Sunday, July 16, 2017

Is RoS DG meditating on Chomolungma (Mount Everest)?

MM Online - Deputy home minister: DAP can’t hold re-election without ‘official letter’ from RoS (extracts):

The Registrar of Societies (RoS) must issue an official letter ordering the DAP to hold fresh elections for its top leadership, deputy home minister Datuk Masir Kujat said today.

“The instruction cannot be done through the mouth...verbal directive cannot, nothing official,” he said after attending Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) supreme council meeting here. [...]

Masir ..... agreed that the party cannot hold its re-election if there is no official letter.

“To me personally, if the DAP has not received the letter, how is it going to proceed with the meeting?” he asked.

Masir said as had already mentioned by Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, in his capacity as Home Minister, the instruction to the DAP must be supported by an official letter.

On July 12,the party’s legal bureau chief Gobind Singh Deo gave the RoS 48 hours to issue the letter, or else the party would consider its options to deal with the matter.

Gobind Singh had said the party could not hold a reelection of its CEC as ordered “without official communication from the ROS to that effect”.

RoS director-general Mohammad Razin Abdullah

It's not true my hands are tied - I'm just a 'loyal', very 'loyal' public government servant

That up to now, 2 weeks (14 days) since RoS told a media conference that the DAP must re-hold a party CEC election, RoS has still NOT issued any official letter to DAP on the requirements for the party to re-hold a CEC election, shows the gross non-professionalism and perhaps even politically-inspired wilfulness of the Register.

The Deputy Home Minister himself confirmed that such a letter is necessary and should have been sent to the DAP.

Thus we mustn't be blamed for believing RoS has been deliberately playing 'monkey tricks' on the DAP, by informing a media conference that the DAP must hold its CEC elections but yet without issuing an official letter to the DAP to inform what it wants on the CEC election. That's playing politics at its worst for a supposedly non-politically aligned civil service.

If the DAP were to rush out and hold a CEC election, there is NO guarantee that RoS will not state that it is still NOT satisfied with the DAP. This can go on ad infinitum until the arrival of GE-14, with DAP unable to contest under its own banner or logo.

OTOH, if DAP refuses to hold the CEC election, RoS will claim the DAP is stubbornly resisting a legal requirement and thus responsible for its own illegitimacy to contest its candidate under its own banner or logo.

Then if DAP continues to wait, RoS can continue to deliberately procrastinate as it is doing now, until on the very eve of GE-14, whence it can still declare any CEC elections held by the DAP to be unsatisfactory/illegal.


Despite DAP filing an official complaint on the tardiness of RoS to the public services department (JPA), and Gobind Deo Singh giving RoS a 48-hour public ultimatum to produce the required letter, RoS continues to act like an ancient Tibetan monk meditating on Chomolungma in solitary splendour, oblivious to its public duty and in total immunity from official rebukes.

By its inaction, ineptitude and insubordination to its own professional duties, or non-professionalism, we have now confirmed our suspicion of a RoS being nothing more than a government lap dog.

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  1. What the DAP should is to take the ROS director general and his senior officials,line them up and let the dogs hump them kau kau.Or better still let them taste the Arabian camels dick.

    1. bruno, if I ever become PM, I'll name you Home Minister wakakaka

  2. What the Fuck is your beloved Najib doing ?...I wouldn't have got to this point without his blessing or instruction, in the first place.

    1. Don't forget who originally manipulated RoS and EC into being answerable to the PM rather than Parliament?

    2. the untouchable now is in control. why doesn't he correct all the wrongs created earlier. i'll be the first to salute him if he does. only my wishful thinking.

    3. agreed, though one could ask "why look a gift horse in the mouth", thanks to maddy, wakakaka

    4. KT's 'under'-statement of his life:

      The initiator of an evil deeds bears greater responsibility to the perpetuator of the similar deed! about painting oneself yo a corner le!!!!

  3. A lap dog....can't help but be a lap dog...the Societies Act was design to allow the Ruling executive unparalleled power registered societies, which includes political parties.
    The instrument of that power is the ROS, so the Ruling executive has exercised tight control over the ROS from Day 1. There is no such thing as an independent ROS.

    Having said that, DAP bears part of the blame for the predicament it finds itself.
    Right from the time the saga of the "improper CEC elections" conducted at PISA started, the DAP has been trying to play a game of resistance with the system instead of solving the problem at the earlierst possible juncture.
    As DAP should know, you play this game, ROS will play the game as well. And they hold the power. Heads I win, Tails you lose.

    1. be that as it might have been, that RoS is now wilfully negligent in not issuing an official letter to DAP, listing the issues it want the DAP CEC election to satisfy is beyond the pale of a professional civil service. in many ways it is worse than EC which comparison tells you a lot

  4. situasi ini umpama Ros dapat pisau dari Dap & terpulang pada Ros bila senjata itu akan diguna terhadap Dap.

    1. memang, walaupun pada hakekatnya RoS sebagai sebuah agensi kerajaan (bukan UMNO) seharusnya bertindak untuk perkhidmatan rakyat, yg patutnya tidak termasuk mengguna senjata terhadap sesiapa pun.

      tetapi RoS pada pendapat saya bukan agensi yg professional dan 'neutral', tetapi agensi yg telah menyebelahi (atau bekerja bagi) UMNO, wakakaka

    2. neutrality & professionalism sudah tidak terdapat lagi didalam agensi2 (penguatkuasa) gomen DAH LAMA DAH. umpama timun & durian (btw, durian penang tahun ini tak banyak, 'udang merah'
      & persaingan nya mencecah rm50-rm60/kg).

    3. wakakaka, durian bukan obsession saya. sebaliknya manggis, yummy.

      tetapi saya mengakui durian 'jantung'(?) mungkin enak, yummy juga

    4. A case of classical Senjata Makan Tuan le!

      Yang siapa tu tuan, belum tentu lagi.