Monday, March 05, 2012

Lessons of history

The Malaysian Insider - No need to bring up BN’s past mistakes, says Muhyiddin.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin said although the prime minister admitted Barisan Nasional’s (BN) mistakes, “there is no need to list out our weaknesses; that is in the past”.

“What is more important is in front, in the next 10, 20 years and as the prime minister said, we are ready to improve ourselves and improve on what we have already accomplished such as the national transformation programmes, which includes the economy, government, politics, rural issues and new measures taken by the prime minister and the government, which have an effective impact.

Sorry, my dear Tan Sri, I strongly disagree, because George Santayana advised us that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

And that’s precisely the reason why we must remember the past, and the important lessons of history - an example on the global scale would be that of the Yanks not remembering its humongous mistake of Vietnam and repeating it in Iraq, Afghanistan and, if the Israelis have their way, Iran.

Of course we needn’t take grudge with everything unsatisfactory that we recall, but when there exists in our national politial landscape a clear picture, pattern and probability of non-repentance, continuing lack of transparency, accountability and proper governance, then we should, as far as our democratic process allows us, not permit the future to become another copy of the past.

Reminder: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” wakakaka.


  1. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

    Buttercup could not remember about Rock Hudson and his death from his "hobby".

    Thus Buttercup is bound to go the way of Rock Hudson.

  2. Mr Moo cannot be more correct.With Umno/BN's very bad and poor record,plus rampant cronism and corruption,there is no incentive to bring up BN's past.Where is Mr Moo going to hide if his past shenanigans were to be exposed.

  3. Mr Moo doesn't want to remember the past.But we must keep reminding the people of his past.If he is so ashamed of his past being exposed,then all he has to do is packed his bags and balek kampong.

  4. Don't underestimate how far RM 500 gratis goes towards soothing past may sound like a trivial amount to you, but its a symptom of how tough life is at the bottom of the ladder.

  5. Don't underestimate how far RM 500 gratis goes towards soothing past may sound like a trivial amount to you, but its a symptom of how tough life is at the bottom of the ladder.

  6. silence is agreement quote Ktemoc

  7. Above is meant to be a dig at Ktemoc, but I'm not sure if he's able to fathom the meaning...

  8. Where's Kapitan Ahab gone ?

  9. forgive is divine

  10. monsterbaby,are you trying to make fun of KT.When KT was in university you were still playing marbles(buakuli).Do not try to teach your grandpa to suck balls,okay.

  11. sooooooo stupid....silent is agreement too.
    Baby...with his limited grey matters..I doubt he can dig the pun..
    Just divorced monstermom caught playing pussy with tick tack toe..she play me...i play her..both playing like two lesbians.
    Stupid post.

  12. The 3Ms are out in full force....mindless, moronic and monstrous.... Gathering steam to show off their 'moronic-ness', hehehe.

    Back to the real subject....for the mighty and arrogant umnonites to minta maaf, ( which includes saying sorry to the pendatangs as well, wah! ) which is so against their grain, something must have shaken them quite badly...acting so out of character.

    But perhaps this little playing acting is necessary....once their position firmed up after the GE, their true character will be back, hoisting their keris again.

  13. Kris man has no BALLS...only big mouth talking cock all the time.
    Now his cousin ...Najib..keep asking for forget the past.
    You steal RM3000 you die.
    UMNO b steal hundreds of billions...and murdering along the way...all should be forgiven.
    How stupid a man can be.
    There are three past events that we cannot forget...Teoh Beng Hock and Alantuya's deaths...and corruptions.
    If we do not get the whole truth....Malaysia will become a land for the lawlessness.
    Go read...few poor poor disabled citizens.. cut off their monthly govt. allowances....because they do not support UMNO b.
    More Oppositions supporters die...less votes for PR.

  14. Hahaha. I am back. Had a great ball of a time (without our Ball) in the Thai capital. Bang my kok, so to speak.
    Went to work with renewed vigour and energy.
    And I see Monsterball and family still moping in this blog. And it seems he divorced his wife on my account.
    Aiya Ball, I don't go for people's wife. What more your wife. My wife, my buttercup is like the sunshine.
    And I see Anon 6.55 am (aka Monsterball) babbling about me going the way of Rock Hudson. Hahaha, he's way before my time. My mum's favourite actor.
    You should tell that to Anwar.
    Whatever, it is so big, so magnanimous of Najib to ask for forgiveness from Kedahans.
    Yeah that's in the past. The future is Kedahans will be for BN.
    To err is human, to forgive divine.
    And to follow our leader, I forgive Ball for he knows not, he is asinine.

  15. What a great disguise...go to bang my cock...and I no go for people's wife...all telling us he is a He-Man!
    Presuming he went to Bangkok to screw....he is screwing other people's wives.
    What do you expect from an idiot...and his..."I forgive Ball" is a sign of a great sinner asking for forgiveness himself.
    No forgiving...HANTAM TETAP HANTAm...all.
    Najib also asking fir forgiveness...saying lets bygones be bygones..lets look forward...making Malaysians laughing idiotic he can be.....AND 75% Malaysians want to see a debate between Anwar Vs Najib.

  16. That Buttercup is a doubt Saiful.
    You think one like Saiful can screw or be screwed?
    Don't forget....who SHE admire most in this blog.

  17. Forget Buttercup.
    Top of the Agenda...75% Malaysians surveyed want a Anwar Vs Najib debate.
    Lets see how much Najib value his "People First" slogan.
    Will Ktee dare to put out a post predicting Anwar will be clobbered by Najib?
    Morons follow a moronic leader.
    Smart Malaysians follow smart leader.
    Who is who...between these two...Ktee?

  18. Aiya Ball...still waiting for you to start your own blog rolling. Couldn't hang on to my bated breath waiting here for you....

    With your own blog, sure you would be able to predit if your idol could clobber the PM. Also you could start on your fav subject: will Anwar make the greatest PM in the world, wakakaka.

    Oh these MMM

  19. Buttercup, welcome back to the fray. Things have been a bit quiet when you were away.

    Now that you're back the discussion here should perk up. Let the chairs, books, laptops, glasses fly thru the air, followed by flying kicks and swinging punches as showcased in some august Houses of Parliament, usually in Asia.

  20. What can Buttercup do?
    She is like Najib now...humble...ask for forgiveness and Cup said she forgive me too.
    She takes the cue from so humble.
    Even under her normal left..a pondan where go flying kick...swinging punches.
    That's UMNO b outdoor hooligans.
    Cup is indoor performer...behind closed doors .closed many times a day ..the more the better..for Cup to cari makan.
    This observer is not observant at all.
    Know only how to instigate and enjoy. so call buddy too.

  21. Anon 11.45PM...lo chock lo to death holding ...your long as you can...bodoh budak kercil nak cumpor orang tua chakap politik... bertol kurang ajah...anak saitan.

  22. ..."nak cumpor orang tua chakap politik... bertol kurang ajah.."

    So when THAT other orang tua ( the one who also consume shit bird saliva everyday..urghhh) 'chakap' politik, why you anwaristas so silent when youngsters answer him back kau kau ? No 'bertol kurang ajah' ke ? Hypocrite ke? wakakaka

    Eat some more bird's saliva lah...hehheh. Both you orang tua end up exactly alike - cakap banyak, cakap kosong, cakap twisting left and right macam ular, cakap boastful, cakap cakap cakap.....non stop. heheheh.

    Aiyo...look at your bahasa

    betul...not bertol
    ajar....not ajah
    kecil....not kercil
    campur...not cumpur
    cakap...not chakap

    ok, bahasa lesson finito. No more free lesson.

    Mmmm....had had my one minute of fun. Now have to head out to more important stuff...seize the day, heheheh.

  23. bAHASA BAD..ENGLIS BAD..typo bad...yours best!
    forgot eat medicin

  24. ku bahasa melayu.
    mi bahasa kampon sri sindiri..BODOH

  25. " ...sorri...maaf kami...!"

    '...hey @#$%^&*, jangan tell those idiots wat our past mistakes are !!'

  26. " ..sorri, maafkan saya ...oops...
    mereka ... b4 308 & b4 i jadi pm ,ok"