Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nurul - talk is cheap

MM Online - Nurul Izzah: Pakatan can build better MRT line for cheaper (extracts):

SHAH ALAM, July 17— PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar claimed today that the Opposition pact can build a wider Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) network if it were in power, while also keeping its cost much lower.

Speaking at a rally tonight, the Lembah Pantai MP said Pakatan Harapan would also be able to provide much better services to the masses.

Nice going Nurul, except you left out inconvenient details to back your boast.

It would be helpful to furnish details, data and your PKR costing to show what you've claimed to be true.


  1. At a minimum, Pakatan could have built it without the Leakages arising from the Kleptocracy.

    The underground section of the MRT project was awarded to a company which had build 0 miles of tunnels before this. Its main qualification seems to be the CEO is known to be Malaysian Official 1's golf partner.

    That company obviously simply flipped the actual contract work over to a tunnelling specialist company , with their Tunnel Boring Machines TBM, with no doubt a very modest "service charge".

    And perhaps, appropriate "donations" into Malaysian Official 1's personal bank account. Its perfectly legal in Malaysia nowadays. No wrong doing...according to Apandi.

    1. since you know so much, please advise Nurul of this so that she could talk on subject with more authority, but I hope you are not making this up as we go along based on your political bias, as you did with some other earlier subjects

    2. http://www.kualalumpurpost.net/almost-80-per-cent-of-work-have-to-subcontract-george-kent-najib-scandal/

      What I find amusing (and sad at the same time) is how you close both eyes to holding the Najib Administration for accountability, but jump very quickly to attack Nurul.

      Its not Nurul spending billions of Taxpayer funds, but Najib is.

    3. using your provided link, it said:

      On Thursday, George Kent came out for the first time to deny allegations that it had won its tender bid for the Ampang LRT project despite being not as qualified.

      In the company’s first statement to the media since winning the Ampang LRP project on Tuesday, Cheong Thiam Fook, executive director of George Kent and also project director of the George Kent-Lion Pacific joint venture (GKLP-JV), said that the partnership was well positioned to deliver the project.

      “We strongly refute the baseless allegations that GKLP-JV failed the full technical and commercial evaluations,” said Cheong, who is also a qualified engineer and was involved in the construction of the Ampang LRT line Phase 1 and 2 from 1994 to 1998.

      He added that there was “also absolutely no question that George Kent has a healthy balance sheet and is in a strong cash position”.

      As of January this year, George Kent had cash and cash equivalents of RM54.9 million while its debts amounted to RM34.46 million.

      For the 2012 financial year ended January 31, the group reported a profit of RM19.3 million on the back of RM152.2 million in revenue.

      Cheong said that George Kent has managed to diversify into managing construction projects involving complex mechanical and engineering requirements in Malaysia and overseas, and has successfully delivered large projects on time and on budget, including the construction and design of the new Kuala Lipis Hospital valued at RM100 million, which was recently completed with zero variation orders. – KL-Today

      The first part was information provided by Rafizi Ramli, a PKR man.

      Regardless, the above does not absolve Nurul from providing more responsible details of her claimed "superior" proposal, rather than just glib claims

      If you can, learn to be fair, and please based your judgement on balanced information

    4. U obviously have zilch project management experience - thus the cockagroo talk to nail Nurul!

      A project of the scale of mrt, needs team of experts of various fields to study, scale, project & manage possible risks.

      It will be near impossible & another cock talk if Nurul could provide ANY responsible details of her claimed "superior" proposal WITHOUT first getting hold of the project entitlement.

      What could possibly be a guild for a BETTER project implementation can only be infered from the experiences of the people on managing large scale projects.

      In this regard, the governance performances of the Penang & Selangor state governments r the BEST referers for how the mrt project could be implemented if they were given the chance.

      Thus, using the same argument one can see how the ahjibgor government is scamming through these projects by exploiting the monetaty quantum.

      If you can, learn to be fair, and please based your judgement on balanced information lah!

      Tau tak???

  2. STAR and PUTRA LRT lines which are about 6O kilometers cost about RM7.0 billion to build, say about RM120 million per kilometer. The MRT ?

  3. nurul said pakatan govt, for eg penang govt.what data u wan if we compare pg pakatan govt against bn in term of leakage, unless pg pakatan under lge is as shitty n corrupted as bn, then nurul need to spend more time n detail to justify what she said. but there is great possibility lge is as corrupt n authoritarian as najib, or else how 1 explain y he now supports a dictator n corrupt mahathir?

    1. wakakaka, the one who boasted about building a cheaper MRT has been nurul, not lge. why drag in lge? hopeless lah you, wakakaka

    2. obviously nurul claim is basing on logical deduction, if u believe pg cm lge pakatan govt cant do better than a shitty bn govt on a mrt project, then i agree with u nurul is boosting. nurul said pakatan, not pkr, better admit u r bias, or u now oso a liar?

    3. when did i ever mention penang givernment and mrt project"

      stop bullshitting like your idol nurul