Saturday, July 22, 2017

Humongous hyper hypocrisy

The Malaysian Insight - Govt has added ‘failed judiciary’ to list of sins, says Dr Mahathir (extracts):

thanks to 'someone' we lost our jobs 

I wonder whether Mahathir was referring to his own former government of 1981 to 2003? Wakakaka.

Mahathir has the brazen shameless effrontery to say:

we were impartial, we were free from Mahathir's influence

thus we were thrown out of our jobs

The judiciary must be impartial and seen to be free from the power of the executive, said former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad on his blog today.

He said judge appointments should not be influenced by the government to ensure public confidence towards the judiciary.

Lord president Salleh Abas being 'done'  kau kau by Mahathir

Wakakaka, I am not sure whether to laugh or to cry at this old man's humongous hyper hypocrisy.


  1. least he admitted that bolihland has a ‘failed judiciary’ lah.

    He creates that puppy & yr ahjibgor nurtures it into a mongrel le!

    Still trapped within that neverending loop of sinning-the-initiator-but-acquitting-the-perpetuator crap!

  2. anyone out of umno/bn would said the same except pas under hadi, who is now more umno than umno, so whats the surprise?

    or u dun agree with what mahathir said n thats y u have no problem with najib? i suggest u join hadi since both u love najib so much.

    1. your terrible extrapolation i.a.w your vile prejudice makes you a most unsuitable person to be a jurist but don't worry there is no jury system in Malaysia, thank goodness!

    2. Oui...ada cermin dekat rumah ke?

      What u have just said APPLY equally to u le!

    3. Oh yes, I forgot to add you with HY where both of you like to accuse people a la "either you're with us or against us", wakakaka, BTW we have a jury system in Australia,k wakakaka again

    4. Since u like evidence so much, jadi buat proof lah tentang yr take that I'm "like to accuse people a la "either you're with us or against us"" le!!

      Talk is cheap for u. But there is no free lunch mah.

      Do yr payment NOW..pronto!!!

      So what, there is a jury system in Australia! Go & find out how many mistrials in australia courts lah. Then check with how many wrong judicial proceedings r been caused by the jury system lah.

      Wakakakaka...even in a so called matured & well-informed society ONE does get idiotic jury members to conclude in egregious findings le.

      Eats yr heart out, wordsmith!

    5. why did you say "yr ahjibgor" to me? Any evidence he is my ahjibgor? Maybe despicable dictatorial despot is you "mahathir", wakakaka

      jury system in Oz means people here are worthy of being jurists unlike Malaysians like CK and HY, wakakaka again

    6. u call lks a mongrel, u call najib ahjibkor. n u r telling us u r not against us?

    7. and when did I start to call LKS a mongrel? and when I start to call ahjibgoir Mr Zigzag?

      be fair (that is, if you can, wakakaka) and compare

    8. 1st, u want to play fair then know the rule lah.

      Making ad hominem statement proves u know NUT about fair play le!

      2nd, mucking around with words play ISN'T cricket lah. U wasted the yrs of stay in Oz le.

      'Jury system in Oz means people here are worthy of being jurists', wakakakaka... Do take my advice to do a quick search on the judiciary blundering happened under the Oz jury system lah.

      & obviously u have not been chosen as a jury yet, then what makes that of u - not worthy?

      Perhaps it's also BCOZ u r M'sian too!

      Bodoh sombong orang tu le. Wakakakaka...

    9. Wakakakaka...

      "DAP is now in serious damage control, remembering with trepidation the 1999 saga when the voters rejected Lim Kit Siang and the hallowed (now late) Karpal Singh for foolishly allying themselves with the Islamic PAS, which was/still is much feared by non-Muslim Chinese and Indians.


      I personally hope the DAP will do well in GE-14, despite the ongoing sabotage of the party by RoS, but I trust Lim Kit Siang will, alone among all DAP candidates, suffer the most punishing rebuke from DAP supporters wherever he stands in GE-14.

      Relive 1999, (and since we are on the subject of dogs) you bloody mongrel."

      Fair ke????? Tongue twister with alzheimer's disease le!

    10. and on what date was that, in contrast to my calling najib mr zigzag? why won't you answer that, wakakaka