Monday, July 03, 2017

Embarrassing Lim KS

MM Online - Amanah leader dismisses Kit Siang’s call for Husam to be MB (extracts):

I was trying to be helpful

Besides, my East Coast talks were fabulously successful if I may say so myself

KUALA LUMPUR, July 3 — The proposal for Datuk Husam Musa to be made Kelantan mentri besar is premature, said Amanah deputy president Salahuddin Ayub today.

Commenting on DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang’s public endorsement of Husam, Salahuddin said this was just Lim’s personal view.

“[Our] focus now is to serve the people first and let them know what we are able to do,” he told a news conference.

When pressed to say if Lim’s open call showed that DAP was in control of Pakatan Harapan, Salahuddin dodged the question.

“For us, we just want the people to feel confident with PH,” he said.

LKS' lack of sensitivity in preposterously nominating Husam Musa as the Pakatan MB-designate for Kelantan has embarrassed 3 groups, namely:

(i) Amanah for obvious reason that the latter would have appeared as a puppet of the DAP, and become handy fodder for both PAS and UMNO, especially in Kelantan and Terengganu.

how East Coast Malay voters will see the two parties 

(ii) DAP appearing (because of one senile orang tua nyanyuk) as an arrogant Chinese-majority party which has (because of that nyanyuk character) appeared to show gross disrespect for the feelings of Amanah and Malays. How f**king intrusive and biadap.

(iii) Chinese in general as wrongfully, whimsically and woefully portrayed by LKS to Malays, as an ethnic group totally insensitive, undiplomatic, disrespectful, discourteous and arrogant, especially towards Malays.

Lim Kit Siang should resign and save the good name of the DAP.

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Dei Kit Siang, it says STOP



  1. Very sad situation, but Lim Kit Siang is seeing his dreams implode in the evening of his life.

    a) He facing retirement or even the end of his life still with UMNO in perpetual power.
    b) His son is facing very serious criminal charges.
    c) DAP itself is facing the possibility of deregistration.

  2. U r all wrong KT...he is neither of them...but he is still a shrewd politician. Let me explain.

    Lately if u read the news in the net...even PH themselves realized that PH is losing the PRU battle and no matter wat sotong spun...they know the reality oredi. And this is where Dap is vey cynical..psychotic partner (under lks at least) which Pas realized long ago. If the boat can only take 1 person...what he will do? Drown the others la...and this is exactly what Dap is doing to the other PH partners except for ppbm which is self imploding already. So he was not good-intention to endorse husam...he was shrewd and with all bad intention. Another salt to wat was question by another Dap on the purpoae of Pan existence.
    I know u might ask why and qui bono...let me explain again.
    After the PRU14 smoke is clear...who will be left standing?
    BN (to major extent...Umno), Pas and yup...u guess it right...Dap. And people said...Pas is the king maker...hahahaha...guess who also wannabe king maker...Dap bro. U think it is unthinkable...well if u think Mamak is the Wali me...this bugis boy will be the Wali of Dap...or should we say Savior of Dap. If he can spit oh his life long bmf...wat is 1mdb la. If u think umno will care about kesatuan ummah...u just got the last laugh...kesatuan ummah is just the survivality of najib only. Is Pas being played...u bet and Pas know abt it well...but at least umno is the lesser evil to pas than dap for so many reasons we all know to well.
    The 1mil question now is...what is Dap willing to trade with Najib?