Friday, March 09, 2012

Another MCA leadership shame?

Free Malaysia Today - Ling ordered to enter defence

In delivering his ruling, High Court judge Ahmadi Asnawi says with the absence of other evidence, he will not hesitate to conclude that the former transport minister intentionally induced the government to pay a higher price for a plot of land for the PKFZ project.

“He opted not to make known to the Cabinet what he had known,” he added.

Ahmadi said that Ling, as the “number one man” in the transport ministry then, should hold the highest accountability and cannot claim ignorance over a recommendation on interest that caused the price of the land of about 1,000 acres to balloon from RM1.088 billion to RM1.808 billion.

Of course, according to the laws of Malaysia, he is deemed innocent until proven guilty. But as a layman, I have to say, what with his Lordship's words, Ling's case sure as hell doesn't look good.

If he is found guilty, he will have the dubious record of being the second MCA President (or ex President) to be jailed.

Tan Koon Swan was the first. Remarkably Tan had, just prior to his imprisonment, won 76.9% of the votes cast in the MCA party presidential election in November 1985.
It was the largest majority in the party's history, thus it could be reasonably claimed that Tan KS was the most popular president ever elected in the MCA. He was also the first challenger since 1954 to win the party's national leadership.

Alas, his popularity among MCA delegates didn’t prevent him from another 'first', being jailed by not one but two nations, firstly by the courts of Singapore and THEN after his 2-year sentence was served there, by the courts of Malaysia.

And in those imprisonments, he achieved yet another 'first', the first MCA President to masuk lokap, and as mentioned, not once but twice.

What Tan’s successful election as the most popular MCA president ever elected, coupled with his subsequent imprisonments, showed was the stupidity of the MCA delegates, who repeated their dumbo-ness in recent times by electing CSL and Liow Tiong ‘my beloved PM’ LIE as their pair to lead an already severely wounded and moribund party, instead of a more rambunctious Ong Tee Keat who was actually preferred by the Chinese community (but lamentably, not the MCA delegates and their self-interests).

I suppose that must be what people call 'death wish'.

Thus far, no UMNO, Gerakan or (wakakaka) MIC president has ever been jailed, which I'm sure would be due to their low-cholesterol high-Omega-3-oil diet wakakaka.

I wonder whether Datuk Seri Harun Idris was the only UMNO leader to be jailed for corruption. He was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment but on recommendation by PM Dr Mahathir, was pardoned by HM after 3 years in Pudu (where it was said he served in its library).
Like another UMNO leader who went to prison for murder (and also subsequently pardoned), he went into and exited prison with his Datukship intact. If found guilty, Ling could well be be the first Tun, though I'm quite sure HM will tarik balik that dulu wakakaka.

It’s a pity that years after Harun Idris was pardoned, Dr M failed to recommend to HM to pardon Lim GE who was incarcerated not for corruption but for what was a blatant miscarriage of justice - where the courageous defender of the rights of an underage Malay girl was jailed while the (statutory) rapist not only got clean away, but was subsequently honoured by HM as a Tan Sri.

We are still waiting for Dr M's long overdue apology to Lim GE, and also to HM for recommending an award to a sleazy slimy scum.

If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice. And pursuit of human rights, especially women's rights. There can be no women's rights if women rape victims are considered equally responsible, and even detained, whilst the accused remain free — Lim Guan Eng


  1. No UMNO leader has been convicted and jailed for corruption for the last 35 years (Khir Toyo's case is still under appeal).

    That should be enough proof of UMNO's integrity.

  2. Lim Guan Eng was convicted and jailed for publishing and distributing false news. Its as simple as that.
    Don't make him out to be some sort of fearless fighter for Justice.
    Lim Guan Eng is NOT>

  3. false news? Like the ones published by Utusan? By UMNO bloggers such as Novandri Hasan Basri, papagomo, etc? wakakaka

  4. Guys, guys, if you want to comment on the outcome of a court case, especially to criticise it, please read the case history.

    Cutting out all the Bullshit regarding politics and the personalities involved, The simple fact is, Lim Guan Eng fell on his own sword in the 1988 case.

    He was charged with publishing and distributing false news, specifically the numerous leaflets which were distributed at the many ceramahs which he conducted during his crusade.
    Its a straightforward Penal Code legislation, tried in an open court, with full opportunity given to Lim Guan Eng for his defence..

    No smelly Internal Security Act, No dodgy Sedition Act.

    In truth, all he needed for his defence was to show that he had basis in fact to support the accusations contained in the leaflets.
    If he had done so, the judge would have had no choice but to set him free.
    Lim Guan Eng failed to do he went to jail.

    I doubt if the outcome would be any different if Pakatan Rakyat was in charge in the national capital, unless you are suggesting the DAP interfere with the administration of justice ?

  5. That is the reason the GOM is being looked down as a pariah kankaroo government.Our cabinet ministers and even the top ones,like the PM when visiting or attending official funtions overseas have to pay the people's asse of to have an audience with the host country's head of state.

    For example Mahathir,Abdullah and Najib has to pay lobbists tens of millions of US$ to fix appointments for a few minutes chit chat and photo ops with the US president.Hahaha.

  6. An accused statutory rapist Thamby Chik was not charged but asked to resigned from his CM's post because he happened to be from the ruling elite's Umno.If any ordinary member of Umno were to have illicit sex with this animal's relatives they will be beaten to kingdom come by the PDRM.

    So LGE trying to get justice for the underaged girl,because the grandmother approached him.Why the grandmother approached LGE was because the so called Umno supremists lost their bolas,when they heard that the rapist was an Malacca Umno CM.And LGE was sent to jail because of this.

    And this pariah dog of an animal was awarded with a chairmanship at Risda.And he was also a producer and cinema operator of xxx movies,supossedly starring big belly AI.Yet he is still walking freely at the BB red light districts plying in the trade he knows best,"SEX".

  7. Shame KT? No man. He's smiling. Seven generation of his can thrive on his money.
    But I salute him for his calm demeanour.Same goes for Mrs.
    Not like that certain someone whose face looks all bunched up and spoiling for a fight. Walking hand in hand in court with wifey as a show of lovey-dovey couple. Shucks.
    Darling Ling is not a coward to bring in demo to support him.


    There's no difference between Rahim Thamby Chik and Anwar.
    One is a nymphomaniac. The other one likes pretty boys. Sickos they.
    Better be like CSL. Despite being a porn star, he's hailed as the best MCA leader to rival LGE.
    I am provoking the monster tribe to come put of hiding.
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  9. Buttercup, See? I've done the right thing in welcoming you back. I know you can liven up the scene. You have just sent the first chair sailing thru the air (reminds one of those political party meetings, like MIC's used to be, where heavy pieces of furniture somehow goes flying through the air). Hopefully this will be followed by coffee mugs, brief cases, laptops, microphones, ash trays, etc.

    The comments section here with its colourful assemblage of participants is what makes KTemoc's blog so irresistably addictive!! Sometimes it's more enchanting than KT's main article!

  10. Buttercup, thought I'd point out to you your wrong choice of words...

    "Nymphomaniac" refers to a woman who is highly sexed and likes to have lots of sex with lots of different men.

    The word you had meant to use is "Pedophile" - meaning an adult who engages in sex with a child.

  11. "It is possible for one never to transgress a single law and still be a bastard" - Hermann Hesse

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  15. Brno and Enfield8:40 am, March 10, 2012

    Ling Long Sek - smilling...calm demeanour...
    That's because he knows its all Sandiwara; play acting; marionette shows. He may even be found guilty by the High Court - but he knows will walk free in the end.

    Its part of the Najib dog and pony show to claim "political will" to fight corruption. Hopefully enough people will be hoodwinked to vote UMNO again..


    Long before the AK47..there was Brno and Enfield..B.R.E.N.

  16. will ling liong shit go to jail?

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  23. Will he be jailed or will he walk free in the end ?

    It all depends on the how badly the gomen needs to win the coming GE. The clamour from the chattering class is getting louder and one little 'sacrifice' from their accomplice might do the trick to quieten the din. Who says there's no 'honour' among thieves ?

  24. be careful of the monster - just found out he is in reality a covert cybertrooper of Muhyiddin (pretending to "protect" AI) - in a moment of excitement, monster let slip out he supports Muhyiddin's "Let's forget about the past".

    Hmmm, I wonder whether that has anything to do with Susan banning him from her blog for racism?

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