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PKR leaders love international affairs

MM Online 05 July 2017 - PKR demands Putrajaya condemn North Korea’s latest missile launch.

MM Online 10 June 2017 - PKR MP pushes for parliamentary committee on Syria over genocide.

Mother wants Putrajaya to condemn North Korea while Daughter has been worried about alleged Syrian genocide, though she (Daughter) was resoundingly criticised by Ronald Benjamin for foolishly taking sides in the Syrian conflict without understanding the situation in that country.

Ronald Benjamin wrote Nurul Izzah has myopic view point on Syria in the MM Online (extracts):

JUNE 17 — The importance of highlighting human rights violations is something universal what more if it involves abduction, torture, and genocide. To understand the gravity of human rights violation it is vital, to understand it from the lens of victims and their families who directly or indirectly suffer from such violations. This would require a broad and objective understanding of human rights violations.

If this is what is desired I welcome PKR leader Nurul Izzah effort to get a bipartisan support to condemn atrocities in Syria. Unfortunately the answer is no. She seems to focus and target the Bashar Assad regime, rather taking a balance stand by also condemning the atrocities by extremist rebel groups in Syria who oppose his regime.

Extremist rebel groups such as Levant front, Nour al-din al-Zenki, Jabhat al Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham have killed significant number of Syrian people, soldiers, Christians, Shite, alawites,and drove them out their villages, with a single objective of toppling the secular government of Bashar Assad.

This has been substantiated by a report from leading Human Rights organisation, Amnesty International in the year 2016. The report states that Syrian rebel groups backed by the United States and its allies have committed serious violations of international humanitarian law, including abductions, torture and summary killings.

They have created repressive theocratic regimes in areas they conquered, where critics are violently silenced and religious and ethnic minority groups fear for their lives. Regionally these extremist groups are supported by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar with the US as a strategic ally and military backer.

The question is why is the Syrian government alone been singled out has a violator of human rights? This is why I’m skeptical about the ability of Pakatan Harapan to have an independent foreign policy, especially in addressing human rights in the national and global level.


This would entail taking a broader Syrian victims point of view instead of the one proposed by Nurul Izzah which is myopic and bias.

Both are very concerned about international affairs but somewhat remiss at home.

By the by, I heard Mum will vacate Permatang Pauh for Daughter, and that Nurul will abandon Lembah Pantai.

Mum will instead stand in Petaling Jaya Selatan, purportedly to be near Hubby, while incumbent Hee Loy Sian, like Lee Chin Cheh (former ADUN for Kajang), will kuai kuai move to a Selangor state seat. 

Wait, I am wrong - if the jungle drums have been true, Hee Loy Sian will be better off than Lee Chin Cheh as Hee will still get a state seat while Lee had stood aside, almost permanently (almost because he may return in GE15 but perhaps not GE14).

my boss Nurul said PKR's GST will be zero% 

Leaving the Mum-Daughter team for now, it's also said N Surendran who is more active in the Klang Valley than in his own federal constituency of Padang Serai may be replaced as his record in Padang Serai is less than satisfactory.

suspended from Parliament for 4 times, I wonder whether he has earned his parliamentary pay? 

Kaytee recommends that Surendran contests in the Batu federal constituency if Tian Chua is disqualified from contesting in GE-14 after being fined RM3,000 for insulting a police officer. Alternatively, Surendran may get Kelana Jaya as the current incumbent Wong Chen seems to be in the black book of Azmin Ali.

Oh, Tian Chua was fined by the court for using unsavoury (foul) words to abuse Deputy Supt of Police Glenn A Sinappah in 2014.

I wonder what were those words? Wakakaka.

Under Article 48 of the Federal Constitution, an elected representative is disqualified if he is sentenced to more than 12 months' jail or fined RM2,000 and above.

Glenn Sinappah was lucky he wasn't bitten as well, wakakaka.

Tian Chua is of course appealing against such a hefty fine (more than $2K), that is I heard, when he is not campaigning for PAS or Pribumi, wakakaka.

This is the second time the PKR VP has been fined for being naughty. The first was in 2010 when he was charged under Section 32 of the Penal Code for biting a police constable on duty.

Initially the Kuala Lumpur Magistrate's Court had sentenced Chua to six months in jail and fined him RM3,000. But on appeal, the judge reduced the fine from RM3000 to RM2000 as his intention was to avoid a by-election for the parliamentary seat Batu in Kuala Lumpur.

The figure was controversial as RM2000 was still a sum that required Tian Chua to be disqualified under Article 48 of the Federal Constitution. Even the late Karpal Singh stated the biter of policeman should be disqualified. But we still don't know why Tian Chua was not disqualified but went on to contest in 2013 and won Batu.

The Star reported:

KUALA LUMPUR: A medical officer told the Magistrates Court here Wednesday that PKR information chief Tian Chua’s bite on a police constable’s arm could be likened to that of a bite on sugarcane.

Dr Nurzilawati Ahmad, of the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, who is the eighth and last prosecution witness in the case, said this when cross-examined by deputy public prosecutor Hanafiah Zakaria.

Hanafiah gave two examples -- eating fried chicken and biting into sugarcane -- and asked Nurzilawati which of the two would require more strength to bite into.

“Biting sugarcane would require more strength,” said Nurzilawati.

Tian Chua, 46, is charged with hurting Constable Rosyaidi Anuar at about 10.45am on Dec 11, 2007, while the latter was performing his duties at the entrance to Parliament House.

Tian Chua also insulted our dead policemen
 who were killed in Lahad Datu in 2013 where some were mutilated by Filipino intruders.

He twitted that Malaysia's standoff in Lahad Datu with some 235 followers of the defunct-Sultan of Sulu who came from Simunul island on 11 February 2013was staged by the Malaysian ruling government party.

Simunul island is in the notorious province of Tawi-Tawi in southern Philippines.

Since PKR leaders have tremendous interests in international affairs, we were initially nearly inclined to believe him.

But he was charged in court for his very serious allegations but backpedalled on his insensitive fabrications - look at above photo and tell those victims' families that Tian Chua alleged but subsequently 'act dunno' they were actors on an fabricated staged show by our government.

Policemen don't get killed and mutilated by uncivilised barbaric terrorists on staged shows - got that, you policeman-biting mongrel.

Apparently his knowledge on international affairs were somewhat dodgy. By the by, did I tell you that Tian Chua once went to Taiwan to hunt for BN frogs? 

Related: The man who immensely dislikes the police?.

like my teeth? I practise my bites on Filipino sugarcane 

Regarding the Filipinos, for some unexplained reasons, Nurul Izzah had a notorious photo-ops with so-called 'Princess' Jacel Kiram of the notorious Kiram family. Wow, two 'princesses' in ... what? Chummy cosy cahoots? Or a  continuation of Nurul's interests in international affairs?

Incidentally, Jacel is the daughter of Jamalul Kiram III, the self-styled Sulu Sultan who ordered the terrorist incursion into Lahad Datu in Sabah in 2013 which saw some of our policemen killed.

Yes, maybe it had been part of Nurul's interests in international affairs, as she showed recently about Syria, and also her Mum about North Korea.

Nurul and Jacel Kiram 

But that incident infuriated the Sabah State Assembly as insensitive especially after 235 Sulu terrorist militants invaded our country, killed and mutilated some of our policemen.

Why did Nurul show such bad judgement?

Yes, Nurul exhibited piss-poor judgement, especially for one touted as a future PM. She was outrageously insensitive to the families of our own Malaysian policemen killed at Lahad Datu with their bodies so cruelly mutilated by the Filipino intruders.

However, I am not too sure about her photo-ops with Jacel Kiram as likely to cause PKR to lose the votes of those Bangsamoro people in Sabah - au contraire!

Tian Chua was accused by DPM Ahmad Zahid as the person responsible for the meeting with Jacel Kiram. He stated: "Tian Chua was the man who arranged the meeting. He was the person responsible in connecting with the Sulu sultanate. He has to be very careful with his action."

It seems Tian Chua likes to bite, blaspheme or brush with the law, wakakaka, to wit:

(i) bit a  policeman,
(ii) used foul words on another policeman,
(iii) if Ahmad Zahid's accusations were true, in seditious dalliance with our country's foes.

Bob Ramli wrote the article 
Who Is Behind Sabah Invasion – Why The Double-Standards When It Involves PKR? (extracts):

Jacel Kiram's people who invaded and killed our policemen 

Jacel has blood of cops that protect our country on her hands. Palestinian blood matters more than Malaysian blood, eh? Jacel acted as her father’s spokesperson during the Sabah invasion. In fact, Jacel still insists that Sabah belongs to Philippines, and her election manifesto state that she will fight for the reclamation of Sabah.

Worse still, Nurul posed for pictures with Jacel holding “Release Anwar” posters. Nurul now can’t say she just bumped into Jacel at a dinner.

Following the Sabah invasion, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein revealed that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim met up with Philippine’s Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founding chairman Nur Misuari several times previously.

Nur Misuari 

PKR condemned Hisham and accused him of playing dirty politics. Two years later Nurul has just confirmed Hisham’s revelation.

So, is PKR making a deal with the Sulu Sultanate to present them Sabah if they form the government? Nurul’s pictures with Jacel do indicate a bilateral relationship between them.

Could it be just Nurul Izzah's interests in international affairs?

Ironically, pro-Opposition websites are not playing up the Jacel-Nurul dinner date as they did when Najib merely shook the hands of Netanyahu. What happened to the free media and one sidedness that Pakatan always claim to be victims of?

was the Sulu band playing 'Dahil Sa'yo'?


  1. Talk about Pinoy islamic zombies, ain't u forgetting the role of the past/current umno governments have done in the name of ummat zombie??

    What makes these jihadist zombies treating these part of Sabah waters like their back garden le?

    Lagi, ain't u resting the sins of the father onto the daughter in the case of Jacel Kiram???

    "Insensitive especially after 235 Sulu terrorist militants invaded our country, killed at Lahad Datu with their bodies so cruelly mutilated by the Filipino intruders."

    Oui.. uncle u ada bagi u tau, the sacrified M'sian police personnel SHOULD partially be blamed on their good-for-nothing superior officers in mis-managed the field operation.

    Banyakx2 pandai!

    Lagi, what's wrong with Nurul befriends Jacel Kiram?? What's yr take ke?

    Using the same logic, is that WHY u r so afraid of offending ahjibgor just bcoz of yr uncle's owed gratitude to that pink lip?

    Tsk....tsk...sigh...fake news indeed!!!

  2. There is nothing wrong with PKR holding the Malaysian Government accountable for its policy towards North Korea.

    The Malaysia Government ,...almost... alone among UN members other than China, allowing North Koreans to freely enter the country without visas, and carrying trading business activities using front companies, in defiance of UN Securiy Council sanctions.
    Since North Korea is severely forbidden to either import and export most classes of commercial goods under UN Sanctions, Malaysia was effectively acting as a Goods & Money Laundering centre for North Korea.

    I personally found this revolting, given the Barbaric nature of the North Korean regime. But with a Kleptocrat in charge of the Malaysian government, himself a Mega Money Launderer , I was not surprised.

    I'm also not surprised KTMorph is perfectly comfortable with the Najib policy.

  3. Wakakaka..... KT you also very friendly, admiring,idolising Marina Mahathir lah, daughter of your number 1 sinner of Malaysia