Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Evangelist or Charlatan of Democracy?

Terence Netto penned The link between Anwar and Dickens for Malaysiakini, in which he draws parallel between Charles Dickens and Anwar Ibrahim. Netto claimed Dickens to be the supreme artist of democracy and Anwar Ibrahim as the Pied Piper in the modern age of government by consent of the governed.

While I agree with Netto that Anwar is certainly the Pied Piper, my impression of the Pied Piper is not the version Netto has in mind. My Pied Piper is the original one in Hamelin, whom the Germans call Rattenfänger von Hameln.

The original story of Rattenfänger von Hameln was one of horror, but the tale was subsequently converted into one which had rats and whatnot. In the original tale, the Pied Piper hypnotized and led many many children to their deaths. No, I don’t suppose Netto had this impression of Anwar in mind wakakaka.

Au contraire, whenever Terence writes, you can be sure of two things: apart from requiring a dictionary, he’d be promoting Anwar Ibrahim.

Nothing wrong in the latter as we all promote someone we like (like kaytee does for Karpal Singh wakakaka) or attack someone we dislike (like kaytee does on Anwar Ibrahim wakakaka).

But Terence Netto exceeded the bounds of rational belief in the above mentioned Malaysiakini article. This was what he said of Anwar:

You only have to give him a pedestal and this evangelist for democracy will use it to espouse the themes of freedom and equality with an ardor that is comparable to the ferocity Dickens displayed in attacking their lack in English institutions of the 19th century …

Evangelist for democracy?

Apart from a wrong choice of word in ‘evangelist’ (which those religious hounds might exploit to Anwar's disadvantage) I have only three words, all starting with ‘P’, to describe Netto’s adulation of Anwar Ibrahim as a paragon of democracy, namely:

Poppycock, preposterous & pordah.

Evangelist for democracy? Wakakaka!

And dear Terence, what democratic message did your Anwar Ibrahim send to us when he attempted to seize government with his shameless 916 tomfoolery?

But Netto has been correct in describing Anwar as a Pied Piper because one of those mathematically challenged ‘children’ in 916 wakakaka was (to my great sadness as a DAP supporter) DAP Hannah Yeoh, such was/is Anwar’s mesmerizing mist of malarkey.

Then what about his welcoming the revolving-door frog, Nasarudin Hashim, ADUN for Bota in Perak to PKR. The Great One claimed the Nasaruddin’s defection “... reflected the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave.”

Would Anwar Ibrahim then allow that the defection of erstwhile PKR Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Osman Jailu also “... reflected the sentiments of their voters, namely the Malays in their constituencies ... as the beginning of a new wave”?

Would the PKR anwaristas agree? Of course not, those mindless moronic Myrmidon would blame Najib for his evil machinations, and I would agree to that, but of course when it’s that evangelist of democracy enticing frogs the other way, it’s only another step forward in man-man-lai democracy wakakaka.

Netto is no better in that he even provided an excuse for his evangelist of democracy for withdrawing from a conference in New Delhi because Salman Rushdie, the author of The Satanic Verse (and thus fatwa-ed to death by Iranian ayatollahs) was there. An evangelist of democracy?

I still can’t believe Netto would describe Anwar as an evangelist of democracy after the 916 attempted subversion of the ballot box, and I haven’t yet included the Great One’s duplicity in the 1994 Sabah election frogology and the parlous state of affair in his own party election process.

Maybe I’ll add another ‘P’ to the 3 above (Poppycock, preposterous & pordah) to describe Netto’s promotion of Anwar – pukish.

Now, we come to the Great One’s cowardice in refusing to participate with RPK in the WikiLeaks forum while in the same breath demanding Najib fronts up in a national debate. The typical comments from those moronic mindless Myrmidons would be: ‘Who’s RPK to demand a debate with Anwar’, 'RPK is a nobody, so why should Anwar debate with him’ etc, ...

... and today Netto has come up with another article to defend Anwar in Malaysiakini’s
Anwar shouldn't debate Najib by proxy, says PKR where he quoted PKR vice-president N Surendran accusing Najib of using RPK as a proxy to debate Anwar.

I want to make two points very clear to imbeciles [please exucse my rudeness as I'm exasperated by sheer stupidity].

Firstly, it’s not a debate. The topic is not, for example, ‘Malaysia’s economic future’ or such likes which would then be appropriate in a Najib-Anwar debate.

It’s just a WikiLeaks forum where Julian Assange would interview participants. Surely, no one is going to argue that Julian Asaange will be debating with Anwar? So why is Anwar so shit scared of RPK being present?

If one doesn’t have skeletons in his cupboard, one wouldn’t fear being in a forum with RPK?

Evangelist of democracy? Wakakaka, my toes are truly laughing.

Secondly, who in Malaysia has made WikiLeaks so readily available to news readers?

Anwar? Najib? Lim KS? Hadi Awang? Rais Yatim?

C’mon, don’t be shy, you moronic mindless Myrmidons.

It has been RPK who publishes WikiLeaks articles regularly at Malaysia-Today. It has also been RPK who publishes Malaysia's own version of WikiLeaks, which when they exposed UMNO's corruption would be welcomed and praised by the same mindless moronic Myrmidons.

So, who in Malaysia is most qualified and most deserving to be interviewed by Julian Assange?

The thing is Anwar is shit scared of RPK!

Just read
this to know the UMNO-in-waiting, and probably some of the reasons why Anwar is a chicken.

And those moronic mindless Myrmidons, some while finally admitting the Great One might not so great after all, want us, plead with us, urge us to vote the less evil twin, implying PKR.

But I know (not just guessing) PKR will be no better, and in some cases even worse.

How can I be so cocksure? Because I remember one UMNO man who was in various ministerial positions for 16 years, whom I deem as the most terrible Machiavellian person I had the displeasure of witnessing, as an example, his draconian proselytizing educational policy, and isn’t that precisely the proof of the pudding in the eating? Not very Dickensian I know wakakaka ...

... but for fear of RPK, man-man-lai has chickened out to become mai-mai-lai, wakakaka.


  1. Bravo to Terrence Netto for a well-written article.

    Hormat !

    monsterbaby...Back from Western China...

  2. Great Kaytee!

    You gave terence a good punch in the stomach.

    PKR ex-life member no.3

  3. Monster,stop cursing with people you don't agree with,or one day your curses might make an U-Turn and tembak yourself in the asshole.You banyak "boh kar see" you "euw siu chap cheng kia".

  4. KT,your love of Anwar and the words mindless moronic Myrmidon has earned you the wrath of Monsterball,and will never get an appology from him.The only time you will get an appology is when you stop using those few words.

  5. There is no need for Anwar to debate with RPK.RPK is a self imposed exile who ran away like a chicken because of his baseless and factless accusations.He will not hold himself accountable for things he said,when he was still here in Malaysia.How can he be held accountable for things he will say outside of Malaysia.It is a lose lose situation for Anwar to debate with the bald headed chicken.

  6. reminds me when the japanese invaded malaya in 1940s, the people welcome them like liberator, asia for asians. imagine the great one take control of putrajaya, do you think he will be so easily to get detroned then. better vote other pr except in permatang pauh, or better don't vote pr at all.

  7. Aiyoyo, Anwar again, I think Ktemoc hentam Annwar for a living.
    Get over it and get a life !

  8. I can't help contrasting Terence Netto's piece, which was very well-written and level-headed, if somewhat gushing , undestandably -

    and Ktemoc's post here which is emotional and closed-minded - little more than a Rant.

  9. Aiyoyo....how to get over Anwar when imbeciles keep poping up ( like that Netto fellow now ) giving such undeserving praise to such a one like the Great One - God's anwser to mankind as described by his long suffering poor wife, heheheh.

    So right Anon 9:03 PM.....once that great one got installed and once he had immediately installed all his own umno men in key positions, habis lah....another 50 years of Umno rule, except this time, the logo is the blue eye.

  10. Poor monsterball,he has gone into self banishment.He is ashamed of what he has said about people he doesn't agree with.Instead of offering an appology he instead choose to wandered into the wilderness,alone and lonely.

  11. Monsterbaby, one man's meat is another's poison, hehe. Or one man's ceiling is another's floor, haha.

    So anything however undeserving and preposterous lauding your idol leader is rational, well written and level headed lah, hehe.

    So typical MMM.

  12. KT,after your previous posting of the mungster's rattling and cursing over disagreement,when it can be argued or debated in a civilised manner the mungster has outlived his welcome.Instead of admitting that he has gone overboard and let bygones be bygones,he came back and said he meant every word he said.Stupid brainless mungster(boh ka sie).

  13. Welcome back monsterbaby.
    Terrence Netto is an established recognized fantastic writer.
    Yip....he has produced so many well written comments...and someone trying hard to teach Terrence too.
    In every post..there is ALWAYS..something about me too.
    I am FAMOUS here......hahahahahahaha
    Monsterbaby...nice to hear from you.
    Strange....no two "monterbaby" but always two of me.'
    I guess blog owner is making sure you are happy and comfortable commenting here.

  14. Anon 11.31PM...teaching monsterbaby about meat.
    Right now..cow shit is best for this meat talker.
    Self proclaimed civilized...Kakak Bolas know next to nothing about ball games..also keep avoiding my questions to him...and Tokio-Rain..must be searching and reading about why raindrops keep falling on his head.
    Naturally...Ktemoc..must be given a serious subject and that's LOVE...also ignored.
    Mindless Moronic Myrmidon I am being labelled.....by one who is a bastard of the highest order...besides few other things.

  15. Where is that Dr.Quack keep telling me to take my medicine?
    I guess he is taking his medicine..floating and happy.

  16. I keep wondering...why such a fantastic writer with so much book knowledge like Ktee never been chased by Steven Gan..of Malaysiakini or by anyone...to be a well paid writer.
    He could replace Terrence Netto easily.
    Ktemoc seems to know so much more than others?
    But if you read all his posts carefully...you will know the reasons why.

  17. Monsterball,you are back for real.Be more civilized and not offending in your comments.Don't have to use offensive words to debate.Keep cool,monster.

  18. Katak Bolas...FUCK OFF!!..you busy body toad.

  19. Every bloody BN idiots trying to teach me something.
    I guess this kakak bolas KNOWS what my reply is to him....and so he enjoys a fucking...at these wee hours.
    Know nothing how Ball games are invented..talking cock to me.
    Imagine...a toad teaching me manners...in this blog.

  20. Kakak bolas carry Ktemoc's balls with no shame.
    This pariah is peanut to me...yearning for my attention.
    Another shameless balless teacher.
    Are you still laughing...toad?
    Time for you to bathe and go to pray..and wear your van driver uniform...cari makan...idiot.

  21. Monsterball,keep your cool man.Always very angry.Why?Your young missus don't miss you because you Mr Softie,eh.You monster a senior citizen ought to set a good example for us young guys,but you are the other way aroung.Terbalek.Hokkien lang kong 'bo kar sie'.Chiek par kong lam par wah.Kugit kamg lampar.Haha.

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  23. Monsterball,come on.Jangan chabut lah.Takut apa.Kakak Bolas tak boleh gigit bola atau batang kau putus lah.Jangan takut chow chow,lah.

  24. Monsterball,you had better stop cursing in this blog.If not I will go to your house,drag you out and slapped you in front of all your neighbours.If not enough I will kick your balls hard that your monterballs will shrink to red bean balls.Then you will be call pea sized balls.Hahaha.

  25. Monsterball go home,baby go home.Monster go home,yeh yeh yeh.Monsterball go home.Monster,go down on your fat belly and say that you're very sorry for tainting this blog with your filthy language and cursing.Hehehe.

  26. Bruno, what debate? Haven't you even read what I wrote?

  27. Did Anwar hold himself accountable for the things he said, bruno ?

    Did he not promise the nation that PR will take putrajaya in 2008 ?

    Did he not promise us democracy ?

    Did he not promise us transparency and zero corruptiion ?

    Did he not promise us zero racism ?

  28. I have always enjoyed Netto's articles because they are so well written. Though , I don't agree with everything netto writes, but we can't expect everyone to agree with us all the time . They were the same reasons I got interested in your blog- well written interesting articles . However , I am disappointed at the way u have written this articles which almost mocks another respected writer. Think u could have disagreed with netto without actually appearing to put him down . Secondly , your blog has recently become one dimensional as it looks more and more like an anti anwar forum. Gets a bit tedious and boring considering the potential of your blog for more diverse and stimulating articles on politics . Finally , I think the insults being thrown abt in your comments section is getting a bit out of hand and putting off . This is your blog and u are entitled to write what u want but as someone who has been visiting your site for the last 1 year, I thought I will give my 2 cents on where I think your blog has headed the last year

  29. This ktemoc is so predictable its laughable.

    He is in fact becoming a laughing stock. No matter what good DSAI does or if anybody praises DSAI, he is sure to get a shelling from ktemoc.

    Please lah, its getting stale. You keep lambasting DSAI but this not a word regarding Najis Razak, Mahathiu, and the endless corrupted UMNO leaders.

    You have no creditbility lah mr ktemoc.


  30. kakak bola..re your 5.45 am....come drag me out from my house.
    If not...you are a coward...a liar and full of shit too.

  31. sunwayopa...I am so glad...to read what you have written.

  32. Yes Megan...Ktemoc mocks anyone he dislikes.
    You gave it to him good.

  33. A tong sampah blog owner should be guided to the tong sampah where he belongs.
    He not only mocks and insults Anwar and their supporters.
    He particularly chooses me...to do much harm as he can...because I am the biggest support of Anwar.in his blog..arguing with all...and win.
    He does not like the results!..and so ...outcome Ktemoc's low class ideas...always hitting below the belt.
    I am returning him the favour...my style..my way...as I see fit.
    I don't mind insults from others....but by approving details of my private life and another copy of my nick to confuse readers...Ktemoc has reduced himself..not fit to be treated as a man at all.
    He can do and decide anything he wants with his blog....but by behaving he is almighty and all must listen to his advises...or else...
    So..it is the "or else"...I am responding and look at his respond back to me...one whole post...talking how evil I am.
    He declared he is raised with Confucian values planted into his head....yet he brags getting so many pretty girls submitting to his charm...have fee sex.
    I have been posting for more 10 years.. in so many blogs...and have never seen a more vicious...cunning...cruel..blog owner like Ktemoc.
    Go read his "3 Chinese curses" and enjoy his curses back to me.

  34. Does Confucius teaching anyone to judge others...an eye for an eye..a tooth for a tooth?
    Confucius said..."in ordinary conversation hew should not use the term "old". He should serve one twice as old as himself as he serves his father; one ten years older that himself as an elder brother; with one five years older; he should walk shoulder to shoulder, but behind him. When five are sitting together, the eldest should have a mat."
    Here Lim Kit Siang is "Uncle Lim" and I older than LKS is his student... and he never fails to find an opportunity to mock and insult me....to stamp his authority to me..how much smarter he is.
    All that I accept and battle him...but when he went far far beyond his authorities against me...just because he blogs from Australia...I will throw all back to him.

  35. Anon 7.09AM..sure know how to belittle Anwar.
    Failed to take over PutraJaya in 2008 is not a broken promise....and the rest of his 3 questions...are real real.. stupid stupid ones.
    He has to wait till AFTER 13th GE..to get answers.

  36. On the Internet, in cyberspace, all are equal; it is the ultimate leveller. Age does not matter, gender does not matter, social status does not matter.

    A pauper can tell a billionaire to go take a hike, a young adult can tell a grey-haired senior the same, a commoner can tell an emperor and queen as much.

    All that matters is the quality of the writer's comments.

  37. But when Ktemoc brags he was brought up by Confucius values...then it is not about cyberspace or equality to all.
    It's about him advertising...how good he is...how bad Anwar is and naturally...how terrible I am...and he must be confronted to put him where he belongs.

  38. When a blog owner reduces his blog to be a blog to insult ...irritate and mock others....then this is how we must respond to his blog.
    What equality and quality comments are we talking about in this blog?

  39. Monsterball is the smart alec in KT's blog.Nobody can argue with him without getting curse.Even the blog owner is not immuned to the monster.Hail to the monster.

  40. "He declared he is raised with Confucian values planted into his head....yet he brags getting so many pretty girls submitting to his charm...have fee sex."

    Author of above comment is:

    (a) an unscrupulous blatant liar like Utusan and some UMNO bloggers who lied about Lim GE's son

    (b) obsessed with and thus fantasized about sex

    (c) both of above, and because he can't do it anymore, uses my name recklessly because he wants me to be his surrogate sex fiend - he's probably a bathroom wanker wakakaka

  41. Megan, thanks for your comment. As I wrote in post, Terence Netto has exceeded the bounds of rational belief in the mentioned Malaysiakini article. When one's postulations exceed reasonable belief (his 'evangelist of democracy' wakakaka), one must expect a more strained form of criticism. Newton's 3rd Law

  42. The monster is a crazy son of a gun.Should be in Tanjung Rambutan.Fuck everybody like a horny dog.Crazy son of bitch.

  43. hi Anon 12.19PM...shut your gap...if you don't know the details and why.
    That lan tan tan Ktemoc had if coming.
    Look at him!!...repeating the same comment he posted at the last post.
    He simply want to advertise.. how evil I am...and so it is...a devil must be treated by evil means.
    All he wants is to keep on proving.. I am a liar....and what a nice guy he is....yet he NEVER answer to all the accusations thrown to him...by me and few commentators.
    This is the Ktemoc ...the blog owner...applying like Mahathir..a dictator...cunning double headed snake...never wrong..always right.
    His style...his ways how to twist and turn about Anwar...applying agreeing to disagreeing...all exposed...by me..no more twisting ..straight to the point....now so easy for everyone to hantam him.
    aiyah....a man brought up by Confucius sayings...how can you treat this lan tang tan with no respect?

  44. Everyone is being judged by Ktemoc...when ever a post does not suit him..even Terrence Netto..a well paid .well recognized writer.
    Ktemoc is simple the best of the best.
    Who should go to Tanjong Rambutan...Ketmoc or me?
    But this lan tan tan man is so brave talking cock....3000 miles away.

  45. Terrence Netto exceeds the bounds of rational belief..so said Ktemoc.
    He NEVER exceeds anything.
    This Arm Chair Critic..is a real pain in the arse.
    I think..he is more truthful than Confucius.

  46. One day..Newton's Law..next day Confucius teachings.
    But ALWAYS....his blog owner laws applied.
    Soon...his famous historical out-dated donkies and monkies laws..will be his weapon to attack Anwar again.
    His "Uncle Lim" told me..he does not know Ktemoc at all.
    How can one claim to respect LKS as "Uncle Lim" and yet...go against his Uncle Lim's wishes to have Anwar as PM??
    I guess..his parents may have disowned him...or Anwar may have chased him out of the country..talking cock....3000 miles away.

  47. KTemoc, I'm happy that you are magnanimous enough to allow Monsterball's comments through even though some of his remarks are breathtakingly abusive!

    Actually, I find his "mad dog barking at a tree" kind of verbal abuse quite amusing and funny; it makes me laugh out loud at times!

    To be fair to him, occasionally he does make some interesting and cogent remarks.

  48. hi Ktemoc!!!...Susan Loone put out a post at Malaysiakini.....
    "No debate with RPK. What is Anwar hiding?"
    Why no respect to Susan and put out her post in your blog....PLUS your comment.....like what you did to Terrence Netto?
    Afraid more firing and curses ah?

  49. Netto the nettle aka Anwar ass- licker lap-dog is as delusional as his leader.
    I was laughing my ass off when I read this first in Din the dotage's blog. That old fogey loves printing Nettie's story.
    Charles Dicken must be turning in his grave many times to be compared to the sleazeball. Hey Ball, not you okay. Jangan perasan.
    Indeed Anwar is MaLaysia's Pipe Piper.
    There are two versions of the tale. One is the piper called Pied because of his multi-coloured clothes, were hired to lure rats with his magic flute.
    But the towns-people did not pay him. So he lured the children and killed them.
    That is Anwar, my friends.
    Playing sweet music to your ears and then lure you away for nothing
    City Hall gives RM1 for catching rats in KL. Anwar can get millions if he volunteers to be the rat-catcher.
    He can then buy you Monster to vote for him and you will end up like the rats.

  50. Terrence Netto have been writing for 40 years...recognized and respected...earning a living that way...comfortably...and Ktemoc needs to take Netto's Charles Dicken's to belittle Netto...going for Newton's laws...to Confucius sayings.
    Go and read the FULL text by Terrence Netto..not here where Ktee pick and choose to hantam Netto...and compare the quality of writing by Terrence Netto to Ktemoc's...fish market ..low class message.
    Read the FULL text.
    The only thing Ktee can brag is his bullshitting that appeals to half past sixes readers...no need using brains....just read and enjoy.
    For Terrence Netto messages..you read and get enlightened.
    Read the full text or Terrence Netto. at Malaysiakini.
    For Ktemoc's posts.....it's like seeing a Laural & Hardy movie...full of shit and low class nonsense.
    This lan tan tan man..never fails to brag and yearn to be noticed.
    He is a lonely lonely bastard...whose brain about to burst ..out of boredom..and accuses me...crazy for sexy girls.
    Go read that lan tan tan man keep insulting me...and so shall I return the same favor.
    Waiting for his new post...reading...Confucius sayings.
    Newton Laws??..who cares.
    He copied from the Arabs.

  51. So...Mahathir and Najib's pipe pipping and horn blowing..all ok??
    School text books..to control minds...and racist teachers chosen..all ok.
    Buttercup is the one...whose half brain shut off for good.
    Anwar is NOT a Pipe Piper.
    His truthful speeches attracts listeners...prick their conscience and open up the minds.
    Talk as much as you want..Buttercup.
    Your twist and turns..no better than Ktemoc.
    He is a braggart. You are an idiot.

  52. Before we go astray with all these nonsense...People Power will vote for change and get rid of CORRUPTIONS.
    Now...debate of this..if you dare..Buttercup and all BN supporters.
    PS:...Ktemoc...sitting on the dock..watching the ships sail by...thinking...how to insult me.
    He cannot loose an argument and apologize. He is Confucius student..not forgetting a student to so many great men too....all from books....no practical experiences at all....never travel anywhere...talk cock all the time.

  53. "He can then buy you Monster to vote for him you will end up like rats."....said Buttercup...referring to Anwar.
    The problem with Buttercup..is that he totally forgot PAS and DAP smart politicians...all eaten up too?
    And of course...Buttercup needs to try his best for Najib...to win votes.
    Like I said...CORRUPTIONS by the hundreds of billions totally ignored and forgotten.
    hi Buttercup....your cup is over flowing with shit worms.
    UMNO b is completely defeated by Najib's smart ass actions and hollow words.
    Malaysians do not care how good they can be...right now.
    We want our billions back and court cases on fast tracks...not wayang kulit shows.
    You bloody UMNO b racists are a bunch of people trying to keep fooling Malaysians..especially fooling your own race.
    Buttercup...talk CORRUPTIONS...how to solve it.
    You got a share of the hundreds of billions stolen?

  54. Teng..teng...teng

    Now the verdict:

    KT - 1
    Ball - 0

    Aiya, why the monster always losing one ? Last time oso lose out to Buttercup inspite of writing 10,000 paragraphs vs Buttercup's one paragraph.

    KT needs only to put in 4 sentences to Ball's 10,000 sentences to win. Why, KT even beat this new commentator Megan flat, hahaha.