clearly states that it is permissable to eat animals caught by dogs (Quran 5:4).

See also my earlier post Blaspheming JAKIM should be flogged in which the DG of JAKIM issued a fake fatwa which was exposed by many Muslims including Muslim preacher Wan Ji Wan Hussin.

JAKIM's DG had outrageously, persecutorially and blasphemously denounced a Muslim woman for owning a pet dog, and ordered her to repent for her so-called 'sin'.

For a start he did not have any divine authority to decide what is a 'sin'. Secondly, he does not also have state authority to issue a fatwa on any so-called 'sin'. Thirdly, he lied about the so-called 'sin' which many Muslims including Muslim preacher Wan Ji Wan Hussin proved was/is not a sin.

Wan Ji said that there is no part of the Quran or hadith which says that it is 'haram' (forbidden) for Muslims to touch dogs.

At this stage, let's re-visit the Holy Quran, to wit, its 8:22 which tells us:

“Surely the worst of living creatures in God's sight are those that are deaf and dumb and do not reason”.


Continuing with the MM Online article - Step outside the Quranic realm and suddenly a Muslim finds himself confronted by a myriad set of juristic opinions concerning dogs, to the extent dogs are considered as impure and are discouraged from being raised as pets.

This has been Kassim Ahmad's precise point.

To those JA-organizations I'm the most dangerous man in Malaysia despite being 82-years old. That's because I said:

“This priesthood caste did not exist at the time of the Prophet or the four caliphs. They only emerged about 300 years later by appointing themselves as interpreter of religion for Muslims.”

“They (Muslims) view their religious leaders like gods and goddesses, that these leaders are seen to be protected from maksum (protected from sin) and must decide on everything about their lives.”

What Kassim Ahmad said applies gnam gnam to the DG of JAKIM and several JA-Organisations (Jabatan2 Agama Negeri), the self-appointed interpreters of divine laws for Muslims.

By the by, Kassim Ahmad has been acknowledged as Malaysia's foremost Malay intellectual. Religious authorities fear intellectuals who used their Allah-bestowed intellect to reason out mortal issues.

Kassim Ahmad was thus arrested for his alleged controversial remarks on the (man-made) Hadith (religious rulings made by mortal man), but not the divinely authored Quran.

Wikipedia tells us: The hadith literature is based on spoken reports that were in circulation in society after the death of Muhammad

Unlike the Qur'an the hadiths were not quickly and concisely compiled during and immediately after Muhammad's life. Hadith were evaluated and gathered into large collections during the 8th and 9th centuries, generations after the death of Muhammad, after the end of the era of the "rightful" Rashidun Caliphate, over 1,000 km (620 mi) from where Muhammad lived.

We have also been informed by Wiki that:

A minority of hadithists, however, have historically placed ahadith at a par with Qur'an, while others have even upheld ahadith that contradict the Qur'an, in practice thereby placing ahadith above Qur'an, and in some cases claiming contradicting ahadith abrogate those parts of the Qur'an with which those ahadith conflict.

That's how the priesthood preposterously and pompously place themselves above Allah swt, presumably when a Hadith suits their interests.

Back to the Utusan reported, that Kassim's arrest was made after the notorious JAWI issued a warrant of arrest against him for an offence under Section 9 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) Act 1997 of contempt or defiance of religious authorities (but NOT Allah swt).

But on 21 June 2016, the Court of Appeal found the religious body's actions against Kassim Ahmad including a cross-border arrest and a detention exceeding 24 hours to be illegal.

The judges said the warrant of arrest on Kassim was defective as it did not comply with statutory requirements and that Kassim's rights under Article 5 of the Federal Constitution was violated with his overnight detention “which exceeded 24 hours” and when he was denied access to lawyers.

The judges pointed out that Kassim was charged by the FT chief syarie prosecutor with a 'non-offence', saying the Kedah resident is not obliged to comply with a fatwa or religious edict in the Federal Territories.

It's not just that JAWI has a propensity to act beyond the law but it has shown it likes to punish people beyond the strictures of Islam, even unto being un-Islamic in its actions as were demonstrated in their officers' lascivious lustful lecherous behavior in the Zouk nightclub incident, the malicious and pathetic prolonged persecution of Nik Raina for also a 'non-offence' and the vindictive detention of 82-year old Kassim Ahmad.

Both JAKIM and JAWI have been notoriously and shamefully disgraceful to Islam. Really, to protect the good name of Islam, both should be shut down.

HRH Johor and Zaid Ibrahim have both questioned the ridiculous annual budget of JAKIM at RM1 Billion when what it significant does has been to warn a woman against keeping dog (illegally and blasphemously at that too).

Continuing with article again - As it is now, the traditionalists are jealously guarding their belief eco-systems and institutions from any challenges. Any attempt by the rationalists to break free from the status quo will be viewed as an attack against Islam.

This hostile attitude is no different from the attitude of Christian Europe in the seventeenth century when they caged Galileo's reason in prison.

Christians suffered from such church bullshit for centuries

but that clerical (priesthood) persecution was centuries ago

It is also quite similar to the attitude adopted by the “Kaum Tua” (Traditionalists) towards “Kaum Muda” (Reformists) in Malaysia during the nineteenth and twentieth century Malaya.

What doggone lives for rationalists with such lil' Napoleons in Malaysian Islam meddling with the lives of ordinary Muslims.

What 'fake' useless lives for "... the worst of living creatures in God's sight are those that are deaf and dumb and do not reason”. (Quran 8:22)

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