Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another strange death

19 April 2017 - Thaqif Amin Gaddafi warded in hospital; legs amputated die to infections; infection spread to his right ram which was then considered for amputation as well, but prior to arm being amputated, on ...

26 April 2017 - Thaqif died

We have been persuaded to believe no examination whatsoever of the cause of Thaqif's death, eg. infections or otherwise was done

We have also been persuaded to believe the suspicion of the assistant warden beating the hell out of Thaqif (leading to his legs being amputated) as the cause of his death was only a wild or incorrect suspicion but which had led to him being charged with murder.

7 days later:

The assistant warded remanded on a charge of murder was released on bail with only a RM20,000 bond.

It was an amazing action for a charged murderer to be released on bail, and only on a RM20,000 bond.

Almost a month later:

18 May 2017 - an exhumation was done [without his mum's permission or initial knowledge], with the cause of death then attributed to leptospirosis infection.

Hallelujah, the assistant was cleared of the murder charge.

The Star reported Thaqif's mum Felda Wani Ahmad saying:

"Logically speaking, why was there a need to amputate his legs if it was leptospirosis? Also, wouldn’t it have been detected earlier if it was indeed leptospirosis?"

"I'm a teacher; don’t try to spin it. I’m disappointed. When Thaqif was first hospitalised, the doctors could not detect anything, and now all of a sudden it’s leptospirosis. It doesn't make sense. I can't accept it."

"The hospital had taken a sample from my son’s legs while he was still alive and it took them two months 
[including an unusual exhumation a month after Thaqif's burial] to find out the cause."

The cause of Mohd Thaqif's death could be said to be as strange as that of Teoh Beng Hock, where more and more questions have been raised on the deceased's cause of death and where no one seems to be responsible.

TBH died on the eve of his wedding
the day before he rang his best man to remind him of the wedding

the RCI found the cause of TBH's death at the MACC building as "suicide"

The Star Online reported What new strain of leptospirosis? on 11 July 2017 (extracts):

Hospital Sultanah Aminah director Dr Aman Rabu is shocked after reading a news report about a new strain of leptospirosis that was supposedly found in the body of a deceased tahfiz student.

Dr Aman said he did not receive any report from the hospital’s surgery and forensic unit detailing such findings from Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi’s post-mortem.

“Actually, the forensic report should not be made public as this case is pending investigation and has been brought to court,” he said yesterday.

He said it was difficult, at this point of time, to confirm whether there was such a new strain of leptospirosis found in the boy’s body.

A Malay daily quoted Mohamad Thaqif’s aunt Dzuraidah Ahmad, 38, as saying that the family was informed by a forensic specialist from the hospital that a new strain was found in the victim.

However, no name of the doctor was quoted in the article.

Dzuraidah said the information was conveyed to them over the telephone “on loudspeaker”.

The doctor said that normally, leptospirosis symptoms could be detected within a week but in her nephew’s case, it took a longer time as the virus attacked his leg first.

Johor Health, Environ­ment, Information and Education Committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat said he, too, had yet to receive any report over the matter.

He said the news report was unfounded as there was no confirmation about a new strain.

new murderer, not the assistant warden at madrasah 


  1. Reading between the lines, it looks like there is substantial political cables being exerted to redesign the storyline and "cleanse" the assistant warden's name.
    From the secret exhumation, to the redefinition of the cause of death as leptospirosis, and the sudden finding of a "new strain of lepstospirosis". There may be a chance for a Nobel Prize here..Malaysia Boleh...

    I am not wrong to hold the Najib Administration accountable for this case...perhaps not in the sense of Najib being personally to blame, but there is something very rotten with his administration.

    1. warden teflonised from Day 1, evidential by his bail for a non-bailable charge