Wednesday, July 19, 2017

PPIM - Wild West Frontier Vigilante Corp?

MM Online - IGP denies PPIM’s allegation of police inaction (extracts):

Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar has denied an allegation by the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) that the police failed to take action on complaints lodged by victims against a vehicle leasing company.

The inspector-general of police gave an assurance that the police investigated all reports according to existing laws. [...]

He said this when asked to comment on a July 11 incident whereby, about 30 car owners, accompanied by several PPIM activists allegedly trespassed a vehicle storage yard after breaking a padlock of the perimeter fence to retrieve their vehicles until there was a commotion. [...]

Khalid slammed PPIM activists for taking matters into their own hands by breaking into the vehicle storage yard without referring the matter to the police.

"PPIM cannot arbitrarily conduct such break-ins because the matter is beyond their jurisdiction. As a non-governmental organisation, they must comply with the law.

"As a result, reports have been made against them (PPIM activists) who (allegedly) have violated the law and the police are investigating this matter"

Nadzim Johan of the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM)
don't play play, he's a Datuk  

PPIM has been notoriously known for its publicity-seeking antics, always attempting to get into the news, perhaps hoping UMNO or PAS would noticed it.

This time (above news), in doing so it even took the law into its own hands, according to the IGP, by breaking into the vehicle storage yard without referring the matter to the police.

Who the f* is a civilian NGO like PPIM to conduct such idiotic illegal intrusion? Wild West frontier American vigilantes?

Padan muka if/when they are charged by the police for trespassing. I hope those in PPIM responsible for the break-in will be punished kau kau.

Three years ago, in Feb 2014, Mustafa Hamzah, an activist with PPIM offered RM500 to anyone who would slap Teresa Kok for what he deemed as her insulting video to Malaysia. He subsequently raised the bounty to RM1200.

On the PPIM website Mustafa Hamzah was named as the 'Pegawai Kerja' of its Board.

I wonder whether our remarkable police had ever charged Mustafa Hamzah for inciting violence, just as I wonder when the PDRM will ever finish its so-called self-initiated investigation into Sulaiman Yassin (Mat Over)'s slapping of David Teo at the TN50 forum right in front of Najib?

Then there was Nadzim Johan (pic above, the Datuk bloke of PPIM), wakakaka, who was chewed kau kau by Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa, Chairman of the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF), for the former's call (earlier this year, in February) for a logo to inform some Muslims who are “not that smart” in differentiating an item with pig-derived parts.

advisory-warning logo for Muslims who are not so smart 

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa said 
Nadzim Johan calling for a pig logo is an insult to the intelligence of the Muslims.

Nadzim was indeed insulting some Muslims' intelligence because he referred to them specifically as Muslims who are “not that smart” as to be able to differentiate an item with pig-derived parts. Of course at the same time, he was probably implying he was a Muslim 'who was smart', wakakaka.

But how dare he suggested that 'no pork' sign raises doubts on whether food and beverages in these premises meet the criteria of Jakim standards.

If there is no JAKIM 'halal certification' signs displayed by restaurants, then it's not halal, full stop. It becomes the responsibilities of Muslims like Nadzim Johan and his PPIM cohorts to not eat there.

There is no law that prevents a restaurant from displaying signs like 'no pork', 'no beef', 'no gluten', 'no MSG', 'no spitting', or 'no idiot permitted'.

Many years ago, a (Indian?) Muslim consumer organization in Penang also created a scene about hot-cross buns, a festival speciality served prior to Easter. Those buns were NOT described as 'hot moon buns' but 'hot cross buns'.

I recall my matey, sweetie Marina telling me it was PPIM, wakakaka. Bloke objected to the sign of the 'cross' on the buns.

Dumbo, that's why such buns are called hot-cross buns, an Easter Day speciality. And PPIM members didn't have to buy just as they don't have to enter a non-halal restaurant.

would this 'cross-type' fencing be permitted? 

Similarly, it was outrageous that (at that time) the Domestic Trade, Consumerism and Co-operatives Ministry could allude to interfering with restaurants having “no pork” signs, on the preposterous arguments that those signs were meant to deceive Muslim consumers into dining there.

Really, that was an example of how syariah laws affect non-Muslims, contrary to assurances by Muslim authorities or PAS. I have other examples which I will bring out in future posts, wakakaka.

(2016) The Malaysian Muslim Consumers’ Association (PPIM) has asked the government to provide a guarantee for the licence application approval to Rayani Air following the problems faced by its owner.

PPIM chief activist Datuk Nadzim Johan said this would enable the airline’s owner to look for new investors to inject funds and continue with the process of taking over the company.

“With the guarantee for the licence approval, the owner can use the licence to look for a new partner to pay the arrears including payment of salaries, allowances and ticket refunds, and this problem could be settled amicably and quickly,” he said in a press conference here today.

(Wikipedia): Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) in a statement on 13 June 2016, announced that Rayani Air licence has been revoked, citing 'it had breached the conditions of its licence and it also lacks the financial and management capacity to continue operating as a commercial airline'

And as Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa said, PPIM was adversely questioning the intelligence of Muslims, JAKIM should haul Nadzim Johan up for serious counselling on his seditious insulting of Muslims.

Ten years ago, in late 2007, 
an anonymous writer calling himself MJH, sent an email warning Muslims not to patronise Indian restaurants because of the Hindu practice of sprinkling komiyal and bibuthi (both of bovine origin) on the premises of newly-acquired property for purification purposes, blessings, and to ward off evil.

MJH also claimed that some Hindu-owned restaurants that practice the rite serve cuisine usually associated with Indian Muslim restaurants and use Malay-sounding names in order to 'confuse' and bring in Muslim customers.

MJH claimed to be a 'director' of 'Public Relations and Media Communications' division of the Muslim Consumers' Association of Malaysia (PPIM).

MJH even said: "It is not the intention of PPIM to incite hatred among the various racial and religious communities in Malaysia."

MJH declared that the motto of "Muslim businesses come first" should be "our practice", ... and why should we be surprised!

your birthday cakes must be halal-certified by JAKIM before entry into McDonald 

When contacted, PPIM spokesperson Noor-Nirwandy Mat Noordin denied the group had ever issued such a statement or e-mail.

He was annoyed that the association's name had been used without authorisation, but that PPIM will not be lodging a police report on the matter. Strange!

And further on PPIM, I seem to recall that its secretary-general, Maamor Osman had in 2007 asked for the film Evan Almighty to be banned because he considered it as an insult to Islam.

The film was of course a comedy so naturally it’s scripted to be funny, but Maamor alleged the film poked fun at God and the Prophet Noah.

But all’s well that ended well because Cultural Minister Rais Yatim torpedo-ed - nope, not Noah's Ark, wakakaka, but - that proposal.

PPIM has now somehow gained a naughty foothold on my recollection of such events that have been associated with intrusive imprudent irritating insidious intolerance.

By its antics, it has provided notorious examples of how non-Muslims would be affected by syariah laws and syariah-compliance requirements.


  1. Fundamentalist Islam is the religion of the future.
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    Resistance is futile.

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