Sunday, July 02, 2017

Attention Penang Dog Lovers

MM Online - Villagers from Serian district claim dogs acting strangely since April (extracts):

SERIAN, July 2 ― Residents of Kampung Paon Sungai Rimu Bakung near here claim their pet dogs have been acting strangely since the end of April.

According to farmer Arry Baee, 46, his pet dogs had gone “wild” and began attacking and biting other villagers and as a result, the canines had to be put to sleep.

“We noticed changes in the dogs such as their tails were downward, excessive salivation and acted aggressively by pouncing on anything including trees, humans or even their own tails.

“Gradually, the dogs’ behaviour took a turn for the worse as they were running aimlessly,” he said when met at the village today.

He said there was a case of a dog which bit another, then it ran “like crazy” towards the road and was hit by a car,” said Arry, adding that after discussing the episode, the villagers decided to put the dog to sleep.

Yesterday, the health ministry confirmed three children including two siblings from the Serian district, Sarawak, were infected with rabies virus and were currently treated at the Sarawak General Hospital.

From Wikipedia: Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain in humans and other mammals. Early symptoms can include fever and tingling at the site of exposure.

These symptoms are followed by one or more of the following symptoms: violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, fear of water, an inability to move parts of the body, confusion, and loss of consciousness.

Once symptoms appear, the result is nearly always death.

I hope the Sarawak authority won't cull those affected canines, because Dog Lovers, especially those in Penang, may go berserk with outrage, not unlike their rabies-infected furry friends.

Last year, or was it the year before, during Penang's attempt to cull an increasing stray (including feral) dog population, those Dog Lovers threatened the CM of Penang for doing his duty to protect Penangites from the bites and threats of those un-owned dogs running around as if those creatures own Penang. One lady, I believe a resident from overseas, even fainted from her strenuous efforts to save the Roaming Rovers.

The Dog Lovers defiantly resisted any attempt by the Penang government to cull those strays, but instead promoted neutering the creatures, though as far as I know they made no comment at all to give them homes or shelters other than to silently buat ta'tahu, meaning to continue letting them run around as teflonized stray dogs a la teflonized stray cows in India.

Sorry I lied. I heard from my Penang mateys that some in fact demanded part of the donated 'bail money' that DAP supporters gave to Lim Guan Eng when he was accused of corruption which till today the legal authorities juga buat ta'tahu (perhaps until GE14 is declared by the EC, wakakaka), presumably to build a Doggie Putrajaya Arabian Nights shelter.

Those who demanded part of LGE's 'bail money' didn't give a sh*t that it had been donated by DAP supporters for a specific purpose, to wit, for LGE's bail and not for their dogs' wail. Yessirree, in the name of their loving Rover, they demanded some of that 'bail money' but were quite shocked no one outside their group give them any notice.

If Dog Lovers have been silent on how to stop the strays from being strays, they also did not explain how to prevent those still straying strays (but by now hopefully circumcised neutered), say, rummaging at garbage dumps for food, from possibly, nay, more likely, threatening children and elderly citizens passing by or even biting them.

But damn, after that, news broke out that feral dogs bit strolling tourists on Batu Ferringhi beach. It's the trespassing fault of those bloody tourists who were probably disgusting cat-lovers. Sheeesh!

Yes, Sarawak authority should invite those Penang Dog Lovers to come to Serian, Sarawak to each take one of those rabies-affected dogs back to their individual home to heal, care and love.

After all, if we were to spell DOG backwards, that would be the icon of those Penang dog lovers.


  1. Those last few days,US and international media have been calling horn dog and grab them by the pu*sies Donald Trump,sicko,nut case and mentally unfit for the office of the POTUS.Donald Trump have been making up stories of talk show hosts bleeding from the face to you know where.This sick crazy guy with a seven years old mentality,may have the symptoms as Kaytee said,been bitten by a rabies infected dog.What more can be said about this sick dude who live on the Howard Stern show,talks and brags sexually about how he would date Ivanka and hump her if she was not her daughter.

  2. Most dog lovers consider the open killing of dogs, summarily carried out on the street, as practiced in Penang and the rest of Malaysia as inhumane. Some would call it Barbaric.

    It is dishonest to confuse the issue with the necessity to put down diseased animals.
    There are other ways to deal with healthy dogs who do not have owners.

    By the way, in your country, Australia, killing dogs without owners on the street itself is illegal in urban areas.

    1. Firstly. there have been badly diseased and underfed dogs roaming freely in Penang which dog lovers wanted to protect at all cost. They even feed them at garbage tips, thus encouraging the proliferation of strays.

      Secondly, don't try to mask their fanatical don't-kill-at-all obsession with excuses like they abhor open killing of dogs inhumanely on the streets, which I too support. Their policy stand is to have an unreasonable "No killing At All", full stop.

      Secondly, those dog lovers have NOT provided any solution to those freely roaming strays which represent a constant threat/danger to elderly citizens and children. The case in Batu Ferringhi has been a classic example of how dangerous feral strays could be.

      Thirdly, in Australia, local government Pounds, RSPCA and other NGOs 'collect' strays at regular intervals and put unwanted/unadopted ones to eternal sleep. It's not 100% perfect but there are schedules and programs and thus fewer strays in urban areas in Australia than in Malaysia, so there is no comparison to the problem Penang is having.

      Fourthly, your "There are other ways to deal with healthy dogs who do not have owners" has been glib, unhelpful and typical of those dog lovers. By the by, are you one too? Wakakaka.

      Incidentally, I am a dog lover but not the fanatical unreasonable type you find in my home state, Penang. Until recently, I owned two Border Collies but since their demise (after 13 and 15 years), due to consideration for my dog-hating neighbours, I have ceased keeping dogs until I move to a more dog-friendly neighbourhood.

  3. This is how its done in Malaysia.
    I've seen it with my own eyes. Its revolting.

  4. Bye final "shot"....just for you...

    1. Greenland (not Penang's Greenlane) is a Long way from Malaysia, wakakaka

    2. I didn't claim this particular shot was from Malaysia - please read carefully.

      The previous posts - Yes.

      Its just a reminder to you what the sanitised word "culling" is really about.

    3. have you seen the chooks you eat before they were de-feathered, cleaned and cooked, wakakaka