Friday, March 02, 2012

Daulat Dato’ Defacto Deformasi

Well, I knew he was Finance Minister in 1992, when the stupid forex gambling with public money went bust to losses of billions. But I wasn’t sure whether he was involved, much as he was the Finance Minister, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt by believing that the forex fxxkup only involved Dr M and the governor of Bank Negara.

It turned out he was a forex f*up fibber. And who called him that? None other than Lim Kit Siang. Of course this was way back in 1994.

Extracts of Lim’s main points which he told Parliament – from

There are two other reasons why Anwar Ibrahim must bear personal responsibility for Bank Negara’s forex losses.

Anwar Ibrahim said last week that he had directed Bank Negara to stop forward foreign exchange trading when he discovered its forex losses 18 months ago. If Bank Negara had followed his instructions to stop forward forex trading in 1992, then how could Bank Negara suffer RM5.7 billion losses in 1993, on top of the RM10.1 billion to RM13.1 billion losses in 1992?

Usual manmanlai!

Furthermore, Anwar Ibrahim had misled Parliament last July when I questioned him whether Bank Negara had suffered more forex losses. Anwar said that this was not true as he had been monitoring the Bank Negara’s forex dealings weekly.

On July 19, 1993, I asked Anwar Ibrahim a supplementary question during question time as to whether at that date, Bank Negara’s provision of Rm2.7 billion contingent liability for forward forex trading in the 1992 Bank Negara accounts had not only been confirmed, but even more forex losses had been incurred.

This is Anwar’s reply, from the Hansard of 19th July 1993(p. 28):

“Dato Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim: Tua Yang di-Pertua, dukacita saya memaklumkan ini satu berita yang kurang baik bagi Yang Berhormat dari Tanjong. Kerugian yang dimaksudkan itu tidak berlaku dan tidak bertambah. Yang Berhormat mahu percaya atau tidak, tetapi saya ada maklumat yang sebenar tentang keadaan tersebut. Saya juga meneliti tiap-tiap minggu perkembangan kerana masalah yang dihadapi sebelum ini…. Saya ingin member jaminan kepada Yang Berhormat bagi Tanjong bahawa perkara ini kita teliti lebih dekat dan kita lebih waspada kerana pengalaman yang lalu.”

In this one short answer, Anwar Ibrahim had misled Parliament and the nation on three matters: [and why should be surprised wakakaka]

* that by July 1993, the provision in the 1992 Bank Negara accounts for RM2.7 billion contingent liability for forward forex trading had not been confirmed;
* that Bank Negara had not suffered more forex losses; and
* that his weekly monitoring of Bank Negara’s forex dealings would prevent further colossal losses arising from Bank Negara’s forward forex trading.

If Anwar Ibrahim claims that he had directed Bank Negara to stop forward forex trading 18 months ago, and that “there are no new trading arrangements” last year as the central bank unwound its forward positions in the market last year (Business Times April 6, 1994), then Bank Negara should not have incurred RM5.7 billion when its contingent liability provision for such forward forex trading in end- 1992 was RM2.7 billion.

Clearly Datuk Seri Anwar and Tan Sri Jaffar are not telling the truth as to when Bank Negara ceased new forward forex trading.

"... not telling the truth ..." means lying.

In Western democracy, when one had been exposed as having misled Parliament, one would resign. Ya, for Mr Manmanlai, you can tankookoo!

According to Chandra Muzaffar's relevation in Malaysiakini's
Why US 'deep state' prefers Anwar over Najib, he would have also misled Pak Haji Nik Aziz when he (Anwar) claimed his support for "all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel" included a requirement for Israel to respect the aspirations of the Palestinians. Apparently there wasn't such a stated condition in hsi interview with WSJ.

Whatever people may say about Chandra Muzaffar, his past achievement as Aliran founder and president speaks for his character. If he now rubs shoulders with UMNO (and I lament that) he is no different from Nallakaruppan, both of whom hate Anwar Ibrahim and his inner coterie for bloody-mindedly posing obstacles in their political career paths in PKR, but who also require a political platform to attack Anwar Ibrahim and his blue-eye boy.

Unless one is as rich as Zaid Ibrahim, one cannot have one’s own political platform, so one seeks the 'enemy of my enemy' to achieve one's purpose.

But whatever, it had been Lim Kit Siang (and not Chandra Muzaffar, Nalla, Zaid or whoever) who revealed the world’s greatest Finance Minsiter misled Parliament about the forex fxxkup.

Anwar’s list of manmanlai 'achievements' during his time in UMNO in various ministerial roles (and the following is not exhaustive) were:

• Forex fxxkup
• Subversion of democracy during the 1994 Sabah post-election election frogology
• Sparking the onset of Ops Lallang through his sinister attempt to send non-Mandarin educated headmasters to vernacular schools
• Islamic doa requirements at school to include non Muslim students, effectively a proselytizing program
• Shameful show of thuggery at Apcet II
• Silence in the persecution and incarceration of Lim Guan Eng in the Melaka statutory rape case – where silence was agreement
• Demagoguery ('Cina balik Tiongsun', 'stop the bells from ringing at Indian temples', etc)
• etc

Daulat Dato’ Defacto Deformasi!


  1. On the forex trading, Anwar was part of the rotten system at the time, I have no doubt about it.
    But he definitely wasn't the boss of that particular show.

    I had a relative working as a senior in Bank Negara's legitimate Forex trading operations at the time.
    The existence of the separate, secret Black Ops which traded Multi Billions of Ringgit in Forex bets was only whispered about, but insiders knew about it.

    Nor Mohamed Yakcop headed the team so secret they worked behind locked doors, and locked files, locked drawers etc. and had direct phone and fax lines, and he reported directly to Dr. Mahathir.

    That's the simple fact. Lim Kit Siang didn't know at the time.

  2. .... require a political platform to attack Anwar Ibrahim and his blue-eye boy.

    Unless one is... rich .... one cannot have one’s own political platform, so one seeks the 'enemy of my enemy' to achieve one's purpose.....

    I thought it would be a cold day in the Sahara before I would read Ktemoc write a rationale for frogology....

    I use the broader public definition of frogs, which is a person who flips their political allegiance for personal gain..

    I guess frogs are OK if it suits your purposes...?????

  3. Hahaha, another one that is not good for our old man's heart. Soon he he will get major heart seizure. You are sending him to an early grave,
    The forex losses is one of the Mat Leather's many failures as Finance Minister and DPM. Wonder why some still want him to be our PM. His place should be a retirement home.
    The sad thing about him is all his so-called tight friends likke Nalla, Chandra, Zahrain, Zul Kulim Bandar Bahru are all running him down.
    There's something about him which made people pissed with him.
    Aisayman, KT, daulat is for royalty. For a common man like him, it is tulah or a curse.

  4. Looks like the taikos in PKR are rearing their umno heads again - read Haris Dol's latest "Seat Allocation : Greed Getting the Best of PKR ".

  5. kt - what is the want umno to rule and do worse...

  6. While Ktemoc is doing his damndest, 7 days a week, to ensure UMNO gets returned to power....

    Watch how you tax dollars have been siphoned to subsidise rich UMNOputras...."drool"

  7. Ktemoc is a kapochi..besides having a vendetta against Anwar.
    He is a typical political blogger looking for attentions from UMNO b ministers.
    Few have succeeded...mostly Malays.
    Ktemoc is a born failure...because of his obvious so clear selfish and cunning character.
    From my estimate...he can get no more RM300 per month from his hits.
    My beloved NGOs all Malays to day declare openly they will support PR...and change of more keeping quiet or sitting in the fence.
    We are ready to do our parts to drive voters FOC..with lots of cars ..standing by.
    We don't care who the vote for as long as they go to vote.
    But mu guts feeling is that...Najib is trying very hard to declare Emergency 13th save his and wife's arses.
    Let Monsterbaby have her fun.
    I will read more than I comment.

  8. U seem to feel it is ok to use an enemy's platform to attack another enemy. That is the problem isn't it . It is all a game. A political chess game to get the upper hand of your opponent . What has happened to true leaders . Leaders r there to fight a cause , for the betterment of the people and country . For the nallas and gobalas and zaid's to use another political platform , despite the platform belonging to racist and corrupt, makes these guys the same. A principled leader will never use such platform esp if it belongs to a party that is destroying the country. No matter how u look at it, Chandra's and nallas of this world a political frogs bent on self preservation and shd not be made out to be something more than that

  9. Monster, you wrote "From my estimate...he can get no more RM300 per month from his hits."

    Obviously, you drive your mouth/pen without engaging your brains or eyes, which has been your trademark. My blog has no advertisement - it's pure from crass commercialism wakakaka

    Jeyan, as they say (paraphrasing), 'Hell hath no fury like a colleague betrayed', an 'Et Tu Brutus' syndrome where the only aim is to strike vengeance right at the heart of Anwar, like driving a stake into his treacheous heart. It's driven by hatred, white hot fury and very little sense. That's why Gobala, once the most dedicated devoted disciple of Anwar, even misused a recent parliamentary session to excoriate AI and the corrupt PKR party polls.

  10. Ktemoc only good at picking certain line from a story to attack Anwar and buttercup will be happy barking away.

  11. ... from teh wise words of Lim Kit Siang, recorded in the Hansard, wakakaka

  12. Ktee..that's why your income is only RM300 per month.
    With advertisements like others...they get from advertisers and internet revenues.
    If you get no cheque from have been screwed.
    Your smartness is beyond words to describe.

  13. Welcome Monster the Monster family. He is monsterboy...grown up!!!
    Yea..Buttercup will sure love to meet you.....and Ktee soooo jealous.

  14. prick...that's why wise men think before they speak. Once foolish and unwise words are let loose, even the fastest horse tak boleh bawa balik.

    Just like your close neighbour, the ball ( where else a ball be, but nestled with the prick ?), his words which even ten million stallions will chase in vain, are now used against him, hehehe.

    That's also why the anwaristas just love to pick certain phrases and words from the great Maha ex PM and the umno menteri2 for their own attacks. Hehe.

  15. Hentam tetap Hentam.
    Apa apa u cakap...u sumua betol ra?
    Yip....Anon...attack attack attack.
    So you think Ktemoc picks grandfather stories to attack Anwar is very cultured person..just like you?

  16. "'Hell hath no fury like a colleague betrayed', an 'Et Tu Brutus' syndrome where the only aim is to strike vengeance right at the heart of Anwar, like driving a stake into his treacheous heart. It's driven by hatred, white hot fury and very little sense".

    KT, now that you put it this way....i guess i could understand why Chandra went over to 'dark side'. Yes, with no money, but with such vengence in his heart....he actually has very little choice. Like you so aptly said, he, like those others who were 'scorned', are so "driven" such that they have "very little sense" left.

    After he had moved on to the Umno's platform, all his public utterances are so un-Chandra like....unfortunately, he did not confine himself to just attacking his nemesis Anwar but he had to also lick Umno's balls by weighing in on issues such as race, religion and other current matters - taking an exact oppostite stand from the Chandra of old, earning him the nation's disgust. They are all together 'too human', unable to stay above the fray, giving in to their emotions.

    But one can't help thinking what sort of person/s Anwar and his coterie were to rouse such deep hatred from their former devoted allies. If there's such a thing as karma....these ex Umno people are the perfect candidates to accumulate the blackest of the black, great ball of negative karma for their next life or even later on in this life itself.

  17. what sort of person/s Anwar and his coterie were to rouse such deep hatred from their former devoted allies....blackest of the black, great ball of negative karma....

    Have you ever considered if the blackness comes from the accusers themselves...or rather the effort they put in return for the rewards they have received in kind ?

    Post flipping Nala, Gobala, Chandra are most certainly not grubbing in poverty - the billion ringgit money machine can afford to buy almost anybody - its your money by the way (assuming you are a Malaysian resident)

  18. Monsterbaby, surely you have read about nalla the tennis kaki of anwar and the provider of after-dinner 'entertainment'? birds of feather flock together ?.......In the end, 'devils fight devils' (chinese saying).......

    All the nallas, gobalas, chandras and the like are no angels....some start off clean but in the end, deep-hatred vengence took over KT so aptly put - "driven by hatred, white hot fury and very little sense".

    The main trouble with you anwaristas is that you don't want to read in full ( or maybe unable to retain what they read? wakakaka)and will jump into the fray at the slightest whiff of any hint that their 'god' in under attack.

    But look at the track record of your idol leader Anwar ( and his inner-circle of goons)......we all abhorred his unfair incarceration in jail on dubious charges and the black eye treatment and we are willing to bend over backwards for Anwar ( wakakaka !) to change over a new leaf. But for all our pains ( and new born hope )......we keep seeing the same unchanged spots on the leopard/s. Like one commentator puts it : we dun wanna replace a robber with a thief who will bloom into a bigger robber in the blink of an eye when they achieve power.

    Hidup PAS and DAP. ( This last line should STFU any comebacks accusing us as umno goons or bn ball lickers, hahaha).

  19. What he meant was without Anwar and keDAILan....PAS and DAP are dead.
    That's why monsterbaby cannot bother to reply.
    These idiots think they are so smart..Ktee included.

  20. if he could treacherously stab his erstwhile mentor in the back, the man who loved, selected, prepared and promoted him to be the PM, he can stab anyone in the back as well, with probably one sole exception, Azmin Ali.

  21. The one who knows Buddha.
    Now we have a living soul who claims he knows all...feel touch and smell all too.
    Since he THINKS he knows all...we read his current post and keep quiet.
    Ktee does not need to stab anyone at the back.
    KAPOCHI likes to talk cock and please himself.
    Monsterbaby is smart not to be lured by him to a battle...she can never win.
    Insult....challenge and expose him is the best.
    Greek mythology is very wide and he is using movies and nonsense to talk about Greek history.