Monday, March 05, 2012

Police callous brutality

Malaysiakini - Public uproar over cop who 'kicked' motorcyclist

According to Kwong Wah Jit Poh, motorcyclist Lim Hup Hwang was riding without a helmet about 5.50 pm when he arrived at the roadblock.

Attempting to stop Lim, the police personnel kicked the motorcycle, causing the teenager to fall and hit the road divider.

Lim was taken to the Tangkak Hospital and later transferred to a private hospital in Malacca due to the severe injuries on the head, right ear, neck, right leg and other parts of his body.

The daily quoted an eyewitness as claiming that Lim’s motorcycle was kicked because he did not immediately stop after being instructed by the police to do so.

As if that was not bad enough, the following happened:

The witness then saw a People’s Volunteer Corps member riding a motorcycle. He ran into Lim who was lying on the ground and left the scene hastily.

The witness claimed that the police personnel had stood and watched the whole incident without offering any help to Lim.

The police as usual attempted to lay the blame on Lim as they did on Aminulrasyid Amzah. Like Aminulrasyid, Lim is only 14 years old.

Lim sister revealed:
“This policeman argued that my brother intended to hit him with the motorcycle hence the kick. Fortunately, three good Samaritans are our eyewitnesses (to rebut the policeman). Thank you so much.”

To stop Lim, they kicked his bike, to stop Aminulrasyid they shot him.

Our remarkable police has done it again.

Eons ago in Penang way before my time, as my uncle told me, a police outrider in a VVIP convoy came upon a young boy pedalling a bicycle just ahead, but by the edge of the road where cyclists would be. Without pausing as he passed, he brutally and callously kicked the young cyclist aside, obviously to show that no one should be on the road when a VVIP convoy was in progress.

Unfortunately the boy died. Like Lim Hup Hwang he expired tragically due to severe head injuries.

As a youngster (coincidentally around 14 years old too) I suffered almost the same experience though fortunately for me, the policeman, also on a bicycle, came from behind me and kicked his booted foot right into the spokes of my front wheel (instead of me) to stop me.

Due to the unexpected abrupt stop, I catapulted forward and suffered some minor bruises. Worse for very poor me, my bicycle suffered damage especially to the front wheel spokes. I couldn't afford to repair it and for months I lost use of the bicycle. To add insult to injury, I was severely beaten by my mum for damaging the bike.

I got up with a shock wondering what it was all about. The cop snarled at me for riding double abreast with my mate. Did that deserve such a violent treatment? Then he gave me a ticket.

Coincidentally, he was the cop who sought lodging advice from my neighbour Pakcik Daud, on whom I wrote about in my post
Makcik Puteh & Belangkas over at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok.

I had already told Pakcik Daud about that incident. During the meeting, he gently reminded the cop about his unacceptable ‘behaviour’ especially with people in a small kampung and then, best of all for me, urged him to 'settle' the ticket.

The asshole was embarrassed of course and attempted to bull his way through by laying the blame on my mate, claiming he (my mate) was arrogant and refused to stop. But Pakcik Daud knew he had came from behind two oblivious boys chatting away happily while riding abreast. Perhaps the cop wanted to show off his police credentials as allowing him that act of unnecessary brutality. Anyway, the cop somehow had my ticket cancelled, thanks to Pakcik Daud.

Some people just can’t handle power and misapply it. ‘Tis the nature of the beast.

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  1. Years ago I was knocked down- sent flying - from behind, badly injured and nearly killed, by a young punk wihout a motor- bike licence and without a helmet (of course).

    They are a menace to society
    and I have zero sympathy for them when they get into trouble.

    Sometimes when I see one of them doing a screaming acceleration on the road, I'm almost willing them to fall down splash their skin all over the tarmac.

    Of course, having said that the policeman in the newspaper report had over-reacted and should be disciplined.

  2. Malaysian police have a most lamentable record. There's no cause to be brutal to youngsters, no matter what their crimes. You should see how Aussie and Kiwi police handle young teenagers, with care and concerns. Unfortuantely the Malaysian police seem to like to hurt people.

  3. Must find a way to link this episode back to some fault of Anwar Ibrahim, then or now :)

  4. All came down to the rotting culture of the country, full stop.

  5. Anon : "Must find a way to link this episode back to some fault of Anwar Ibrahim, then or now :)"

    Hehe....the anwaristas or MMM are getting paranoid now....seeing shadows everywhere, getting superhyper in anticipation of the slightest hint of attacks on their idol leader.

    "Take all the fools out of this world and there wouldn't be any fun living in it, or profit".LOL

  6. Anon 9:02 PM
    You obviously do not understand the fine art of sarcasm.

    It does require a bit of grey matter between the ears....

  7. Anon 10:05

    Hehe....sorry, dude....your intended sarcasm failed totally here for me......seemingly too ambiguously crafted such that it could be mistaken as coming from one of those mindless moronic monstrous myrmidons, who are quite capable coming out with this sort to defend their idol at all cost.

    Better luck next time eh?

  8. Another attempt to discredit the police. Let's hear it from their side.
    There are two sides to a story.
    I see a Teoh Beng Hock case brewing.
    And I see LGE rubbing his hands in delight.
    Am sure there will be a court case. Let's not prejudge and blame it on the police entirely.

  9. Buttercup said - "another attempt to discredit the police".

    Uh uh.... our cops here have too horrendous a record. No attempt are needed to blacken them. They just know how to discredit themselves with gusto.

    In this unfortunate boy's case, apparently there's some eye witnesses....let's see how these witnesses will be treated by the officials.

  10. Buttercup is taking the cue from Najib to be humble...nice and fair.
    Najib asked for forgiveness....Buttercup is forgiving me.
    This post?...5 years too late.

  11. Cops have killed...keep many similar cases for years...why this one only?
    Change of mood?...or maybe also exposing BN ask for forgiveness too..corruptions...all forgotten.
    Suddenly...this blog turn to fight for Malaysian rights....while all the time....ignoring Malaysians desires to have Anwar as PM.
    That UMNO b appointed PM nut...acting only la....foolish Buttercup.
    Head Hunters say...the found a K. Tan Emoc...ex teacher living in Australia suburb. I told them not to jump into any conclusions.

  12. In court, the policeman will be acquitted of any wrongdoing because the victim
    1. was riding without licence
    2. was not wearing a helmet
    3.according to the policeman, was trying to ram him
    4.according to the policeman, was trying to ride away
    5.according to the policeman, refused to stop when ordered
    6.according to the policeman, was going to take out a parang/ pistol/rocket launcher
    7.the eyewitnesses are all related to the victim

  13. 1 chinkling gets kicked and all the chinks get outraged. Imagine if it was a melayu rempit.. any sympathies if this was the case?

  14. I have seen many instances of police outriders acted very threateningly towards drivers who were slow to stop or to give way to the VIPs' entourage. They shouted at the drivers and kicked at the cars in full view of all passerbys.This happened in KL and PJ.

    I think these police outriders get carried away. They need to be re-educated to be polite to the tax payers who pay thier salaries.

  15. "1 chinkling gets kicked and all the chinks get outraged. Imagine if it was a melayu rempit.. any sympathies if this was the case?"

    This guy is trying to broil the racial bowl again, eh?

    Hmm... nice derogatory term for Chinese >> chinks.

    Well, if it's a rempit, Melayu ke, Cina ke, Hindu ke, no sympathies. Simple as that. If they don't die, we die.

    Go back and tell your Umngok boss, your trick isn't working here. Shove you go!

  16. Anon 4:19

    Damn good one ! See the shit stirer slinking away..... there goes his Umngok RM 50 per racial baiting.

  17. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Must find a way to link this episode back to some fault of Anwar Ibrahim, then or now :)

    6:11 PM, March 05, 2012

    You beat me to that.

  18. now what is d CPO Johore doing?ds is unaccepted in a civil society what more d uniform branch.Wd d witnesses statements i'm sure very sure d police can file charges against d policeman concerned.No doubt,d victim is wrong riding without any helmet/license but dat doesn't gve or warrant d policeman to kick d victim's bike.let's switch d scenario where d policeman takes d place of d victim and vice versa.What wil happen?Dato Ketua Polis Johore tolong hantar ur displinary branch sgt ambil tindakan displinary atas polis berkenaan sementara gantong kerja beliau or better still file charges agst ur policeman concerned where applicable.JANGAN CUBA TUTUP MATA>>>>>we are watching

  19. Very well said, Anon. 4:19 PM, March 06.

    That's one swift, well-aimed kick to the ass of that flaming racist bastard commenting at 3:16 PM, March 06.

    It wouldn't be surprising at all if that worthless asshole was one of those psychotic monkeys that harassed the Lynas Gathering in Penang.

  20. Some people are just brain dead and completely absence of street smart capabilities.

    Brain dead = No helmet is against the law

    Absence of street smart = Should just stop and talk politely to the police, admit your fault.

    So now, u choose: Pay for the fine, or pay for your blood plus fine as well?

    Oh well, typical spoiled brat i guess, parents never teach about road safety. No doubt the police is at fault too, however, u failed miserably to solve such insignificance problem intelligently.

    Yes the police is at most fault, but, who triggered it?

    This is just idiocracy. When two idiots bumps together, this is what i called a tragedy with a little bit sad humor.

    Just shut the hell up and stop embarrassed yourself.

  21. oh oh oh, anon of 12:52 AM, March 07, 2012:

    your "Yes the police is at most fault, but, who triggered it?" is astounding. Are you saying the police can kick someone's bike down because the rider doesn't have his/her helmet on?

    Maybe that explains why many Indians were killed in police station ..... because the police can act wilfully like samsengs and wallop, kick people whom they suspect (suspect only) - like Gestapo, SS and US interrogators at Bagram, Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib?

    Silly me, I was always under the impression that the police was the guardian of the public. Maybe that's why they shot dead Aminulrasyid.

  22. I've seen New South Wales police beat up Abo youths as well.
    Pigs are the same everywere.

  23. Due Process Please12:33 pm, March 07, 2012

    Guys, guys, lets hear the other side of the story first...due process, ya, we should respect that.
    I remember Ktemoc wrote somewhere he is a Process guy...or is it only situational ?

    The kid may well have fallen on his own bike or sword, so as to speak.

    If he was riding in an aggresive manner to escape the road block, the policeman may have had cause to act to defend himself.
    The seriousness of his injuries suggests to me he didn't just fall down. Something else was happening at that moment.

    It wasn't the policeman's fault that he wasn't riding a helmet when he fell.