Monday, July 24, 2017

Ahmad Zahid tok-kok

Sometimes I could not help but laugh at Ahmad Zahid's hilarious kok-tok, wakakaka.

Do you recall in 1998, two decades ago, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was UMNO Youth Chief and the ally of (then DPM) Anwar Ibrahim.

He (Ahmad Zahid) was touted as Anwar's vanguard to oust Dr Mahathir from the PM position well ahead of schedule (ie. Mahathir's planned and then-abandoned plan to retire, as is happening now, wakakaka).

The tactic then was to voice allegations of Mahathir’s cronyism and nepotism. On June 1998, The New York Times ( NYT ) reported in its World Business page:

In what was seen as a jab at Mr Mahathir’s 17-year leadership, the head of Umno’s youth wing, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, had called for an end to cronyism and nepotism during a speech to delegates.

“Why were big loans to big businessmen approved so easily when small guys had to wait so long to get a loan of RM50,000?” (US$12,500) Mr Ahmad Zahid asked.

The NYT also reported that the PM (Mahathir then) responded to Zahid’s allegation the next day by posting hundreds of names of people who have won government projects in recent years, a list which included his accuser, Zahid.

Though Mahathir failed to answer Ahmad Zahid's accusation, his Blitzkrieg-style counter-attack was sufficient to silent the young upstart.

Subsequently, Zahid’s superior survival skills [wakakaka] had him confessing that Anwar was the person who instructed him to attack Dr Mahathir with allegations of cronyism and nepotism.

'twas anwar, not innocent me

The New Straits Times (June 19, 1999) informed us that Zahid finished his confessional by apologising to the then PM, and with a flamboyant flourish, acknowledged Dr Mahathir’s rebuke of him as a father-to-son advice.

Father to son advice. Wakakaka.

Though many at that time wondered whether Mahathir was repulsed, revolted and repelled by Zahid’s smarmy volte-face (considering he was Anwar’s vanguard in that intra-party power manoeuvre) or was instead somewhat mollified by Zahid's bodek-speak, as Mahathir was known to appreciate 'due repentance', wakakaka, by UMNO blokes who attempted to rebel against him.

That was when Ahmad Zahid first amused me by his kok-tok, wakakaka.

The second time was ten years later, around December 2010.

Then I posted Patriotism - a useful UMNO word in which I wrote:

Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi stated in response to a question in Parliament that the low number of Chinese and Indian recruits in the military could be due to the Chinese and Indians [being] 'not patriotic enough'.

DAP’s Kulasegaran was the man who called Zahid a 'patriot coward', wakakaka, when he scooted out of the Dewan Rakyat to evade opposition questions on his nonsensical 'non-Malays lack spirit of patriotism' controversy.

But following that, Zahid made some half-hearted back-down, trying to spin his way out of his self created bigoted mess in much the same way as he had spun his way back into mainstream UMNO after deserting the Anwar Ibrahim camp in 1998, wakakaka.

Clever bloke and a potential general in the art of tactical redeployment wakakaka.

When Ahmad Zahid was back again in Parliament then, Kulasegaran latched on to him and fired several barrage of HE (high explosive) artillery shells, passing a motion to deduct a symbolic but very indicting RM10 from Zahid’s pay.

The thought of such a symbolic parliamentary censure forced Zahid to come out in girlish defence of his credentials.

ahmad zahidi? wakakaka 

Why ‘girlish’? I’ll come to that shortly.

In a shameless 180 degrees direction about-turn which Ahmad Zahid has been notoriously renowned for, wakakaka, he praised the contribution of non-Malays in the armed forces during the emergency period and the Indonesian confrontation (tho' he failed to mention their contributions on overseas missions like in the Congo) who had “given their limbs and lives for this beloved country”. Zahid then claimed the following as proof that he wasn’t racist:

"I have many Indian and Chinese friends and voters in my area who are non-Malays. Did you ever have friend in university who are not of your race?

"I used to share a room in the dorm with an Indian, in my final year in University Malaya. I shared a room with an Indian."

The roar of wakakaka’s from the opposition bench shook the foundations of the already unstable Parliament building. Kula sneeringly commented: "What does that have to do with anything? That does not explain the statement you made as a minister."

I too was overwhelmed by a humongous bout of heavy wakakaka-ing at Zahid’s fallback on such a girlish meaningless reply.

So that he slept with an Indian was proof he was not a racist? Wakakaka again.

Now read the MM Online Zahid: BN expects defeat in urban seats (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 23 — Barisan Nasional (BN) has given up on several urban seats, including the Bukit Bintang and Seputeh constituencies in Kuala Lumpur which are DAP strongholds, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today.

The party vice president said even if Umno placed its secretary general, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, against Seputeh incumbent Teresa Kok, the latter would still win the seat.


Please note those high-lighted phrases, to wit:

(i) ... even if Umno placed its sec-gen Ku Nan ... against sweetie Teresa Kok,

(ii) ... Teresa would still win ... 

Ahmad Zahid has not failed us with his usual kok-tok, which has been about Ku Nan's chances in a contest with Teresa Kok in the federal constituency of Seputeh.

Ya, like Ku Nan has a snow flake's chance in Hell.

Even if Najib, Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang, Wan Azizah, Lim Guan Eng, Nurul Izzah were each to stand against Teresa in Seputeh, they will be lucky not to have their deposit confiscated, wakakaka.

Once in an earlier post I wrote that I pitied those MCA kamikaze candidates sent to stand in Bukit Bintang during Lee Lam Thye's days.

Then, Lee was virtually a demigod in the eyes of his constituency and woe betide any political challenger for his seat.

My uncle told me in each general election he actually felt sorry for those MCA pollies who were ‘nominated’ by MCA leaders to stand against Lee. They were probably unpopular members, good only as cannon fodders wakakaka.

Maybe the following poem by kamikaze pilot, the late Matomi Ugaki, should be dedicated to those foolish or 'pushed forward' to stand against Lee Lam Thye:

Flowers of the special attack are falling
When the spring is leaving.
Gone with the spring
Are young boys like cherry blossoms.
Gone are the blossoms,
Leaving cherry trees only with leaves.

MCA cherry blossoms? Totally crushed by Lee Lam Thye! Wakakaka!

But the same could be said for those who stood against or want to stand against Sweetie Sassy Teresa in Seputeh.

Malaysia's political Amazon

won't you vote for her? 

In 2008 she won the constituency with 81.38% of the total votes cast, and in 2013 she increased that to 85.95%. No one in Malaysia has ever won a constituency with such overwhelming majority.

And Ahmad Zahid has the unrealistic audacity to say silly words like:

... even if Umno placed its sec-gen Ku Nan ... against sweetie Teresa Kok, ... Teresa would still win ... 

as if Ku Nan was UMNO's best, who as we all know, could only survive in Putrajaya constituency of 17,000 total votes.

If UMNO were foolish enough to place him in Seputeh against the Sassy Sweetie, I have no doubt Ku Nan will only emerge without both his deposit and his underwear, and his nuts totally crushed. And I'm only partially blaming sweetie Teresa for that inevitable eventuality, wakakaka.

remnants of Ku Nan, wakakaka 

Get fucking real Ahmad Zahid, though don't stop tok-ing kok as you can continue to amuse us.



  1. In the US, there is a humane and quite admirable initiative at Federal and some State levels under "Fresh Start" which give opportunity for people who have had minor to moderate jail terms, convictions , charges or arrests from 15, 20 or even 30 years ago to have those records sealed if they have been law abiding citizens since then, with a clean record for a long time. This allows people who have since been law-abiding citizens for a long time to move on with their lives, and get jobs in some sectors which would be barred from anybody with a criminal record e.g. financial services, banks, law, education, law enforcement, private sector security, some IT areas.

    My long-winded way of saying I believe in giving people who have shown good evidence of being rehabilitated a fresh go at life.

    But Ahmad Zahid Hamidi remains a dark and evil operative for this corrupt government.
    There is no evidence of repentance on his part.

  2. bb is a dap stronghold has nothing to do with traitor lee, try ask this traitor to contest bb under mca n see what happen.

  3. Upon quitting DAP , up to the present, Lee Lam They had chosen to cooperate with some less-than-savoury characters in the cause of whatever he sees as the Greater Good, including a certain Mamak Guy along the way.

    We are being told he earned the right to be respected for his choice and we have no right to criticise him.

    Why is Lim Kit Siang being daily excoriated for making similar compromises ?

    1. public service versus politics

    2. Wakakakaka...llt's appointment is ALL political mah!

      Better double check with yr uncle if he was trying to be 'cheeky' wrt llt as with pinklips lah.

    3. najib now doing great public services to felda settlers. isa n traitor lee oso contribute substantially to public services, 1mdb too hand out to various public their unique public services. new definition for dedak is public services.

    4. what lee lam thye had done for people in kl, in [articular Bukit Bintang was way beyond your capabilities or comprehension. One single pubic hair on his kotek is worth far more than your total worth, wakakaka, you anti-dap abuser

    5. Aren't you the one who said if someone becomes a turncoat and betrays what he earlier stood for, he deserves to be condemned as a mongrel , regardless of what may be his past contributions, great though they may be ?

      Is this the goose or the gander ?

    6. only if he hasn't retired or pretend to retire. Lee lam thye retired form politics so why continue to condemn him?

    7. HY has been a moron stupid enough to describe Najib as doing public service when the politician was campaigning

      And why is Lee lam thye a traitor? he doesn't belong to any political party, having already resigned from politics. hoes HY have a personal hatred of lee? or would be plain jealousy?

      the real traitor is lim ks who is now sleeping with his long-time enemy who perpetrated all the crimes lim has been railing against for 30+ years

      hy is known to be full of hatred for dap yet he forgives lim's transgressions now that lim has cosy-ed up to mahathir, thus hy is muy mal hombre makan dedak

    8. if traitor lee service was that fantastic, he wouldnt lose to yap pian hon in serdang. reason he won in bb is bec 1.dap, unlike a village, never worry abt no development from a cb govt 3. bandaraya was such a racist n bias council. 4. dog can also win in bb if against mca, n i believe a dog can easily beat this traitor lee shd contest under bn in bb just by waving it penis.

      mahathir wan to join ph, not the other way round, lks dun get a cents from mahathir, unlike that traitor, who survive solely on dedak from the bn govt. u r no diff with that mt liar, equally cheap.

    9. oh dear oh dear you have made me tired of your jealous-of-lee-lam-thye biadap manners. you're such a loser. go home and shampoo your pathetic self

    10. For every successful man there is a woman - holds true since time immemorial.

      Whether that woman contributes good &/or evil deeds for his man's success that's entirely a different story.

      Ahjibgor has his hippo, llt has his Mrs Lee.

      For those who had worked with llt in the inner circle of bandaraya clockworks, it was an open secret that Mrs Lee had gained the most, financially.

      There were cases of profiteering, joined with umno elites, to scam the unawared publics.

      Llt knew about his wife's side-cuts BUT did nothing. In fact, he seemed to condoning his other-half's unscrupulous undertable gamepitch, by builting up closer rapports with the kl bandaraya/umno elites.

      Anybody who knew were/r NOT jealous of lee lam thye. Rather they were/r been tagged as a partner-in-crime team with a openly good guy (husband) & undertable collector (wife).

      Eventually this Faustian pact couldn't substain in secret anymore due to

      a) too many people knew (wakakakaka.. KT tak tau le - could be bcoz ayer hitam was too far away from kl)

      b) llt's had ran out of political favours, both from the party & his supporters & from the umno elites

      However the past closed working relationship with the umno elites eventually led to llt's current well cared for retirement from politic.

    11. have you considered a career in story writing? wakakaka

    12. LLT's other half's activities are a known open secret in KL circles.

      LLT has made a big show of how he has not used his "turning over" for personal financial gain (which is on the surface mainly true), but his wife's business activities are another matter.

      The Aussie keyboard jockey obviously doesn't know anything about it, but that is his problem.

    13. we are all individuals, and the sins of the father should NOT be visited upon the son, nor that of a wife upon the husband.

      lee lam thye has retired from politics since 1990, 27 years ago, how long more do people want to pester, harass and abuse him unfairly. leave him alone - he has already done his sterling part for society

    14. The point is the LLT Family has benefitted Very handsomely from his "turning over" allegiance..."Mr Clean" is NOT CLEAN....

    15. funny, u r 1 that wan to talk traitor lim, not us, we just stick to topic. n like what the late karpal singh said, traitor lee shd hv told the public why he resigned from dap n politics, if he wan thebpublic to believe all the "story" is merely a story.

      ks said lee is essentially a passive n inactive mp in parliament session, imply that he attend no attend make no diff, similar to any mca mp. i think his only strong point is sama as those mca mp or adun like yap pian hon, whereby their survival is solely due to a inefficient govt agency, n need to be remind again n again what they shd do next. thus the computer age not only improve the govt servants productivity, but oso kick out all this useless mp n adun. public service? dun make me laugh la.