Thursday, March 29, 2012

Animal Farm - Malaysian version

We have lots of the one below.

When our Icon tell us so, we act like the ones below.

When He is criticized (and the criticisms are true) we do what is done below.

And when we're in power and you dare criticize our Icon, may God save you 'coz we would be like this.

But most of all we have this.


  1. KT,the double headed snake sure looks best to describe the blurdy politicians.

  2. To Malaysians....we think the MCA politicians..specially Chua Soi Lek is like that.
    Gerakan Koh Tsu Koon can jump to the sea like that idiotic pig/lamb..whatever.
    Malaysians are serious and dare to yell back with no that dog...and Ktemoc is like that Ostrich burying and hiding his shame.
    In's call..."Chicken Run" Ktee ran away a coward...criticizing Anwar...3000 miles away.
    PR takes over PutraJaya....there will be alot of migrations and false MY cards/passports ....change looks...going on...all from UMNO b corrupted lot.

  3. Hahahaha...Ktemoc going bonkers....

  4. aiks, more innuendos from ktemoc.

    Just focus on PKR.

    But nothing about UMNO. ktemoc the closet Barisan Najis supporter fails to poitn out one important fact.

    People, listen up! If you dont vote PKR, by default, you are voting UMNO and Barisan Najis.

    is that what you want ? A double headed snake is still better than a full headed snake who is going to eat you up front and is killing the country.

    Your choice. Think carefully!

    PKR still needs DAP and PAS and thus there is a control.

    With the current alternative, it is UMNO and their murderous and corrupt ilk free to roam at large.

    Give me DSAI anytime !!!

    Rubbish innuendos now coming from ktemoc on top of his rubbish postings


  5. I thot we are going to ABU, so ......? r we gonna vote for corrupt UMNO clones?

  6. so, whats your master plan?

    You keep on criticising DSAI.

    Why dont u just answer me one simple question.

    if it was an electoral contest between DSAI and Najis Razak , who would u vote for ?

    Why dont u answer this clearly so everybody is clear u(a so called DAP supporter) really stand !


  7. The problem, Ktemoc, is many of the innuendos you jump to conclusion on "Man-Man-Lai" are untrue, or have little or no evidence in fact.

    Take for instance your continued insistance that Mahathir fired Anwar in response an attempted personal treachery by Anwar.

    I've heard the story from other sources, but I've also spoken to two very different people, non-politicians who were right in the
    middle of events at the time.

    For nearly a year leading to the tumultous events of 1998, people within the Malaysian government already knew of the strained relations between the PM and the then DPM. It grew worse as the Asian Financial crisis unravelled.

    The objective issues concerned differences in understanding and approach on how to tackle the Financial crisis.

    There were plenty of other rumblings that Mahathir and Anwar were wrestling on the issue of rescuing deeply troubled cronies (both had their coteri of cronies). I don't have any evidence either way on that, so I'll respect my own standard and not dwell on it.

    Anyway, my point is this was no Brutus operation. The two men disagreed vehemently on substantive issues, and the more powerful one decided to destroy the other. To this day, the method employed makes me sick about the injustice and the degrading of the country's institutions.

    A True Brutus would have smiled obsequiously right to the end before plunging the knife into the back.

    The other person was a friend of my family, a senior official at Bank Negara at the time. A competent, highly qualified Banker, he was forced out as part of the Mahathir purge subsequent to the Governor and Deputy Governor of Bank Negara being sacked on the same day as Anwar Ibrahim.

    A person who had served his country with distinction and integrity his whole working life suddenly found himself out on the street, because of a vengeful Dictator. At his age, it was tough, and it took him some time to find his way in life again.

    That's a true story from 1998, Ktemoc, not your fairy tale vendetta against Anwar Ibrahim.

  8. It's fairy tales time plus trying to twist with funny photos.
    "sunwayopal" expects talk straight to the point..when his personality...his character is as crooked as that snake..wriggling and crawling....into so many 666 turns,
    No way...Ktemoc is born to be devil's Chua Soi Lek... carrying balls expert...shaming Malaysian Chinese to the extreme.
    It looks like monsterbaby is putting Ktee where he belongs.
    I am shaking legs enjoying.
    13th GE fever is on.
    Don't ever let a toad like Ktee fool you.
    Don't forget....he labelled me...."100% EVIL MAN"...and only an evil minded man can come out with a post like this and so the past.
    "Anything But UMNO"...ABU...none of his bloody business.
    Mat Sabu will spit on his face...if he reads what KT is.

  9. See....I comment....suddenly new post..not once...many times.

  10. "A True Brutus would have smiled obsequiously right to the end before ..."

    He did actually, when Dr M was officiating at the opening of UMNO Penang's (then) new HQs - and this was after the attempted stab in the back via Zahid Hamidi - real bodek kau kau, no dignity lah wakakaka

    But it's not his feud with Dr M that I am concerned about - they can kill each other for all I care. I don't and will never trust him - e.g. haven't you guys ever heard of 916? Has he ever changed from his old UMNO self?

  11. Frankly i dont care if he has ever changed from his old UMNO itself.

    DSAI is not the end in itself.

    The final objective is the downfall of UMNO, you understand or not.

    DSAI is the sharpest tool we have to bring about the downfall.

    Therefafter event 1, then only we deal with DSAI.

    You havent even dealt with UMNO yet want to worry about DSAI. there are a thousand nillion worse snakes sitting in UMNO lah!

    Yet you dont talk.


  12. I see Monster and family in all the pictures. Wakakaka. Especially the slimy, slithering double-headed snake.
    Regretfully, Orwell has not met characters like Anwar and Monster. He could have churned out a better Animal Farm.
    Gotta go, got an important meeting.
    Will see ya guys, soonest.

  13. Got an important meeting...said Buttercup...meeting a rich client crazy for his D Cup size..very nice for an Afrikan.
    He has been reading and pretending to be many F his buddy...Ktee.
    Leave it to the UMNO b goons...clever to prentending and talk so important.
    If it is a genuine must be the toilets.few leaking...smelly and need extra work....up to mid-night to clean up all the clogs.
    That's how important Buttercup is the Govt service.

  14. Fucking shit Ktee..keep saying Anwar has never changed for the better.
    In any case...readers and voters are not going to change their minds to support Anwar as Ktee can keep talking Buttercup.

  15. Ball, I am a government servant who decides whether you got the BR1M. You got it, right? What did you do with the money? To get new set of dentures?
    Too much sucking is bad for the teeth, you know, be it false or natural teeth.

  16. Bye-bye D-cup "Man".....make sure the door doesn't slam you in the face....

  17. Monster has now chickened out. He is writing under Anons now. Kesianlah. His family all deserted him.

  18. Hi D-Cup "Man"...I sure am Not Monsterball...I just find your disreputable brand of politics objectionable, that's all....

  19. Buttercup r the type of people who will see Malaysia ruin by Barisan Najis and their corrupt ilk.

    I am just surprised a person as brainy as ktemoc can fill his columns with so much anti DSAI rhetoric when clearly the alternative is so much much much worse ie Najis Razak and Barisan Najis.

    Its as if asking us to detest DSAI is like asking us not to trust the thief in our house, instead run out to the corrupt MAFIA police outside who will certainly rape our wives and kill our children.

    Thats what UMNO will ultimately do. Wake up!!!

    I will trust DSAI with me especially some more i have DAP and PAS watching DSAI!


  20. Is he a Malay? or even a constitutional Malay? No matter how you look at it, he CANNOT be a Malay, he is at best a Chinese Muslim. Only his offspring will be able to use "kita" when talking to the Malays but not him!

  21. nice blog, keep it up


  22. Waaa...this old man truly getting benar benar biadap and out of control la, bordering on insanity.

    HIs children and grandchildren should be invited to come on board to see their olde man going berserk here and take remedial action of sending him to some mental hospital. He might die of heart attack commenting here too due to the over activity of his demented brain.