Thursday, March 01, 2012

Never criticize a pop star (like Anwar Ibrahim)

In Malaysiakini, Chandra Muzaffar wrote Why US 'deep state' prefers Anwar over Najib

Muzaffar defines ‘deep state’ as powerful interests such as the Zionist lobbies, the Christian Right, the big wigs on Wall Street, the oil barons, the arms merchants and the media Moghuls which is in effective control - effectively Zionists and pro Zionists.

This is because, unlike Najib, Anwar has declared his unreserved support for Israel. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Jan 26, 2012, he reiterated his support for "all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel."

Muzaffar stated that “It should be emphasised here that support for Israeli security - contrary to what he is saying now - was not contingent on "Israel respecting the aspirations of the Palestinians."

"In the interview Israel's security stands by itself.”

“It is diplomatic recognition of Israel that Anwar links to Palestinian aspirations. Placing Israel's security on a pedestal is the sort of gesture that the deep state and Zionists the world over laud, especially if the advocate is a Muslim leader.”

I wonder whether Anwar can be equated as the male equivalent of Nonie Darwish? wakakaka

Muzaffar said “Anwar's entry into the deep state was through his close friendship with Paul Wolfowitz, the former US deputy secretary of defence and one of the staunchest champions of Zionist power.”

One outraged supporter of Anwar called Senior Citizen left the following typical anwarista-ish comment at Muzaffar’s article:

poor chap chandra to be given public caning by netizens. But then this is what happens if people pretend to be know all. Listen chandra have you listened to anwar's speeches all over the country. Look at the thousands who admire him like a pop star and you like an imbecile dare try and condemn Anwar. Are you crazy? I think you are. Go to hell.Who are you to judge anwar?

Naughty Chandra, you shouldn’t have criticized a pop star who's admired by thousands! wakakaka


  1. In one of the jual ubat speech Anwar chided/make fun of the word contingent..he said that the Umno Malays interpret as like Sea games contingent..I think that was not funny at all, not everyone is as stupid as he is..however the decline of English in esp in the 70s and 80s were all because he was the one who muddled up the education policy by championing Bahasa melayu as he was the Malay darling at that time..

  2. Chandra Mustaffa, like Ktemoc has been deaf, dumb and blind on the on-going massacre in Syria, which is killing innocent civilians at a far higher rate than anything Israel has ever done (not that the Israelis are angels).

    Hypocrite !

  3. Hahaha rockstar star. What an apt description. With a groupie like the The Ball.
    Greetings from Thailand. Be back Sunday.

  4. Oops, pop star. An ageing rock-star too who thinks he rocks.

  5. Went to Thailand to make some naughty videos kah ?

  6. I rock around the clock.
    Buttercup spreading his cup to rocks with tomyankung sharp hot tooties...yes making video"Rocking Buttercup's cup"
    Chandra is bought. Ktemoc trying luck.

  7. Have tonyamkung will travel...itchfy Buttercup tells Najib looking for "x" movie producer for his coming sodomy 3.
    I think he went to Golok from Kuantan which is separated by a bridge and call it "oversea" trip.

  8. Chandra and Khoo Khay Kim....same same..bought by UMNO support the devil's work.
    They are shameless Professors.
    Buttercup is bought as a masseur to ..polish..rub and suck.

  9. Hehe...that Senior Citizen sounds very very like one senior here. He has to clean up the the blogger there won't accept any f*cking and sh*tting?

    The trouble with our standard of engrish here....these arm-no most times conpused pop star with porn star.....hence the proliferation of sex videos poping up everywhere, especially during erection time.

  10. I won't try to defend Anwar Ibrahim here or anywhere else...but I will say something about Chandra Muzzafar.

    Ever since Chandra's Op-Ed in the Star on March 3, 2008 stating "Barisan Nasional is the best possible Government for Malaysia", I've treated much of what he says or writes as little more than cheap trash.

    There was once a respected academic named Chandra Muzzafar, very popular with students for the depth of his knowledge and the courage of convictions.
    That man is no more.
    We now have an UMNO/BN clown who goes by that name, but don't be deceived.

  11. They are TRAITORS to country and people...including Aussie...Cuppie...Ball kicker...and plenty covering up their faces like we saw those cops caught and go ti court.
    No use to talk about Chandra.
    Only Ktemoc is interested.
    Latest even that Mahathir said Dollah stole 8 billion...he stole less...and proposed PAS made Lim Kit Siang their President...and LKS responded..all great news....not important to Ktemoc.
    His blog is dying if he keep on putting out unimportant people..making them important to talk about.
    Anwar scolded UMNO b samsengs at Kluang...also not important.
    Old stories about Anwar ...very important to prove he is a frog..a liar and what have you.
    Anti-Anwar..cannot work...with present events.
    It must be grandfather stories like Ktemoc want to talk about my private life...based on what he hear as gospel truth.
    If Ktemoc does not improve his style....F Anwar to let us F him back...and his blog turned to a fish market blog...FINITO.
    Lets see his new new post..
    ASKING FOR TROUBLE....then 100 comment will be recorded again.
    A subject."Is Mahathir a Cracko or a Genius?" or "Is Anwar qualified to be PM?"..or "Is Najib really the greatest PM?"..something like that la..S...and let TRAITORS and PATRIOTS slug it out.
    The UMNO b kucin kurap trying to irritate me to talk...will not work...unless Ball Kicker respond to my question..repeated over and over again.
    Tokio-rain changed to Ball kicker...where got balls?
    Dull post..Good-Night.

  12. Nazri aka Nazi says Anwar is like an Iblis

    Ktemoc thinks so too....

    Think alike ?

  13. Noted and nothing to be surprised about..that Kt & Nazri think alike.
    I think he said Anwar is like ikan ilbis...ikan habtu?
    Long ago..Muslim pond fishing..catch "soong hoc yee" and all it ikan ilbis...and I bought them RM1 each.
    Go to restaurant...and get a steam 200 gram.."soong hoc yee"..not less than RM80 each.
    Now they sell to me...RM20 as they can sell at fish market...RM30.
    So calling Anwar an ikan ilbis..Devil fish..that botak does not know about fish at all.
    Good-night to really go and do something more useful.

  14. "A subject."Is Mahathir a Cracko or a Genius?" or "Is Anwar qualified to be PM?"..or "Is Najib really the greatest PM?"..something like that la"

    Hey monster......sooo looking forward your fantastic recommneded topics? clever, such scintillating and exciting, relevant topics for debating and discussion !

    You know KT just won't do it lah....he oredy said this is his blog and it's up to him to write whatever he chooses. Sheesh ! So no luck there lah.

    Pssst monster....let's all go to your blog, ok? Puleeeese...OK? I guarantee you will get 22 million hits and at least 1000 comments for each of the topic ! Then Tian Chua will come begging for your personal service - the kick ball freedom fighter. So pleeeese, waiting here with bated breath !

  15. A man so plain,
    with pea sized brain.
    Talking about rain,
    of nowhere but Spain.

    A man treated with disdain,
    His mouth, unrestrained.
    Vulgar words without refrain
    A real real pain.

  16. BALL KICKER!! How many times must I ask you who invented those ball games.
    Don't know...say so la.
    Why behave so smart?
    Your poem is so idiotic
    Your mind is so pathetic
    Your bragging is so low class.
    What do we expect from an out cast.
    Foul words uttered are for traitors and bullshitters.
    Find them offensive..sorry..cock suckers.

  17. Good one ball-kicker. Yes, Anon 12.05am, our Ball should start his own blog. Let's see the response. Bet you it will all be his comments. We will be deleted.
    Ball, if I finish my work early on Saturday, I will be checking out the hotel where Anwar's latest sexcapade video was shot. Wanna be a sleuth.
    But I don't blame him when I visited Patpong some hours ago.

  18. Fuck all traitors and love none.
    That's the way it should be done.
    Najib wants it
    He gets it.
    BN supporters are traitors.
    Freedom Fighters are patriots.
    Twist and turn..half truths told on all issues.
    We will expose all like used tissues.
    Come one come with my ball.
    Soon you will know who has the last call.

  19. Buttercup cup is planning how to act his sodomy 3 movie.
    Every thing is "good one" him.
    Lets wait Ball kicker talk BALLS with me.
    It's getting dull..keep talking to useless brainless jakuns.

  20. Personally, I would be very cautious about quoting from Chandra Muzzafar as a credible opinion maker.

    In terms of Intellectual standing, he committed sepukku quite some time ago.
    Penang people, especially, who have associated with him in the past, tend to be very leery of this Chandra Muzzafar Version 3.0.

    It not really politics. Most of his old associates are social activists, not politicians.

    He seldom comes back to Penang these days...not surprising.

  21. I am a Pakatan and ABU supporter but not necessarily anwar . However , I do think mahathir and najib are far more disastrous to our country than anwar will be if he ever becomes PM. Deep down I would love to c LGE as PM of this country but the reality of the situation is , this will not be possible in Malaysia at least for the coming GE cycle. Thereact is Anwar will be the most likely PM if Pakatan takes over the Govrrnment , something that is far more attractive to me than to have the country under the clutches of a PM who lies and steals and practices political gangsterism like the current one. Even worse the 'Malay first ' DPM. Though we shd not hero worship anyone including Anwar, I believe quoting from someone like Chandra , who turned from a respected academician and social activist to BN barking dog, only devalues your otherwise interesting blog.

  22. This man has the gall.
    Asking me to play ball.
    Advanced age, brain small.
    His trap i won't fall.

    Why should i answer your call?
    Asking me to shout at wall.
    Faculty of his mind stalled.
    Need somebody to kick his ball.

  23. Jeyan,
    I agree with you exactly on this matter.

  24. Just when I thought we were getting some sane comments on this blog,
    out jumps "Ball Kicker" and I expect "monsterball" will reply.

    Bye Bye Ktecmoc.

  25. This ball kicker is a sick kerbau too.Must have bigger bolas than monster.

  26. What kind of trap I am setting up for Ball Kicker?
    I ask who invented few balls games out of dozens....he cannot answer.
    I am just proving that his "Ball Kicker" nick should know all about Ball games...that's all.
    And if don't know...his nick is inappropriate.
    It reminds me so many UMNO b blighters with false titles...don't know anything but memorizing and barking like dogs.
    BALL KICKER aka Tokio -Rain.....knows next to nothing....and Buttercup better think of something better...which I will respomd to HER next.

  27. BUTTERCUP!!! Anwar loved what? All Malaysians know that. It was his past private life matters and who cares .even if he love it now too.
    The more you want to talk about sex and Anwar...what a hypocrite you have become....and so are all..all UMNO b politicians....not only crooks...and bragging with false tittles..but are hypocrites of the highest order.
    It's indirectly mocking Allah using religion to crucify Anwar.
    That's enough.

  28. OK...You wonderful commentators take over.
    Sorry to disrupt your fine serious thoughts.
    I will keep quiet...even though I know they will irritate me to respond...I will keep quiet.

  29. Chandra's stint in PKR was marred all would have guessed now, his power struggle with the defacto leader's blue-eyed boy.

    According to those in the know, what got Chandra's goat was when he found to his great chagrin that Anwar was completely under the thumb of AA.

    Chandra was a respected political science lecturer in USM and much loved by his students. So he was a complete notive politician when he was running for a seat under party keadilan then.

    Heard from a very reliable source that he was assigned 'an assistant' to assist and campaign for him during the run up to the election. His assistant, a very polite and likeable malay chap, seemed to be very active and supportive and appeared extremely helpful, so much so that Chandra depended and trusted him completely, wheelchair-bound as he was.

    So the shock was even greater when to his horror, he found out too late, his 'assistant' was actually a plant.....on the election day itself, he was nowhere to be found and when they finally managed to track down his lodging, they found all the pamphlets, posters and all Chandra's election paraphernalia hidden in his closet...not a single item were distributed out and all his reports to Chandra were a pack of lies.

    So who masterminded this 'plant' onto the innocent novice then?

    Such was one more story about the falling out between Anwar and his former seemingly staunchest allies.

    But what was inexplicable to the bemused public is why Chandra is willing to junk his reputation and principles and his not inconsiderable standing by turning 180 degree, becoming 'an umno man' which was an anathema to him from way back even during his academic days.

  30. kt, you are like rpk, not left not right...that leaves you guys as centre or centrists if you like....

    ought to be fucked, right to be fucked, deserved to be fucked or regrettably being fucked.

    you guys got to stand firm, firmed standing, i mean..."not soft, not hard" - can do lah but.....but...

  31. "OK...You wonderful commentators take over.
    Sorry to disrupt your fine serious thoughts.
    I will keep quiet...even though I know they will irritate me to respond...I will keep quiet."
    Quoted from Mr. Ball

    I sincerely agree with this above comment and will keep quiet and will not irritate nor hoped to be irritated.

    Sorry for being mischievious and hope you all will continue posting valuable and insightful comments in KTemoc Konsiders.
    Penalised ball kicker

  32. This chandra nundi used to talk highly of Anwar but after losing election decided to switch side to chari makan and only BN can provide.

  33. people who don't know or haven't worked with Anwar think he's the greatest but once they know or have been bitten by him would tell he's the lowest!

  34. Again and again Ktemoc keep talking about Anwar of the past.
    I wonder has he changed from a boy to a man in his life...prick included.

  35. Monsterboy is now Monster Prick.
    Papa got one big ball...he got one hell of a huge prick.....and poking Ktemoc well...making Buttercup...crazy for him too..hahahahahahahaha
    We all must stay stupid and "Hentam Tetap Hentam"...battle cry commanded by our leader and future PM....Anwar Ibrahim.

  36. Talking about Anwar in the past?

    Past was his Sabah 1994 frogology, present has been his 916 frogology - has he changed for the better?

  37. KT, when the monster talked about the past, he meant yesterday lah. So any thuggish behaviour committed by his idol leader 24 hours ago is ALL IN THE PAST, got it ? hahahahah.

    So what if yesterday Anwar announced he wants to grab all the seats ? So what if he acts exactly like the umno he hantam day and night? Since 24 hours has lapsed, it is in the PAST ! wakakaka.

    This monster is not nick named Simple Simon for nothing. Even decades ago, his school mates already know he was 'simple' and with the onslaught of age ( grey matters diminished), you get simpleton. That's why blogger and other commentators here vomit blood reading his foul comments, hahaha.

  38. Keep vomiting blood.
    Mission accomplished.
    Are you my ex class mate?

  39. My, my....sudah lupa ke? Scroll back lah....see your OWN confession in this blog that they called you Simple Simon.

    Sudah nyanyok macam satu dogter in the house....both of you so alike in this aspect....cakap besar, lying besar, cakap nonsense and v v malicious punya, hehehehe

  40. I tak lupa.
    It's you who does not know Simple Simon can be a very smart and simple man.
    You take that idiom too simple.
    It's how one feels being known as simple simon and I feel nice.
    It bring me nearer to my Godly way of life...I hope to have.
    Young fut...go and play with your marbles.

  41. Monsterball's "Godly way of life"?


    O.M.G. That God is turning in his Heaven lah....

    Even after washing your mouth with full strengh clorox, it's very doubtful you could qualify even for purgatory, never mind meeting your god in heaven, heheheh.

    But if you were to take your medicine as advised....who knows?

  42. There take medicine again.
    And just read his comment...full of dirty medicine smell.
    1.10AM...young fut still talking.
    That's a UMNO b millionaire need to work for at all.