Monday, July 10, 2017

Rats at Madrasah targeted only Thaqif?

The Malaysian Insight - Thaqif died of bacteria attack, second post mortem reveals (extracts):

MOHAMAD Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, a religious school student whose death caused an uproar in April, died of leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals, the second post mortem revealed.

Thaqif's family, however, are incensed that they were given this news today by reporters, instead of the police or the Health Ministry.

His mother, Felda Wani Ahmad told The Malaysian Insight today that she will not accept the post mortem results, questioning why none of the other students in the school – Madrasah Tahfiz Al-Jauhar – had not contracted the disease.

The last check showed that the school had 109 students and six teachers.

"Something is not right," Felda told The Malaysian Insight. [...]

A 29-year-old assistant warden in the school was arrested to facilitate investigations as reports emerged that he had beaten Thaqif with a rubber hose.

The assistant warden, who had a previous conviction for robbery, was later released on a RM20,000 court bond.

Felda also questioned why the police and hospital authorities did not inform her and the family before releasing the results to the media.

"I'm still shocked, I think the results are illogical. We can accept that he (Thaqif) is gone, but we cannot accept the results," she said.

I have to admit, that like Thaqif's mum, I am not satisfied with the findings of the second post-mortem.

Recall, earlier the exhumation was also done without his mum knowing. His mum was so much in grief about the unexpected (initially unknown to her) exhumation said: "It's not a cat but my son".

Again for an unforgivable second time, the Ministry of Health f**ked it up, lacking basic decent courtesy in informing Thaqif's family of the exhumation findings before releasing them to the press. WTF has been going on?

It's somewhat strange none of the other students at Madrasah Tahfiz Al-Jauhar suffered in any degree from leptospirosis.

Was Thaqif so uniquely unfortunate, perhaps cursed by God or Satan (take your pick) as to be the ONLY student in the Madrasah to be inflicted by the poisonous rat urine?

Thaqif, you must be strange if God picked only you
To be afflicted by poisonous effect of leptospirosis
Why'd the Almighty picked on a good Muslim too
You just wanted to be a Hafiz, not to suffer necrosis

Legs already amputated, your arm was about to be
This time they blamed the rats, the dogs were not
Throughout the exhumation they ignored your family
Y? Perhaps they didn't want to, perhaps they 'forgot'

And you prayed to Allah swt for your parents to know
Horrible abuses & beatings heaped upon you 2 awful
You just wanted a change of Madrasah and not to forgo
Studying the Quran; the torture was too much for you

We quote Shakespeare to describe a situation wrong
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"
You could not tolerate the beatings, you did not belong
In a Madrasah that beat student limbs until they're dark

By the by, the elephant in the room that's unmentioned is the assistant warden who walloped Thaqif kau kau with a rubber hose, in a form of torture called 'rubber-hose cryptanalysis'.

The Star Online had reported that 29-year old ex-convict, was suspected of being responsible for Thaqif's death.

Yet, before the exhumation was completed the suspect was strangely released on a mere RM20,000 bail.

But the findings of the exhumation, which Thaqif's outraged mum, refused to accept, has now cleared that suspect.

Unmentioned also has been the former suspect's horrendous abuses of Thaqif and other students at the Madrasah with 'rubber-hose cryptanalysis'.

'Tis the season for elephants in rooms.


  1. This is the 21st century,and we still have barbarians existing in this modern age.These animal behavioral acts are not just happening in Malaysia.They are happening all over the world.Politicians and fake religious prophets are to blame.These barbarians can only change when they get screwed kau kau by the Arabian camels.

  2. It's PURE murder & yet somehow a 'concerted effort' is been orchestrated to cover up this heinousness crime!

    Indeed, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" such that the biggest pink elephant in the room CAN become invisible by DENIALS.

    What will yr god says while listening to yr chants of insaf allah!?


    First of all, the Health Ministry has definitely badly mishandled the administration of the 2nd autopsy. How could the dead child's parents not be informed ?
    It is possible the autopsy was conducted with a court order, possibly without approval from the family, but basic courtesy would require they be informed.

    "Infections is spread by leptospira bacteria if contaminated water or soil comes into contact with your eyes, mouth, nose, or any open cuts in the skin.

    The bacteria can also be spread through rodent bites or by drinking contaminated water

    About 90% of leptospirosis infections only cause mild symptoms...."
    If the condition progresses to a severe infection, it may affect organs, including the brain, liver, kidneys, heart and lungs. "

  4. Day in, day out, I hentam the Najib Administration on all manner of faults and transgressions.
    But in this case, after talking to people who can assess what medical information is available e.g. the quite detailed photos of the child's condition in hospital, I have to say the Najib Administration may be telling the truth, at least on the immediate cause of death of the child.

    The dark discolorations of the skin on the legs, but without any contusions or breaks in the skin, are not indicative of strong external blunt force.
    Even though rubber hoses may not break the skin, if hit hard enough to be the actual cause of death, they will cause serious bruises and swelling.
    Instead, the smooth skin discolorations are more indicative of a serious internal infections.

    Unfortunately, the Najib Administration has been lying to the Rakyat day after day on a whole range of issues.

    Like the boy who cried Wolf, when for just one time, the Najib Adminstration may be telling the truth, no one believes them.

    1. sadly, such is the toxicity of Malaysian politics that you have deliberately dragged in the name of a politician you hate.

      While technically (and in a highly generalised manner) the medical findings of the exhumation of Thaqif could be attributed to a Najib-administration, I reckon/suspect your real reason for using that term 'Najib-administration' would be more than technical or coincidental, but rather deliberate, perhaps to impute Najib himself has an interest in alleged covering-up of the cause of Thaqif's death.

      That's a rather long-bow to draw

    2. Perhaps it's wrong to drag a name into this argument.

      But, the state of the rotten Denmark is NOT happening overnight.

      It's an accumulation of years of dodgy administration & preferential denials, especially related to the ill treatments of the down&trodden, under a similar set of bn governance.

      In this regard, the current administration CAN'T whitewashing her name in thr alleged covering-up of the cause of Thaqif's death.

      BTW, why r u reading so much into this ahjibgor namesake piece?

      So quick too!

      Ain't it in the end analysis, whatsoever u r accusing Monsterball, applies to u, too, to the dot?

      Ain't this another rather long-bow to draw???

      Tsk...tsk...yr true intention is slowly crawling out, out of yr doggie impulsiveness le!

    3. You are right that the rotten Denmark did NOT happen overnight. It happened in 1981, wakakaka.

      As I said to Monsterball and it applies to you too, CK, don't draw too long a bow, wakakaka again.

      Hope you know the meaning of "drawing a long bow", and if indeed you do, then you know it doesn't apply to me but rather to you, WAKAKAKA

    4. How is that different from your blog, where Day In , Day Out , you deliberately drag in the name of a politician YOU hate, blaming him for events which occurred long after Elvis left the building ?

      In any case my bringing in Your Beloved Najib's name is because there is currently a widespread and deep distrust of almost Anything the Malaysian government says, and the atmosphere comes about because of Mega Lies which come right from the Top.

    5. Hahahaha...not applying to u, wau!!!

      So, how could u not drawing a long bow le??? Or maybe u r drawing a crooked bow!

      Put yr wordsmith skill to the test lah. Don't just use yr one phrase statement to do yr blinding ignorance le.

      Ooop..still 1981 le..still no end to yr pusingx2 blind hate of that mamak le!

      Ain't this again drawing yr crooked bow again in continuing yr blaming of the initiator BUT ignoring the blazingly misfeasances of the same initiatives by the successors.

      These successors r NOT saints. In fact, they SHOULD bear the biggest crime of NOT repealing those initiatives but continue to use them to their advantages!

      Maybe there is NO bow at ALL le, but foolish display of doggie opportunity seeking!

    6. referring to Maddy's reign is not drawing a long bow (which indicates you do NOT understand that term, wakakaka) because everyone except those too young to experienced his dictatorial draconian rule, knows what happened eg. Maminco, Forex, BMF, MAS, Proton, cronyism (road tolls, etc), Perwaja, his son's shipping line, etc.

      Monsterball's allusion to Najib Administration on the still-suspected Thaqif tragedy has been indeed drawing a long bow - do you want me to explain to you what 'drawing a long bow' means? wakakaka

    7. Banyak pandai in story twisting le, wordsmith!

      Who 1st brought in Mamak about what happened in 1981 mah. (KTemoc12:12 pm, July 11, 2017)

      So, siapa yang drawing a long bow le? Do that mean u NOT understand that term, wakakaka!!!

      In the recent Grenfell Tower fire, many newsprints in UK/US termed that tradegy as a Theresa May's administration blunder.

      R those papers' allusion relates to drawing a long bow, targeting Theresa May too?

      Wordsmith, yr tail must have been stepped kawx2, such that u r acting more & more like yr Manchester egomaniac sifu le!!!

    8. Yes, those British papers were drawing a bloody LONG bow. The building was completed in 1974 while Teresa May became PM only in mid 2016. Prior to that she was Home Secretary dealing with security and police, and also Minister for Women & Equality.

      While she might have been PM when the Grenfell fire broke out, it was hardly proper to blame a Teresa May administration. Scotland Yard has identified the probable cause as a fridge suspected of starting the fire, and the cladding used on the building which may have spread the fire.

      Now, that's the meaning of "drawing a long bow". You might as well blame Teresa May for the USAF C-130 which just crashed in Missouri.

    9. Hello, wordsmith doesn't it seem to u that u r the one who r drawing the long bow?

      Could Monsterball, the US/UK newspapers r just using the namesake figuratively to describe the current government - not necessary blaming the head of that government?

      That's WHAT I have been interpreted from the writings when I read these articles.

      Whereas yr impulsiveness in jumping in to defend yr ahjibgor the moment his name is mentioned, CLEARLY indicating yr pet-fed mentality le!!!

      Shame on u!!!!

    10. You love to draw reckless conclusions but that's you, wakakaka.