Friday, July 14, 2017

Mahathir delenda est

MM Online - For Umno, knives are out for Dr M (extracts):

as a PM, you haven't f**king reported to me for 6 months 

I'm going to have you removed as PM 

I don't think so, but I'll have you removed as a trouble-maker

Recent attacks suggest that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be framed as the primary target of Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) heading into the general election, according to political observers.

Commenting on the overt attacks directed at the former prime minister — a departure from the previous restraint showed when rebutting the one-time Umno president — they also said the ruling party will no longer offer him any quarter.

In possibly the most snide remark directed at Dr Mahathir since he began attacking the government, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak made reference to the former’s “Indian heritage” during a celebration of Tamil schools in Malaysia.

The apparent contempt for the just-appointed Pakatan Harapan chairman was a clear deviation from the reverence that the former prime minister had still enjoyed in the nascent days of his offensive against the current administration.

“At the moment, he is the enemy, so (they) must go all out. I think any leftover goodwill within Umno leadership for Dr M has long since exhausted,” political analyst Oh Ei Sun told Malay Mail Online.

I personally believe the pending RCI probing into the Bank Negara Forex Loss will be used against Mahathir when the general election nears.

One of the things I have learnt about RCI in general is that in most cases, whoever ordered a RCI would already know what would-should be its findings.

It would be like, as some suspected, the British RCI investigating the tragic death of Princess Diana in a car accident. Mohammad al-Fayed, the millionaire father of Dodi al Fayed who was dating Diana, foolishly thought it would reveal what conspiracy theorists had claimed her death by car accident (and thus his son's) to be, the result of a sinister plot by Britain's Royal family.

But in the end, followers of that RCI couldn't help but notice that all along it was an inquiry that revealed (deliberately?) the very salacious aspects of Diana's private life (after her divorce) with British-Pakistani doctor Hasnat Khan.

The RCI even talked with Hasnat Khan (I saw this on TV) about the use of a condom during their sexual encounters. Just WTF had that got to do with her death by car accident in France, if not to disgrace her in the eyes of the British public and to topple her image from the high pedestal they had regarded her.

IMHO, the aim seemed to be to 'disgrace' Diana who held the hearts of the British people, and thus, with her disgrace (of having sex with a Paki), to rehabilitate once-hated Prince Charles and his even-more-hated new wife, to enable them to ascend to the British throne without the British people objecting angrily. 

So that there would always be an expected finding for 'higher' purpose or requirements seems to be spot on, and if anyone, the British Authority always knows how to do that exceedingly well, wakakaka.

sensational gossips by conspiracy theorists 

Thus, I reckon the RCI will find Mahathir as the guilty party for the humongous loss of Bank Negara with dire recommendations on his 'crime'. It will be a severe blow to him especially in the Heartland.

I believe my previous doubt about the UMNO-led government finding 92-year old Mahathir guilty and cruelly jailing the Old Man may in itself be in doubt.

With apologies to the late Cato the Elder, Senator of Rome (234 BC - 149 BC), I reckon UMNO might have already paraphrased his immortalised Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam (which means 'Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed') to:

Cato the Elder 

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem Mahathir esse delendam.



  1. Mahathir,ninety plus and going strong had shown his opponents,that he is a potent force to be reckon with.Don't fuck with this old man,he is telling his enemies and critics.Mahathir was never the man to fuck around when he was twenty years younger,and not the man to fuck around when he was twenty years older.

  2. wow, lks n gang start guna otak tis round, umno kaki cant cook the hp = dap anymore. umno would not only call mahathir a indian, they would continue to label u a pendatang, just read any umno dedak site like mt, at least the pribumi horde stop doing that. but i know u dap traitor would continue to kiss najib dick.

    1. If Dr Mahathir is an Indian, it only shows how clever the Indians are. For 22 years, an Indian has been the Prime Minister for the Malays ! !

      Another Indian leads the Opposition - although from inside prison.

      The Tabung Haji chief is an Indian.

      The KSN is an Indian.

      The KSU of the MOF is an Indian.

      The IGP is an Indian.

      That Counter Terrorism fellow is an Indian.

      Chief Thief's own deputy at Khazanah is an Indian.

      The head of the EPU is an Indian.

      Chief Thief's RM9.5 million lawyer is an Indian.

      The Wanita Chief is an Indian.

      Chief Thief's own media boss is a really crooked Indian.

      Damned they are all Indians.

      Remind one about the final days of that Malacca riverine serfdom le!!!

      One up to those Indian-under-the-Melayu-skin le, wakakakaka..

  3. In Malaysia, commercial transactions are required by law to be retained at least 7 years.
    In practice, most organisations destroy their records after 7 years to prevent exposure to future liability claims.

    That actually sets an unwritten limitation for anyone inititiating a legal case on commercial matters after more than 7 years - documents critical to the prosecution or the defence or both are likely to be missing or incomplete. It will not be in the interest of justice.

    The RCI on Forex should have been conducted many years ago, and it is an indictment on the Malaysian political system that it is being called now. The likely outcome will be mostly based on hearsay, unsupported by documentation and probably rigged to blame one particular person. Justice will not be done.

    As Lim Kiat Siang correctly points out, there is a much more urgent Scandal, current, with all information and data still available - the theft of 1MDB and SRC public funds.

    Najib has done everything in his power to prevent and obstruct a proper investigation of 1MDB in Malaysia, and what we know comes from investigation and prosecution conducted overseas.

    Well between what the FBI says and what Najib lap-dog Apandi says, I know who I trust more.

    What a shame.

    1. See what do I meant for mamak's one-up his sleeve trick!

      Commercial records officially disappear after 7 years while criminal records r kept for perpetuality.

      RCI on the 30 year old forex commercial scandal WILL then be mainly based on hearsays, unsustainable records of devious sources & accusations of suprious nature.

      So how to prosecute except under a big kangaroo setup!

      It will create an impression that ahjibgor is flexing his political clout to safeguard his kleptocratic regime.

      That's the mutant chick that ahjibgor & his Hp6 sycophants never dream of le!