Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Revenge of Lord Shiva

Moo moo moo – do you know that the creature is a vehicle of Lord Shiva? When I was at Angkor Thom, I climbed a small hillock to a Hindu temple to watch the sunset, and right there at the steps leading to the pinnacle of that temple was a stature of Lord Shiva’s moo moo motion machine, indicating the shrine was dedicated to The Hindu Destroyer.

‘Twas hardly surprising that Malaysians Hindus were upset when some racists used a cow head to deliberately and desecratingly insult them just because of a proposed Hindu shrine in a suburb where the residents were mostly Muslims. Surely there could have been a less provocative way of objecting to the Hindu shrine for that suburb.

Then there was a photo-shopped (fabricated) image of Lim GE sembilih-ing a cow at a mosque, where its pathetic fradulent purpose was a sinister political message to outrage both Muslims and Chinese against Lim GE and the DAP.

When one messes around with an animal Hindus hold in respect, it wouldn’t be farfetched to imagine some of them would have appealed to Lord Shiva to curse the desecrators wakakaka. And I believe His Divine One has (wakakaka again).

So, we have the NFC story and its heavy duty millstone effect on UMNO in general and Najib in particular.

The NFC scandalous corruption is indeed as Zaid Ibrahim mentioned, chickenfeed compared to far more outrageous corruptions hanging over UMNO’s head, such as forex, MAS, this and that contract, etc.

But it’s a far more juicy dish, and served medium rare with choice mustard or wasabi, or even as rendang, would be more digestible to the heartland than some complex issue like forex or MAS shares.

NFC is a perfect model of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) issue for political campaigning because within the rustic worldviews of the heartland, the good people can perceive and grasp the bovine issue, the amount of money loanedgiven away sans basic cow sense, and the way those money had been misused. By comparison, forex and MAS and the far more complex technical-engineering contracts might just whoosh over the top of the heartland’s heads.

If Pakatan keeps pounding on the NFC corruption and the wanton profligacy of Shahrizat’s family, the message of arrogant, reckless and totally unaccountable corruption will seep in.

We should actually thank Shahrizat for holding on as long as she possibly could because it helps Pakatan's case.

Indeed, her gross obduracy has been so excruciating to UMNO people that not only Dr M had told her to pordah but her old rival Rafidah has now come out in sweet revenge to excoriate Cow Mama (or Mama Cow).

In Malaysiakini’s
Rafidah: You call that 'quitting'? the former minister stuck her knife into Shahrizat and said BullCowshit lah, where got sacrifice one? Senatorship die liow on 08 April so no longer can be minister what. So what resign, you got no cow sense ah?” Moomoo-hyddin should be the no-cow-sense lembu to tell that to, wakakaka.

Daim Zainuddin, who recently gave UMNO and MCA a bullcowshit flop of a plug was reported by Malaysiakini in its
Cowgate may decide polls, warns Umno veteran as saying:

"Generally people tend to forget an issue after 14 days but 'cowgate' is different, regardless of ethnicity, whether Malay, Chinese or Indian, they all know what a cow is about, the rural folks also know the value of a cow."

‘Tis only the revenge or punishment of Lord Shiva. That's no bull man, wakakaka.


  1. BN-UMNO's endless travails certainly implies it is labouring under some form of Supernatural cloud.

    My pet theory is that its a powerful Mongolian curse. There's a blood debt which can only be repaid by having the ultimate perpetrator(s) being brought to justice.

  2. In an odd way, Shahrizat is right to be so bloody-minded. She really has not done anything more wrong than any other UMNO leader. And some have done far worse.
    Its a reflection of the abyssmal level of ethics in the Malaysian Cabinet and the Ruling Party.

    So why should she be the one to resign, other than that her family got caught, while the other UMNO leaders either haven't been so exposed, or the exposure hasn't been accompanied by such detailed evidence.

  3. Mongolia small helpless poor country...easy to murder one and no war declared.
    Imagine if one pretty Australian girl got C4ed....what do you think Australian Govt will do?
    Yes...monsterbaby...your pet subject ...the Mongolian lady.....brutally murdered and C4ed into unsolved murder far more important unsolved discuss...than wasting time...discussing supernatural heroes.

  4. For similarity....lets take a China sexy girl got C4ed into think China will keep quiet?
    So it is UMNO b bullying habits went overboard...with no shame.

  5. Lord Shiva is a fearless King...with super power...yet helpless...when wife was kidnapped.
    It needs a famous gangster that look like a monkey to rescue her back.
    I went to India and there is a village that have humans looking so similar to monkies...thus that story cannot be fiction.
    And in my young days...I have seen a boy with a long tail like a monkey.

  6. KT,the title suits PKR's once darling and now spurned scorned mistress RPK.The man is talking shit again.

  7. The common Mats, Minahs, Pakciks and Makciks have immense trouble relating to the forex, MAS, higway and Gamuda contract shit. However, practically every Malay kampung folk can relate to the cost of cows. These folks must be wondering why raising cattles cost RM250 million when it cost them only hundreds to raise one cattle. The person who leaked the NFC scandal knows the kampung folks well and the effect has been devastating on UMNO in the Malay heartland.

  8. "Who makes up the majority in any country - the intelligent or the stupid ?"

    For the one-man-one-vote to work for the likes of Umno & Gang, these majority must be nurtured like the mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed with nothing but bullshit.

  9. Bruno,
    The 4-faced One is Brahma! Not Shiva...please get the Hindu deities right.

  10. Hehehehe..Buttercup and sundry cyber troopers Cabut when the post is unfavorable to UMNO.
    Monster friends will be here come rain - or shine.

  11. KTemoc said: "her [Lady Cow's] gross obduracy has been so excruciating to UMNO people that not only Dr M had told her to pordah but her old rival Rafidah has now come out in sweet revenge to excoriate Cow Mama (or Mama Cow)."

    Hahaha...well said. This shows that UMNO is a seething nest of vipers boiling over with the deadly sins of greed, envy, lust, deceit, treachery, blind hatred, violence, and much more!!

  12. Anon 10:45pm.
    you should be refering to the mongster and not to bruno.hehehe.
    Shiva is mongster's king.

  13. Mess around with anything concerning cows....Lord Shiva will be hoping mad.
    He and his wife Maya and son Ganesh are most loved King and family by the Almighty.
    One day...Lord Shiva accidentally cut off his son's head...dead...and the Almighty made him alive again with an elephant head replace.
    Go to any Hindu temple and you can see Lord Ganesh with an elephant head...Lord Shiva...Lady Maya ..prayed and respected..for hundreds of years.
    Lord Shiva riding on a Cow...with spear..the symbol of justice.
    UMNO b mock Allah...fool around with cows like arrogant of other cultures.
    When Gods and Demons are being discussed...Buttercup and all the BN guys...are lost with words.
    Come insulting...instigating ...shouting like mad monkies.....they are the best.

  14. Buddhists respect all gods.
    They don't pray to one one...and Buddha is respected..prayed to as a great teacher...the Enlightened one...not a god at all.
    Shiva in not my King.
    I have one King...and our Agong is my King.
    Anymore bright ideas?

  15. I told you UMNO b commentators are only good in talking nonsense.

  16. Lord Shiva...Maya and Ganesh became ...The Judge..The Compassionate..The Destroyer...the Hindus most feared family.

  17. UMNO b have guns..cannons..fighting jets...submarines...tanks and C4 bombs...and many more.
    Their enemies are not from outside.
    It's right here..Malaysians.
    They keep bullying and are afraid of foreign forces come helping the victims.
    Singapore is a Think Tank country whose Island is very important to be protected...yet Singapore defend equipments and armories cost far far less than Malaysia.
    What is there for people to come and attack Malaysia for?
    WW2 is another matter.
    Right now...who want to attack Malaysia?
    And Najib will keep on spending billions...on defense...for concerning defense.
    He is supposedly to know best like Bush...fooling all Americans.
    Najib is fooling all Malaysians to create...willing seller..willing buyer...with commissions paid call all legally..on items...costing 10 times more than original prices.
    This has been going on and much so.. even cheat Malaysians on cows too.

  18. To complete the Hindu beliefs....Murugan appeared...out goes Maya.
    And today is...Shiva...Murugan and Ganesh...all woman allowed.
    Out appear.. Alvalokistavara....a god with a thousand hands..which many believe is also Kuan Yin Ma.
    Not popular to the Hindus ..Chinese took over and glorify much as glorifying Mui See{cantonese}...or Mau Shan{mandarin}...the real name for The Goddess Of Mercy...Kuanyin ma.
    Hindus have the Trinity.
    Buddhist have Goddess of Mercy...also believed to be Buddha appearing in a female answer prayers.
    Ask any ordinary Buddhists in the Streets....most have alters with Kuan Yin ma to pray for centuries.....for she listens to prayers..if you say...."Om Madne Padne Hohm" your prayers to her.
    Don't fool around with Buddhists and Hindus.
    They have hundreds of very powerful Gods.

  19. monster, good effort at identifying the personalities in Hinduism but unfortunately most were incorrect wakakaka.

    It's NOT Lord Shiva's wife who was kidnapped. You've confused Lord Shiva with the saga of the Ramayana where Sita, wife of Rama (avtar of Vishnu), was abducted by Ravana and subsequently rescued by Hanuman.

    The Hindu Top Trinity are (4 face) Brahma the Creator, Shiva the Destroyer and Vishnu the Preserver.

    Shiva's wife is not Maya but Parvati. Parvati has various other forms such as Kali, Durga, Chandi and Tara, the last you "should" be familiar with because of her (Tara) association with the Tibetan form of Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism.

    Incidentally, Shiva didn't "accidentally cut off his son's head"; he did it most deliberately when he was pissed off with the kid, not realizing who he was. And it was not "the Almighty" who resurrect Ganesha, but Shiva himself. He was after all one of the 3 Almightys.

    Never mind, I give you an 'A' for trying and entertainment but alas, a 'D' for knowledge - at least you know a lil' something about Ganesha, well done. ;-)

  20. I am always an A class entertainer in your blog. Glad you know it now...but on Hindu gods..knowledge D is OK.
    At least the story line is there...only Gods names are different.

  21. Ibrahim Ali instigating religion again demanding Apostasy Act.
    How about a post .."Are Malays really free in Malaysia?"...OR.."Is insisting Malays must be out-dated policy now?"....and bring that to compare with Indonesia and neighboring countries ...on religion policies.
    Don't ever forget....the Constitution was written by men for peace and prosperity 55 years ago.
    Things have changed so much...especially now...when Malaysians have minds of their own to decides thing and need no Govt. policy to guide to live out their own lives.
    That should bring out Buttercup and his gang... to discuss....argue or debate....that is...presuming they are up to the mark to do that...and stop putting out nonsensical comments.

  22. How about the tittles....Datuk...Tan Sri and Tun.
    Are they helping to unite Malaysians or dividing them..and who are qualified to be bestowed with titles?...or to get rid of titles like Indonesia.
    Don't forget Indonesia is the greatest Muslim country in the world with 250 million titles.
    Here we have around 18 million Muslims...and UMNO b political party is making fools over Islamic faith by bestowing titles to rouges and thieves...indirectly trying to teach the Indonesian to manage a Muslin country.
    Is not ISLAM religion teaching followers how to be humble..meek and mild?
    How to be like that...with boastful titles?
    Forget corruptions...stealing billions from people.
    That's adding more boastfulness and sins...shaming the religion to the extreme.

  23. It shows how little Malaysians know about Hinduism and its theologies. I cannot write a book to explain everything but let me give you some very very important hints.

    Hinduism is made up of five different religions with five different Gods and with different theologies. Each religion has its own books, saints and its specific theology. Some theologies are so far apart that it would be like comparing the North and the South pole.

    The beauty of Hinduism (all the Hindu religions say) is that God Is ONE, but each race and individual sees it different because no two individuals have the same mind.

    Now that is why we keep all the Gods in one common temple and explain to our children that "believe in God" is more important "then the type of God".

    That is why we are so tolerent but I cannot say the same with the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Nearly the same God, same prophets and same book, but killing each other.

    Anbae Sivam (Compassion is God)

  24. Judaism...Christianity and Islam are actually one religion...branched off into 3...keep quarreling with each other...and fighting ....killing each other...defending the so true God...for centuries...up to now.
    And Buddha saw his country is divided by into three..kings.holy men and the untouchables..the poor and the sick..all treated like useless humans.
    Buddha...a Prince himself...with wife and children...gave up all earthy possessions...and wandered in the forest for 49 be enlightened and so he did.
    His wife and children became nun and monks...never marry.
    Buddha started the first Nun order and the first hospital to nurse the sick and dying.
    He preached for 44 years...died at the age of 84...cremated.
    Some of his and teeth are still preserved and guarded up to today...and most can be seen in museums.
    He was all folklore.
    He lived...500 years ahead of Jesus....and the first Holy Book can be be..the story of his previous many lives....told by himself...published long before Holy Bible was printed...together with "The Buddha's teachings" Sanskrit....translated into Mandarin and English mostly.
    PS: Ktemoc.....what is the score...A for accuracy?

  25. Praise be to Allah, the Compassionate and the Merciful.

  26. I wonder does Buttercup and his gang..know the life story of Prophet Mohammad?
    I sure do.

  27. Praising is like a parrot memorizing.
    Tell did "Allah" came about?
    Who is Prophet Mohammed?
    Why is the Koran known as the "Last Testament?
    What do you know about the Angel and the the Koran?
    TALK!! ANON 12.11PM
    Don't be a parrot.

  28. All Allahs are compassionate and merciful.

  29. Believe in ONE true God and Prophet Mohammed is the last messenger of God...if it suits you.....fine.
    But billions believe in many Gods..and I say...
    "GOD" is a word...not a person.
    UMNO b love to use the Islamic religion to get much many fanatics are produced.
    Mahathir brought the level of dirty new heights under his 22 tears as PM...and the half past sixes Muslims are all his creations.....because he focused on stealing and not guiding young Malaysians to the right path.
    All he know is blaming others for what he did so sinfully wrong.

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. My copycat has appear....advertising my home address.
    Ktemoc..why do you allow my privacy exposed time and time again?
    It is not that I am afraid of anything...but that's not right.
    I used vulgar know how to delete.
    This is worst that vulgar words...if your blog KOMSIDERS in proper ways.
    Like always...I am not going to have my comments confused by another with the same nick...making a fool of myself.

  32. monster, Buddha's enlightment came after experimenting various forms of ascetic practices before he nominated the Middle Path, one of moderation, to reach Nirvana. His search for enlightment was from an age of 29 (after he left his royal life) until he attained enlightment at 35.

    The 49 days you mentioned has to do with the duration of his meditation just before he attained enlightenment.

    But to suggest he became a buddha only after 6 years (29 to 35) is not correct either; it took him thousands of lifetimes to perfect himself in each reincarnation until he became the Fully Enlightened One.

  33. monsterball want to meet the Buddha...soon...

  34. The five religions within Hinduism has found peace among themselves, and in doing so with the rest of the world. If only the Muslims would make their call "In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Merciful (the most quoted verse in the Quran, and also the first verse of the Quran) instead of "God is The Greatest", maybe they will find peace among themselves and with the rest of the world.

    Anbae Sivam (Compassion is God)

  35. Monsterball 12 .29 am

    Omigod, the monster lives three doors away from me. The one who throws rubbish in my yard. I better move out.
    My prophet taught me to love thy neighbours. But the monster, i am sorry.

  36. Hei Buttercup,
    You are welcome to take part in my regular weekend orgy.
    BYO condom

  37. peaceful here...the air is bad smells..goodnight all

  38. Buttercup and monsterball (6:41 PM) - boyoboy, you two certainly know how to party!! You need condoms for an orgy?!

  39. Monsterball has again swarmed this blog with his over 75% control of the comments.Hehehe.Keep going monster.

  40. Kakak Bolas

    75 pc of adulterated, stale and putrid comments. Its something to be ashamed of. Not an honour by any stretch of the imagination.
    He's showing his stupidity with every line.

  41. I don't agree with Buttercup's political views in the main, but his comment about the putrid, stale and moronic contents of the monster - i sokong 100%, heheheh.

  42. Now the ex-political secretary to DrM is praising Pakatan, see

    Go read it...

  43. Fark monsterball10:15 pm, March 17, 2012

    F*ck monster all kaw-kaw
    The ars*e-hole deserves it.

  44. Anon 4:54 PM....thank you for the link.

    The umno political strategist supposedly said : "I will tell you whether you like it or not. The Chinese have accumulated
    so much money, now they want political power. They want to take our political

    These umno fat cats have their insatiable snouts stuck so deeply in the all the gravies that all they could ever think of is wealth, wealth and more wealth.

    Yeah, so right ! The middle-class chinese....teachers, small biz people, the office executive workers, the sundry shop owners, the car workshop owners, the restaurant eatery owners, the hair salon operators, the salesmen......all these 98% chinese have 'accumulated so much money they now want political power' ! That is why they voted for PAS and DAP and that they could elect a chinese ( preferably a christian ) to be the PM and change the official religion from Islam to Christianity !

    Yeah, the chinese who made up of less than 30% of the population will take political power, will sack all the malay army generals, the malay judges, the malay chancelors, the malay police chief, the malay civil chief, the malay ini and the malay itu...even the malay kings, to rule completely.

    Even umno fanatic like Buttercup will laugh til his cup spills over....hahahahaha.

  45. Monsterball,since you have been chased out of sweetie Susan's blog it has been so quiet.I just took a peep and comments posted are in the low teens,and Ho ha ho is the one dominating the comment post.If you were still there you will be the undisputed champ.Hahaha.

  46. Ho ha ho,maybe that is the new pseudo Monster is using in Susan's blog to avoid detection.Or else he will get banished again.Hahaha

    p/s monster's comments in LKS's blog do not get posted most of the time.

  47. "p/s monster's comments in LKS's blog do not get posted most of the time"

    Heheheh....Not all opposition leaders want servile mindless moronic myrmidons worshippers. LKS knows that these mindless monsters will cause more harm than benefit to their cause.

  48. Anon of 10:55 PM, March 17, 2012, why would Chinese want Christianity as the official religion, when most of them are Buddhists (76%), Taoists (10-11%), Confucianists (?%); only about 9% are Christians.

    We know UMNO has been pushing the Christian proselytizing as a scare tactic among Malays.

  49. KT asks....why chinese want christianity as official religion...when only 9% are christians ?

    Precisely KT ! May be my tongue in cheek rant is not sufficiently dripping in sarcasm ?

    And these umno people dare to claim the chinese 'accumulated so much wealth' that they now want power ?! They bloody well know that the majority of chinese are the middle class...shopkeepers, eatery owners, office workers, teachers....only about 1% are the wealtlhy ones and it would be a stretch of the imagination to think these biz pple and some cronies of BN's would be lusting after power.

    That's why even people like Buttercup must be amused by the stupidity of these umno strategists, who either are truly moronic or just pulling mathias chang's leg ?

    Anon 10:55 PM

  50. Anon 10.55 am & Anon 6.57 am (one and the same person)

    Hahaha. My cup is brimming with confidence. Why must we be scared of the Chinese?
    They have been around for so long.
    It's Anwar that we must be wary of. He will do much harm if he get's the plum job of PM.


    This posting is already four days old.
    Time for a new one. You have been prolific of late, sometimes two postings in one day.
    What happen?

    Hahaha. One of my word verification is Pooki. That's monsterball's other name.

  51. Righto Buttercup ! Why be scared of the chinese ? They are ever so useful in this multiracial setting....any time there's some shakiness, use the chinese as the perfect bogeyman; and in more peaceful time, use their taxes for building mosques and welfare of the muslims....just perfect. In good times or bad, the chinese is ever so of use.

    Woe be the day when the chinese population dwindle to a mere 5 to 10 %.......then it'll be malays fighting the malays, which is actually happening now more and more, but the chinese as bogeyamn is still the perfect weapon.

    Anon 10:55 aka anon 6:57

  52. The Christians may be a rather small % of the Chinese population in Malaysia, but they are very influential in DAP. The majority of the DAP's leadership is Christian, after you subtract the Bayis and Neh-Nehs...

  53. The double Anons

    The Chinese population dwindling. Really? My Chinese colleague is expecting her seventh child.
    And many of my Malay friends are having only two or the most four. For some in the goverment, they stop at five to meet Mahathir's criteria of full paid maternity leave for five kids.
    Look at Monsterball. His family is growing as can be seen with his kids coming here in support of their monster Papa. Hahaha.
    Hey, the Chinese are also using the Malays for their selfish reasons too. The Chinese businessmen are mostly propped up by BN.
    It's always I scratch your back, you scatch mine. Both are using each other. At all times, good and bad.

  54. Where is the monster.Don't tell me that he has run away too. Maybe to Teresa's blog.Hahaha.

  55. Hei Buttercup, not only the chinese and malays at the very top of the hierachy scratching each other backs, the indians and the mamaks are going full swing too. To these 'special' people, they don't recognise the word 'race'.

    This happens in every country all the over the world....the usual lah, same same. Remember...98% of the world's wealth is in the hands of 2%.

    It's those sheeple at the middle and the bottom that got blind sided by these top dogs found in every society.....and in a multiracial setting like ours....with one mamak claiming the country belonging ONLY to one race ( to which he very conviently converted to ) things....things just work so swimmingly for these racist pretenders, although in recent time with the advent of internet and rapidly declining economy, these mamaks controllers might be in a bit of pickle but rest assured, they will overcome...GE13 is definately in their pockets, by hook or by crook so to speak, haha.

    It's always the complacent sheeps that will get slaughtered in the end...... so, the smarter ones should not sit on their asses...must do due dilligence and assess carefully all infor. Then act fast to make the right move to avoid getting helplessly trapped for generations to come.

    From : Double Anons ( mmmm...kind of like this nick...thks )

  56. I am not running away nor am I going to be made a fool by Ktemoc.
    Trace this post.....all comments were of serious stuffs.
    Then Ktemoc allow another "monaterball" in...and followed by hordes of insults to me.
    And the subject...lost all concentrations...and Ktee is so happy...Buttercup commented.
    This is how Ktemoc "KONSIDERS".
    And as always...he keep proving he is the smartest of all...including the knowledge of Buddhism.
    What a shitty jerk he is.
    Check it out..his 16th March 12.58PM comment..saying it took Buddha a lifetime to perfect himself.
    He WAS close to being a perfect human being...when he took up the quest to "see all and know all"....which no human beings up to today..can do as he be perfect.
    In Buddhism...all humans can be a Buddha..when and that's how Sakyamuni can trace his previous lives.
    Anyway....I am not interested to prove Ktee is a braggart.. and a low down sickening blog owner...keep using me as a punching bag...where he never play a fair game at all.
    I repeat...constantly TWO "monsterball" deleting the copycat...Ktemoc can enjoy his blog
    with all the insult thrown at me...making this post a rojak...which seems to suit him fine.
    Lets see what kind of smart comments put out by those insulting me to upgrade or downgrade his blog..lets see.
    13th GE is near...and Penang is matter how much Kteemoc tried in the past to prove Anwar is not worthy to be a talk nice...supporting PR...he can stuff his opinions into his arse.
    hhhhmmmm..."Uncle Lim" he addressed LKS...yet insults his "Uncle Lim" support for Anwar as PM.
    If Ktee meets...Lim Kit Siang ..he will tell him.'F off"
    I make foul words to give him a reason to delete this comment.
    Ktemoc....enjoy ONE monsterball...the copy.

  57. If I ever meet Ktemoc face to face and I do not give him a tight slap....all can call me a liar.
    His bog has caused me alot of unnecessary problems.

  58. And if the Buttercup who claims he is living few houses from me...dares to meet me face to face....I will slap him too.
    He can bring as many friends he protect him.

  59. Monster is angry and on the warpath.KT and Buttercup better watch out,or get slapped.Hahaha.

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    You motherfucker!! translate that to your beloved readers.

  61. mengamuk !!

    Apa itu 'chan toe lantan tan' ah?
    what dialect is that ah?

    Naughty naughty know full well KT has a particular aversion to that swear word 'M..Fucker' lah. Monster, you did promise to not ever to use that word here.....mati lah kau sekarang...KT will punish you kaw kaw in his own way, heheh. So watch out eh ?

    So now monster will have to fly to Oz land to look for KT to slap him and another mission to find out the identity of Buttercup to give him a good punch in his mug too, heheh. Good luck, old man with no sense of humour, heheh

  62. Ktee..the pariah balless ran away from Penang wants to fuck around with monsterball?

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    I do not need to go to Oz and seek him out.
    Head hunters are always available.
    You got the money...they got the bloody idiot.

  64. Najib made so many promises...not one kept.
    Talk to the cows on logic....Anon 6.19PM.
    You pariahs..all deserves to be with each other...with the biggest pariah..Ktemoc....leading the band of all pariahs to fuck around with monsterball.
    Let your PARIAH boss need you kucin curap protect him.

  65. toe ma? ni hamkar chan..chan toe lantan tan.{cantonese}
    lu gukia bor pat hor... low hor bor pat sai.{hokkien}
    ni pee yin teow{hakka}
    poi lor my ka sui {hylam}
    soong ni nei te papai yang
    Anak si-bukau..{takalok}
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  66. Nearer to home....Aussie head hunters.

  67. If you got GUTS..Kteemoc..reveal your home address...and real Susan Loone ...Rocky...Patrick Teoh.. and everyone else...and not make a blog to hide your stinking arse. ..talking cock to me.

  68. Buttercup wishes to apply for the post of coffee-boy to Anwar. He wants to emulate Saiful Bukharee, who claimed to retain Anwar's dna inside his asshol for 2 whole days

  69. Monster...head hunters? Wah, talk like mafia one, heheh. Head hunters don't just slap people in the face one, heheh. You said you just wanna slap, slap and now you said you will hire assasins ? Wah...terror one.

    Wah, very takut one...when the olde man monster mengamuk. Buttercup and KT shivering under their blankets one, heheheh. Best they go for plastic surgery and go under police protection, heheheh.

  70. I'm a very responsible commentator...only relevant posts....VERY relevant posts...hehehehe

  71. "His bog has caused me alot of unnecessary problems"....
    Nobody forced you to come here to f*ck everybody else...

    Some unwelcome creditors came looking at your house ?....Kakakaka...Live within your means larr....

  72. And the prize for the most prolific and obnoxious commentator goes to teng, teng, teng ........... fill in the blanks.
    The prize is a cow dung pattie which you can smear on your face for a more youthful look.

  73. kanineh...I have a money idiot. I give money away.
    Is this your blog..talking cock to me?
    I don't run away from trouble..or from idiots like all of you.
    And Buttercup..the prize of the all the stolen cows will have tons and tons of dung to bury you ...Mahathir and Najib and UMNO b alive.
    Just watch the cow dungs go into action.

  74. kanineh...your nick suits you like a dot.
    You F'kin shit man...I am fucking all of you insulting and ...disturbing me.
    You go kan ni neh your low boo.

  75. Anon 7.34AM..Head hunters hunt...not kill.
    Read carefully...and there goes that chow cee bai...Ktemoc...approving a copy of me again.
    Like i say...I meet him face to face..I will slap him...and Buttercup said he is my cock here....hiding under his mother sarong.
    COME!! I am waiting.
    Where have your balls gone to?

  76. Ktemoc writes one of the best blogs in the Malaysian political space.
    Smart, logical, knowledgeable, witty and fair.

    Why would anyone want to condemn this blog ?....except for monsters...kakakaka

  77. Is the Lion of Jelutong going cuckoo ?

  78. "My Chinese colleague is expecting her seventh child.
    And many of my Malay friends are having only two or the most four" -said Buttercup.

    Dear Buttercup.... open your eyes wider and check out the real situation, don't stop looking beyond your ONE chinese colleague and your several malay friends.

    If nothing else, check out the national census - it's an undeniable fact chinese population is dwindling in terms of new births and the increasing migration to other climes. Even indians too, although not so rapidly as the chinese.

    Melayus ( the REAL bumis, kakakak ) not only maintaining status quo but actually increasing at an unprecedented rate from new births and import of instant bumis from nearby indonesia, bangladesh, pakistan, southern philippines & thailand, even some fr burma.

    Oops, almost forgot....the REAL REAL bumis...the orang asli - these people are ENCOURAGED to practise birth control in keeping up with 'modern times', hihihi... with added incentives given to families with less than 2 and a half. Go check the real facts. So the REAL REAL BUMIs are also dwindling, hahaha. Soon the melayus will have the country to keep a lid on all your angst and discomfort, hahaha.

  79. Hahaha Anon 3.25pm. You're not being realistic. Of course if you look at the statistics of the Malays and the Chinese, you will say Malays are actively procreating.
    There are more Malays and more Malay women than the Chinese. Therefore more Malay births.
    But the Chinese reproduce more despite fewer Chinese women.
    And do you know that in some government hospitals, moments after birth, the nurses will go round asking the Malay ladies to practise family planning. Some even dole out contraceptives.
    They did not do this to the non-Malays. Infact, the Indian ladies especially from estates are giving births every year.
    Don't ask me how I know since I don't give birth.
    But ask around and you will confirm what I said is the truth.
    Aha must tell you also, Indian ladies scream the most during labor pains and the nurse will be passing comments like yeah next year we'll see you again.
    But the subtle stop the birth campaign is only targeted for Malay ladies.
    Malay women are taught to bear the pain and should not moan, groan or scream. Something to do with our religion which says out of hardships come happiness!

    PS. Posting this to irk Monster to jump or the apt Malay word melatah.

  80. Dei monster, head hunters hunt, not kill? Hunt what ah ? For kutu ? For balls ? For CEOs and CFOs in big corporations ? kakakaka.

    "I'm a very responsible commentator...only relevant posts....VERY relevant posts...hehehehe". So if you are SO responsble, then don't chow-chi-bai and f*cking everywhere again now lah, kakaka. We all prefer the new monster than the chow chi bai one.

  81. Buttercup oh buttercup....... not being realistic ? Speak for yourself, hehe.

    Even the most fanatical umno supporter will quietly accept the actual fact.....malays are breeding like rabbits, the chinese usually stops at 2 ( citing high costs of educating their offsprings, their main grouse ) and the contraceptives you claimed you saw being distributed in hospitals are actually given out to the orang asli, hehe.

    Btw, the indians screaming the most during childbirth is old news....just like the malay school girls going hysterical randomly when in a crowd and the older malays prone to melatah, hehe.

    You forgot to touch on the instant bumis ? Just walk around in Peninsula or in the East.....for every 4 true-blue malalysians, you will bump into 1 new bumis, complete with genuine Mykard and newly acquired bahasa.

    So this put paid your original question of whether the chinese population is dwindling ?

  82. Has Ktemoc's idol Kapal Sink gone senile ?
    Or just showing his true "Godfather" side for the first time...

  83. Now my copycat have same blue color nick.
    Only Ktemoc can do that...which means he is the creator of my copy.
    Actually no one knows who the fuck "KTEMOC KONSIDERS" blog is nor the owner.
    Check that out with his "Uncle Lim"....knows him as a rat.
    That's what he wants...that's what he will get it from me....from now onwards.....comments to rojak his blog.
    Ktee shit head have no guts to put out details of his true self.
    He is a coward and a braggart.
    You want to disturb me....ham kar chan...Ktemoc? ...lets dance.

  84. Next time...all can differentiate the real monsterball and the fake one.
    The real one will fuck him left and right with foul words.
    "Uncle Lim".....hahahahahahaha

  85. Monsterball,soon you will be banished from KT's blog.Then you will have to have your head bow low and go back to sweetie Susan's blog.

  86. Monsterball

    I have said before, only you and KT have the blue ink. Console yourself that you are special.(nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

    Anon 5.22pm

    We have a word for Chinese who breeds too many like the animal you eat.Macam anak nangoi.Now fashionably called khinzir. sounds nicer than babi.
    Oh you forgot Malays love to mengamok or run amok. That is why that Malay word is used in dictionaries.
    Beware Monsterball, I cam mengaaaamok, you know. Better run for cover.


    That's why I like Karpal the least. He's very autocratic. Out to banish the deputy CM.
    He doesn't like another Indian to get the upper-hand.
    Don't forget that Singh is considered Indian under the constitution.
    Doesnt say much about DAP being democratic, eh.

  87. Oi monster....calm down or you will keel over with a heart attack !

    If KT allows you so much freedom to spew your vomit all the place here, why are you denying this freedom for others to write as they pleased too, including using whatever nick they wished ? Btw, is Monsterball a copyright nick ? May be you are the one who's using the other monster's nick ? kakaka.

  88. No Buttercup, didn't forget about this special AMOK thingy that's only fashionable with the malays....but the on-going discussion does not warrant bringing this subject up. You yourself brought in the indians screaming during childbirthing labour and the melatah among the malays .....not me.

    No, no, we don't wanna see any amoking anytime here, especially with the GE just round the corner. When we see the word AMOK, i see PARANG and we see white headbands around the head and flaying arms...god forbid. Thank god our country is incident free of such nature for several decades now.

    I am afraid you guys wouldn't have much chance to go round saying the chinese breeds like anak nangoi. A sow usually have a litter of 10
    piglets and in a year, could produce 20 little piggies ! hihihi

    If the chinese had really breed like the rabbits or the anak nangoi, then the umno malays will REALLY mengamuk and history will not be what it is now, hahaha. You should be thankful for this at the very least eh ?

  89. Calling KT. Calling KT. Please enter. We are awaiting your take on your idol Kapal's ongoing spat. He's one wounded lion.
    A monster here is badly wounded too. Save them.

  90. For non-Cantonese speakers (Buttercup ?) may want to know monsterball wrote...wishing You and All Your Descendants Complete Extinction.

    It is one of the most grievious curses one can utter in Chinese...under normal circumstances, if monsterball tells it to someone in the face, the likelihood that he will walk away alive may be very low.....

    No need for any weapons, hands and feet will do..

  91. The person who posted monsterball's address on the blog earlier is doing a public service.
    I'm sure Monster has made many enemies along the way......

  92. Kapal Sink has totally lost the plot, swell headed, now condemning DAP's own Disciplinary Committee just because they didn't toe his line.....he won't rest until Ramasamy is sacked from the party.

    Kapal will knowingly cause damage to both the DAP and its public standing just to make sure he gets his way.

    Jelutong voters should kick him out in GE13...Sink the Kapal....

  93. Now you guys know why the monster is quite silent lately, ever since his lair is identified.

    With enemies all around, the best option is to move house ? heheheh and learn to shut his mouth and don't blurt out his new address again under any circumstances.

  94. What the shit is Anon 3.26PM talking about?
    Naturally a student...still getting monthly allowances..talking cock here.