Tuesday, July 25, 2017

PAS swanks in Permatang Pauh, but sucks in Exco Selangor

The Malaysian Insight - PAS eyes Permatang Pauh, all other PKR seats in GE14:

everyone wants to issue his own fatwa, like the DG of Jakim 

ISLAMIST party PAS said it will field its candidates at all PKR seats in the next elections, including the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat currently held by PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

PAS vice-president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said the party has the right to decide where it would field its candidates as it was no longer working with PKR, adding that it was not afraid of three-cornered-fights. [...]

Despite severing ties, PAS continues to work with the PKR-led government in Selangor under the leadership of menteri besar and PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali. [...]

PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad recently launched its election machinery in Permatang Pauh, drawing the ire of PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang who said the party’s actions reeked of arrogance and provocation.

Aiyoyo, I have to agree once with Tian Chua, wakakaka, that the Moon Party has been arrogant and provocative.

But actually PAS is worse, now being seen as a greedy & very hard-up party, which if it has any moral principle especially as a putative Islamic party, would and should have honourably resigned from all exco positions in the Selangor DUN (Dewan Undang2 Negeri) especially since its vice-president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah arrogantly and yes, provocatively said the party ... was no longer working with PKR.

Arrogant and boastful about its now-go-it-alone and to-f**ks-with-PKR, yet it still shamefully and disgustingly sucks from the tits of the Pakatan state Government.

Malu lah, 'ni PAS.

dei kuda, this trough is only for lembu

but makan dari PR trough syiok lah, and we're 'mandated'

In more than one way, blame its curi-makan mentality on the encouragement of PKR MB Azmin Ali who has 'opened something kang-kang' for PAS.

Let's see what Azmin will now say?

Hmmm, maybe not much as he probably may not be too worried about Wan Azizah (or as rumoured, Nurul Izzah) losing in Permatang Pauh due to the likely 3-corner fight among PKR, UMNO and the makan-dedak-busuk-hati PAS.

But come to think of it, I hope PAS Selangor will consider contesting also the Gombak federal constituency (P98) in GE-14, wakakaka. 

Briefly, in 2013 there was an 87% turnout for Gombak, numbering 107,000 voters who did not play mahjong, wakakaka.

Azmin won 52% of those votes while BN's Raman Ismail achieved 47.5% [stats to nearest decimal 5].

But if PAS were to put up a candidate in Gombak in GE-14, what will happen?

To have a rough idea, let's re-wind the Gombak elections back a bit to 2004, prior to the formation of Pakatan Rakyat, when only PAS contested the constituency against BN.

While the then-PAS candidate Mohd Hatta Md. Ramli did not win, he obtained 40% of the votes against BN's 60%, thus there was a considerable number of PAS supporters in Gombak. Some of those PAS voters might have supported Azmin in 2008 and 2013.

I wonder what effect will a PAS entry into the Gombak election in GE-14 pose for dear old Azmin?

But if PAS does not campur tangan in Gombak but only in Permatang Pauh, wakakaka, we will just have to wonder why the Moon Party is cherry-picking?

By the by, DPM Ahmad Zahid has just declared he will personally oversee the BN's participation in Gombak in GE-14, in order to wrest back the federal constituency from Azmin Ali.

Will Azmin Ali be staying steadfast in Gombak for GE-14?



  1. PAS Hadi have got enough grassroots support to ensure that PH will not win the general election.

    To PAS Hadi - When you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, please remember that Odysseus opted for Scylla rather than Charybdis. It is better to lose a few sailors rather than the whole ship.

    1. elections results from 1978 to 2013 show that pas did not do well when competed alone. they performed better only when together with semangat 46 (apu), then with dap & pkn (barisan alternatif) and now the deceased pakatan rakyat (but still in the selangor gomen & its sole penang rep dah jadi katak, why? becos of fulus, fulus & fulus). this time they may lose kelantan if go alone.

  2. pas under hadi can only bully woman, where got telur to fight azmin. ni parasite pun mahu cakap besar.

  3. PAS is at an all out war with PKR.They want to teach PKR a lesson and at the same time want Umno/BN to gain enough seats to have a 2/3's majority again.The mentality of politics,the enemy of my enemy is my friend is back.PAS politicians prefer to get humped in the behind by Umno than PKR.Because Umno have a bigger stick.

    1. UMNO all Malay-Muslims, kakinang to PAS; PKR contaminated by pig-eating Cina and lembu-praying keling, jadi ta'syiok lah; besides cina and keling come from countries that must have bonk-ed non-stop to produce billions, ta'boleh tahan 'usaha' mereka, wakakaka

    2. Correction: it is actually contaminated by - butinang and kui masquerading as clones of nang, wakakaka.

    3. "butinang"? Good Morning Bro hasa, how did you drag the Hainanese into UMNO? wakakaka, let's keep it to Teochew's kakinang only, wakakaka, as kaytee is one (Teochew, that is).

    4. Cina and keling come from countries that must have bonk-ed non-stop to produce billions!!!

      Bloody nang butinang, kui butikui. What kind of binatang r u le!

      Mungkin u failed arithmetic, thus tak faham pro rata calculation.

      Pig-eating Cina and lembu-praying keling have billions in population sebab

      1) long living history of civilisation of over thousand of years

      2) starting from a big base

      Not bcoz of bonk-ing non-stop with 4 bini like those zombies le!

      BTW, didn't u say something like "I find the word 'breed' as applied to human beings to be very offensive. It implies whoever 'breed like rabbit' are of a subhuman species. I don't like that piece of bigotry."

      Now, WHAT'S the difference with "bonk-ed non-stop to produce billions"

      Bolih buat linguastic comparison ke, wordsmith?

      Which is more derogatory lah???

      你家祖先尊严, 给你丢完了!!!!

    5. the problem with you CK is you lack humour and the civility that comes with decently educated and socially brought up people. Your 'breed' was 'uttered' in acrimonious fashion with a hurtful intent, while nice naive and loving kaytee (wakakaka) said 'bonk' with humour. in fact that entire statement was made in wry humour or if you like, joking sarcasm. It's the way you say or said things, like Aussies calling their enemies 'bastards' but their closest friends 'bloody bastards'

      but ignore my explanation as you are no doubt still fuming as you read it, wakakaka. but try and inculcate a wee humour, okay? wakakaka again

    6. Wakakakaka....humour and the civility that come with decently educated and socially brought up people, like u!!!!!

      Walau-eh, how much flowery can u get, wordsmith? Memang hebat le!

      When u get caught, u always try to twist yr way out, like bringing in the Aussies outback attitude to just yr argument! Oui, who r u arguing with - outback Aussie ke?

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      Both statements r ONLY yr words le!

      Banyak pandai - playing judge & accuser at the same time!

      Maru lah! Get some of yr zombie-fied friends & dedak co-workers quickly to add weight to yr bloody argument lah.

      Yr played both-sides thinking, BTW, is what u claimed, again, of people with decently educated and socially brought up manner? Or is that ONLY yr own terbalik logic?

      While reading this, do try a little wee bit of yr dark humour in yr wakakaking lah!

      Bodoh sombong, lagi tak masuk akal/maruah - u de man lah.

  4. aiyoyo my dear CK, I've told you that you need to inculcate a wee sense of humour into your pathetic life (wakakaka)

    for example, your aggressive defensive statement of:

    "Pig-eating Cina and lembu-praying keling have billions in population sebab

    1) long living history of civilisation of over thousand of years

    2) starting from a big base

    Not bcoz of bonk-ing non-stop with 4 bini like those zombies le!"

    was an indication of your humour-less desert-dry lack of humour and an inability to appreciate wonderful kaytee's joke.

    lighten up lah, wakakaka

    1. What r u trying to hide?

      I'm stating FACTS to deconstruct yr dark & calculative irrationality framed with the collection and manipulation of yr udang le!

      Yr supposely civility that come with the decently education (??) and socially up-bringing (??) SHOULD have set a limit to yr dry humour!

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      So, WHO's living a pathetic life so much so that u have NO moral bottom line for yr dry/dark joke!

  5. Your need to state China's:

    1) long living history of civilisation of over thousand of years

    2) starting from a big base

    showed your total lack of humour in your angry attempt to justify China's humongous population. As if people do not know China's long history and people.

    Lighten up, wakakaka, and desist from calling people you don't like as blur-sotongs, zombies, etc

    now, if kaytee were to call them thus, it would have been a humorous joke but those words coming from you sound offensive, wakakaka

    1. U r, very obviously, either DO NOT know China's/India's long history and people OR yr hidden udang leaked out unintentionally to make such a low class joke(??).

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