Saturday, March 10, 2012

Exploiting the murder of Altantuyaa Shariibuu

Though I promised to provide my analysis on the likely motives behind the Altantuyaa Shariibuu’s murder, I realize after reading the various articles (including my many posts on it) that I would probably need a book to cover what I want to present to you.

Obviously that’s not practical as it would take ages to complete my wannabe ‘Magnum Opus’, so I’ll have to do it gradually part by part, post by post.

The murder of a mother is always a tragedy but when the murder is exploited by political expediencies, that catastrophic blow continues to ravage every living member she left behind for unnecessary long periods.

Such has been the unthinking evil of people who deliberately capitalize on her untimely death for their selfish political interests that I pen
Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again at my other blog, where I spoke for her as follows:

As I journey through the darkness of cold oblivion
Borne on the back of Shava to meet his master
Assigned to Samsara by cruel nefarious forces
Which ended my karmic forces violently, abruptly

In my odyssey, wandering by the woeful Acheron
Was there a time when I had felt soothing voices
To comfort me amidst my lonely pains and fears
Yes I do, only from the One who is fragrant Pure

But the loudest noises are they calling for ‘justice’
Though, I smile cynically, ‘twas not meant for me
Their shrill proclamations & belated outrage (sigh)
Startled even great Gujir Tngri and the 77 siqar

Grandstanding acrobatics, their excuse to dispense
With all norms, purportedly all for me (wry smile)
I must confess I view with scepticism and distaste
As I would professional chest-pounding mourners

Gnashing Colgate mint-flavoured peroxide-d teeth
Wretchedly wringing manicured Ulan oiled hands
Shedding date-expired plastic bags of lo-salt tears
Proclaiming to be 11th hour paragons of ‘justice’

Even Ataya Tngri rolled his ancient eyes upwards
While Emegelji Eji cackled with caustic laughter
The ancient pair could see abacus shaped hearts
Clicking furiously and shaming Casio calculators

By sheer speed of their computation of advantage
What to extract, exploit, extricate from my name
Squeezing the very last speck of desiccated blood
From my hyper cold shattered fragments of bones

Eager hands raided the ossuary for me to be laid
As stepping stones for the progress of a demigod
On Ardha-Matanga, 4 tasks & seven white trunks
Saluting Brahma, walking to Amarawati by a lake

As the pseudo-pious pirouetting pachyderm crushes
What little good left of my name, what trust exists
In my family’s hope for requital of my cruel murder
I realize those raucous battle cries were not for me

Summoned by conjured justice to now serve Fenrir
To break asunder Gleipnir but only with my death
Re-evoked, for my soul to be murdered a 2nd time
To satiate the burning thirst of Angrboda’s 1st child

This continuous murder of Altantuyaa by Malaysian politicians had/have only prolonged the torment and mourning of her family especially her father, poor Shariibuu Setev (Steve).

And the ‘other side’ of course countered the attack on them through the exploitation of Altantuyaa’s murder with equally unscrupulous tales that only those who loved fabricated stories (like those lies about Lim GE’s son) could come up with, such as those of Altantuyaa being an immoral woman etc, which have only further punished and tortured her family.

All these lamentable Malaysian cruelty has been caused by the political overlay, that has unfortunately for her family worsened the sad tragedy.

I came by the Altantuyaa's story quite late, but nonetheless was struck with immense sadness by the murder of a mother. Her children will grow up but only with memories of her, because they can never see her again.

I was compelled to write something in memory of her (before the above criticism of Malaysian politicians) which I titled
Remembering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu

I am the Golden Beam*, from
The land of steppes, come to
The South Seas to Malaysia
called the Mountains of Asia

* Altantuyaa = Golden Beam

‘Twas no Shambula as promised
But of evil Gehanna, sent there
By C-4, 1.34 times more powerful
Than C6H2(NO2)3CH3, or TNT

In that shattering blast, in a tick
Golden Beam* I was no more
But thousands shattered shards
Of tears, blood, and deep regrets

Never to see my children again
Where I am I have met Erlig Qan
But I am not yet ready to submit
To his reign until I taste justice

Oh, if only I can quench my thirst
To drink sweet requital, my due
Against unimaginable evil cruelty
Just a wee sip from across the Styx

Will the Heavens sense my sorrow
My wail of uncompromising pain
At the loss of not just my young life
But treasured sight of loved ones

O, Sulde Tngri, Dayicin Tngri and
Gesar Khan, I offer thee, Holy Triad
Votive arca or juniper branches &
Berries, & kuji the sweetest incense

I pray, let they who judge be brave
Resolute and just, and not render
My tormented soul to wander in
Perpetual odyssey, sans retribution

I yearn to return home soon to rest
Among the elm-trees and willows
To hear the larks trill their sweet
Songs over the endless steppes

Please, let me gaze once more at the
White snow cap of Nayramadlin Orgil
Then I'll know I'm home once again
To close my tired eyes as Golden Beam*

My good friend Susan Loone was kind enough to post ‘Remembering Altanuyaa Shariibuu’ in her blog.

Then she informed me she showed a copy of it to Steve Shariibuu (the father) when he came to Malaysia. He was pleased with my ode for her and said he would have it published in a Mongolian newspaper.

Yes, I wish for the soul of Altantuyaa to return home where she can see the white snow cap of Nayramadlin Orgil, to then rest among the elm-trees and willows, and close her tired eyes while listening to the larks trill their sweet songs over the endless steppes.

To be continued ….


  1. From a murder case presented.....this cracko blog owner slips into so many dreams
    Hawaai...ancient mythology back including Indian Mythology..poems..sonnets..then all of a sudden...back to Altantuya...writing..crying...and slip back to the seven seas...and mountains of Asia...Genghis Khan...even the holy trinity.
    Before he keeps bragging...all was Susan Loone who started talking about Atlantuya for years..and she focused on fictions..on such serious murder case.
    Ktemoc copied Susan ADDING his call it ...his very own Discovery Channel.
    Nothing presented by Ktee..have not his bragging trade mark excluded.

  2. be careful of the monster - just found out he is in reality a covert cybertrooper of Malay-First Muhyiddin (pretending to "protect" AI) - in a moment of excitement, monster let slip out he supports Muhyiddin's "Let's forget about the past". He could be exactly be like Ridhuan Tee.

    Hmmm, I wonder whether that has anything to do with Susan banning him from her blog for racism? Afterall, Muhyiddin is Malay First, so the monster would do or behave the way Boss does

    And he thought his jewellery could buy someone, wakakaka

  3. I was one of those who was originally very uncomfortable about the Altantuya case being made a political issue.

    In a nation of laws (that is, of course a big IF for Bolehland) it was a murder case which
    a. Should have been investigated to the fullest extent, whichever way or whoever it pointed to at the end.
    b. Prosecuted to the fullest extent,
    c. Subject to a free and fair trial, with a verdict based on the best jurisprudence and logic.

    Having followed the case right to its end (for now), to the inexplicably delayed AND inexplicable verdict, I have to conclude that what I broadly call THE SYSTEM in Malaysia has failed on all 3 counts.
    It failed Altantuya, her family, and it failed the citizens of Malaysia.

    What happens when THE SYSTEM fails so comprehensively ?
    The solution regretably now lies in the realm of politics, and nowhere else, because anything else will not stop the rot.

    The leaders, the ones in power who caused the Deformation and Perversion of THE SYSTEM, to obstruct the course of justice, to protect the people they find it necessary to protect, need to be voted out of power.

    As I said, regrettably , the Altantuya murder needs to be politicised. There is no other way left to get justice for Altantuya.

  4. yea yea yea..BECAREFUL.
    Now that monsterbaby has spoken...supporting HANTAM TETAP HANTAM..ktee needs to be careful to two monsters..and few...relaxing..including new monstermom.
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  5. Susan Loone once asked a rather dramatic but very appropriate question on her blog....

    Who gave the order to drop the bomb ?

    The UTK goons who were convicted were just the idiots who shouted "Aye Aye Sir" and carried out the orders.

    Who gave the order to drop the bomb ?

  6. See..monsterbaby talk Altantuya seriously and completely focus on the said issue.
    Come to think of it..Lim Kit Siang and Anwar must be real bloody fools to welcome me..a mole as respected trusted friend.
    But I suspect Ktee enjoys...
    HANTAM TETAP HANTAM...and so we shall...
    Warriors Vs Wannabes

  7. It's case closed. No point resurrecting it. It will not do anyone any good.
    All I can say, Razak Baginda and Altantuya are a perfect match.
    I only pity his wife who had to face the ordeal and went lunatic when the affair surfaced.
    I hope they are happy again together staying in Oxford.
    P.S. I suggest you make some money and write a book on this. Have someone to translate it in Mongolian.
    Can make it to the NY Times best-seller list. Monster ball will be buying it by the crates since he is a fan of the lady in question.

  8. Monsterball,are you really SS Goh of Ah Goh fame.Empat kawan or something like that,eh.

  9. That Buttercup smart ass...thinks if Baginda is closed.
    "No point resurrecting it. It will not do anyone good"...said that Najib's biggest balls carrier here.
    Malaysians WANT the REAL culprits to be tried in court.
    I guess he read never read all the 81 details put out by Balan..or as usual..rumors ...when the same 81 questions was asked by 3 lawyers..and said...Nalan was telling the truth.
    Najib has long long agreed it won't do anyone good...keep silent...keep away from nice...suing no one..accusing him and Rosmah.
    Using the protective shield they build around them..these robbers and thieves...rapists and banging the hope UMNO b will govern forever..and so Buttercup have a job forever...selling her cup every evening for extra income at Brickfields.....with no he/she is year marked for sodomy 3.
    Went to Thailand to survey the site...preparing .
    Breaking news!!!..Chong Wei through to the All England Cup...waiting for Lin one else...all Chinese knocked out.

  10. Monsterball,are you and baby in bed now.Don't you think its too early to be in bed?What does monstermon thinks?

  11. Ktee..who gave the order to drop the bomb.
    C4 bomb la...controlled item...only the Min Of Defence can approve.
    Who was the Min Of Defence?
    Why you miss this vital point of the murder case and talk so much nonsense.
    WANNABE YOU ARE....hungry to be famous political blog owner ..bor liow....only words..and words are only thing you make some as prostitutes..some hate men...some move forward..ignoring you. many innocent girls in Penang you "scored" and feel so proud?
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  12. aiyah: justice ? wat JUSTICE among natangs , oops sorri, manusias !?
    JUSTICE = just ICE saja !!

  13. Instead of talking politics and hentam hentam,the monster is talking about KT's love life.

    Monster,why not write a love novel about Najib,Baginda and Altuntuya in a love triangle,a very good motive for murder.Don't you think so,mungster.

  14. Who is this monster fella who is so brave to tick off the blog owner? I suggest he try this on Din Merican's blog. See a line of his, that old fart will press the delete button. I know because I have tried posting comments and it's always deleted. Never seen the light of day. If it is published and condemned like yours here, I will be so happy. You should thank Ktemoc for being so kind to you.

    anti-rowdy man

  15. Yes monsterball,give cerdit when credit is deserved and earned.KT is being so nice to you and you still behave like a spoilt brat.You should be very ashamed of yourself.

    As a senior citizen,you should set an example for your family members in this blog.Appologised to KT for being so vulgar and rude.Will you do it for monstermom and baby,eh.

  16. Monster said that he will appologise to KT when he returned form his self imposed exile.Maybe in the next few days.

  17. Who is this anti-rowdy fella...carrying Ktee balls?
    He/she anti rowdy...when all are rowdy here .one way or another.
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  21. Heheheh....wild horses couldn't drag that monster away from this blog. Pretending to complain how boring, dull and uninteresting this blog is....and yet unable to resist coming everyday here.

    So what actually is he doing here ? Under the guise of his so-called 'freedom fighting', our monster is taking advantage of the generosity and kind-heartedness of the blog owner here to give vent to his uncontrollable 'vengence' against anyone he imagaines having slighted him.....such are his vanity and ego, heheheh.

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  24. "this cracko blog owner slips into so many dreams"....Genghis Khan and all....Wakakaka

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    Truly a wicked old man to curse people like that - the name 'monster' fits you to a T

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    Noticed Monster Prick reading and talking too.

  27. The way you have never travel anywhere at all..just reading and reading...and talk big.
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  28. Day by day....the REAL monster is revealed for all to see. And what a nasty piece of work.

    When his grandchildren are older and able to understand more, god forbid that they have access to their grandpa's split personality on WWW !

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    And the ego ! Taunting and challenging others for having the audacity to claim to be 'more smarter' than him, have more ability to 'understand human nature' than him, able to 'judge character' better than him...etc etc.

    From his endless spew, one could surmise it grates him endlessly and he would not let go.....when he thinks his egoist self is being challenged. So we get to see all the nonsense ( his so-called sermon ) spilling out.

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    And to think one should learn from supposedly wiser, older folks !

  29. Woe be the blog which gets his attachment...
    He will stick like a limpet.
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  30. Woe be the blog which gets his attachment...
    He will stick like a limpet.
    Ktemoc is in for a rough ride.

  31. Anon 4.59PM...should teach Najib and Mahathir...not me.
    Woe unto you sinners and hypocrites!!
    Who have not sin....cast the first stone.
    Woe unto you..Anon 4.59PM...whose balls have not produce any children...yet talk how a father should behave.
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    Woe unto you...with eyes shut up..brain half shut... talking cock to a holy man.
    Remember John The Baptist...and remember me.

  32. NO MOTIVE? Wakakakakaaaa...

    There must be a valid reason to kill someone. You would not simply go around and kill someone for nothing, would you? Murder in Malaysia carries the mandatory death sentence, so with this harsh sentence in mind, no sane person would kill without a very strong reason or motive to do so.

    Even when you slaughter a pig, a cow or a chicken, your motive is to eat the animal’s flesh. When you kill a mosquito, your motive is to prevent it from biting you (Aedes mosquitoes’ bites can cause dengue, which can be fatal). Similarly, when you kill a snake that got into your garden, the motive is to prevent yourself from getting bitten by the reptile if it is poisonous.

  33. Very very well said...Anon 8.00AM..and since the REAL murderers are roaming freely....we all know why...except Buttercup and Ktee.
    Bruno has yet to decide what to say or do.

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