Thursday, March 01, 2012

Malaysia to declare war on Oz?

Malaysiakini - Cabinet ignores Canberra, okays Lynas waste return

Despite the rejection by the Australian government, Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai said the cabinet has agreed to four ministers' proposal to return the waste from the Lynas rare earth plant to Australia.

Meanwhile, deep in the special war room in a Putrajaya underground:

Submariner: Hey Liar, do you like my special war room?

Liar: At least this room is below sea level hehehe.

Submariner: Droll droll, my dear Liar. But why did you ask me to activate the ops room?

Liar: We may have to declare war on Australia if those bastards refuse to take back the waste from Lynas.

Submariner: Wah, didn’t realize you Chinamen are so warlike. OK but then, what will we do next, my Liar friend?

Liar: Aiyah, just sandiwara mah! For voters consumption lah, at least until GE-13 is over, like no tear gas in Tung Shin, hehehe.

Submariner: Hah, no wonder you people can hapcheok (cooperate) with Perkasa.

Liar: Correct, correct, correct.

1 comment:

  1. This is malaysian bn style lah.

    Remember how they want to build a crooked bridge half way to meet up with the other side, even though the other side resolutely refused to agree to build their share of the bengkok bridge?

    Now again same thing....will send toxic waste when the other side, this time to the Oz, who apparently refused to accept.

    And back home, we have become victims of countless such one way actions.......interlok forced down the students' throats ( thankfully due to the coming GE13, was aborted ).......and countless such horrors.

    Malaysia memang boleh !