Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mindless Malaysian Myrmidons

Often I have employed the word ‘anwarista’ in my writings, wakakaka. I don’t suppose I need to explain what it means.

I was told RPK coined up this word. I presume he must have based it on the Sandinistas of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN in Spanish), where FSLN members were called Sandinistas. Apparently the FSLN organization was named after Augusto César Sandino, the charismatic head of the Nicaraguan resistance against the USA occupation of Nicaragua in the 1930s.

Charismatic head? Wakakaka.

kaytee has in turn described anwaristas as Myrmidons, the ant-soldiers of Achilles.

In Greek mythology, the Myrmidons were known for their ferocity and blind unquestioning loyalty to their leader. Their eponymous ancestor, meaning the ancestor who gave them their name, was (naturally) King Myrmidon of Phthia, Thessaly.

The story tells us King Myrmidon was the result from an illicit sexual union, in which Almighty Zeus in the form of an ant seduced a mortal, Princess Eurymedousa of Phthia. Hence the Myrmidons were sometimes called the ant soldiers, perhaps as a reminder of the source of sperm which gave birth to their tribe.

Sex with an ant? Wakakaka. But I suppose it's better than with a frog, wakakaka again.

However, in medieval Europe the word Myrmidon meant ‘hired ruffian’, which may not be fully applicable here wakakaka, because our mindless ‘ruffians’ are not hired but actual devotees, like Achilles' ant soldiers.

Now, my reason for selecting the term Myrmidons to describe anwaristas had been inspired by a dictionary description of Myrmidon as "a loyal follower, especially one who executes orders without question, protest, or pity - unquestioning followers", wakakaka.

Now, doesn’t that dictionary definition so aptly captures the very character of those mindless moronic mechanical cyborgs (cyborgs as per the notorious mindless Borgs of Star Trek movies mumbling "Resistance is futile") wakakaka.

They are very much like low brow George ‘Dubya’ Bush, asserting their doctrine of “either you’re with us or against us”, so if you question their hero, you must be from the enemy BN – and if a Malay like Zaid*, an UMNO Trojan horse, or if like kaytee wakakaka, then a MCA paid cybertrooper earning a magnificent RM300 per month which is almost AUS $91 – wow, wakakaka (Pos Laju has been very slow because I'm still eagerly waiting to receive my first payment wakakaka).

* Zaid Ibrahim was a government minister (for Law) who resigned on principles against the use of ISA to incarcerate Teresa Kok of the DAP and a Chinese newspaper journalist, in stark contrast to someone who remained quiet like a mouse when Lim Guan Eng was unjustly incarcerated for defending the rights of an underage Malay girl.

They don’t care whether their accusations are true because they are so devoted to their hubristic Achilles wakakaka that, damn the entire world, their accusations of blokes like kaytee must be, have to be true. To them it’s not possible for a pro PAS or pro DAP person to dislike their icon, so these people must definitely be from BN.

Hey, Lim Kit Siang must be a BN cybertrooper too for exposing their great leader's complicity in the forex scandal. And don't forget, Pak Haji Nik Aziz could be one too for challenging and embarassing manmanlai in his declaration to WSJ of his total support for Israel, wakakaka.

Stretching further out to other targets to be destroyed, these Myrmidons would, for example, demand that a person like, say Marina Mahathir, must denounce her father for her to be considered as clean and acceptable - hmmm, just so because her father is their hero’s nemesis?

Apart from a truism that it is utterly cruel to require a son or daughter to condemn a parent, and I am an Asian, I would not respect Marina if she ever denounces her parents, no matter whether they are mass murderers or thugs. One can disagree with one’s parents and refuse to do what they do or what they want one to do, but one can never ever badmouth them, no matter what their sins. As Chinese would say, a put-how (unfilial) child is an affront to the Heavens and would be struck down by lightning.

Marina Mahathir is responsible for her own conduct and the master of her own destiny. Her father’s should be those of her father. She doesn't need to be unfilial just to be accepted, which she should be on her own rights and merits.

Just look at RPK’s post
Your 10 questions with Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, where one of the visitors, chanal 58, left this terrible mindless comment:

Never bother to read what she wrote. Never believe she is an angel in Bersih 2. The many many SINS from her Mamak Papa to the Rakyat of Malaysia can never be cleansed and forgiven. Please remember that every night you go to sleep. Same to your brothers.

It’s not unlike the Israelites’ belief in the biblical saying that ‘the sins of the father will be visited upon their children for several generations’

Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me – Deuteronomy 5:9


I will even repay into their bosom, both their own iniquities and the iniquities of their fathers together – Isaiah 65:6-7

… which I opine is utter nonsense on the basis of logic, commonsense and secular justice, but then, a Myrmidon could not even understand democracy (of unacceptable manmanlai frogology), let alone logic, commonsense and secular justice.

Hmmm, shouldn’t we then demand Nurul Izzah denounces her father for despatching thugs to bash up the international and local participants of Apcet II and wreck the conference, and then boasting “Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that”?

Shouldn’t we demand she denounces her father for the shameful attempt to subvert the supremacy of the ballot box as in his deformasi 916 frogology, more so after PKR people claim the Great Man has changed from being Vlad UMNO-cula into Mr Reformasi?

Shouldn’t we also demand she denounces him for the following deformasi sins:

• Islamic doa requirements at school to include compulsory participation by non Muslim students, effectively a proselytizing program
• Sparking the onset of Ops Lallang through his sinister attempt to send non-Mandarin educated headmasters to vernacular schools
• Silence in the persecution and incarceration of Lim Guan Eng in the Melaka statutory rape case – where silence was agreement
• Subversion of democracy during the 1994 Sabah post-election election frogology (to be repeated but failed in 2008)
• Forex fxxkup
• Demagoguery ('Cina balik Tiongsun', 'stop the bells from ringing at Indian temples', etc)

Should we also comment on Nurul as follows:

Never bother to read what she wrote. Never believe she is an angel in Bersih 2 or the more pretentious Puteri Reformasi. The many many SINS from her Mamak Papa to the Rakyat of Malaysia can never be cleansed and forgiven. Please remember that every night you go to sleep. Same to your sisters.

In my post
A Tale of Two Sweeties I wrote:

… whatever good Marina Mahathir might have done (as in AIDS and women affairs), they (as well as some UMNO-BN people too) would impute some ignoble motive on her part

Sometime back, I read an article (somewhere
, and also indicated above in that Myrmidon’s comments at RPK’s post) where the author aired his distrust of Marina’s motive in walking with Bersih 2.0, suggesting she possessed a secret agenda to infiltrate Bersih a la the Trojan Horse to destroy it from within. Well …

Then there were others who questioned her ’enjoyment of the privileges’ of being a PM’s daughter as if she could only be free of guilt if she had chosen someone else to be her parents. Such has been the stupidity of those mindless comments.

And incidentally, did Nurul not enjoy the same privileges when Anwar was the powerful rightwing DPM from UMNO?

Anwaristas' double standard! Or, Myrmidon moronic mindless mentality?

Mindless, moronic, muddle-headed, striking out recklessly or machine-gunning down (with wild accusations) everyone they don't agree with (or who disagree with them), some even mouthing sheer utter mindless nonsense at blogs wakakaka, which has been why I remarked to one such person, words to the effect, that I continue to be astounded by his endless stupidity (because his wild bizarre mindless accusations).

You know something? These Myrmidons are no different at all from those 50 hooligans who harassed Lim GE at the Himpunan Hijau rally at the Esplanade in Penang – exactly the same, whether they are from UMNO-Perkasa-Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia-Komtar Traders Association or anwarista-ish Myrmidons, all thugs a la Apcet II, probably offsprings of the same ancestors.

Sex with an ant? Wakakaka.


  1. Then Tun Daim is correct, many will sit out the next election by boycotting or spoiling votes because you are exactly correct... there are so many mindless Malaysians out there on both sides of the divide. We are tired!!

    Reading a pro-BN blog under The Mole, a quick conclusion was made. Bersih 2 was mainly Malay (PAS) led. Of course by conspiracy theorist, DAP using them as donkeys. Then, the Kuantan Lynas rally was mainly Chinese presence (very few Malays present), therefore DAP lead. Everything seems to see the secret hand of DAP behind it. I'm neither a fan of Lim & Lim Bhd but they make DAP sound like a scene from Heroes, save the day, save the world.

    But one thing common in both events, King of the Myrmidons appears last minute to grand standing as if he was involved mind, heart & soul from the beginning in these issues. There are somethings that will stir political emotions since some issues are interwined but to say that the good citizens of Malaysia are political dogs because a few cunning ones hijack such events, it an insult to the rest of Malaysians who both think & care.

    Not to solely fault the pro-BN bloggers, the mindless pro-PR are just as bad like the horrendous distasteful number on Marina.

    However, to contextualize that quote to Puteri Reformasi, the reading shouldn't be "many many sins from her Mamak Papa" by virtue of heritage BUT "----papa or Papa ----" And with this, I shall not fill in the blanks such as equally disgusting pro-UMNO bloggers do.

  2. I was told and also have read he has mamak blood, which was I left that word in

  3. I'm pretty neutral about the person you call Man Man Lei.

    'stop the bells from ringing at Indian temples' - I've read your story about that before, but I have to say its pure hearsay.

    Its a pretty serious accusation, so I have to demand to see evidence.
    So far I see nothing to back it up, except your eagerness to latch on anything negative you read or hear about err.. ManManLei.

  4. Ktemoc,
    If you ever catch Monsterball behaving in a similar manner as the Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia idiot photo above, I will humbly accept your assertion of no different at all from them...

    Otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, he's a person who is strenously arguing with you on-line, in his own way, for what he believes in.

    If you truly think there is no difference, you are a bigger fool than I thought.

  5. The bugger who held a shoe is not a keling but a Perkosa Malay ?

  6. "Mindless, moronic, muddle-headed, striking out recklessly or machine-gunning down...."

    Hahaha, monsterball to a T !

    And, hahaha, the ferocious ant artwork....also monsterbola to a T !

    And the other ant, albeit less mad, less ferocious, but an ant nevertheless, have the gall to say..... "If you ever catch Monsterball behaving in a similar manner as the Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia idiot..." !!

    Monsterbaby, one does NOT have to physically wave a shoe, complete with wild-eyed snarling facial expression to reveal themselves as mindless, moronic and muddle-headed. Where have you been....again reading without actually getting it? I know it is absolutely nauseaus to wad thru monsterball's spew, but even a few short dive into his vomit ( admittedly with kerchief at the nose to stave off the incredible stench )one could tell you straight away he's no different from the mindless, moronic Penang thugs.

    Talk about being mindlessly literal....wakakaka.

    KT, my full sympathy to you....your blog is truly infested with ferocious, mindless, virulently malicious ants...where's that Baygon? Need a spring cleaning.

  7. I for one am enjoying watching Ktemoc implode.

  8. I would say Ktemoc deserves the bane he is receiving from some of his commentators.
    His own blog writings have become so narrow-minded and unbalanced that he is bound to receive attention from similarly unbalanced minds.

    Ktemoc and Monsterball are not really that different, if you cut through the differences arising from English usage competence and political platforms.

    I believe only fanatically committed Anti-Anwarites can stomach Ktemoc's blog day after day, OR like Monsterball, you are determined to rubbish Ktemoc

  9. By the way, I'm not telling you anything what you should or shouldn't write - its Your Blog.

    Just giving you an outsider's view, someone who is not against Anwar, but not a supporter either.
    Frankly, I find you blog difficult to stomach.

    This is what you write - these are some of the consequences of what you write.

  10. Ball, where are you. Capt.Ahab at his best.Wakakaka.

  11. Ball, where are you. Capt.Ahab at his best. Wakakaka.

  12. Thanks Monsterbaby.
    Hantam Tetap Hantam!!
    "Frankly, I find your blog difficult to stomach"..said Anon 9.35PM
    Ants do not behave like that at the drawings Ktee put out.
    Ants are known by scientists all over the be more united and noble than human beings.
    Ants have lived longer than dinosaurs ....crocodiles and most seas creatures.
    So don't insult ants...who are your great great great great great great grandfathers and mothers.

  13. I'm enjoying this fight.
    Bring out the popcorn !

  14. I'm enjoying this fight.
    Bring out the popcorn !

  15. Ktemoc is all truthful...all knowing....very close to all Gods.
    No one can prove him wrong.
    He is the one and only blog owner talking so dearly for concern for his sermons 3000 miles away.
    "Frankly, I find your blog difficult to stomach" because you are not as smart as Ktee.
    So are all of you....known as school children by learn from the great master.
    Only monsterball knows he is KAPOCHI and a bullshitter..and now Monsterbaby is beginning to know...he is a bigger fool than she thought he was.
    From Homer tales made into movies...he now claim he know so much about Greek Mythology.
    From "Troy" he also talk of the Roman Empire.
    Luckily he did say from Star Trek he learn about Borgs.
    Soon Arabian Nights spectacular tales will be quoted much he know about Saudie Arabia.
    Enjoy a clown performing...but come insulting Anwar and treat Malaysians believing and trusting him as our next fools..Ktee is always asking for trouble.
    Backside itchy...maybe.

  16. From his last photo...he said thugs are from everywhere...thus UMNO b thugs performing recently at Penang to Lim Guan Eng..and at Kluang to Anwar nothing new. Thugs are natural from all what your great master Ktee is teaching.
    I want him to show us ONE incident that PR so call "thugs" performing and disrupting UMNO b road shows.
    Soon he will put out another post...forget what he said here...and learn something new.

  17. KT,as you will know I am not a fan of Anwar's.I would prefer pretty gal Nurrul to lead PKR anytime.But just because I do not like her daddy doesn't mean that I have to like Umno.So my support for change will not waver because if PR wins the GE,Anwar will become the PM.

    Malaysians need a new GOM to lead it to a fresh new beggining(a second life).The only choice Malaysians and the future generations have is the opposition PR.So the package comes with Anwar.We can always change the contents of the package later,if we are not satisfied with the quality.

    But we have to start somewhere.If we all kept debating about Anwar all the time,even after the cows have come home and have great, great and greater grand babies we would still be stuck with Umno/BN.

    So your future next few postings should be about the useless corrupted Umno/BN which is leading the country into the den of the wolves to be slaughtered.And you can also double the length of your coming Umno/BN postings to your longest posting to date and make it more interesting for Umno/BN bashers.And just sit back,relaxed and wait for the fireworks to start.

  18. After trawling several blogs, one will very quickly conclude that there are mindless, moronic myrmidons on both sides of the divide.....yea, the 30% hardcore from each side. Nothing will persuade them to remove that rose-tinted glass they covered up their eyes with as far as their Myrmidon King is concerned.

    But one also can't escape noticing the sly ones from these ranks camouflaging themselves as the 40% fence sitters....they will start off cooly enough - I am neutral, I don't have anything against so-and-so, but I am also not supporting him, blah, blah, blah...and then inevitably finnished off with some snide remarks that gave them away instantly.

    Mmmmm....better the forthrightly mindless, moronic ants than the cunning, underhand ones, from BOTH sides.

    The outstanding common trait of these hardcores from both sides are their propensity to resort to catty,personal attacks, virulent malicious bashing, and irrelevant snide remarks after dismal failures to rebut and counter rationally and specifically to any valid criticism put forth.

    For the MMM (mindless moronic myrmidons) : Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and faults of something or someone in an intelligible (or articulate) way. The judger is called "the critic". Heheheh.

  19. KTemoc wrote: Sex with an ant? Wakakaka. But I suppose it's better than with a frog, wakakaka again

    But frogs can turn into handsome, dashing Princes, according to some fairy tales.

  20. ah yes...from "How the West was won" and "Godfather"movies...your great teacher will talk to you about America.
    From all the war movies...he will tell you who is right or wrong in WW2...and the Vietnam war from "Killing Fields"...all based on US movies.. interpretations.
    From "Conan the Barbarian" and "Patriots" you may learn the Nomads...Welsh ...British and Hitler....why he knows so much.
    But come to LOVE....he knows next to nothing.

  21. I believe Ktee mastered "The Three Kingdom"?....Lui Pei...Caocao ..Kong Ming...Kuan Kong and Chang Fei?
    Who is the real hero????...oh the one who knows all.
    You can best he will never respond....except how I was ban here and there.
    My personal life history more important than all I have put out....HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Stop eating popcorn and go to sleep.
    Good night dear friends.

  22. "But frogs can turn into handsome, dashing Princes, according to some fairy tales"

    But alas,our malaysian kataks, due to the hot humid climate here, invariably turned into Gollum, with its insatiable greed for the dirty lucre....

  23. KT,sex with an ant or sex with a lembu.Typo mistakinggg?

  24. Ktemoc,
    It has been over 10 years since I last read the Illiad as a student, but if my memory serves me right, the Myrmidons were highly regarded warriors of ancient Greece, followers of Achilles, known for their courage, skill and ferocity.

    Some time in the past, the term acquired a negative connotation, akin to "minion"

    For the original context of the word, denoting bravery, fighting ability and steadfastness, I will gladly accept being tarred as a Myrmidon

  25. I have a set of books...all Mythology stuffs...of...Greece..China...Japan...India...Korea..England...all given away....for movies telling same thing.
    It's "Believe it or Not" not important to me.

  26. no one denies their stupid bravery - it's their unthinking mindlessness wakakaka that is deplorable

  27. "The bugger who held a shoe is not a keling but a Perkosa Malay ?"

    The polite term these days is "Constitutional Malay"....

    Expect soon to see many Myanmarese, Banglas, Pinoys gain Bumi status as "Constitutional Malays".
    No point complaining. As Mahathir stated, the Constution is very clear on the Terms and Conditions.

    The rest of us accepted it by voting BN/UMNO year after year.

  28. Talk with hints..never direct..your great master is teaching you to be Opportunists..without being caught.
    I simple a smart twisting bullshitter.

  29. Ktee is thinking Ants are stupid or what?
    Backside very itchy....need spanking or what?
    Misses Buttercup so much...talking cock for butt to him...or what?
    How to read a KAPOCHI,s mind when mind keep turning and twisting.
    Be a MAN....speak like a MAN...and not speak like a PONDAN...whose only weapon is the stinking shit mouth...with a book brain....bragging how knowledgeable he is...with I have seen few holding think books walking at streets...over studying...turned coocoo.

  30. "where I have seen few holding thick books ..walking at streets...over studying..turned coocoo."
    That's better.. typing.

  31. Those are trained UMNO b brave men to perform.
    Anwar train his supporters to be brave ..disobeying without violence.
    It's Melayu Vs Melayu mentalities and behaviors..trained by Najib and Anwar.
    Can Ktee understand that?

  32. Spider is better lah , got more kaki ma !!

  33. just imagine : a non-bumi holding a shoe , blocking the car & @#$%^&* at the CM/MB who is a bumi !?

  34. Anon 11:03

    "just imagine : a non-bumi holding a shoe , blocking the car & @#$%^&* at the CM/MB who is a bumi !?"

    Terus kena ISA-ed lah....if he hasn't first been torn to pieces by the good bumis around him, heheheh.

    We non malays here lived in interesting time, no ?