Tuesday, July 11, 2017

RoS' 4 years & 4 days

From NSTPUTRAJAYA: The Registrar of Societies (RoS) has ordered DAP to hold a second re-election for the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC).

RoS director-general Datuk Mohammad Razin Abdullah said the appointments of CEC members and those who hold key positions in DAP via its re-election on Sep 29, 2013 are deemed unlawful.

“Only valid and recognised CEC members can appoint the main positions, in accordance with the Societies Act 1966 and DAP’s constitution.

“The re-election was supposed to be based on the list of delegates entitled to attend and vote for the CEC election on December 15, 2012 which involved 2,576 representatives from 865 branches.

“DAP should once again hold a new CEC re-election that is legitimate and transparent to enable the representatives to elect 20 valid and recognised CEC members,” Razin said in a statement today.

4 years later (after the DAP 2013 CEC re-election) RoS informed the DAP but via a press statement to re-hold its CEC election based on its 2012 list of delegates to the party election, as it was not satisfied everything then (in 2012 and 2013) was kosher.

4 days later (after the press statement) RoS has still not sent an official letter to the DAP on its decision.

What is RoS up to?

Will it take another 4 years for its official letter to the DAP to arrive?

Is RoS deliberately stalling and making the DAP wait until it's too late to re-hold the CEC election in time for GE-14? RoS must get off its fat arse and send that letter pronto, or it will be deemed as an UMNO fed-pet, like the EC is.

It doesn't matter whether Lim Guan Eng or Tan Seng Giaw will get the most delegate votes in the re-election but the DAP will win Penang for a third term and possibly even Perak; Negeri Sembilan can be a third possibility.

I have had the pleasure of talking to some Penangites, relatives and friends when I went to Penang recently. Not everyone loves Lim Guan Eng but most (the majority) will vote DAP.


  1. You are losing your touch....
    There should be at least two or three paragraphs laying the responsibility on Mahathir......
    I would agree too...his politicisation and destruction of the independence of government institutions, in this case the ROS, starting from 1982...has led to this...

  2. May not be such a bad idea for Penangites to "vote for change" in GE14....wakakaka....after all , Najib is a great PM, right ?
    A Penang State Government aligned with Najib could do wonders for the state....waakakakka

  3. Wakakakaka...the moment ahjibgor's macais forms the new Penang statement government after ge14 will be the fsy of Triumphal Return of KT from Oz back to ayer hitam for gooood (???) le!

    1. my dear CK, you wouldn't understand 'fair play', 'evidence' and 'balanced judgement', wakakaka.

      and you would not believe me if I were to say I do NOT support UMNO but DAP, though in the latter I now am disgusted with LKS

    2. you understand 'fair play', 'evidence' and 'balanced judgement', ke?


      Who cares WHAT u believe in?? Right now, every one of yr blog readers knows u as an ahjibgor bootlicker, even though u might not support umno.

      Is it in the same category of support DAP but am disgusted with lks...hmmmm...u tell lah!

    3. aisehman CK, who cares about your opinion, wakakaka. you still are reckless with your presumptions