Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kelantan law says not providing husbands with sexual gratification is a crime

MM Online - Withholding sex is not domestic abuse, forcing sex is rape, Setiu MP told (extracts - order of paragraphs re-sequenced:

When debating the Domestic Violence Act (Amendments) 2017 Bill in Parliament yesterday, [Setiu MP Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh] Che Mohamad said men were generally stronger but were subjected to emotional and psychological abuse when wives withheld sex from their husbands and when they are constantly nagged at.

The BN elected representative said another form of abuse was when a Muslim man was denied permission to marry another woman by his first wife or other wives.

Muslim men in Malaysia are allowed to marry up to four wives at a time, but are supposed to get permission first from his earlier spouses from taking in another.

Wakakaka. Bloke sure has his mind on you-know-what.

He was certainly verbally 'walloped' kau kau by civil society groups like SIS (Sister In Islam) and Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) for his lamentations.

But former Shariah Court judge and ex-Terengganu mufti Datuk Ismail Yahya, when asked, had only one word to respond to Che Mohamad’s statement: 

But wait, perhaps Che Mohamad might have been influenced by the luckier blokes in neighbouring Kelantan where such alleged abuses by wives towards their hubbies would (not just 'could') be considered as crimes (not just psychological abuses) under state law - Kelantan's laws of course, wakakaka.

As far back as in 2006, 
Yang Amat Alim Mohamad Shukri Mohamad, the Kelantan Mufti (then only a deputy mufti), warned us of a religious edict on wives being potentially abusive to their hubbies' sexual needs.

In his (note ‘his’ and not 'the') most brilliant exposition of Islamic doctrines, Yang Amat Alim, Mufti Mohamad Shukri explained that in a marriage, it wasn't always the wives who were abused, but it could well be the poor husbands who were the victims, as currently propounded by
Setiu MP Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh.

Anyway, back to 2006, Yang Amat Alim, Mufti Mohamad Shukri advised that Islamic laws protect both men and women.

Yang Amat Alim, Mufti Mohamad Shukri
Mufti Kelantan

be warned wives of your duties, wakakaka

He warned: "Thus wives who do not provide proper care for their husbands, including not fulfilling their sexual needs, can be considered as being unjust and abusive towards their husbands."

"These women can be charged under Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002, which provides for a fine of RM 1,000 or jail of up to six months or both upon conviction."

But in a manner not unusual of either important big shots (CEOs, ministers, preachers, etc) or impossible big bullshitters (I've in mind a few, wakakaka)Yang Amat Alim, Mufti Mohamad Shukri, skipped the details.

Yup, Yang Amat Alim, Mufti Mohamad Shukri, neglected to elaborate on how the syariah courts would determine any husband’s claims of his wife 'abusive' failings to satisfy his sexual needs as per, wakakaka, Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002.

As we know, some husbands may have excessive sexual needs, so the poor wives could be required to perform to super-human standards, you know, 'above and beyond' the call of duty, wakakaka.

Dahleeng, use a Kryptonite to 'soften' his super sex needs


If their wives cannot satisfy their super sexual needs, would those poor wives be still deemed as unjust and abusive by Yang Amat Alim, Mufti Mohamad Shukri, as per, wakakaka again, Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002?

But truthfully, I would be very interested in how Yang Amat Alim, Mufti Mohamad Shukri, would impartially gauge that a husband has attained sexual satisfaction in his legal act of consummation.

I've been informed that in the West it's supposedly measured by how loud the man (or woman) screams 'OH GOD', wakakaka again.

Or would 
Yang Amat Alim, Mufti Mohamad Shukri, be just relying on the hubby's say-so, that the undutiful wife should be jailed for 6 months while hubby gets a new young doll of a wife, thus satisfying both of Setiu MP Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh's complaints? Wakakaka.

Poor Kelantanese Muslim women.

And it seems SEX SEX SEX would always be in the picture if you were to read Malaysiakini's K'tan deputy MB admits error on 'unnatural sex'.

Kelantan's Deputy MB Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah (also PAS VP) said in 2015 that: "Some scholars argue that since wives belong to their husbands, their husbands can do as they like."

The wife belongs to the husband and he can do as he likes? Wow.

Incidentally, the deputy MB of Kelantan was referring to anal sex between the married couple.

He added that this wife-as-a-chattel (mere property) comes from the differences of interpretation of the Quranic verse which states that "wives are tilths for their husbands", and therefore, they can approach their wives in any sexual manner they choose.

Then in Perak the state Mufti, to pound home his authoritative warning to wives, just had to drop names, that of the Prophet (pbuh).

Quoting the Prophet (pbuh) Harussani said that couples, even when riding on the back of the camel, have to have sex whenever the husband demands of the wife an immediate conjugal 'union' - no ifs no buts.

dromedary camel

Yes, our remarkable mufti was talking about doing it right on the back of the dromedary, and not about dismounting (excuse the unintended pun) to 'roll in' the hay desert sand. After all, the camel is also known as the ship of the desert, thus it would be a 'romp' on a 'love boat', wakakaka.

In this sense, Chinese Muslims have an advantage - stop dreaming Ridhuan (wakakaka) as I'm referring to those in NW China - as the camels that live in their domain are Bactrian camels and not the dromedary species which the Arabs have - see photo below to know what I mean, wakakaka. The Bactrians are virtually built like 'love machines' and true 'love boats' of the desert, wakakaka

bactrian camel 

Thus, if mufti Harussani is thinking of importing camels into Malaysia to make his point in any 'show & tell', I would strongly recommend the Chinese- Central Asian Bactrian camel, where one can get two humps (excuse the unintended pun, wakakaka) instead of a mere one, wakakaka again.

Of course Harussani also said that there’s no such thing as rape in marriage as that silly belief was conceived by European people and therefore there was no necessity for Malaysians Muslims to follow such a stupid idea.

I've to admit that on matters of sex and sexual gratification, I'm jealous of Muslims as they have such 'wonderful' priests standing strongly and firmly as Muslim men's Guardians of Sexual Needs.

Oh, BTW, have you heard of the houris in Jannah who have been described by Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti (1445–1505 AD) in a Hadith (not al Quran) as follows:

Each time we sleep with a Houri we find her virgin.

Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint.

Each chosen one [i.e. Muslim] will marry seventy [sic] houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas.

500 years ago we already have an ulama (not Allah swt) preaching sexual gratifications to Muslims.

al-Suyuti must have been a remarkable man to be able to know about the 'assets' of houris in Jannah.


  1. A portrayal of Islam based on knowledgeable distortions and informed insult. Narration of life in jannah is just to have a jolly time with women and wine, the dream stratagem which enables you to play a game and to spice your write without having to be responsible to honesty or malign intent. A typical Orientalist!

    1. above based on properly documented references and news reports.

    2. So to you it is a justified comment, huh? Not bias or opinionated perversity?

      Our faith is a closed book to you (and to many of your readers), and thus your write is lacking in empathy for those whose beliefs you do not share.

      You don't care because there is no requirement of you believing in our faith to be able to express a whole diversity of your religious ideas!

    3. just referring and quoting statements by Muslims

    4. The truth fact is the REAL Islam is a closed book to you & zombies alike!

      Thus, u r easily misled by the manipulative ulama class with their distorted zombieic doctrine. U just follow to the sound of their pipe music, WITHOUT THINKING!

      A whole diversity of religious ideas! U should say that to yr ulama when that shrinked teloq resurfaces!

  2. Kelantan laws are laws passed by PAS ruled state gomen.And states under PAS are usually states lagging behind in infrastructure,education,social education,extreme sex laws(hudud),freedom of women,and the list goes on and on.So at least we can blame them on their backwards "hudumic" mentality.

    But we have to go a little back on our memory.More than two decades ago,in the land of the free,the olde USA,there was a horn dog name Donald J Trump.This scum was always cheating on his wife,Ivanna Trump.And this time with Marla Maples.So,their marriage was on the rocks and an ugly divorce was on the cards.Horny horn dog,Donald, wanted to have sex with his estranged wife and she refused.So,he raped her.All these papers are filed in court,and are court documents for all to see.And now this horn dog is POTUS.Go figure.

  3. there are husbands who cannot fulfill wives' sexual needs so, where's the law to address this issue?.

    1. Dr Asri said ... a Muslim husband is obliged to fulfil his wife’s sexual desires, to the point that he should not even perform coitus interruptus without consent from the wife."

      "Despite the obligation, sexual relations between husbands and wives must happen in a “harmonious situation” without physically harming each other."

      “Rough and painful sex is forbidden in Islam. Therefore, all couples must find the best sexual method that fulfils the personal desires of both parties”.

      “Although the act is allowed in the hadith, it must receive consensus from the wife since the wife might have yet to savour the intercourse. This shows that forced and rough intercourse that is not enjoyed by one party is indeed forbidden in marriage”

      Dr Asri was warning husbands of coitus interruptus.

      By the by, 'Coitus interruptus refers to the act of withdrawing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation as a form of birth control during sexual intercourse.'

    2. but alas, no state laws to advantage perempuan

    3. is not about advantage or disadvantage to women. it simply concerns justice & equality in marriage. (husband & wife relationship).

      It is made lawful for you to go unto your wives on the night of the fast. They are raiment for you and ye are raiment for them. (al-baqarah 187)