Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pakatan Harapan strives for required Malay-ness for Heartland

The Malay Heartland.

please observe only the coconuts and sweetie and ignore the rest 

Hitherto, UMNO has enjoyed dominance over the Heartland votes in Peninsular. Does it still do?

Alas for the previous Pakatan Rakyat, even with Anwar Ibrahim and Allahyarhum Nik Aziz as coalition leaders, there was no easy or welcomed access to the Heartland to win over the majority of its vital votes to secure federal victory in any general election.

Yes, Sabah and Sarawak as the Eastern Heartland might have been considered as, according to Najib, UMNO's 'fixed deposit', but in Peninsular, the Western Heartland votes are equally important and imperative to UMNO's survival.

Thus, Pakatan now feels Mahathir is essential to its ability to penetrate the hitherto forbidden Peninsular Heartland.

But even as it sets about its aim, it is embarrassed by the presence of the Chinese-dominated DAP, because Heartland Malays have an aversion to Chinese domination in politics, regardless of whether that rumour is true or otherwise, all thanks to Mahathir's indoctrination of the Malays for more than two decades, for them to learn how to fear, hate and distrust Chinese Malaysians.

Naturally, BN or rather UMNO sets about fanning the Chinese sh*t in accordance with Mahathir's 22-year doctrine, whilst PH, now also under Mahathir (wakakaka), goes on a defensive campaign of denying strenuously that the Chinese-dominated DAP is in charge of PH.

yes, I have a habit of shooting my own foot

melayu mudah lupa mah

Mahathir moaned Malays control Pakatan, not DAP

He whined plaintively, "DAP is not the majority. If we combine PKR and Amanah's parliamentary and state representatives seats, then they have a bigger majority."

"If they (PH) are foolish, then they will choose DAP. But, they are not foolish like that."

Mahathir is right of course that PH is foolish because they have idiotically chosen a man notorious for his despicable despotic dictatorial rule to be their leader despite their claim of being reformist. Aiyoyo, the offensive obscene opportunistic politics of Malaysia.

And don't forget, Mahathir has been treacherous to his own party UMNO Baru, attacking it when he quarrelled with AAB and now with Najib. I wonder how Pakatan people could trust such a habitual traitor (to his own party) to lead them when they have the brazen nerve to criticise Lee Lam Thye as a traitor to DAP? What shameful double standards.

But the problem is, will the Heartland believe Mahathir? Whatever, whichever, however, you can bet Najib and mob are out to discredit him.

MT also reported Mahathir refusing to allow DAP to use Pribumi's logo in the event RoS screws DAP up by the time of GE-14, because Pribumi must remain an exclusively ketuanan Malay party in order to gain the support of Malay voters who, according to Mahathir, are 'still very communal', meaning 'still very racist'.

I wonder who has been responsible for encouraging Malays to be so communal? Wakakaka.

Mahathir had then said: “If they (Malay voters) see a multi-racial party, they will not support it. They (Pakatan Rakyat) got a lot of support from the Chinese, but little Malay support and without it, you can’t win."

“So we can replace Umno with our group (PPBM
, better known as Pribumi), not by being like Umno, but we would be a Malay party,”

I wonder how Pribumi is not like UMNO but you know, that was Mahathir speaking and IMHO, you can't believe a word of what he said or says.

Meanwhile, Kit Siang says: I Am Okay With Dr Mahathir’s Malays-Only Stand.

Do you imagine Kit Siang ever saying that, say, in 2004 or before?

Nowadays, the traitor to Teoh Beng Hock and his family would and will say anything to make his swansong of sitting in Putrajaya come true. Somewhere between 2014 and now, he must have dropped and lost his principles, ethics and previous admirable values and in that unbelievable process broke many of our hearts.

Now, to cut the story short, Mahathir has been assigned, or he has seized control, wakakaka, of the PH responsibility to make a 'beachhead' on the Heartland.

It's almost D-Day at the Malaysian 'Normandy'. Operation Overlord is about to be launched and Commander-in-Chief Generalissimo 'His Imperial Majesty' Dwight 'Mahathir' Eisenhower sent a 'letter' to Pakatan Harapan's goofy gullible guppies (wakakaka), saying (with apologies to the late General Eisenhower):

You are about to embark upon the Great Jihad (refer to General Lim's 929 & 617 Declarations), toward which we have striven these many months.

The eyes of the nation are upon you. The hopes and prayers of young angry people everywhere march with you.

In company with our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms of Pakatan Harapan, you will bring about the destruction of the Barisan Nasional war machine, the elimination of Ketuanan tyranny (which BTW I started, but now is not the time to quibble over silly things in the past) over the oppressed peoples of Malaysia, and security for ourselves in a UMNO Pribumi Baru Baru-er world.
— Mahathir, Letter to Pakatan Harapan Forces

PH leaders, whether Pribumi, Mahathir himself or Lim Kit Siang, will now sing the über Malay-ness of Pakatan Harapan.

Even Wan Azizah was reported by The Malaysian Insight to support the decision to appoint Dr Mahathir as Chairman of Pakatan Harapan despite objections raised by a section of its supporters (f88k those whinging obstructionists), who correctly demanded that the Mahathir be answerable for scandals during his administration.

She mumbled, "I think it is okay if you want to have an inquiry, but at the moment, we four parties have agreed to Dr Mahathir as the chairperson of Harapan.

"There are people who agree with him as chairman and those who do not, but we all move on."

Has she answered the complaints of those who want to hold Mahathir to account for his crimes?

No? Tough luck, but it's typical of her to not answer tough questions as she had previously shown when Chegubard, Jonson Chong, Gobala, Haris Ibrahim and a host of others queried her on the dodgy-ness of PKR's party polls, wakakaka.

She's just being Madame 'Act-Dunno'!

Anyway, she then said, "Let us win the elections first." 

Yes, that's like what Donald Trump told the Americans prior to the US Presidential Elections; that's like what the Poms told the Malay sultans in the 1800's and that's like what the Japs promised Asia about 'The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere' in 1938.



  1. b4 mahathir doctrine, did the malay under tunku generation gave their vote to a multi racial onn jaffar imp?

    n is there any concrete proof lks not okay with mahathir malay only stand? i thot lks used to work with semangat 46 n pas, the malay/muslim only party?

    btw, when r u going to tell us who in yr mind shd become the head or pm candidate in ph? lge? or u oso act dun know?

    i can agree mahathir is a traitor, similar to that traitor lee. if u r okay with traitor lee, y u r not okay with mahathir?

    1. did lee l.t. jump from dap to bn?

      when a pollie resigned form active politics, as a malaysian he or she should be entitled to do what he/she wants to, provided it's legal

      so where's the treachery?

      did mahathir resign? not only has he switched party TWICE, he also has the brazen nerve to mention "his TWO successors" - which outgoing pm has TWO successors unless he visualises himself pompously as a perpetual pm-in-power

    2. it's tragedy jaafar onn did not succeed, but he was too advance and multiracial for his times

      but jaafar onn was not the only melayu who was ahead and open-minded of his politics - there was ahmad boestamam

      but lks has done such a volte-face about turn in his politics he will go down in the halls of INFAMY

    3. we dun have to waste time on mahathir, we know who he is. u can continue to flirt with definition n meaning of words, however lee lam thye is a traitor to his own political belief n ideal, if he did have one, or else he is just a cari makan parasite.

    4. wakakaka, now lee lt is a traitor to his "ideals" but as for his 'political belief' did he not resign from dap & politics already in 1990? is he a dap 'life member'? did you pay for his membership?

      the person who is a obscene traitor to both his political beliefs and ideals is none other than lks

      as for mahathir, why should we ignore him? for your convenience?

      mahathir is another obscene traitor to his political party which he himself created, though i have to admit he still holds true to his 'ideal' of suppressing non-malays for the good of his 'chosen' malay elites

    5. how traitor lee make a living? tell me many dap leader that quit dap now become a bn govt parasite? how old r u? born in the 90's kah? u can continue to talk mahathir as long as we stick to the debate whether lee lt is a traitor or parasite or both.

    6. as a non-political person (since 1990) llt can work in government or any ngo or for that matter, anyone - none of your business to keep on hounding him for whatever past political wrongs he might have inflicted on you, wakakaka

      and are you so stupid as to say that everyone who works for the govt is a parasite?

      for your imbecilic mind, please note the government is the government, and could be BN-led or Pakatan-led or PAS-led

      thus anyone who works for the government, regardless of the ruling party, is a government servant or associate - maybe that's too much for your understanding, wakakaka

    7. hey idiot, go see how bn govt treat servant that support opposition, lu mana mari? indonesia kah? i dun call everyone that work for govt a parasite, i said clearly traitor lee is a parasite for a reason u pretend dun know, n its u that keep hounding this traitor lee mentioning him non stop in yr article.

      i let u know which dap scumbag that quit dap n join mca, yap pian hon is one, a corrupted useless old fox, but the stupid chinese vote him in the past, so i dun call him a parasite, u know the diff kah?

    8. aiseh your hatred for lee lam thye is truly frightening - you're as tenacious as a british bulldog in abusing his name, tsk tsk

    9. U r not wise to defend llt for u obviously ONLY know him superficially!

      U should take note of yr idol, Karpal Singh's advice for llt to explain himself WHY he quitted dap!

      Llt's deaden silence over that challenge is telling le!!

      It's an ongoing FACT that not many KLites like llt, even now, for his double face acts while working hand-in-glove with kl bandaraya & secretly with the umno elites.

      U r just like that proverbial fool for opening yr mouth to prove how a bloody fool u r, on subject that u don't know well enough.

    10. I can only say you must have been sodomised like Saiful to hate him so much, wakakaka

    11. So, nothing better to say, thus try that despicable ad hominem act eh!!!

      Pariah, u just show yr true self le!!!