Thursday, July 20, 2017

10,000 stray dogs in Penang

Amazingly while Penang has 7,500 licensed dogs, it also has 10,000 stray dogs.

Another bad news, the state department of veterinary services (DVS) has only 3870 doses of anti-rabies vaccine.

However Dr Afif Bahardin, state rural development and health committee chairperson, claimed that all licensed dogs have been vaccinated but alas, not so with those 10,000 strays.

The state has put an alert to stop entry of dogs from Perak and Sarawak. But how has the state allowed so many strays to be around in Penang?

I know, those Dog Lovers won't allow the government to cull them but have and will raise Cain if the state does.

stray dogs may be innocent but not those humans who left them to be come strays and those who stop the state government from responsible culling  

But have those Dog Lovers taken any proactive action to attend to the rabies problem other than to show their compassion for strays and their irresponsible anger at the state government for wanting to cull strays?

I am a dog lover and have kept many dogs while growing up and working in Malaysia, from mongrels to German Shepherds to even a Papillon. In Australia I kept 2 Border Collies (adopted from RSPCA). I vaccinated all of them and did not allow them to become strays.

Border Collie 


German shepherd (Alsatian) 

But very responsible citizen must be mindful that rabies are spread by dogs, cats, rats and wild animals that bite, like musang (civet cat). But the two animals most likely to affect humans would be the cat and dog.


We must do something about those 10,000 strays to ensure our families are protected not only from rabies but also dog bites which are equally dangerous. The exercise must also include stray cats which are equally unhealthy for children.

We cannot allow those Dog Lovers to dictate to us on state health policies.



    In Sunni Islam Pakistan, dogs are considered the scum of the earth.
    If they are strays, even worse...there is a bounty on their head. How they are put down is of no concern.

    Strays in Penang ?

    Just shoot them on the spot. Shotguns, AK47, M16...all OK.

    1. there are more humane and less dangerous ways (for the community) of culling dogs. Capture and take them somewhere private to euthanize them

      incidentally, to Pakis dogs may be the scum of the earth but leaving their religious belief aside, in reality the rodents are, with their deadly ability to spread all deadly diseases

      The Pakatan govt has been facing immense political pressure and bad publicity from dog lovers in its efforts to cull strays. Maybe LGE and his govt should cull those dog lovers by employing your recommended weapons, wakakaka

  2. A lot of Malaysian stray dogs in Australia....

    1. as you mentioned in another post of mine, to Aussies, Malaysians are all Malays, and thus Muslims and thus to be feared, hence the recent crackdown

      Many Aussies do not know the difference between Chinese Malaysians and Malays - these two being the same. To them Chinese Malaysians are sometimes referred to as Chinese Malays wakakaka or Malay Chinese as I have been, whatever those terms might meant

  3. Maybe this may be the good time to let PAS led the charge.Let them put their hudud law to good use.Instead of saying that dogs are haram,they should say that "stray dogs owners" are haram,and should be given a good public spanking.

    1. 101 lashes to commemorate the responsible dog owners of 101 Dalmatians, wakakaka

  4. In Medieval Europe, public flogging was a common punishment for various infractions...including Adultery, Fornication out of wedlock, minor thefts, minor fraud...

    Christian Europe has moved on - I'm not saying Christianity is any superior, but simply that times have changed.

    But Islam is still a Medieval religion. Public flogging is very much still an "in" thing.

    1. ulama find it a juicy conduit towards unquestioned power