Thursday, July 13, 2017

God created all creatures

FMT - Subang DAP youth leader denies quitting over ‘gay iftar’ (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: The founding president of a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights group, has quit his posts in DAP after having organised a “gay iftar” last month, MalayMail Online (MMO) reported.

Numan Afifi, of Pelangi Campaign, ... [...] ... however, denies being forced to quit from his posts by the party following the controversy raised after the “gay iftar” breaking of fast event on June 10, organised by Pelangi Campaign.

“I think for the cause I’m doing, I don’t want it to be affected by politics. So I think it’s best for the activism I’m doing to not be influenced by politics,” Numan told MMO, adding that he remains a DAP member.

Two DAP youth leaders also denied that the party had anything to do with Numan’s decision to quit from his posts.

LGBT is such a sensitive issue in religiously conservative Malaysia (not just with Muslims but Christians as well) that poor Numan Afifi felt he has to quit his political job just because he merely organised a 'gay' iftar.

This sounds ridiculous but not in Malaysia, where God's creation can be edited, audited and vetted for approval by mortal priests (of the Abrahamic religions).

By the way, for Malaysians (including and especially Malays, wakakaka) who might have forgotten what is the Malay term of 'buka puasa', it means the current Arab word 'iftar', wakakaka again.

LBGT flag

(top to bottom) Hot pink Sex, Red Life, Orange Healing, Yellow Sunlight,
Green Nature, Turquoise Magic/Ar
t, Indigo Serenity, Violet Spirit

Buddhist flag
Buddhist Truth & compassion

(left to right) blue Compassion, yellow Middle-way (moderation), red Blessing of practice (achievement, wisdom, virtue, fortune and dignity), white Purity of Dhamma – leading to liberation, timeless, orange Wisdom of Buddha's teaching, 6th compound colours Truth of the Buddha's teaching

The beautiful Pelangi people came for 'iftar'
In colours like the flag of Truth & Compassion
BTW, 'iftar' in our lingo means 'buka puasa'
When passion was for Allah, not Arabisation

They respect the Divine words on Ramadan
Abstaining thro' discipline and devoted piety
Praying, only breaking puasa at setting sun
They, best of god's children, fast in empathy

Priests of Hatred revile these God's Children
Defiling the Almighty's own beautiful creation
Insulting the Lord's hard work with derision
Blaspheming divine work without realisation

They believe not in God but enhanced prestige
Indulging in vile threats of malevolent hostility
Not unlike dark occult forces used to bewitch
Blind lemming-like followers of their religiosity



  1. The problem is to many religious politicians and gurus.But these holy men,the instant they laid eyes on a lady,any lady,pretty,ugly,young and old does not matter,just look at their tiny pricks slowly pricking up.These horny street dogs are all hypocrites.

    The LBGT community has always bullied around the world.Even in the countries,where the law have legalized gay marriages.As long as there are crazies with the mentality of Donald Trump and his followers running around,there are bound to be some roaming around in the neighborhood.

  2. How come nobody talk about the cabinet member of Najib's ,who is a member of the LBGT community?One cannot be a member of the LBGT family if one is straight,right?No body dare harass her,because she is a very powerful woman.By the looks of her physique,she sure looks tough,tough enough to grab and squeeze the juice off the balls of any jantan brave enough to confront her.Hahaha.

    1. bruno matey, she poses a challenge for you to 'conquer' her affections, wakakaka. the rewards will be magnificent lah

  3. Kaytee,I might just try one of this days.By the way,she is fully loaded too.Haha.

    1. good on you, the returns could be boundless, wakakaka