Thursday, March 08, 2012

The motives of love, lust, lucre and loathing

Aiyah sayang saje, if only I didn’t focus on writing Vice greater than 7 Deadly Sins yesterday, I would have pipped my hero Karpal Singh in asserting the centrality of ‘motive’ in murder, specifically in the murder of Altantuyaa Shariibuu.

It’s not that I’m a learned erudite lawyer like my Bai guru but wakakaka I have read a few books on crime, of course only for knowledge and entertainment.

In the most simple approach, and avoiding the pitfalls of legal definitions, I would say that if someone has been killed and there was motive, it’s murder. If there wasn’t any motive, then it’s probably manslaughter.

Only the most mindless moronic murderer wakakaka would deliberately kill someone without motive, but then I suppose his lawyers could plead insanity (and he would probably win too), wakakaka.

Karpal has been, probably still is angry with the bizarre statement of the Shah Alam High Court judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin, who astonishingly said
"Whatever the motive was, it is a matter of law that the motive, although relevant, has never been the essential to constitute murder."

And this was AFTER he admitted that Abdul Razak Baginda could have had a motive to murder Altantuya as she was blackmailing him.

But then the most learned judge stunned every legal person in Malaysia (well, almost everyone) by declaring the motive cannot be the basis to call for Razak Baginda's defence.

So, my Lord, what basis if not motive should be the case then? Would a videoclip of the murderer (plus 4 witnesses) plunging the knife (or detonator) into the victim's heart do?

The famous British crime author, P.D. James, who served for thirty years in various departments of the British Civil Service, including the Police and Criminal Law Department of Great Britain's Home Office, as well as a magistrate and as a governor of the BBC, wrote in her book The Murder Room that “All the motives for murder are covered by four Ls: Love, Lust, Lucre and Loathing.”

So did those four L’s, love lust, lucre (money) and eventually loathing exist in the relationship between Altantuyaa and Razak Baginda?

Well, everyone including the most learned judge knows that Altantuyaa was blackmailing her ex lover Razak Baginda with such aggression that he became terrified enough to ask for special protection, so most would say there was initially love and lust in their relationship, and then when the passion and ardor turned cool and relationship soured, the blackmailing for money (lucre) kicked in, with the final outcome of loathing, probably of a mutual nature.

But I suppose his Lordship knows best in asserting that motive cannot be the basis to suspect someone, so much so that Karpal Singh was moved to say:

The High Court has provided a precedent for the acquittal of a person with a motive to murder and charged with abetment without calling his defence.

It’s the first time in this country that an affidavit used for the purpose of bail and later tendered as an exhibit was used to acquit an accused person.

Mind, I’m no longer surprised by our amazing judiciary ever since the unbelievable (original) Adorna ruling where the Malaysian court (supposedly of law) helped crooks relieve rightful owners of their properties.

Tomorrow or during the weekend I will attempt to analyze the murder of Altantuyaa Shariibuu based on all the readings I have done (and not reckless emotions).

But in the meanwhile, we can say our judiciary, like our equally remarkable police, has done a Boleh-one again.


  1. you must thank the kerala mamak for the judiciary to descend to the pits, dont you?

  2. Anon 8:40pm March 8,2012 previous posting.

    Yes,you are correct.To be an independent is better than to get involved in an internal family feud.Especially between rivaling spouses,siblings and worse of all in laws.I would rather be on the sidelines and be an observer(referee).Hahaha.

  3. KT,one do not have to be a qualified judge or rocket scientist to figure it out that there has to be a motive for a murder.

    But in this case the learned trial judge,who has the brains a pea size tikus,qualified to be the janitor of a restroom ruled otherwise.He must have come out of Siaful's favourite hole.The camel's asshole.

  4. Laughing stock of the world!But then it pays to be a judge on the wrong side of history in the Land of the Bolehs it would seem!One has just been awarded a 2.2bil highway concession and that,solely on merit,according to the malay first DPM!That retired CJ must've been moonlighting as a road builder all those years!

  5. Aiyah sayang saje is meant for mungster and mungstermom.Mungster still going strong although in his seniority years.Gobbling up loads of the purple pills.Sayang sayang,mungster.

  6. Kt,maybe you should change the name of your blog to accomodate the monster.Name it not"Girls Gone Wild" but "monsters gone wild".Hehehe.

  7. One ambiguous LOVE written.
    One small LOVE...a giant step to be a father...but much too late for Ktemoc.
    Too much free milk..too much sins committed.
    The "Mr.Nice Guy" is back and serious.
    Monsterball better vamoos.
    Chong Wei safely to quarter final.
    Monsterball serene and calm.
    Blessed are those who hate murderers...for theirs are the showers of pennies from heaven...never go hungry.
    Good-night folks.

  8. Monster is getting hentam kuat kuat today.He is to tired and sleeping like a baby.Maybe he will have more energy in the morning before his sermons.

  9. Why were Mona Fandley, her hubby and her assistant hanged? They also did not possess any motive in the murder of Datuk Mazlan in 1990!

  10. I have smelled rat over the conduct of the Altantuya murder trial for years now, starting from some of the events early in the trial, right to the long, unexplained delayed written judgement this week.

    Unfortunately, the very valid legal doubts about the conduct of the trial has been overwhelmed by the partisan arguments over whether a certain VVVIP was involved either in the murder itself or interfering with the course of justice.
    BN idiots naturally declared its all "kosher".
    PKR idiots screamed Altantuya in the face of the VVVIP.

    Some other idiots who may not support BN but dislike PKR intensely...wakakakaka.. automatically rejected any and all suspicions surrounding the case....

    Senior lawyers have told me they have never seen a murder trial(remember, its murder, not housebreaking or cheating or corruption) where the accused was not even called to make his defence, essentially on the basis of his affidavit. I've nothing personal against Razak Baginda, but he clearly received "more equal than others" justice.

    Karpal Singh is both right...and wrong...
    Motive is often an important but not essential consideration to establish guilt or otherwise for murder.
    There is plenty of case history - especially in UK and US - where strong direct evidence, for example, witnesses, fingerprints, clear forensic proof etc. is sufficient to convict, even when nobody ever managed to figure out exactly why the person committed the murder.

    Until today, nobody can explain what was the motive of the two UTK police, and the police and the court where Very Strangely uncurious about the motive. If there was no personal motive, logic would suggest someone else instigated them.

    In RB's case he definitely had the motive. Not calling for his defence was really weird.

    The other totally unacceptable part is the nearly 3 year delay in the judge producing his written judgement. It opens the judiciary to the suspicion this was a verdict in search of grounds i.e. The cart came before the horse..

    I'm not a lawyer, but I come from a long line of distinguished lawyers.... :)

  11. Where is the mungster.Still sleeping as a baby.Maybe cozying up to young wifey.Waiting for him to come online.Maybe he is at sweetie Susan's blog.

  12. Everything depends on who you know. Everything can be 'kau tim'.
    Everything depends on interpretation by the powerful.

  13. Thanks to people like you, the judge continues to have sleepless nights. It took him 3 years to figure out what to write and you people tore it to shreds in 3 minutes! How could you be so mean!!!

  14. Monsterbaby...thanks for taking the efforts to write such details for readers.
    Can you imagine Lim Guan Eng went to jail for 2 years ..exposing rape by Malacca CM....Thamby Chik?
    Thamby went to jail for corruptions...not for raping a 16 year old girl.
    Altantuya murder case will stay as it is....and the truths can only be revived with PR Govt and a proper trial...calling all witnesses.
    There are NEW evidences that can nail the real culprits or give the police to arrest someone for murder..but all are kept they know...this is worst than loosing the 13th GE...for UMNO b party.
    Don't forget Teoh Beng Hock...Kugan...where truths will never be told.
    It's a Govt. managed by thieves and robbers. What do you expect?

  15. Money used to buy loyalties.. can destroy a country.
    Police and Judges...bought are to protect the loyal ones.
    Forget about Justice and Laws...when a case involves..either.. Mahathir or Najib.
    And so...the master mind.. Mahathir protects all and all protects him...and each it corruptions or murders cases.
    Malaysia is a sick country....where it needs to change the Govt. to cure the sickness....demanded by People Power...the voters.

  16. I got the vibration that Ktee said..."Now monsterball...that is one of the best I read from you"

  17. At the "7 Deadly sins" blog..Ktee is battling the preacher...ME!! and his toes are laughing.
    My sermons made one vomit and one toes are laughing.
    Ktee toes were also laughing having bluffed innocent so many girls to have sex with him.
    I hear Anwar said to him.....get lost or else....
    And so...sermons will continue when he needs more.

  18. Wonder which highway would be awarded? Highway to Mongolia perhaps?

  19. If and When the truth is finally told about the Altantuya murder, I suspect there'll be enough drama for several Hollywood movies.

    Billion dollar Submarines, Powerful politicians and their girlfriend(s), Beautiful assistants, Trysts in Paris, Sex, "Unnatural Sex" , Diamond Rings, Ambition, Ambition, Secret Agents, Blackmail, Jealous Wives, Elite Special Forces, C4 Plastique.....Murder...

  20. The story of Alantuya produced into a movie by any American movie makers Ron Howard...will likely be a box office least full house at all cinema halls in Malaysia.
    The truth must always stay buried right now...with Najib protecting it all stay that way.
    Ex Crime Chief Mat Zain made a fantastic wonderful speech...hitting hard at present AG...and Najib on this matter...all published at Malaysiakini....accusing both..pick and choose who are guilty as they like.

  21. Yeah bruno, wise choice ! When relatives and buddies lose their bearings and become unreasonably abusive and insufferable, the best solution is to lay low and be at the sideline, hahahah, and take 'referee' stand.

    But the problem is, even when one wants to be neutral, one will still be targetted as these MMMs are insatiable and not easily placated....they must hantam, or at least slide in snide remarks, otherwise their days won't rest easy on them...such is the nature of the MMM beasts, hahahah.

    Good Luck :)

    Anon 8:40

  22. It's FOR or AGAINST
    It's Patriots Vs Traitors.
    Sitting at a fence are balless selfish cowards with nice comments put out....known as "NICE GUYS"
    These nice guys cannot contribute to PR...even if they declare they will vote for PR.
    Millions nice guys..keep quiet and will vote for PR...OK.
    Talk as fence sitter...PR win his vote..looses dozens.
    These are the cunning piece of shit calling me friend and buddy.

  23. It's HANTAM TETAP HANTAM time.
    No IFs BUTs ...HOW or WHY.
    13th GE delayed longer...Najib looses more.
    He knows that too well.
    He want a sign....BN must win for the LOVE of saving his own life.
    You think the delays are for country and people?
    If not...what kind of a PM is he..talking big..never been elected as PM at all...but appointed by his party...shamelessly.. talking like a PM for 3 years...dare not face the People to elect him.