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The new (UMNO) Malay?

The Malaysian Insider - Malay courtesy under threat — Tunku Abdul Aziz.

MARCH 3 — The spectacle of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng being subjected by some Malay thugs to public harassment and humiliation on February 26 as he was leaving the anti-Lynas rally at Padang Kota in Penang caused a great deal of genuine pain to the sensibilities of men and women of goodwill in this nation.

Is this what the notion of “the new Malay” is really all about? Have they totally abandoned the natural courtesy and graciousness of their forebears? What has happened to the “adat”, or have they forgotten that too?

We may not like his politics but was that appropriate behaviour towards another human being? Lim is the head of government and must be shown all the courtesies attendant upon that position. That, in my book, is the norm of a civilized society, and anything less is unacceptable.

The above article (extracts only) has Tunku Abdul Aziz bemoaning the loss of the renowned Malay courtesy, as was seen in the Himpunan Hijau rally at Esplanade, Penang. Apart from the violence perpetrated by UMNO Youth, Perkasa and Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia and Komtar Traders Association led by its vice president, wannabe-Melayu (UMNO version) Abdul Ghani Mohammed Jiman, the PDRM was mysteriously absent at a time when CM Lim GE was threatened with verbal abuses and rude displays of near-physical violence.

The Malay saying which goes: Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat (Rather our child dies than our tradition) depicts the traditional Malay attitude towards civilized behavior, just as the Arabs would (in their old traditions) never turn a stranger away from their homes.

Because traditional Malays would instill in their children this value of civil courtesy, the word they hate to hear about their offspring is biadap (ill-mannered, impolite, uncouth, uncivilized, barbaric, savage, uncultured and in the best case scenario, uneducated).

But Tunku Abdul Aziz should have been aware that in mid 1996, the greatest demonstration of Malay (or rather, UMNO Malay) discourtesy or unmitigated biadap-ness to an international audience was exhibited at Asia Hotel in KL.

UMNO Youth violently & venomously violated the second international conference called the ‘Asia Pacific Conference on East Timur’ (Apcet II).

In an earlier post
Political violence - the nature of the beast I quoted Dr Syed Husin (former deputy president of PKR) giving evidence at a court hearing a case against police illegal detention of Apcet II participants:

… the 300-strong BN angry mob broke down the doors and invaded the conference hall carrying sticks and chairs in their hands.

One of them who had in his hand a food-container half-filled with water, emptied the contents all over me. He shouted at me saying, ‘Get out! Get out!’. It was mayhem.

I was personally assaulted by three persons. They used force and pulled my hands and body. They kept insisting that I should leave the hall.

Dr Syed recognised one of the thugs who thuggerishly stormed and wrecked Apcet II as Saifuddin Nasution, then No 3 in the UMNO Youth leadership hierarchy, but now PKR’s current sec-gen and a member of Anwar Ibrahim’s inner coterie.

Naturally, under a combined operations by UMNO Youth hooliganism and police complicity in being not around during the violence (déjà vu recently in Penang?) but appearing after the UMNO Youth's 'shock & awe' to apprehend and illegally detain the victims, Apcet II had to be abandoned. This was when the acting PM, Anwar Ibrahim boasted of how UMNO's organized violent disruption led to the cancellation of the international conference, crowing:

“Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that.”

As I wrote in March 2006 in a post
Apcet II Disgrace - all for an alien nation!:

What was in aid of?

Just to please a neighbouring country who was abusing the human rights and indeed the lives of a group of people of a country it should not have swallowed in the first place to incorporate into its Nusantara ‘empire’.

Many young Malaysians, including those UMNO young hooligans who participated in that act of unmitigated mob violence, seemed to have forgotten that the same neighbour had once lusted after our country and wanted to swallow us up too. We should be more sympathetic to our fellow target victims instead of resorting to violent mob rule to please an alien country.

* Update: Since then, and in recent times, Indonesians have repetitively threatened Malaysians and even smeared our Embassy in Jakarta with faeces.

Sure, it’s a big gorilla that would have pressured us to stop the Apcet II conference. It tried to do that with Apcet I in Manila, and while the Filipino government succumbed to the pressure, the Philippines courts did not, ordering the government to back off from a legitimate and peaceful seminar. Likewise too with Apcet III in Bangkok, which ran beautifully undisturbed by thugs.

Only Malaysia saw fit to suck up to its neighbour. And for what?

It’s not as if it’s a Muslim nation, and therefore Islamic solidarity was called for! It’s not as if it’s a Malay nation and therefore Malay solidarity was natural [it’s mainly a Javanese dominated society who persecuted the Malays in Aceh, and whose Majapahit ancestors chased Parameswara, later to be Sultan Megat Iskandar Shah, to Malacca].

It’s not as if that nation has done anything for us, except tried to invade us once, endowed us with their SW Monsoon poisonous haze and their illegal migrants. And it’s a country we nearly (again) went to war with recently over some gas fields. It’s a country we had a hacking battle with!

So OK, we brown-nosed those Javanese, because ‘some of us’ fantasized there’s some form of persaudaraan berakar sama [brethren of same origin], between them and us, by preventing a regional group of peaceful NGOs from seeking a peaceful, yes, peaceful resolution to a murderous situation in a neighbouring nation, where vulnerable East Timorese were massacred by Indonesian troops.

What was the damage for that thuggish behaviour for a foreign country which didn’t even appreciate or remember what the UMNO young goons plus associates had done?

(1) We abused OUR own citizens for an alien nation.
(2) We manhandled one of OUR respectable senior scholars for an alien nation. He might/may be from the Opposition, but he's from OUR Malaysian Opposition, not of an alien nation.

* that respectable senior scholar subsequently joined up with his Apcet II oppressors Anwar Ibrahim and Saifuddin Nasution to form PKR. It seems there’s no accounting for his inability to recognize a leopard never changes its spots wakakaka.

(3) We wrecked a Malaysian hotel for an alien nation.
(4) We abused our peaceful international guests in a violent manner for an alien nation.
(5) We disgraced the good name of OUR nation for the benefit of an alien nation.
(6) We then abused the Apcet participants by having the police detain them, the victims – and for what?
(7) We put them in an Abu Ghraib-ish cell! And we have the cheek to condemn the Americans?
(8) We showed the world how violent, abusive and repressive we could be, all for the benefit of an alien nation.

And it’s an alien nation that has constantly showed us disrespect and aggression from time to time!
[Padan muka wakakaka]

Those UMNO people ought to get their bloody priorities right!

But most of all, we or more correctly, those UMNO (and now PKR) goons, as Tunku Abdul Aziz has now lamented, had totally abandoned the Malay adat of natural courtesy and graciousness of their forebears for an ungrateful alien nation – thanks mightily to manmanlai.


  1. In politics, just like in the affairs of nations, there are no permanent enemies and no permanent allies.

    If we were to go around remembering every bad or uncouth act perpetrated on us we shouldn't be buying German or Japanese cars (the two most popular origin of brands in the world), we shouldn't cultivate good relationships with Britain, and Lim Guan Eng definitely shouldn't be seen hugging Anwar Ibrahim in public.

    I love this photo of the two greatest political leaders in Malaysia today (as far as I'm concerned, anyway). Both of them should someday head the Malaysian government.

    Many things may not be pure, but necessary for the greater good (of the moment, anyway)

  2. look also chinese's white ang pow behaviour and lee kiong

  3. KT

    your rancorous side is showing.

    You have to somehow relate each of your posting to Anwar.

  4. No, he is not rancorous.
    He has gone Gaga...

  5. Tunku Abdul Aziz is absolutely THE right gentleman to sound a warning about the dearth of the renowned malay courtesy and graciousness for which he must be heartbroken to witness.

    Compare this Tunku to another senior once-upon-a-time 'great' leader who even admonished one keris 'brandisher' for apologizing (sort of) for his thuggery, by advising that there's nothing at all to be sorry for; so perhaps this encouraged the same thug for hoisting his keris every year to 'desensitise' the non malays?

    Who could forget those goons who waylaid and threatened Karpal Singh at, of all places, the Parliament grounds ? Or the way one KJ who earned the nick 'Berok' for his hooliganism at the US embassy, or the way the Perak opposition house speaker was bundled and literally dragged out of the building? Or the indian-looking malays ( to quote RPK ) in Penang with their menacing mob. And Ibrahim Ali......

    Their thuggery and hooligan behaviour could fill a book but the Apcet II violence arguebly takes the cake......and ironically, the same leader who declared : “Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that” received unspeakable violence in a jail cell at the hands of his own kind.

    For certain we see a new malay emerging ( sans their traditional adat of courtesy ) if this trend is encouraged to flourish.

  6. Does anyone honestly read all these thrash put out by Ktee?
    Tunku Aziz..has always been a truthful politician and a lawyer.
    When he left UMNO b and join DAP..that was the most embarrassed day for Mahathir...Dollah and Najib.
    "Many things may not be pure"...said monsterbaby.
    Have we not notice Ktemoc is saying...he is the purest amongst us all..never lie..never hurt anyone.

    ** KT, your rancorous side is showing. You have to somehow relate each of your posting to Anwar

    ** No, he is not rancorous.
    He has gone Gaga

    KTemoc is just being perverse. The reason he's writing post after post about The Man is because he takes perverse, maybe sadistic, delight in needling those whom he calls anwaristas.

    The other reason may not be so sanguine. For KTemoc, that is. It means poor KT may be sinking deeper and deeper into a morbid mental state called Captain Ahab syndrome.

    In the Herman Melville book Moby Dick, Captain Ahab had a painful encounter with a whale called Moby Dick. From then on Capt Ahab went on a single-minded, obsessive quest to hunt down and wreak revenge on this particular whale. Alas, in the end his crazed obsession only brought serious consequences upon himself and most of the crew of his whaling ship.

    All those who care about KT's wellbeing must be wringing their hands in despair as they watch KT sink ever deeper into his mania and out of their reach.

    Should KT decide to respond to this, something hangs in the balance.


  8. Penang Umno has shown that it is lead by thugs who condones violence and intimidation.Even using the Penang Malay traders association to further their aims many times in the past with thuggish demonstrations.These are mostly cowards working in cohorts with their lackeys the pariah PDRM.

  9. Ktee get it clear....ALL Malaysians know Anwar past...his sex life...his cunning personality...and all that you have said.
    Can you get into your thick skull....we will support him to be our PM..because between the two devils...Anwar is much much better.
    And the years he was released from jail..we see an improved Anwar..with Karpal guiding him.
    Above everything is between a bunch of thieve and killers...or Anwar who has not been proven a corrupted politician at all.
    Stop your personal vengeance.
    And if you are an m ore a Malaysian...why are you such a busybody?
    If you still hold a Malaysian one leg there .one leg here?
    Go read ALL the above comments.
    Penang folks were kind and concerned Malaysians..until Koh Tsu Koon..shows the Chinese how to survive for 18 years....carrying UMNO b balls.
    Are you carrying Najib balls too?
    What Bruno wrote are facts.
    Go and prove he is wrong. keep telling proud you are as a Penang man..with fantastic upbringing..that stops you from insulting others.
    To are a hypocrite and one screw loose man.

  10. And Mahateh-O described accurate in such a fine manner..with deep thoughts...put out in excellent English you can never smell and beat him.. so clear...about you.

  11. save only one wakakaka, thank you for your good comments.

    No, I'm not Captain Ahab (marvellous analogy though, Mahateh-O) because he isn't a mere whale, & how I only wish he is. He may well be where Najib is, and that's a terrifying thought. Current difference is Najib has the power and he hasn't. But when he has the power, god saves all of us

    No, please don't put him on the same pedestal as LGE; Lim GE went to prison for someone else; he went to prison for his own power greed. They say "There's honour among thieves" ("thieves" wakakaka) but he was disgustingly treacherous to Mahathir, a man (regardless of his character) who love and anointed him as the political heir, yet he couldn't wait for a mere 6 months for his mentor-benefactor to leave in order to takeover - instead he used Zahid Hamidi as vanguard to badmouth and pressure oust Mahathir - too much he failed and suffered the deserved karma (prisonment) of his treachery by falling on his UMNO keris (and not for anyone, like Lim GE)

    But it showed his lack of loyalty, even for a man (no matter how bad he was/is, but) who loved him like a son and selected, prepared and promoted him above all others to take over - what more for us ordinary rakyat?

    One outcome fo that UMNO internecine power struggle was that Mahathir exposed a list of corrupt cronyism which included family members of Anwar and Zahid Hamidi, which didn't surprised anyone. Clean?

    No, he hasn't changed in the least pre or post UMNO - Sabah 1994 then, 916 now; PKR party polling process, etc etc. Even on a topic such as his stand on Israel (which he is perfectly entitled to his own choosing) he made one statement to WSJ but amended-conditional-ised his unreserved total support for Israel (only in his briefing to Nik Aziz) when challenged by Nik Aziz - in fact HAMAS leader has just come out to dispute his assertion his stand is same as HAMAS. If his stand is different to HAMAS, so be it, but why lie to Nik Aziz and Malaysians? Reliable? Truthful? tankookoo, which is why I say he hasn't changed.

    As for kaytee being rancorous, wakakaka, am I? Haven't you people been crying ABU? I'm just doing my part for ABU too wakakaka

  12. hahahahahaha...When one keeps defending how right he is...with all the evidences proving Monstebaby said..enjoy it as a joke posting in this blog.
    hhhmmmm...."save only one"..the one and only monsterball?......HAHAHAHAHAHA
    I do prick the conscience of the guilty only one...also.
    PS:...Still Mahateh-O writes much much better.

  13. "I'm just doing my part for ABU too wakakaka"
    It's like saying to a MAN...I will marry your daughter but I will not call you father-in-law.
    I have a strange strange feeling such a man is a confirmed bachelor.

  14. It's like telling ALL...I will support "Anything But UMNO"..even vote change of Govt....but I will not support Anwar as PM.
    He can go to hell with his vote.
    First and foremost...he did not say will he come back to vote..that is presuming he can still vote.
    And if he does not have the authority to vote or can vote...but no money to fly back to vote...why then he keep talking so much about Anwar and Malaysia?
    It's KAPOCHI ...a real busybody..of the highest order...not only to others too.

  15. hhhmmmm..."save one"
    My 3.09AM comment and ALL comments save us all from BN tongues twisters.
    It's the "save one" that's he fear most.
    Just look at the monsterball family....coming in full force to "Hentam Tetap Hetam"
    Monstergirl is in love...busy busy busy..happy happy happy.
    I heard someone Freedom Fighters are planning to be..MonsterEarth...MonsterWind ..MonsterFire...joining us to enjoy an idiotic blog.

  16. Then we have MonsterFeet...MonsterLegs...MonsterHands...MonsterEyes....even MonsterFace..GOSH!!...the family is growing.
    All for One and One for All.....waiting for instructions.

  17. ..he went to prison for his own power greed...

    No, Ktemoc, he went to prison on trumped up charges, on discredited evidence, which the Judge chose to declare the rebuttal as "irrelevant".

    We must not accept or just shrug away a government system where people get thrown into prison or otherwise utterly destroyed simply because their activities are a political threat to the One in power.
    That was true with Lim Guan Eng's case, and so it was with Anwar Ibrahim's case.
    You are just thinking in terms of politics and your contempt for Anwar Ibrahim. You have never considered the damage done to the Integrity of the Judiciary and the overall criminal justice system.

    A person's political maneuverings, even if they are execrable, as long as they do not promote violence, they do not constitute a crime.

    By the way, you may not think so, but UMNO also considered Lim Guan Eng's actions in the Melaka episode as odious (to them).

    In Anwar's case its even worse, because the charges had absolutely nothing to do with his actual political wrestling with Mahathir.

    If the authorities had charged Anwar with inciting crowd violence on the streets of Kuala Lumpur (which he arguably did) that would have been a legitimate case for both sides to square off over.

  18. it may well he was framed but what was he framed for? Was he like LGE who was framed for honourably attempting to salvage the honour of an underage Malay girl (incidentally during which time AI kept silent). No, he was framed because of his desired power struggle to the top of UMNO for his own aggrandisement and position, one which he started for selfish reasons. Yes, he could have been framed but not because he sacrificed himself for anyone.

  19. talk talk....yet keep ignoring Malaysians want Anwar to be PM.
    Why Ktee never take Mahathir ...Dollah and Najib ...why ALL should not be PMs at all.
    Monsterbaby can never win.
    It is HIS blog....and political blog owners are all truthful.
    Without UMNO b..all the above will not be PMs.
    Without destroying Tunku's UMNO...there will never be an UMNO b.
    The day Mahathir gave the hint..."Money is Power" to all his's non stop which every way they can get the much so...Mahathir alone was accused to have stolen RM100 billion from Malaysians...not counting the others...which no one is be an additional RM100 billion.
    All they need to keep on finding ways and means to tax more...from all Malaysians.
    It's the rich they know..but the vast majority low wage earners do not know they have be cheated for decades.
    Why can't Ktee talk this and lets debate.
    Why must always be Anwar this or that?
    I REPEAT....Malaysians know WHO IS and before.
    Don't treat us as bloody fools.
    We also know..BN thinks...Anwar gone..keDAILan no more..leaving PAS and DAP....and Chua Soi Lek is doing his part to say..DAP is PAS puppet.
    DAP any political party puppet?
    There you's all sorts of ways to weaken PR chances at 13th GE.
    Don't fall into Ktee's low class fishing technique. talk LOVE...which I challenged Ktee..also no respond.
    And on Moby Dick...look how Ktee twist and turn with Mahateh-O.
    Captain Ahab he is...Mahateh-O...same same...both obsessed with something and sold to the Devil.
    Only Iskemel lived to tell all and it seems Ktee's interpretation is again all truthful.
    What a waste....such a smart man...ran away to an Aussie village.
    He could be Chancellor in a Tong Sampah U.....NO??...comfy comfy.
    But his KAPOCHI character makes everyone dislike him...except the real half pass Buttercup.

  20. Monster, i am still waiting for your own blog...... aiya, must i tankookoo ?

    Today as you said sunday, to talk about love, so let's go to your can talk love, anwar as the best pm in the world, etc non stop there. When ah?

    But why are you so virulently malicious hantaming this blog owner who allows you to squat and ramble non stop ? somemore, today sunday as you said....where's the love? cakap mesti serupa bikin la....aiyoyo simple simon simpleton, so much stinky diarhoea one, even buddy bruno lari kuat kuat loh.

  21. Obviously you know next to nothing about LOVE..a wide wide subject that a young man like you only know ONE.
    You wait...akang datang...bulum sampai lagi...for my blog.

  22. KTemoc, thank you, thank you, thank you ...


    (1) Providing a blog that is a great place for lepak-ing - can be called Lepak Central, Pusat Lepak, Pusat Kelepakan - a place where people with too much free time on their hands to gather and shoot the breeze, talk about everything and about nothing.

    (2) Being the reason I'll get a free lunch tomorrow! If you are slightly puzzled by the ending of my previous comment, viz:

    Should KT decide to respond to this, something hangs in the balance.


    well, IT MNS IGTA FRLNCH merely stands for "IT MEANS I GET A FREE LUNCH".

    My Confession: A friend of mine who visits your blog regularly remarked that you rarely respond to your readers' comments. I told him that I can get you to respond if I want to.

    He: "No way, I don't think you can do that."

    Me: "Wanna make a bet? If I can get KT to respond to my comment, you buy me lunch. If I fail in that, then I'll buy your lunch of course."

    So, come Monday I will ... tralalala hooo ha ha ha ha ... I'll be enjoying a free meal!!

    What makes me so sure KT will respond? I've been reading your blog, KTemoc, for quite a long time, and when one has such a long acquaintance with a blog you get a fairly good idea of the blogger's hot buttons. So, I just press a button and - bingo - I hit JACKPOT!!