Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Vice greater than 7 Deadly Sins?

The Christians have their 'Seven Deadly Sins', while the Jews find theirs in the Mishlai (Book of Proverbs) where Solomon taught that "six things the Lord hateth, and the seventh His soul detesteth."

And do you know the seventh that God detesteth?

It’s “Him that soweth discord among brethren” wakakaka.

Throughout the Bible, the sins are repetitively mentioned, though strangely, in this atheist’s opinion, there was no embarrassment by Solomon, or more correctly the compiler of the Bible, when he named the 2nd sin as “a lying tongue” wakakaka.

Anyway, rather than talk about the religious-listed sins, let’s consider vices (of a personal nature and not religious sins) though I read that in Islam, Ibn abi Dunya, a 9th-century scholar and tutor to the caliphs, described seven vices as worldliness, ire, envy, slander (wakakaka, obviously this teaching hasn’t reached Malaysia yet), obscenity (kaytee smirking), intoxicants and instruments of pleasure.

Buddhism names as vices the absence of shame (wakakaka, reminds me of someone), absence of embarrassment (please stop it Lord Buddha, I’m collapsing from laughter, wakakaka), jealousy, anger, concealment of wrongs and particularly for Buddists, a range of unnecessary emotions - am still giggling helplessly which being an emotion perhaps may be considered as a vice for Buddhists, wakakaka.

But from a secular perspective, what would be ‘vice’, which is the subject of my post?

The dictionary defines it as ‘an immoral or evil habit or practice’.

I propose to omit the utter evil of pedophilia from the list as it is more than a vice; it’s a f* evil crime which we all must, as far as we possibly can, smash, obliterate and annihilate, where no quarters should ever be given.

Traditionally, we consider vices as drinking - principally of alcohol though I would not recommend taking too much fizzy drinks wakakaka but I reckon we can include in this group the taking of harmful drugs such as opium in earlier days to the current heroin, etc - womanizing and gambling. Modern awareness has also included unacceptable stuff like pornography as a vice.

My personal take from observations and experience is that the worst of the lot is … yes, gambling.

I’ve seen families broken up in utter tragedies because of a member's uncontrollable addiction to gambling, of how mothers cried as their addicted sons and daughters gambled away the family assets like savings, houses, and in some countries, reportedly even wives and children.

Drinking, drugs taking, womanizing, etc – they’re bad of course but the terrible consequences of gambling is deep seated and far far more reaching than a drug addict (including an alcoholic) finally succumbing to his/her own addiction.

Thus I would avoid gambling because of its unmitigated risk taking, more so as the high risk taking of gambling seems to be associated with the Chinese more than other races.

By stating this I’m not a Chinese self-hater like a man who frequently reminds everyone who cares to listen he’s a Melayu wakakaka. I’m quoting from an interesting book by Dr Desmond Lam titled
The World of Chinese Gambling (2009), where he identified Chinese as the ethnic group with the highest risk-seeking behaviour in gambling.

Two years ago (in happier ‘Mediterranean climes’ wakakaka) I wrote
A disease deadlier than AIDS for the Centre of Policy Initiatives (CPI) about the lethality of the gambling disease ...

... which brings me to the core question of Malaysia-Today’s post on Mahathir's Disastrous Financial Speculation.

Financial speculation is without any iota of doubt just gambling, not unlike punting on Empat Ekor or speculating on shares. We know or have heard of housewives, maid servants (especially in Hong Kong) and many others playing the stock and futures markets, many to their financial doom with some even committing suicide.

But when a PM of a country put the nation’s resources on the world's financial table, not unlike a Chinaman staking his money in a game of baccarat in Macau or blackjack in Genting Highlands and Singapore, we are not talking about mere thousands or even millions.

RPK’s post quoted The Asia Sentinel report that: ... Malaysia’s central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, at the urging of then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, began speculating aggressively in global foreign exchange markets, at one time running up exposure rumoured to be in the region of RM270 billion -- three times the country’s gross domestic product and more than five times its foreign reserves at the time.

RM270 billion! My knees feel f* weak at the thought of that sum.

Didn’t Dr M know it was gambling? Could it be, impossible as it sounds, he has some secret drops of Chinese (gambling) blood in his heritage, to indulge in such risk taking?

In his book, Dr Desmond Lau states that, among many factors contributing to the gambling problems of the Chinese, their superstitious beliefs represent a major influence and consequently, their unwarranted conviction that they could exercise control over the gambling outcomes.

We all too often see this pattern of behaviour in our local Chinese seeking divine or supernatural help from every nook, crook and corner for, what Penangites would term as, chun-chun see ay jee (the correct 4 numbers) for a win.

So, was Dr M similarly equally superstitious to possess such ‘unwarranted conviction’ that he could exercise control over the financial speculation (gambling) outcomes?

The Asia Sentinel continued:
Mahathir and Bank Negara ..... walked away with a US$4 billion loss, followed by another US$2.2 billion loss in 1993, the total equivalent of RM15.5 billion.

Although the disastrous trades destroyed the entire capital base of Bank Negara, after first denying it had taken place, the then-Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim repeatedly reassured parliament that the losses were only “paper losses” and, now that he is Opposition Leader and head of the Pakatan Rakyat opposition coalition, has managed to skate free of the controversy.

Remember, it was Lim Kit Siang (not kaytee) who raised this issue of Anwar Ibrahim’s involvement and misleading of Parliament.

Eventually, the Finance Ministry had to recapitalize the central bank, almost unheard of for any government anywhere. It is reliably estimated that Bank Negara lost as much as US$30 billion in this and other disastrous currency trades, costing the head of the central bank and his currency trader deputy their jobs.

Lost US$30 billion!

And we haven’t even touched other issues like Maminco, MAS, etc yet.

And today Dr M has the bloody cheek to preach to us on matters economic, social and financial.


  1. "And today Dr M has the bloody cheek to preach to us on matters economic, social and financial."

    I think you meant the World's Greatest Finance Minister ?

  2. At one point, Bank Negara was technically bankrupt as a result of the losses from the Forex speculation.
    Of course, the central bank won't actually go bankrupt as long as the Malaysian government still has the funds to keep it afloat.

    Anwar Ibrahim lied to Parliament, and the Finance Ministry was given the task of recovering from the Forex casino mess.

    However, I have to make it clear, as my information goes, the Dark Ops Forex gambling operation was run by Nor Mohammed Yakcop reporting directly to Dr. Mahathir.

    Anwar probably knew some of what was happening, but it wasn't his show, and it wasn't under his authority to stop it.

    BTW, Nor Mohammed is a former St.Xaviers Penang Ktemoc ?

  3. There's a Hokkien saying that men have 4 vices. You can escape one or two, but no man manages to escape all during their lifetime.

    Smoking, Drinking, Gambling or Women.

    Mine is drinking.
    Which one is yours ?

  4. I had all 4 and gave up 3.
    Smoking cigars is my only vice left.
    Yearly check up..lungs all clear.
    You see smoking cigars is not smoking at all. The smokes are not smokes. They are pure aroma..harmless to third parties breathing them.
    I used to get male strangers stopped and inhale and tell me...
    "nice cigar"
    Drink moderately and enjoy ok baby..blood circulate too.
    Kteee? vices...he cannot afford it.
    All he wants is sweet talking women to his bed....all much so...ran like hell...or tootsie get chopped off.

  5. Have you ever heard American Red Indians or our jungle people suffer cancer smoking not stop...tobacco leaves?
    Ktee like to quote so call 7 godly sins from the bible.
    Buddhists are not so smart...they live with dignity and principles in life and they don't have selfish ulterior motives...doing things.
    Not easy to be a Buddhist.

  6. And Confucius and Buddha said all that 7 deadly sins long before the bible was produced...Buddha learned from Confucius and Jesus learned from Buddha.
    China was civilized..when Europeans were still behaving like apes.
    So talk about the 7 deadly sins...and trace the roots where they came from.
    But I still wonder why all those great people did not know the world was round..until Christopher Columbus discovered it.
    So I asked my Chief Monk...and he said...Buddha knew all but humans at that time..need good and clean life more than anything else.
    Who is the one who created hospitals and nurses...and treat all women equal to men...Ktee?

  7. Ktee...It seems Mahathir had no vices...and so you put Mona Liza smoking a pipe and drinking wine...and your 7 deadly Sins...makes Mahathir the best example of the purest human being all Malaysians must follow?
    Be a kind unselfish person....Ktee is the start to be pure in heart and nearer to God.
    And God is a word ....not a person.
    Sets of rules are for jungle people and weak minds.
    Smart Malaysians do not need rule.
    They need Laws And Orders...and we know how our laws and orders are twisted like hell by UMNO b Govt......don't we.
    So in this land of lawlessness....
    REFORMASI...more important to save poor souls...not any holy books.
    Next sermon...tomorrow.

  8. Monsterball,you are the only bigmouth babbling off here.Out of seven comments,yours is six.When do you learn to put your tiny weeny pea sized balls in your mouth and have your gap zipped.Hehe

  9. Do you know how to count idiot?

  10. Monsterball,you are a pot calling a kettle black.Hehehe.Are you just up from having your fourty winks.

  11. Munster ball,is the money tree in the picture taken from outside your house.No wonder KT is very envy of you.Always hentam you.Maybe you should thank KT for telling everybody how rich you are.

  12. I thought KTemoc was having a respite with some moments of levity talking about the 7 Deadly Sins instead of his favourite topic - we know what that is, don't we ;-). Until about half way down, ah ha, when it became clear - it was about the two dearly beloved leaders.

    Anyway, I have no quarrel with the long preamble before the entree, actually that was quite absorbing. It made me wonder why those ancient holy molys stopped counting at 7. Why not 6 or a dozen, people must have asked. I propose adding one more, that is, make it 8: Obsession. Like with "Moby Dick and others" kind. ;)

  13. Now that the munster is away napping,the blog is so quiet.Like a creepy sleepy ghost town.Even tokio rain has evaporated into mist.Monstermom is divocing the munster.Monsterbaby chabuk too.Monaterball cry cry lah.

  14. By stating this I’m not a Chinese self-hater like a man who frequently reminds everyone who cares to listen he’s a Melayu wakakaka - KTemoc

    That guy could have saved his breath by having the words "Aku orang Melayu" tattooed on his forehead.

    Alternatively, he could go about wearing a sandwich board with those words writ big front and back.

  15. I think Malaysians are experts to understand the deadly sins of today...not 2000 years ago...written in holy books.
    That Mahathir..Najib...Dollah..Toyo..Sharizat..Rafiidah..Ling...and so billion RM buildings..submarines..even cows to be used for the deadliest sinS of modern times...stealing from all.
    Even the Romans and Jews cannot come close to Malaysians deadly sins...all created and encouraged by Mahathir.
    Like Mahateh-O said..."add one more"....and others. Malaysia is about will fight the devils...and if one with all the deadly sins is a hero to fight the devil...his/her deadly sins will be forgiven...because he or she is fighting for the country and people.
    That's the noblest act of all...right now in Malaysia.
    And if the world should become free from all the deadly sins...we don't need religions.
    Thus leaving religions aside...
    HANTAM TETAP the battle cry to free our country.
    First thing first.

  16. Like monsterbaby said...her sin is drinking...and mine is smoking....what's Ktee sin?
    I think Ktee's sin is trying to out smart others.
    The additional 7 deadly sins..that were taught by Buddha 500 years before Christianity existed.
    We are all shall we forgive and forget the crooks the thieves the murderers?
    Najib asked for forgiveness and Ktee is telling readers..indirectly.....we are all sinners.
    So lets vote BN back...and stop talking? Is that it?
    How do we know how Ktee is thinking..always hinting and hinting...sarcastically too.

  17. "Remember, it was Lim Kit Siang {not kaytee}who raised the issue of Anwar Ibrahim's involvement and misleading of Parliament"...said Ktemoc.
    True...when...which many times said AFTER Anwar resigned from UMNO B party?
    You see...Anwar has repented and showed he has changed for the better fighting for country and much so LKS now accepts him as his leader and PM.
    You can talk so much holy things...yet your mind is shut from "GOOD NEWS"
    It seems to me...teaching a donkey is easier than teaching Ktee.

  18. We only started using the term Umno Culture when we woke up from the slumber and realised the widespread wreakage wrought by one man whose predatory influence did not seem to diminish even in his advanced age.

    So what are the components of this Umno Culture? Corruption, cronyism, nepotism, violence/belligerance, sabotage, subterfuge, arrogance, racism, ketuanan, hypocrisy, bribery, stealing/robbing, cheating, lying,bullying,fear mongering.....

    As though it wasn't horrendous enough that he puts the nation into the red pouring billions into his useless loss-making pet projects,and bailing out his cronies and relatives, he had to be the only leader in the world to abuse his capacity as the minister of finance, costing us unrecoverable billions through his forex venture. And walked away scott free and still today have hordes of adulating masses paying homage to this constitutional malay who now have upped his racist rampaging up a notch further for the coming GE.

    At the rate we are 'progressing', we are heading through the death throes....

    Many who see the writing on the wall have voted with their feet. For those who are unable to leave, who understand what is occuring, the process is akin to "being trapped in a taxicab where the meter is on and running at an infinite pace. We cannot get out; nor will be able to pay when the bill's submitted".

    In short, the 'Greece' phenomenon will be upon us sooner or later should this situation be allowed to continue.

  19. What is the use to put out this post if you do not accept people can change for the better?
    Ah...but Najib and his party...can promise to heaven and hell they will change for the better...they must go to prison first...return all the billions..than we talk.
    It's MALAYSIANS money and People Power decides...not any politicians.
    PR politicians understand this and are daily speaking on behalf of the people ..who elected them.
    Can see see that Ktee?

  20. Ktee said..."Buddhism names as vices the absence of shame{wakakaka, reminds me of someone},absence of embarrassment{please stop it Lord Buddha, I 'm collapsing from laughter.wakakaka"
    This is an insult to Buddhism!!!
    But we all know who Kteee we forgive his ignorance and keep teaching him.
    Absence of shame and embarrassment...are NOT Buddhists.
    Are you not ashame that you Christian and Muslim brothers are fighting for the past 500 years over ..who is the real God?
    Ktee knows next to nothing about Buddhism.He thinks making 12feet tall josstick is Buddhism.
    He insults Buddhism and indirectly mocking Buddha praying for one..???
    Buddhism teaches followers how to be noble human being.
    not a set of control minds.
    You can say..both are good...depending how strong or weak mind you chose the right medicine to cure you.
    Since religion is being used by UMNO b....I am refraining to battle Ktee on religions....and religions teaches anyone bad. All are good...but one like Ktee can only quote Scriptures.....and know next to nothing about other religions...creating a sermon...good for donkeys and monkeys.
    Ktemoc!!..Which religion established the first hospital and nurses?
    Which religion treat all men and women are equal?

  21. Now it is about Mungster teaching and talking to KT about monkeys and donkeys.How about having babies.Mungsters must have dozens by the number of wives he has.

  22. Everyone here starting to reveal their vices ? hehehe

    My only vice is Intolerance, with a capital I - the utter intolerance of mindless, moronic, muddle-headed monstrous myrmidons who ramble on and on and on and on and on and on.......even in between going to their piss pot in the dead of night. God save us from this pestilence.

  23. Are you refering to the monster or buttercup?

  24. Anon 1:21

    Need you ask ? heheheh

    Who rambles on and on and on til the cow comes home ?

    Who couldn't resist another punch on the way to the piss pot in the dead of night ?

    Who is that classless moronic monstrousity ? But with an ego so crazily huge it challenged its monstrous ball?

    You will have your answer this moronic rambler will come on line to answer to the charge himself, heheheh.

  25. the monster asked us not to bring up Anwar's past as he has changed.

    Let's deal with the first part, not bring up Anwar's past mistakes. Muhyiddin also asked us not to bring up BN past mistakes (which incidentally includes Anwar's 'mistakes')

    So what shall we do - just forget about Anwar and his UMNO past's mistakes but not the rest of UMNO's mistakes? I say we don't forget any, because if we cannot remember the past we are condemned to repeat it - see my earier post

    On the second part, that AI has changed, OK, assuming we have forgotten his UMNO past in particular his meddling in the 1994 Sabah post election status, what about 916 frogology, which has been exactly what he did 14 years ago as the UMNO DPM. So? Has he changed?

    Mindless moronic Myrmidon!

  26. Mindless moronic Myrmidom,if Iam not mistaken,it is directed at the mungster aka monsterball.If the munster keeps on his bad behaviour,he will end up with no friends.All his buddies are lari kuat kuat from him.Hehehe.

  27. Monsterball,at the rate you are going fighting with everyone,you will end up as only the monster,minus the balls.Hahaha.

  28. I don't see monsterball arguing with everyone...just Ktemoc, Buttercup, and Anonymous posting many times... 3 commentators...Hehehehe..

    Like I've told other commentators in other blogs before - if you are Anonymous - you are just exactly that - "Anonymous"

  29. Mahathir is one of the greatest sons this country has ever produced.

    Si Monumentum Requiris Circumspice (If you seek his memorial, look around you)

  30. monsterbaby,are you actually the real baby of monster,since you are so protective of him.

  31. Ktemoc...Get it into your thick skull!!
    Lim Kit Siang wants Anwar to be PR leader and PM.
    Karpal...Guan Eng...and ALL PR high profile Parliamentarians too.
    PAS spiritual leader and Hadi Awang too.
    Who the fuck cares for your stinking opinion ...talking 14 years ago events.
    There is no doubt in my are not only anti-Anwar but a BN supporter.
    Why are you so dead bend to insult Anwar...for Malaysia and Malaysians?
    Have you been to talk so much about Greek Mythlogy...Christianity...Ants...Frogs.
    The fact that you keep on IGNORING questions asked...and insult tit for tat...childish bloody fool..a bookworm....talking as if he know enough to let all know what kind of a person you are.
    I am what I am.. as you also saying that you are a perfect enlightened.
    And get it into your thick skull...Buddhists do not talk to Lord Buddha like that.
    HE is laughing at you and treat you a Donkey Kong.
    You do shame true Christians too.
    They do not boast like you.
    What do you know about LOVE?
    If you don't can you talk religious stuffs?
    Where have you traveled to?
    Since you know ALL about me...everyone is laughing at you arguing.putting me at a disadvantage.
    What kind of a gentleman is you...feeling so proud to use all sorts of stunts to put me at a disadvantage....just because you own the blog.
    It reminds me....exactly like UMNO b putting PR at a disadvantage...BUT..they don't own Malaysia....and you can say...mamak and ah jip kor..are worst than you....correct correct correct.

  32. need to answer Anon 9.22AM..since these idiots cannot differentiate between patriots and traitors.

  33. Ktee...You are out of your mind to call me mindless.
    You are making a fool of yourself calling me a moron...when so many know you are a moron too.
    Myrmidon?? this bombastic got it from the bible?..too deep for me la.
    Ktee..does your religion teaches you to insult back?
    I thought Blessed are those who are meek and humble...for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven..bla bla bla.
    Are your meek and humble?
    Mine is not a religion.
    It's a way or life.
    Your hentam is like a mosquito bite...actually sucking blood.
    hhhhhmmm Mahathir suck Malaysians blood..kill Malaysians ..yet call a doctor...suppose to cure.
    Chua Soi Lek...also a doctor..performing sex show.
    Koh Tsu Koon...also a doctor... carrying Mahathir's balls for 18 years..and now..Najib's much so..Gerakan members all want him to strep down.
    Whose BALLS are you carrying?

  34. From the start...Ktee..keep teaching me...telling me..teaching he is the Sifu.
    Now he insults me.
    So this Sifu more?
    It's hantam against hantam??
    Make sure you put out many many post insulting MONSTERBALL!!...give me the reasons to hentam you kuat kuat.
    Moby Dick...Ants...frogs...Mona Liza smoking and drinking....
    What an angry blog owner you are.
    How to be closer to Jesus?
    What are you...Catholic or Methodist/Protestants?

  35. is mindless...when one is dead...mind flew away..leaving the dead body.
    As long as one is alive...he/she has a mind...but the beauty of English language allows you to use "mindless" for a person...not using his/her mind.
    That's can call Europeans your masters...especially a bookworm..always holding a as if without a book...he is stark naked.
    Me..EXPERIENCES...visiting all the countries to study first books.
    Books to me are for references.
    Nothing beats experiences.
    So Ktee...once many countries have you traveled to?
    What do you know about LOVE????

  36. 13 GE..must come.
    More delays....worst off for Najib.
    Ktee must work harder to insult Anwar Ibrahim.
    So far...all his reasons why Anwar cannot be PM..tak boleh values.
    Imagine....Ktee is proving he is smarter than Lim Kit Siang who wants Anwar to be PM too. you respect LKS?

  37. Morning sermon concluded.
    Wait for afternoon sermon.

  38. Monsterball,so very angry about KT and everybody that do not agree with you.Hentam everybody including monstermom,your buddy Bruno,your stepson tokio rain but behind kissing your pet Buttercup aka Bedul.Cool down,mungster or else your balos might explode.Hahaha.

  39. Monsterball,after f..king everybody and call it a morning session of sermon.What a joker is monster,a religious monk or monkey.

    Wait for afternoon sermon.F..king everyone again and call it afternoon sermon.Monster is like the bald headed monk wearing yellow safrons,but behind f..king the ladies.Such a holy hyprocrite.

  40. Come one come all...come play with my BALL.
    The more the merrier.
    It's PAYBACK idiot.
    Cannot seek out worms...frogs mosquitoes....double headed snakes...go and learn so more.
    Don't teach smart grandfathers.
    See how smart Mahathir is?
    Your hero ah?
    Ktee..BRUNO...Buttercup can all go to hell.
    My balls are as strong as yours...maybe stronger.
    My one BALL is extremely huge.
    Want to carry it?
    My huge ball explode??
    It's red hot.yes...but never explode.
    It's made of hard stuffs.
    OK....leave me alone.
    Got to prepare for afternoon sermon to Kytee.
    Must go to toilet...see "someone " face and bomb all shit at him.
    Hold afternoon sermon..sure stomach ache.
    Want more fun....let me rest.

  41. Monsterball,do you know me from Susan's blog under another pseudo.Keep guessing bro,you might hit the jackpot.Hahaha.

  42. Monster,hold your cool,man.Get some help from baby and mom.Don't get upset or your munster balls might shrink to a red bean.Hehehe.

  43. Kakak Bolas...Don't insult Buddhist monks.
    Your kind are the biggest hypocrites and rapists in Malaysia.
    All religions have bad followers.
    All religions have sickening religious teachers.
    Don't pin point only Buddhists monks.
    I can insult so all one true God believers much better than you....with facts from Bible and Koran.
    So leave religions alone.
    It shows you need it more than many good faith believers...and you are shaming your "GOD" insulting monks.

  44. Monster,not insult all Buddhist monks.Only insult munster monks.

    Munster monks are all impostors.My friends(peeping toms) saw a real monk bonking his mistresses.Drive a benz too.

  45. "if you are Anonymous,you are just exactly that- "Anonymous"...said monsterbaby

  46. My friend saw an Iman..worth millions ...driving BMW too.

  47. Monsterball,do not get upset.Your baby doesn't know what in the world anonymous means.He is just a baby monster,kindergarden grade only lah.

  48. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....Faceless...nameless..coward....teaching monsterbaby.
    How thick his/her skin can be?

  49. Mungster,have you seen monks b..king dolls.Many temples in PJ have followers giving gold bars too.The monks wear 1,000 ringgit a pair shoes,drive expensive cars and have mistresses.

  50. Monster,don't get soooo angry.If you jump too high you might hit the 8ft ceiling and hurt your head.Even go through the roof too.Then we might have to call you monsterhead.

  51. Anonymous is anonymous...faceless and nameless.
    Is someone teaching monsterbaby English?
    Our country sure have plenty weird Malaysians....all Mahathir's creations.

  52. Monster,see you after evening sermons.Cheerio and have fun with KT,BRUNO and Buttercup with greassy buttery juicy hums.

  53. Monsterball has raised the white flag and gone for his afternoon sermon.Maybe to get new energy from the men in yellow for a later fight.First time mungster has run away from a fight.Hahaha.

  54. KTemoc declares:

    "Remember, it was Lim Kit Siang (not kaytee) who raised this issue of Anwar Ibrahim’s involvement and misleading of Parliament."

    Then why is LKS one of AI's strongest defenders nowadays?? LKS is no more than a mere tactical politician, with no backbone and no principles. What an enormous hypocrite!!!

  55. It is true.Monsterball has run away.He will not be back for several hours or maybe several days.First time the monster has lost a fight.Soon monster will be going back to sweetie Susan's blog.Hehehe.

  56. There is a new monster in KT's blog,known as monsterballess aka monsterball.Monsterbaby have also gone on a sermon.Like father like son.

  57. I have no fear of Anonymous...whatever...

    As Ktemoc says...I'm a of the brave band of warriors for Achilles...

    If you don't know who Achilles is, go back to school...

  58. So...Myrmidon are band of brave warriors.
    Sure am one of them.
    Afternoon sermon put on hold.
    Just look how much those BN Anons misses me..needling me to appear...talking foolish stuffs.
    I appear because Baby is back.
    Now gone again...till evening...maybe tomorrow..maybe few days later as Ktee never answer any questions asked.
    To are a gone case....good for nothing ..half past six Malaysian.
    Lim Kit Siang exposed so many brave...yet you call him a hypocrite.
    Give me one instant to prove he is a hypocrite.
    I can give you dozens of reasons...UMNO b are all hypocrites.
    The fact that you do not care a Muslim was killed investigating Bank Bumiputra corruption at HongKong...shows what a real stupid young fut you are.
    See U all this evening.

  59. Blessed are those who can move forward by forgetting the past...for yours is the Kingdom of smart Malaysians
    Blessed are those who cannot forget the past crimes where culprits and crimes have not charged yet...for your persistence will be rewarded with good and healthy life.
    Blessed are those who are humble.. not boastful...for theirs are good seeds to produce good children.
    Woe unto those who steal and bluff the helpless and the poor...for theirs will be the Kingdom of Haides.
    Woe unto you who support thieves and robbers..for theirs will be a Kingdom of in the suburbs with no friends.
    Blessed are all Freedom Fighters...for they will live happily without sickness.
    Blessed is the MAN who write this wonderful message...for he will be blessed with 71 virgins and 6 masseurs.
    So it is written.
    So let it be done.
    Next appearance...AFTER 12am.

  60. Excuse me while I go outside and puke after reading the above...

  61. Bless you!
    Anymore Anons want to vomit?
    The puke will wash some of your sins away.
    Hope I can make you puke more.
    Powerful message produces powerful reactions.
    Also hope Ktee can puke too.
    Bye bye...till tomorrow.

  62. "Blessed are those who can move forward by forgetting the past"

    The monster supports Muhyiddin - so in reality he has been a BN supporter all along

  63. Ktee's comprehension abilities is really bad.
    His tongue must be twisted.
    I will pray for him.

  64. Hahaha...the deep secrets of monster coming out one by one, heheh. His attempt to 'woo' sweetie susan, his real bn self hiding behind the pr self.... let's slowly reveal more of his secrets til he couldn't find a place to hide anymore,lol

    Bruno is now an 'independent', speaking for himself, no longer defiling himself by associating with the mindless moronic monstrousity. Monsterbaby compromises herself with such garbage...will she see the light and do a bruno ?

  65. Deep deep dark dark secrets.
    It's like "The Revelation" in the Bible...written by one who ate too much...had so many bad dreams.
    That's Bruno talking as Anon 8.40 PM.
    See..Ktee gave the signal..Buttercup aka Anon.. Bruno aka Anon..2 talking like from 4.
    Less one bullshitter in my life.
    That's progressive living.
    I will pray for him too.
    Bruno wants Monsterbaby to do a Bruno.
    Bruno advertising Bruno.
    That's new one.

  66. Bruno talk of himself using third party...trying to lure Monsterbsby to be like him.
    That's Bruno famous not here...but is always telling you he us busy...but actually not busy at all..always here.
    Blessed are the 3 the Captain..always himself....and the other two... two can change to so many.
    Ktee must be very happy...I made Bruno be his life long buddy now.

  67. Blessed are the 3 Jokers...Ktee...Buttercup & the trinity..father.. son and the ghost.
    These three will always remain three.
    Their magic cannot pakai.
    As you can see...Ktee's logo is the Joker.
    His son is a Cup. The other one... a Ghost.
    We must pray for these poor lost souls.

  68. Monsterball,you are way of mark.anon 8:40pm is not are shotting blanks.maybe you have undergone an ops.hahaha.

  69. monsterball,an ops mean vasectomy.

  70. sincere apology, although not my fault at all. Itu monster...sudah naik gila lah, hahaha. I am me and you are you lah. But now he sees enemies tokio_rain said, he needs to take his medicine, but may be like you said, an ops is more appropriate, hahahaha. Medication obviously not working. He needs lobotomy pronto, hahaha.

    Anon 8:40

  71. The mungster has gone bonkers(cuckoo)screaming at everybody,picking a fight everywhere.Soon to be admitted into a sanitorium.

  72. hehehehehehe...all gone mad...trapped in the blame game.

  73. Money is sinless BUT no-money IS !!

  74. Steal from all Malaysians hard earned money and from our natural resources wealth.. to live like Kings and Queens are simply robbers and thieves...and that Money is SINFUL to splash around.
    Katee said I support BN and Muhyiddin.
    He has problem to read the whole context?
    No..he just want to choose a sentence to expose who he is...a bragging idiot.

  75. But this post is about 7 deadly sins...and so I forgive him...for he know now what he was doing.
    Blessed are those who can stand and fight Mahathir..Najib and Muhyiddin corrupted crooks and murderers ..for country and people.. with no fear..for theirs will be the highest rewards given to mankind....enjoy rich life..with no sickness and good health...and when time to die..die sleeping..smiling...contented.
    PS: Waiting for Anon to puke again.
    All drug addicts must puke and puke to read my get rid of their sins.

  76. "Katee said I support BN and Muhyiddin."

    "He has problem to read the whole context?"

    wakakaka, re the monster's 2nd sentence, my toes just cannot stop laughing at his double standards. I'm glad he is finally realizing what his own bay-kor-eoh (road side) medicine tastes like.

  77. WOW!!..Ktee toes are laughing.
    That's good.
    But he is glad I finally realize how my own road side medicine taste like.
    I don't sell medicine.
    I preach an pray to the lost poor Ktee...whose toes are laughing...because his mind tells them to laugh.
    That's another sign of "revelation" eating too much sea food.
    One toes are laughing.
    The 7 deadly sins side effects are emerging...all due to my sermons.
    Blessed are these lost souls...puking and toes laughing...for they are on the road to recovery.
    One needs medicine.
    Another needs politics.
    One is on the road to natural recovery.
    One with toes laughing...need more prayers and sermons.
    7 Deadly Sins strike those who played out so many innocent girls...spoil their lives..and ..not marrying one of much so...that punishment have been done.
    But as age chases by...Ktemoc will stay forever a bachelor and die with no one call him "DAD"....and Anwar hates him like poison...doing doing doing one more a Captain..bluffing young pretty souls.
    Out he goes or else.....
    I need to crack my head to think of a sermon to make him repent...but they are so many lost souls here ..that are simple to cure.
    Save one and abandon many?..not logical.
    Better let Ktee keep laughing ..feeling happy..ans slip into the never never ending die like a Joker.
    Insulting Buddha is sad news..he will never know.

  78. Realizations comes from one who can remember the past and present.
    Ktee remembers only the past.
    I recall a guilty one...listening to sermons ..pricked their guilty conscience....and start laughing like mad man.
    That's the sign you see Ktee is having.
    Trying so hard to insult the preacher...who actually don't care two hoots to read what he says will be all his one who can remember the past and forget the present...concerning Anwar not worth listening to...but I am glad he reads mine and thinks he found the same tactic to insult Anwar and applying that same tactic to me.
    Braggarts are like balls...with thick onion face skin.
    The blog is getting duller every day.
    Currently talking Atlantuya murder case...who is actually copying Susan Loone wholesale.

  79. I bet you....he is regretting talking about the 7 deadly sins.
    His boasting never ceases to end.

  80. This blog should be renamed..."Amazing fictions made into facts"..or "Ktee TRUTHS tell all"

  81. "Ktemoc Konsiders"
    One who keep considering is having an unstable conclusion...always considering..lost in the woods.
    My prick is laughing!!...grow big...then small with mouth ...not like toes mouth.
    My pick laugh do much...all bloated up...shoot water cannon at that stupid boastful face on the KONSIDERER.
    Ibrahim Ali try funny with a priest and look how he got clobbered.
    Same same here.

  82. Priest can pray for lost souls to ask God to forgive their sins.
    But priest can also fuck a lost soul insulting Lord Buddha...insulting holy one...saying his toes are laughing.
    One day..Ktee's toes will all have mouths..then he will know...the pains he tries to inject onto Anwar Ibrahim...and his true supporter...ME.
    Will he ever regret?
    Lets see.
    Stay silent is good.
    Talk again..he needs more get into his thick skull.

  83. Lets see he battles me to make this post another 100 comments.
    Ktee...start talking!!

  84. "My toes are laughing" an expression created my Englishman...and Ktee copy wholesale.
    No wonder he migrated to behave like a British English much so..for at least 3 years.stay put and then...get permanent resident passport....renew every maids.
    Maybe smart to arrange a false marriage with an Aussie gal..and get Australian passport
    What baffles me..if he is an Aussie..why talk so much about Malaysia?
    Therefore...he is not an Aussie at all.
    Why then he go so far..when he was living in paradise..Penang?
    Anwar chase him out la...spoiling virgins...out or dead...his choice.
    So he can insult Anwar as much as he likes...and have his toes laugh as much as he likes...bottom line...he misses char keow teow...mee goreng..mee rubus...rojak...tea tarik...and the 24 hours non stop activities.
    There he needs to slay at home 10pm..unless he has Aus.1000 to spend every night like casinos.
    But Rosmah spent AUS60,000 one night...buying clothes only.
    that's a record of some sort.
    Malaysian boleh.
    Ketemoc...tak bola...borak boleh.

  85. Bwahahahahaha....just that one 'my toes are laughing' line from KT set off that monster.

    Wow....see the comment after comment after comment.... a fevered brain hysterically vomiting out words haphazardly seemingly with no connection whatsoever...hahahah. May be only his monsterbaby could understand her papa better ? But lately, she too chabut....doing a bruno ah ? Then the monster will be all by his lonely monstrous self and will curse her like he cursed bruno, heheheh.

  86. One idiot protecting Ktee.
    'my toes are laughing" is Ktee's masterpiece to this idiot.
    Mine are all garbage.
    Want to carry Ktee balls...carry with style and put out an argument...not a empty vessel making noise here.
    Now Ktee getting a taste on one good GHOST friend...the others..including Buttercup and BRUNO...when you need them...nowhere to be seen.

  87. Now this Anon can brag...he "lured" me to talk...real hero..but infact...I am trying to make this ...a 100 comments post......and when those idiots have nothing to say.. and I talk talk talk to achieve it....they accuse me talk too much garbage.
    These will be the future tong sampah workers initiative be it for Govt or commercial firms...balls carrying are all what they know...talking sweet stay employed...bu boys...positions only.
    One may venture to so call be his own boss..working for no one...actually out of no choice and not that he has fantastic original ideas to become....self made me.
    God to Australia and be like Ktee..they are good only to sweep roads and wash toilets.
    Here as civil servants...not really civilized to be so...but must guarantee to vote for all the qualification the need.
    Many govt. servants know they have been taken for a ride by UMNO b leadership....will turncoat and be traitors to Najib.

  88. To paraphrase Henry II "Will no one rid me of this turbulent monster?" wakakaka.