Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The DAP man forgotten by LKS

Tricia Yeoh once worked for the Selangor State government, then under MB Khalid Ibrahim. She was was Research Officer to the Selangor MB from January 2009 to March 2011 and represented the Selangor state government in managing the Teoh Beng Hock case.

She is today the chief operating officer of IDEAS (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs).

She has just written a 3-part account in The Malaysian Insight of The untold story of the Teoh Beng Hock case. Below is the extract of her conclusion in the final (3rd) part.

... what gave a glimmer of hope was the Court of Appeal’s unanimous ruling on 5 September 2014 that Beng Hock's death was caused by an unlawful act by a person or persons unknown, including MACC officers who were involved in his arrest and investigation. It ruled that this was a custodial death while under MACC detention. This ruling was a vindication for the entire team that had worked tirelessly on behalf of the family and state government. It was a bittersweet moment.

The ruling also instructed the police to reopen the investigation. But on May 19, 2015, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri said in parliament that the Attorney General found no criminal element involved in the death of Beng Hock after examining the report of the police’s special taskforce.

It was a death that catalysed the MACC to professionalise itself by introducing new standard operating procedures for its interrogations and investigations. And all this should certainly be commended, so that a senseless death like this never again takes place.

However, Hishamuddin Hashim, the person who led the interrogation of Teoh Beng Hock back in 2009, is today the Director of the Special Operations Division at the MACC. I have come to respect many officers of the MACC as most are simply doing their jobs. But I cannot and will not dismiss the wrongdoing of the one or ones responsible for the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Eight years on, we are no closer to finding the truth of what may remain an unsolved case. – July 18, 2017.

Related to Tricia's story in a way would be my KTemoc Komposes' piece titled The murder of Teoh Beng Hock written 5 years ago in 2012. I produce it below in full. Note its 2nd part:


27 Dec 2012

I posted Remembering Teoh Beng Hock more than 2 years ago on 06/06/2010 and reproduced below as Part I.

I believe we should not forget his unnecessary and cruel death and the lack of justice for him and his family.

Part II of The Murder of Teoh Beng Hock is immediately after the first part and is presented in more cryptic form.


Part I (the Murder)

The next day I was to wed my love
She would have taken up my name
But some said the Immortals above
Like Fate, would play a cruel game

I was called in as a so-called witness
To come up with required evidence
'They' gave me dozen hours of stress
To support their pre-determinations

Oh, didn't I mention my wedding
When friends'd celebrate with me?
Alas, that did not come to being
Why so? Ask that Am-ay cee cee

'They' said I was one who’d loiter

And nap to soothe my sleepy eye
So as to feel fresh to reconnoitre
For a nice spot to takeoff and fly

In 7 months I was to have a baby
How proud I’d be as a new father
Waiting, thanks to Am-ay cee cee,
On the other side of the Styx river

‘They’ now add insults to injury
Claiming I had Triad association
A red herring to deflect query
Of my death and their connection

Just their leitmotif, it's not new

Unbridled power, their slogan
Unaccountability is their cue
Don’t believe me? Ask Kugan

Did you see the tears of my father
And also those of my bride to be
They both seek a simple answer
From a very silent Am-ay cee cee

Part II (The Murderer)

He was the one who hung me just by my belt
In death-defying position outside the window.
Shit happened, belt broke, thus I was dealt
Horrifying death in a plunge towards below.
Act of unforgivable criminality he was guilty,
Murdering me ‘coz of his callous arrogance
Using fabricated pretext of interviewing me.
Denied me basic rights to smash my resistance
Deceitfully absent during police check of DNA
Instructing his prints on window be wiped clean
Nothing in the office of Am-ay-cee-cee to say
He was present there at floor number fourteen
All subterfuge will not my red blood wiped off
Staining his two evil hands that had slain me
His Maker will not permit him excuses to doff
Injustice he committed, & acquitted it shall be
Moved away he has, but we know who he is

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  1. Let it not be forgotten that Dr. Pornthip, the renowned Thai pathologist , was forced to withdraw her participation from the inquiry into Teoh Beng Hock's death under pressure from the Najib Administration through Foreign Ministry channels.

    Dr. Pornthip is ultimately an employee of the Thai government, and she had no choice but to follow strict instructions from above.

    1. If you have read Tricia Yeoh's 3rd Part, you would have noted that was only the earlier stage. Subsequently the Thai and Malaysian authorities changed their minds. This has been what Tricia wrote:

      To our surprise, the Malaysian government suddenly became friendly – Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein even offered police protection for her safety. We tried another tactic: how about a video conference where Dr Porntip could be projected over the screen? Possible, but the court kept postponing the dates and there was no further word.

      Finally, in July 2010, I received an email from Praew saying the Thai Ministry of Justice had a change of heart, and gave Dr Porntip the approval to attend the inquest in person. My heart leapt for joy – we were reaching the end and there would finally be some answers.

      Since the government had offered police protection, we weighed the matter and decided it would be best to take them up on this offer. It was a double-edged sword – there would be protection but equally we could not tell to what extent the police would be cooperative with the state government, given they report back to Putrajaya.

      I summoned my courage to meet with the police at the Selangor police headquarters in Shah Alam. The man in charge was large and gruff, grunting his way through the meeting – luckily, I had the foresight of bringing a male colleague with me because this top cop obviously had better things to do than acknowledge my presence. In any case, he agreed. Three policemen would accompany me throughout Dr Porntip’s visit: a special branch officer and two others from the criminal investigation division.

      Organising this final visit was like conducting a live performance with multiple stage actors; lawyers, forensic pathology team from Thailand, the national police, our private bodyguard, backup security car from the state government, the Teoh family, and the politicians.

      On August 18, 2010, Dr Porntip attended the inquest and gave her final testimony before the judge; that Beng Hock had bruises on the neck, where blood from these contusions extended deep into the muscle beneath the skin. This injury, she said, could have been caused by a blunt object prior to the fall. She said this based on her experience of examining more than 70 cases of a fall from height by suicide, none of which had injuries on their necks.

      There were numerous other inconsistencies that were raised during the inquest, which this article was not meant to delve into. But recall that this was the main point of contention: if he had been struck unconscious before he fell, then there was no way it could have been suicide. If he was unconscious as a result of his injuries, then perhaps he was assisted out of that window in an unconscious state. There are some things I cannot say bluntly. But the implication here is clear.

      Try not to be so bias, okay.

  2. lks n dap can only make noise, what executive power they have to do anything towards macc, y dun u ask najin n gang to find out who kill tbh, n altantuya, stop sucking dick n write something making sense.

    1. lks gave moral support to macc, in itself a most treacherous act for a dap man. why are you so upset when you hate dap so much? wakakaka

    2. moral support to nab thief n robber, which something a mo1 dedak eater n dap traitor cant comprehend.

    3. then lks and you should sign the macc corruption-free pledge, wakakaka - are you too stupid to comprehend?