Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The 2 dreams of Lim Kit Siang

One of my concerns prior to the 2008 general elections, and even years before it, had been about, or rather for Lim Kit Siang.

For more than 40 years in politics, since 1969, Uncle Lim has striven at the highest level of politics, unlike other politicians who indulged in low level guttersnipe politicking, such as shamefully making fun on women’s menstruation, the short skirt of AirAsia air stewardesses (and hoping to see the 'tunnel'), threats of violence to shut the opposition up (waving a May 13 book while warning against stirring up the tebuan hive), or boasting about removing Rosmah Mansur from her honorary position as Pro-Chancellor in a Selangor State controlled university, photo-shopping a dinner for three in France, etc etc.

I believe Uncle Lim had two dreams, one for DAP to take over as the Penang State government and the other to deny BN its two-third majority so as to prevent UMNO from abusing and altering the Constitution whenever UMNO saw fit to do so.

I was concerned because I thought he won’t see his dreams come true in his political life time, but I'm so very glad I was wrong.

08 March 2008 made his two dreams come true, though on a slightly sweet sour note, he didn’t become the CM of Penang as he thoroughly deserved. But I would say he was happy enough, especially being a Chinese Malaysian to partake of the sweet & sour dish wakakaka, in that his son became what he had wanted to be, the CM of Penang, ...

... mind, not so much to enjoy power per se (like a certain someone wakakaka) but to be able to develop good policies, implement exceptional programs for Penang and its people, and govern the state in a clear, accountable and transparent (CAT) manner.

In Malaysiakini’s
Confluence of times past, times present in times future, Terence Netto has written on a recent Pakatan gathering at the Thean Hou Temple in KL, and reminisced about a similar gathering back in 1987 which led to the infamous Ops Lallang.

Netto said of the prelude to that draconian police dragnet, which saw the detention of Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Mat Sabu and many others (but of course not Najib Razak): Back in 1987, the Thean Hou temple was the scene of an MCA-inspired gathering of language activists who were seething over a government move to place non-Mandarin proficient administrators in Chinese medium schools.

The poisonous seed that Ops Lallang grew from was the Education Minister’s policy to place non-Mandarin-proficient administrators in Chinese medium schools, and was perceived by Chinese parents and teachers as a deliberate UMNO intention to dilute the very high standard of the vernacular schools.

Again, the Education Ministry at that time was also responsible for making doa prayers compulsory for all including non Muslim students, very much to the outrage, anguish and despair of non-Muslim parents. It was sheer brutal proselytizing.

The UMNO Education Minister then was none other than Anwar Ibrahim. This is an undeniable historical fact.

Anyway, f* all above, the one-paragraph extract I have selected from Terence Netto's article for my post today is:

[Lim] Kit Siang has been making the case for intelligent choice by the Malaysian electorate for some 45 years now and at times in the past that must have daunted him as Sisyphean in scope.

But today there are many things to rejoice for Uncle Lim:

(a) As mentioned earlier, his dreams and constant battle to deny BN of its two-thirds majority in Parliament has been achieved on 08 March 2008. Penang is today governed by a DAP-led government. These were his ‘wishes’ that his supporters including me wanted for him to realize before he ‘retires’. And he has.

Many like Hindraf and anwaristas had stepped forward to claim respective credit for the tsunami of March 2008. While that would be only natural of politicians, and I'm not concerned about repudiating their claims, I personally believe the main reason was the people were ready to trounce the BN. In many ways, UMNO had contributed to the swell of anger against itself, because of its publicly demonstrated arrogance, racism and corruption including misuse of public institutions for its own political interests.

Some 40 years ago, long before there was a politician named Anwar Ibrahim or an organization like Hindraf, the people had kau kau punished the Perikatan (Tunku's Alliance Party and BN’s predecessor). I'm referring to the 10 May 1969 general and state elections. For example, the people of Penang kicked out MCA and put Gerakan in place. They did the same again on 08 March 2008, this time annihilating Gerakan and MCA, and installing a DAP-led state government.

Then, in Selangor there was virtually a stalemate election result which led the constitutional experts to mull wonderingly whether a non-Malay could be the MB of Selangor. The PPP-DAP-Gerakan grouping also made a significant dent in the Perikatan's Perak holdings.

The 1969 tsunami was achieved without Anwar Ibrahim or Hindraf which has been why I personally believe the main cause for the 2008 political tsunami was the readiness of the voters to trounce the BN, as they did to Perikatan back in 1969. The voters in 1969 and 2008 of course were Malaysians (Malays, Chinese, Indians etc).

Alas, three days later, on May 13, racial riots broke out. The official figure was 196 killed but many were skeptical of that.

Poor Tunku who loved all of us blamed the communists because he just couldn’t believe nor accept his wonderful Malaysians would kill other Malaysians. Many accused the late Harun Idris, former MB of Selangor, for the riots which incidentally started from his official residence.

But Dr Kua Kia Soong published a book in 2007 in which he revealed that the riot had been intentionally started by the "ascendant state capitalist class" in UMNO as a coup d'etat to topple Tunku Abdul Rahman, meaning the Tun Razak clique had masterminded the violence. One can look at that coup d'etat in many ways, though Tunku himself (in his post-PM writings) expressed his hurt by that most treacherous of betrayal.

To say the truth, so Judas kissed his master
And cried, 'All hail!' when as he meant all harm

- William Shakespeare (King Henry the Sixth, Part III)

UMNO has often voiced its pride about the Malay concept of loyalty to the liege lord (superior, boss, penghulu, kepala, raja, party president). That may be true about the Malay rakyat, but we know from the post-May 13 coup d'etat and in more recent times, some UMNO members, while claiming to be both Malays and Muslims, have often demonstrated their un-Malay-ness and un-Islamic behaviours, when their loyalty to their leaders and fear of the Almighty flew out of the window.

Thus, on treachery, there has been no greater display of this lack of loyalty than by UMNO. Even Dr M felt his severe marginalization during the AAB reign, especially by his fellow Kedahans he had personally promoted and looked after, blokes like Osman Aroff, Johari Baharom, Saad Man and Dr M's own Kubang Pasu mob - see my September 2009 posts as follows:

(a) Et Tu Baharom
(b) The UMNO Interdiction of Dr Mahathir
(c) No Hang Tuah for Dr Mahathir

Anyway, because of May 13, Uncle Lim was detained for 18 months under the ISA. He was again detained for almost the same duration following Ops Lallang.

In 1979, poor Uncle Lim was convicted of five charges under the OSA for exposing an inappropriate arms deal between the government and a Swiss company.

I suppose I'd be safe to presume that, like the Malacca case in which his son suffered unjustly while the culprit got away scot free, Uncle Lim was charged while those responsible for the dodgy Swiss arms deal were not touched – can anyone enlighten us on this?

(b) The second of our rejoicing for Uncle Lim is that his task in educating and persuading Malaysian electorates to make intelligent choice is not so Sisyphean anymore, thanks in no small part to his indefatigable dedicated sacrifice for over 40 years. Today many Malaysians have come to realize and appreciate their rights, their choices to effect the political outcome they want.

Of course they still have to deal with a shamefully unprofessional and pro-UMNO public institutions.

(c) Lastly but not least, last year he celebrated his 70th birthday, a landmark in his life long career of serving the people. It was nice of Ku Li to wish him a happy birthday in the public domain. Sadly, our politics have deteriorated into silly childish partisan and hostile-racist form that very few BN politicians had the civility to wish him well on his auspicious day. I recall Uncle Lim making a courtesy visit to Dr M when the latter had a heart operation. That’s the high level of Uncle Lim’s morality, decency and civility.

But a hiccup did occur in his political career when in the 1999 general election, he lost out to his BN opponent, due to his supporters’ perception that as a member of the Barisan Alternatif, the DAP had sold out to PAS and its hudud laws.

The sadness of that event was not so much in his election loss, but, as someone wrote (I think in Malaysiakini comment section), after the election result was declared, Uncle Lim was seen walking away, all by his lonesome self. I feel terribly sad to read of that.

But his fighting spirit obviously didn’t falter for he came back magnificently in 2004 and again in 2008.

I salute Yang Berhormat Lim Kit Siang, a true Malaysian and a giant in Malaysian politics.


  1. The 1079 Lim KS OSA conviction was regarding his exposure of the USD$166 million “SPICA M” RMN fast strike craft scandal. It was a Swedish company, not Swiss - you may have pulled that from Wikipedia, but they got it wrong.

    By today's UMNO-corruption standards its peanuts - "only" RM 500 Million. They deal in multi Billions these days.

    I respect Lim Kit Siang very much for his work all these years. But I'm not blind to the fact that he was often a divisive figure in (especially) and outside the DAP. I personally think he would have been a disastrous Chief Minister for Penang, unlike his son.

    DAP has over the years lost a significant number of good people because the Lim KS-led party has no way to accommodate their differing views.
    Yours truly would probably have quit as well if Lim KS were still the Secretary General.

  2. About Ops Lallang...don't forget the politician who instigated the UMNO crowd at the TPCA stadium, which was threatening another May 13 and to wash their Keris with Chinese blood.

    As a child, I went to a school not far from the TPCA stadium.
    I will never forget my father's ashen face that afternoon when he came to fetch me home from school.

    That Idiot's name is Najib, today Prime Minister of Malaysia.

  3. May 1969 was largely a Chinese and Indian electoral revolt. That unfortunately made it a heavily race-tinged electoral result.
    The extremists in UMNO were able to portray it to the Malay rural base as an attempted Chinese power grab. As a result, Malaysia went into a long night of race based politics and economics.

    Where March 2008 succeeded was because it was a broad-based rainbow coalition. And that is also the only way Malaysia can progress towards a non-racist future.

    Its also the main reason I am so opposed to Ktemoc's unrelenting anti-Anwar campaign.
    Anwar Ibrahim, whatever his faults, has been one of the few Malay politicians of this era (I emphasise of this era) who has, post-UMNO, been able articulate a Malaysia beyond BN's race-division.
    Its still going to be Malay-majority, with Malay concerns at the forefront - there's no running away from that given the demographics. But with Pakatan Rakyat we have an opportunity to make a change in the national narrative.

    Here's to Pakatan Rakyat, with Anwar Ibrahim as its leader...

    And don't you dare call me a Mindless Myrmidon...I may disagree strongly with you on some things, but I am in no way inferior to you in Grey Matter.

  4. Mindless Myrmidon is the right word to described the mungster family members as they are blindly forcing themselves into beliving that Anwar is the second coming of the saviour.

  5. Lim Kit Siang is a fearless politicians ....exposing corruptions...throughout his 40 years as a politician.
    He is a gentleman's gentlemen politician...and never fail to be the voice for the people who elected him...all his life.
    Without Lim Kit Siang keep exposing corruptions Malaysians will never know how corrupted the BN Govt is...especially UMNO b.
    But now....he has so many assisting him exposing corruptions..he can relax and focus on planning how to take over PutaJaya.
    If anyone ever believe in "Goodness begets Goodness".. Lim Kit Siang is being showered with blessings from heaven...seeing his son Lim Guan Eng achieved what he failed with "Tanjong 1 2 & 3"...his battle cry to take Panang away from Gerakan. His prayers is answered.
    If ever anyone believe "The truths shall prevail" ..then 12th GE was the stepping stone and the sign.
    Lim Kit Siang deserves more than praises showered to him.
    No politicians sacrifices so much for country and people...more than Lim Kit Siang.
    Malaysians must be grateful to this man...keep protecting their rights and freedom.
    You can say...Lim Kit Siang is like John the Baptist...paving the way for the coming of the liberator....Anwar Ibrahim....or like Prophet Mohammad...sending a true warrior...Anwar Ibrahim..to free Malaysians from the corrupted lot.
    In Malaysia...the battle to free Malaysians has just begun.
    13th GE will finish the job.
    Najib knows that too well.
    I too am not a mindless moron warrior...inferior to anyone.

  6. Rocketman has a good posting there. I agree totally with him.
    Oh LKS is only 70. So Ball is two years older than him, Hahaha. But Ball needs tutelage from us all.
    I wasn't born yet in 1969 but from what I heard from the elders it was the DAP who started it first by going to Kampung Baru and telling the Malays to balik kampung tanam jagung.
    It seems DAP was very arrogant, having victory laps in motorcycles around Kuala Lumpur shouting slogans provoking the Malays.
    I look at the May 13 as a blessing in disguise. Without it, DEB will not be implemented and Malays will continue to be poor and slaves of the others in their motherland.

  7. Hear, hear.....i second Kakak Bolas about the mindlessness of the moronic myrmidons who just simply shut their eyes to the very same blatant 'umno' behaviour which they so detested in BN but condoned in PKR.

    Their mindlessnes allows for the making of bigger PKR monsters? Monster family for the nurturing of political monsters? wakakaka.

    We had had enough of decades of the big devil controlling our lives....say NO to nurturing more monsters from the other side of the divide.

  8. Ktemoc....I am so glad you salute and respect Lim Kit Siang so much.
    Lim Kit Siang and DAP..support and want Anwar Ibrahim to be PM.
    Now why can't your respect for Lim Kit Siang make his job easier for you and all of us.

  9. Buttercup....don't simply believe and depend on hearing this...hearing that.
    Read "MAY 13" by Kua Kia Soong...compare notes and have a mind of your own...to conclude what is the real truth.
    Don't have the book...give me address..I will send you one FOC.
    It's all started by Harun Idris with the support of Tun Rajak...who wants Tunku to step down and he be PM.
    All UMNO events of today...can be traced linking...Razak..to what Mahathir was...and his UMNO b party and how Najib is a PM now.

  10. Monsterball is talking more sense now.Like a matured senior citizen setting good examples.No more F words coming out of his mouth.

  11. Way to go KT. Finally you said it out loud that LKS is your idol. Of course it goes without saying, his son too.
    Don't be shy-shylah to say it. All this while only said Karpal Singh is your hero.
    Better LKS than Anwar anytime. Only Monster likes Anwar. And he's trying to cajole you to like Anwar by saying Anwar is for LKS.

  12. Without Lim Kit Siang...Malaysians will have to wait at least 30 more years to be free....and by that time...freedom is not important..filling up hungry stomachs of love ones.. ...submitting to Dictators..no more complaint.
    Bring your mind forward and understand Lim Kit Siang is more than a hero...more than a perfect freedom fighter.
    He is a selfless brave Liberator...for country and people...for 40 years.
    Show me one more like him.
    Like I said...he supports Anwar as PM.
    Who are we to go against him....if we trully love and respect Lim Kit Siang.

  13. Buttercup...I am saying Lim Kit Siang respect and want Anwar to be PM..and I am arguing...with anyone supporting Lim Kit Siang..not supporting his wishes...how to take over PutraJaya.
    I do not cajole..coax or double talk with Ktee...at all.
    I am looking for sensible.. logical and practical answers...and this involves the country ad people...not personal likes and dislikes.
    If Ktee can appreciate Lim Kit Siang's 40 years of sacrifices...I think it is time...he sacrifices his personal preferences and idea..and make DAP and Lim Kit Siang...Lim Guan Eng...Karpal's jobs easier by supporting Anwar as all those gentlemen he admires are doing Anwar to be PM too.
    I repeat...this is about country and people..and not creating fun to get 100 garbage comments.

  14. Buttercup..there is a wide wide differences between...saying..Lim Kit Siang wants Anwar to be PM...and you hinting..Anwar wants Lim Kit Siang to be PM.
    I hope I am reading wrong...as Lim Kit Siang NEVER want to be PM at all...and is a complete happy man...for what he is now..and .seeing his son full filling his dreams.

  15. mca & gerakan , DUN you sabotage :
    LGE is the ONLY non-bumi CM !!

  16. Sigh....the mindless is still pushing for their idol leader at every opportunity.

    Can't their fingers stop typing after they have penned out their appropriate praising of LKS? Must they bring in their Anwar at this juncture?

  17. DAP keDAILan PAS are ..one for all and all for one.
    Anwar must be included because Lim Kit Siang wants his as PM.
    We need to settle this.
    What is so mindless about that when be mindfulness is all I am asking all ...talking about Lim Kit Siang.
    It's PR collective leadership of the 3 parties..wise and far sighted decisions...and without Anwar...Lim Kit Siang is like a man with one arm...cut off..which I am sure few pro BN supporters love to see that.
    No way can you talk about Lim Kit Siang....how much we all respect and love him.. AT THIS TIME...without supporting Anwar as PM.
    Be mindful for the country and people.

  18. Buttercup for all his intelligence and deftness in his oft-times good-humoured writing, is unfortunately too inured by decades of persistent BTN-ish drummings, courtesy of Umno.

    Millions of bumis have gone through such 'patriotic' BTN courses and millions more of the young bumis will continue to have their minds BTN-ised as long as Umno rules the roost.

    Have you heard of non malay citizens having to go through such 'patriotic' BTN courses ? Why only the bumis ? There are many reports from sane, fair-minded bumis who attended and were completely revolted by the fervent 'teachings'.

    So no amount of books or talks will change these people's mindset...this is the proverbal 30%hardcores...all very properly BTN-ished. They will think what they want to think and in fact, will deliberately shy away from any views that's diametrically opposite from theirs.

    LKS did try to have this racist indoctrination exercise banished but of course to no avail.....it will be akin to Umno chopping off its own right arm..... to lose this heaven-made mind-control machine to pit the majority against the minority in this country...one of their best 'weapons' to attain immense wealth and power.

  19. When you recognizes...respect Lim Kit Siang...and have great desires to see change of Govt will succeed..you must recognizes Lim Kit Siang's objectives ...inspirations and aspirations..to make life easy for Lim Kit Siang...to have his dream come true..completely.
    He is inspired by the strength and power Anwar Ibrahim brought about to make his dreams come true.
    As such..for whatever Anwar is being daily said by UMNO b politicians...it is Lim Kit Siang we all should listen to..if not Tok Guru of PAS.
    As much as we all admire and respect Lim Kit Siang....that dear man...knows ...to win 13th GE...it must be with Anwar and keDAILan..to lead the way.
    It is not about who is more powerful or can win how many seats.
    It is about leadership chosen..that voters feel comfortable to vote for change...and Anwar Ibrahim is such a smart and colourful figure...that more than 75% young voters simply love him.
    No doubt..at least 75% Malaysian Chinese will keep voting for DAP...but that's one race...that has always been.
    Anwar has pulled out so many thousands UMNO b supporters to vote for change through all his fantastic speeches...not from Lim Kit Siang at all.
    Why are we talking so much to glorify Lim Kit Siang...when we keep ignoring LKS's more glories to come...having a hand to govern the country....must be from Anwar.
    Not being mindful about that... at all...yet declare so much respect and love for him?
    Why can't we make his dreams come true...more than just..Penang...but have a hand to govern the country..for once.
    Certain States like Sarawak...Anwar cannot help.
    But the swing depends of Malay votes....and who is in better position to swing votes.. away from UMNO B..LKS..or Anwar?
    Do we want Lim Kit Siang to have a strong say as a Govt. Minister OR continue to be like before...great great Freedom Fighter..with no power?

  20. Urgh....these mindless with their mindless persistence.

    Surely one is not naive to think the leaders in DAP and PAS are not privately troubled by all the umno-like shenanigans exhibited by those inner circles of PKR and even some of those from PAS ?

    Underneath the sham front of unity, there obviously is great disquiet....and every time there is a fight for seats allocation, we all hold our breath for the now-usual display of umno lordings from you-know-who.

    Well, let it be known that a good portion of the pro-oppostiion supporters will NOT give carte blanche to these wolves in sheep clothings. 5 decades of Umno is more than enough....

  21. Buttercup, you have been incorrect in stating "it was the DAP who started it first by going to Kampung Baru and telling the Malays to balik kampung tanam jagung."

    It was actually members of the KL/Selangor Gerakan Party, at that time in opposition to Perikatan.

    The man who revealed this fact was none other than Prof Dr Khoo Kay Kim, a historian and also Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) commissioner.

    He pointed out that it was BN coalition member Gerakan and not DAP which had participated in the procession in Kuala Lumpur's Kampung Baru that triggered the 1969 riots.

    On another issue, I very much respect LKS but that doesn't mean he's my idol, a position which I reseved for Karpal Singh. I respect LKS inasmuch as I respect people like Tunku AR, Hussein Oon, Tan Chee Khoon, Lim Chong Eu, etc.

    These were/are all good Malaysians.

  22. Lim Kit Siang is NOT John the Baptist, which someone thought he could "use" to pave the way for his Messiah wakakaka. Lim Kit Siang is Lim Kit Siang.

    On the issue of John Baptist, there are books asserting that he (and not Yeshua ben Yusuf) was the Messiah. Politics at that time, including Roman politics, made Yeshua instead the Messiah.

  23. Monsterball is an Anwar and LKS fanatic.You gave the impression that you are Chinese.Are you a Muslim.Afterall you have four wives.

  24. Anon 1.10am/Kaytee

    So the Lion of Punjab is your hero. There's nothing wrong in having LKS and son as your hero.
    I do respect our leaders but the least I like are Karpal and Hussein Onn.
    If only LKS and son are less racists. But as I said many times here, at least we know who they are.No problem with that.
    After all, our leaders are all racists, only the degree differs. So are we. Wakaka.
    DAP has been in the opposition before I was born. They are racists but they don't bring so much trouble or discredit our country like that certain someone.
    I can't stomach the hypocrite, pretender to the PutraJaya throne who wants to lead the country which he tried to destroy.
    My credo is Anyone but Anwar.
    I believe as long as he is around, the opposition will never be the ruling coalition.

  25. It's what one wishes to express and think...based on current circumstances.
    John the Baptist was thought to be the Messiah too.
    No doubt Lim Kit Siang has stamped his trademark as...a fearless..great Freedom Fighter...exposing corruptions all his life...and Lim Kit Siang wants Anwar to be his leader and PM..thus saying he paved the way like John The Baptist maybe too deep meaning for one..to comprehend...the pun.

  26. DAP all out to back Chinese education rights rally


    Is DAP a party for all Malaysians or still just a China party ?

  27. in the 1999 general election, he lost out to his BN opponent, due to ......perception that ...., the DAP had sold out to PAS and its hudud laws.

    History is about to repeat itself in 2012.

    Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, Hadi, Nik Aziz....all will be Sayonara very soon.

    Support BN !

  28. History indeed will repeat itself....with better results than 12th GE...with PR taking over PutraJaya.
    No amount of cheating..bribing.. bluffing can alter History in the making.
    And history also shows....CHANGE is the name of the game for one stayed much too long...so much so...battle cry for TRAITORS Vs PATRIOTS by Najib...no more easy wins like before.
    Actually the battle cry is more to save rouges and thieves being charged for corruptions...thus saying UMNO b guys are PATRIOTS is an insult to smart Malaysians.
    From the crook's mouth...it will be PATRIOTS Vs TRAITORS in 13th GE.
    Bring on the 13th GE..and settle it..once and for all.
    Talk and dare not...PLEASE CONTINUE your day dreaming.

  29. If you click to Lim Kit Siang's blog...you can view a wonderful touching video of his life ...told by himself.
    Batu Pahat boy...first win at Malacca.
    No keDAILan..Lim Kit Siang have no strong partner.
    With PAS..not strong enough to take over PutraJaya.
    The day..Anwar was released from jail..is the day....Najib shivers like hell..and out come sodomy2 when sodomy 1 was proven nonsense..yet Anwar went to 6 years jail for that.
    He could sue Mahathir and get millions compensation....but he chose to look forward and waste no time..for country and people.
    Najib need to depend on Judges he can bribe to pin Anwar with false charges.
    And even if it is true...this is the lowest form to use and pin an opponent down...especially UMNO b are proven to be a corrupted lot and hypocrites...mocking Allah as and when they like...thus Malaysians at large are not interested robbers and thieves..are catching crooks for Malaysians...while they roam freely.
    Jesus said..."Cast the first stone..if you have never sin"..and the two greatest sinners....Mahathir and Najib..casted the stones ...yet Anwar getting stronger and stronger.
    We can say..God does work in mysterious ways...which 'AVATAR" movie frightens Mahathir with plenty of nightmares.
    Najib is beyond being afraid.
    Fighting for his life...he has nothing to loose doing all the stunts he can think of.
    Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru Aziz..are solidly supporting Anwar...and Najib will delay 13th GE...as long as he can...before facing Allah for Judgement Day.

  30. It was DAP Lim GE who stood up for the rights of an underage Malay girl who was (statutorily) raped by an UMNO man. No UMNO-Malay man including manmanlai stood up for her rights, while one physically abused her.

    Hope this answers the question whether DAP is a party for Chinese or all Malaysians

  31. Raped by CM Melaka..Thamy Chick..was not charged for raping but went to jail for corruptions...while Lim Guan Eng went to jail for 2 years...defending the 16 year old Muslim girl ..whose mother cried and thank Lim Guan Eng.
    AND LOOK!!..Thamy Chick showed video Anwar had sex with a prostitute...so important..receiving so much air time and paper news.
    Did Anwar lost any confidence by voters???..ZILT.
    Now is nice nice generous and caring Najib image...but his daughter engagement bill worth more than RM400,000 will prove..he spent like a King..our money and give pennies to the poor....also our money.
    His personality and weird character is well known.

  32. DAP have many Muslims and non Chinese...as members...with ex Chief Judge Aziz..holding important post...while Karpal Singh is the President of the party.
    How can one can think DAP is a Chinese party...when a co-founder is an Indian...Daven Nair.
    From the very start...DAP is a Malaysian party.
    Lim Kit Siang fights and defends the poor and helpless...for all Malaysians.
    His priorities have always been to expose corruptions.
    You can say..Lim Kit Siang has earn the title... Father of Anti Corruptions.
    Such a man can never be a racist.

  33. After 0308, DAP has acquired 4 Malays of consequence.

    Tunku Abdul Aziz
    Zaini Khir Johari
    Dato Ariff Sabri (Sakmongkol)
    Arif Aspan

    Tunku Abdul Aziz is a very learned and respected gentleman, but he is not a politician, and has little political impact.

    Zaini Khir Johari, son of one of UMNO's founders. But really a China, adopted by Khir Johari, child from his Chinese wife's 1st marriage.

    I would caution them to watch Ariff Sabri carefully. He is a very UMNO-ish type.
    My basic assummption is you can take a person out of UMNO but you can never take the UMNO out of the guy.

    Not a very rich harvest, I'm afraid.

  34. It does not matter rich or poor harvest as long as this prove DAP is not a Chinese party...that's enough.
    PAS and keDAILan too....both have others races as members.
    Now..let them prove UMNO b ...MCA and MIC ARE not racist parties.
    Therefore if anyone like Buttercup supports... to divide and rule..don't teach Malaysians anything.
    Racism is the reason....Malaysians are divided ..yet Najib says.."I Malaysia"....under his leadership is fooling Malaysians and nonsense.

  35. I agree with you about Tunku Aziz and Arif AK47.
    Tunku Aziz will remain a leader of conscience for the party and will play a benign role.
    As for Sakmongkol, he is a frustrated true blue Umno man who thought he could be a many term ADUN and MP. Thought he could become MB Pahang or Economics Minister, at least. But his stay as ADUN was so short.
    That man is full of himself and has the attitude he is one of the smartest man in UMNO.
    I give him not more than three years he will be in DAP Then he will be frustrated he's still another politician, no more nearer to a ruling class.
    And Zairil is a pure Chinese. Son of Christine's first hubby. Has a Chinese name until Pak Khir married his mum.
    Pak khir's seven chidren are all bin or binti Mohamed Khir. Zairil took the name of Khir's late father.
    Smart yeah DAP to tout Zairil as a Malay to attract the Malay voters. But all Malays know who Zairil is.

  36. DAP / Lim Kit Siang instigated May13 ?

    I think there is no simple explanation, but I won't let DAP off the hook so easily like Ktemoc.
    DAP was definitely part of the shit-stirring in the lead up to the May 12 elections, and it was a factor in getting Malay emotions up to fever pitch. It was Gerakan and then Labour Party supporters who were involved in the Kampung Baru incident, but DAP was quite definitely involved in earlier actions which helped raise the temperature.

  37. Until today there is no evidence of the alleged underaged Malay girl who was allegedly raped by an UMNO man.

    The alleged girl turned out to be a recalcitrant adolescent who had bedded many different youths - and had got herself pregnant.
    It a recurrent, sad but common teenage sob story, especially Malay girls.

    And nothing to link to the Malacca Chief Minister.

    Lim Guan Eng couldn't prove anything in an open court - and so he went to jail for publishing false news.
    Was he targetted for prosecution ? Yes - and he could hardly expect less for the allegations he had made.

    Was it a free and open trial, the accused given a fair opportunity to clear his name ? Absolutely.

    Don't keep painting Lim Guan Eng as some kind of beatific martyr.

    Lim Guan Eng attempted the political assasination of the then Malacca Chief Minister, and fell on his own sword.

  38. Bandar Melaka

    So true. LGE claiming glory from that. Going to jail is like a jihad to him. Anything for political capital. Dont be fool that he loves the Malay and is sacrificing for them. No way.

  39. "then Labour Party supporters ..." - in 1969 there was no Labour Party. Together with its socialist brethren party, making up Barisan Socialis, it boycotted the election and effectively went into extinction, which was why the late Tan Chee Khoon (formerly Labour) joined Gerakan.

    On another issue, it doesn't matter whether the underage Malay girl was a virgin or as you UMNO people claimed, a slut, but if she was underage, and a sleazy scumbag adult had sex with her, that's statutory rape according to the law.

  40. Buttercup wrote of Sakmongkol :

    "That man is full of himself and has the attitude he is one of the smartest man in UMNO".

    One could easily use the very same sentence above to describle Dr M. Wakakaka.

    And one could also very easily use that very same sentence to describle one monstrousity here, who thinks he's the smartest in this blog ( or elswhere and every where but not in Umno of course ). Wakakaka.

    But it is an undeniable fact that Mr AK47 is one hell of a sharp shooter....his bullets hit the bullseye most times, very much to the chagrin of those Umno supporters reading his blog.