Thursday, March 29, 2012

A fantasized ride across Mongolia

Have re-hash an oldie Fantasized trip, fantastic ride and posted same at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok.

Strictly no politics – just a fun fantasy, a sort of kaytee wannabe semi science fiction wakakaka.


  1. I will remember Golden-Beam...

  2. Why not invite Jibby and Baginda for the fantasized trip too.They might see the ghost of Altantuya descending on them.They will get the shock of their lives and the guilty ones will suddenly dropped dead.Then we will be able to know who the real murderer is.Justice will them be seem to be served.

  3. Mongolia...endless grasslands, treeless plains stretching to the horizon, hot summer, freezing winter.
    Genghiz Khan, Kublai Khan, Ruins of Karakorum, ...modern day Ulan Bator...Altantuya...sad, sad, sad, angry, angry, angry...Unit Tindakan Khas....Razak Baginda...Najib...BN...RAHMAN..the End..

  4. Woah, this old man deliberately takes the opportunity to launch vicious attacks on the blog owner in ALL the posting comment sections.

    It does not matter what the subject matter of the postings...he will just obsessively hantam the blogger here. Looks like his day would not be complete if he does leave his vicious sting behind on every new posting.

    Waaa...benar benar orang kurang siuman. Tanjung Rambutan ?