Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Musuh dalam selimut

I was one of those very sympathetic and supportive of Eli Wong during her most trying times in 2009 – see my post I support Elizabeth Wong; I deplore Khir Toyo's cynical politics.

Even UMNO Minister Mohd Nazri set aside his normal head kicking act for a while to put in a word of sympathy for Eli. And surprise surprise, MCA Chew Mei Fun joined in as well wakakaka.

See my post
UMNO's Nazri supports Elizabeth Wong, PKR's Khalid Ibrahim equivocates.

As you can read from the second half of the title of my 2009 post, just above, it had been PKR which was cold towards Eli Wong’s continuing career as an ADUN. I then wrote:

I have to say, in contrast to Nazri Abdul Aziz' correct statement against the contemptible photos and his nice word of encouragement for Eli, I have been deeply disappointed with Khalid's (political) over-caution about rallying to Eli's defence when basic decency had demanded his prompt, unreserved and 'loyal' support. […]

… Khalid Ibrahim, asked if Wong would be asked for her resignation, said the state government would look into all aspects of the incident before making a decision on the matter.

“Let the police report go through (it) and then we will have our own discussion on the issue,” said Khalid.

“We are open to all possibilities but given the situation it is best to give the victim the right of hearing and we have to listen to her explanation.”

Dei Khalid Ibrahim, listen carefully - a good leader always stands by his troops when any one of them is in strife (and who hasn’t committed any wrong). It’s time you have a bit of backbone and come out bravely to support her. If she is the victim as you said, then WTF are you equivocating about?

She must and should be protected and supported.

And WTF do you mean by “We are open to all possibilities ..."

Are you opening the door for her possible dismissal from the Exco?

Then (2009) I thought Khalid Ibrahim was uncomfortable with having Eli on his team (after the nasty release of her photos on the web) when there was also a number of Pak Hajis from PAS, and thus, wanted to conveniently get rid of her.

Well, I suppose that's one way of solving problems - the Mafia were more drastic, making the people they wanted to disappear wear 'concrete shoes' wakakaka.

Now, with the revelation
here, we laypeople begin to realize that there was another possibility in the attempted political assassination of Eli Wong, namely an inside job, similar to the political sabotage of Zaid Ibrahim during the Hulu Selangor by-election.

I used the word ‘laypeople’ because it seems those high up in the DAP, PAS or PKR hierarchy knew about that PKR internal backstabbing.

The exposé asked: Who did you guys think set Eli Wong up?

We’re then informed it’s the same person who sabo Zaid wakakaka.

Maybe that explains why Eli had initially wanted to quit politics following that cowardly act victimizing her. Could you blame her when the enemy was within her camp? Bloody creepy!

Just imagine her being devastated by the treachery, more so when her esteemed leader Khalid Ibrahim was also frightened into near silence (hence his initial prevarications following public knowledge of the scandal).

Just as well Eli Wong didn’t leave or she would have been labeled as a traitor/BN mole and grouped together with Nallakaruppan, Gobala, Jonson Chong, Zaid, Jenapala, Johari Jasin, Abdul Rahman (PKR membership No 3 and now in PAS), and a host of others.


  1. Another malicious and utterly prejudiced post.

    The so-called "revelation" serves up absolutely zero evidence, and this blog treats it as the revealed toes are laughing away...

    I for one was unimpressed by Khalid Ibrahim's initial equivocation over Eli Wong's continuance in the Selangor Exco, but I could also perceive the pressures he was being subject to. PAS Selangor (headed at the time by Solar-Powered Mullah Hasan) had already declared, without specifying names, that state leaders with tainted morals must quit. Some opportunists in PKR had jumped into the fray to prove their "Islamic" credentials.

    The tide only turned in favour of Eli when her constituents in Bukit Lanjan got organised and made it clear to the State Government that PKR's support would be heavily damaged if she were forced to quit.

    The "revelation" being placed on the pedestal in this article is an unmitigated work of fiction.

  2. On the same basis, you might as well believe the unsubstantiated rumour that Najib ordered the murder of Altantuya ?

    About the same standard of evidence is available...

  3. Ktemoc stands for Kai Tai ?

    Indded his Dog Mouth cannot grow ivory !

  4. Don't forget the sabo by you-know-who received by Chandra M who was assigned an assistant who is doing anything but assisting ! That most likely cost Chnadra his MPship and much more later on....leading to the inevitable fall out with Anwar and Gang.

    You can take out this whole bunch of Umno guys out of the Umno Party and make them wear the PKR baju but still their brains and souls are too ingrained with the Umno shit to be anything else but Umno.

    They just simply can't change even to save their lives.....and the laypeople, including especially the MMM are suckered into their pied piper call. How not to when the master michiavellian leader could even talk a bird to come down from the tree.

  5. See what I told ya, KT. PKR doesn't know know how to keep its people. Don't know how to court people to their fold.
    Today a leader wants Keadilan and DAP form an alliance minus PAS.
    Hahaha, achy-breaky heart for Monsterball, man.
    Don't understand why the double standard towards Eli when the taiko is AC/DC. Everything can one.
    But only for that one and only.

  6. RPK said....the malays could smile at you while quietly plotting your death.

    That is why 'musuh dalam selimut' is so apt....the victims hardly know that the hands that stab them are the hands of their so-called allies or friends, until it's too late.

    Umno malays.... whether in Umno Baru Party or PKR Party .....are past masters at this.

  7. Malicious he is....monsterbaby.
    Dog mouth he has...Anon 4.38PM
    "everything can one...{should be want}.But only for that one and only"..said Buttercup famous selling his cup ..shouting out to lure customers.
    Ktemoc has a filthy stinking mouth.
    That's why...buttercup love him so much.
    Elizabeth Wong?...why...she is miles and miles ahead Ktee and Buttercup in life and purposes.
    Both can keep ridiculing and mocking her...smelling her backside...for more.
    That's all they can get...smell her backside.
    The busy body malicious character of his trademark.

  8. Ktemoc seems to think he knows so much....what's going on with PR parties..and particularly...keDAILan.
    Look at how he build up his case ...out of nothing.
    From the start..he said he will support PR but not Anwar as PM...I knew Ktee is trying to confuse PR supporters.
    Look at the latest 3 posts...
    1. Evil man
    2.Terrence Netto got it all wrong.
    3.Using Elizabeth Wong to attack Khalid and PR.
    That's "KTEMOC KONSIDERS" for you.
    He is shamelessly.. faceless and owner..talking big...3000 miles away...non stop...promoting BN...and Anwar must is his main target.

  9. Monsterball,horny dogs not only smell backside of bitches,they smell pussies of horny bitches too.

  10. Politics isn't for the saints and angels
    These people shouldn't nip their tongues into it
    They will get burned and they don't know how to react
    They think it is a simple process...

    Politics is for those who wanted it all
    Camouflaged to service the people
    They say the mantra “You are my people”
    But really is this what they after?

    It's the greed and power game
    Absolutely into their minds
    They will play dirty and soiled their hands
    The devilish smile and Lucifer's light

    It is just how much to be tolerated
    All the sweet coating slogans to fool the mind
    We all know the name of the game
    “You help me, I help you” opening the gates

  11. Old man, oh old man monster......Buttercup and KT ridiculing and mocking Eli ?

    Keep on distorting and misleading as this is not the first time too. No wonder you are labelled as the lying old man.

    You demanded to be treated with respect due to age ?

    Have you ever demanded Dr M to be treated with respect due to age ? when most of us want to spit on his grave when he mampus. Wonder why we want our spittle on his grave ?

    Look at him and you don't need a mirror. That's why you ain't get no respect here or any other blogsite you might squat at later on. Pergi mampus lah.

  12. Because of Anon10.05PM fantastic comment pricking my heart...I have decided to kill myself...right now!!.
    Knife poking....ggggrrreeeeaaarrrrrr.
    Last word..god ...pppppplllleeeeaaasse mmmmaaaakkeee Aaannooonnn a MONKEY when he dies.

  13. Why wasn't she charged by JAIS for khalwat with Helmi?

  14. "Why wasn't she charged by JAIS for khalwat with Helmi?"

    Because she is not muslim ?

  15. Breaking News : Da Monster Committed Suicide at 2:28 AM.

    He left no last loving words for his living relatives because his monstrous nature do not allow such sentiment.

    But true to his malicious and vengeful character, he uttered his last words of spite, asking his god to turn someone he met on the website into another of god's creature, the monkey.

    Those who wish to spit into his face may visit the wake at 105, Jln USJ 2/4Q, Subang Jaya. Pls note all pak kam ( funeral ang pow ) will be donated to Anwar the Great One for use at the coming GE13. Thank you.

  16. And the Lord said unto monsterball..."Your time to see me has not yet been decided. Go back and perform your duties to your King country and people."
    VOOOOOMMM!!...I am back!!

  17. Come..come...spit at my face....starting from that born again..monkey...Anon 4.57AM.

  18. Monster meeting God ? He meant the Devil in Hell telling him the oven is not hot enough for him....need to prime up the heat, so the monster is sent back to earth to do more sinning and will be called back to Hell after the first failed attempt. Kakakaka.

  19. Anon 4.57 am

    Sob, sob. No last will and testament.Only white Pagoda singlet and blue-striped Apek boxers. That's all he has.
    The wifey and his spawn will have to live on the bounty of Anwar. They are sooo genereous, eh.
    Should I give his family black Angpow and wear red Baju Melayu and red songkok?
    Anwar will be crying for the last of his voter. Sure lose one this time, man.
    Aiyah Ball, why can't you wait for the political demise of Anwar in the polls.
    You can share a memorial with him in Cheruk To' Kun which LGE will build in his honour.

  20. Another piece of nonsense from ktemoc as usual.

    Again, who gets the blame ? DSAI !

    Wah lidat even the Fukushima earthquake in Japan might as well blame PKR and DSAI also. The tsumani of 5 years ago also caused by DSAI! All problems in world is caused by DSAI and PKR according to world of ktemoc.

    Even ktemoc's children born no asshole also DSAI's fault i guess.

    Hehe. Everybody can see through your subtle charades lar. Wise up.

    There are much much much worse people in Malaysia than DSAI and worse, they are leading our country at the moment.

    Blog that lar, u useless UMNO stooge!


  21. "To Hell and Back" nice.
    "Heaven can wait"....dull
    "Pennies from Heaven"...use that to passes time.

  22. That's why we must treat his blog...a nonsensical blog.

  23. Interesting articles but your comments section has degenerated into foul name calling personal vendettas. Can't Malaysians debate or discuss something in a rational non emotional way anymore ? Whether u agree or disagree with the writer or other commentators , there is a more dignified and mature way of putting your views across. Otherwise some of the comments and counter comments sounding like a bunch of 6 yr old engaged in insulting each other. Putting off some of us who genuinely interested in some of the articles the blog owner writes abt ( though not always agreeing with his take on things)

  24. Talking cock...mocking...insulting..maliciously ..he is best.
    Useless UMNO stooge he is.
    Glad so many sees him through and through.
    Don't worry..he dares not respond to anyone of you....insulting him.
    His mission must go on...and so we keep exposing monsterbaby...always leading the way.
    Poor Eli....also kina.
    Khaild included...also Terrence Netto.
    Anwar Ibrahim?..where he got BALLS to insult him now.

  25. Where got debate in this blog?
    He loves rojak.....and so we comply.

  26. We don't want to discuss ...or agree or disagree nowadays.
    Najib has declare Patriots Vs Traitors....a war.
    And is FOR or AGAINST.
    It is Warriors Vs Enemies.
    It is Racists Vs Malaysians.
    It is People Power Vs Dictators.
    It is Clean Vs Dirty.
    It is simply....getting rid of a corrupted government.
    55 years under UMNO b.far far too long...CHANGE it must.
    So...where got debate.
    Don't try to be too smart with Freedom fighters.
    Debates means advantage to BN.
    If..Ktee put out posts after posts on corruptions..and murders...never been concluded....or solved..then we can debate.

  27. Anon 9:07 AM, March 22, 2012--

    //even the Fukushima earthquake in Japan might as well blame PKR and DSAI also.//

    But...but.. but the First lady of Malaysia clarified that the bloody Japanese did not take care of their environment (shit everywhere and never wash their backsides) and hence the earthquake was sent by Gawd! And she got a PhD in recognition of her theory

  28. Is even Lim Guan Eng now buying into the ermm..."amphibian change of loyalties" thingy ?

    He's talking about the possibility Pakatan Rakyat can actually take power after winning 100 Federal Seats.

    "Amphibian" is largely a taboo word in the DAP, but we all understand what LGE is getting at...

  29. Anwar said..."Bring Najib and RPK together and lets debate"
    If he is a coward with something to hide...he will never say that.
    The ball is thrown to Najib.....two against one.
    That's a People Parliamentarian.
    Anwar listens to People....what we want.
    You will never get Ktee to report this.
    It's always monsterball...updating him with news.

  30. Anwar listen to people - the monster.

    Haha, puleeze. The joke of the year.
    That fella has no time for others. Let alone hear what you say.
    He's only interested in himself. Love hearing his own voice.
    Look at the way he speaks to reporters. Shouting and putting them down with a fierce face.
    Compare him to Najib. Najib will listen and reply nicely eventhough the questions are stupid.
    To be a leader is to be a listener. Hear them and act on their grouses.
    Anwar doesn't. Got that, Ball?

  31. Hehe....buttercup and monster sama sama je. Different side of the same coin, altho' admittedlyly, one is witty, humorous with a deft hand in penning but too BTN-ised with the Ketuanan shit such that he's willing to be completely blind to his masters' pillaging and bulldozing politics.

    And the monster, well the just boorish, egoistic, rude, loud, with an IQ of room temperature and a dismal command of engrish and his bahasa is the pits. However when roused, can be utterly malicious and bitchy to the nth degree, worse than the naggy hag witch.

    BOth represent the hardcore 30% of Umno and PR. Blessed are the remaining 40% who just simply wish to put these 2 groups with their masters into a no-exit room and let them pummel each other to death.

  32. "Anwar said..."Bring Najib and RPK together and lets debate" If he is a coward with something to hide...he will never say that."

    The indisputable fact is he had already said that!!!

    Now that he has changed his mind (following criticisms of him for his cowardice and advice from his party backroom boys, and then adding a condition for Najib to be included) does NOT hide the fact he had in the first instance refused for RPK to be part of the forum.

    No sirree, a subsequent change of mind won't erase away his lack of democratic ability to face dissent.

  33. My personal experience over many years has been that many Malays in positions of power and responsibility are inherently corrupt and corrupting.

    I think its a cultural thing, perhaps intertwined with religion, because Islam is remarkably silent about corruption, compared to the volumes of warnings against exposure to female sexuality.

    Its going to be the case regardless of UMNO, PKR or, to a lesser extent PAS.

    Since Malaysia is going to have an ever growing Malay majority, the prospects for clean government of the Country does not apper to be good.

  34. Anwar Ibrahim is many things, good or bad, but one thing he definitely is not is a coward.

    The man has been subjected to every type of physical and psychological abuse, character assasination, threats by the UMNO regime and also various minnows who have a distaste for him (like the owner of this blog), and he is still standing, still fighting, still charging.

    A lesser man would have faded into the background or taken other easier roads a long time ago.
    But not Anwar Ibrahim.

    SALUTE !

  35. Hans Christian Anderson was a Danish Pipe Piper.
    Anwar Ibrahim is Malaysian's Pipe Piper.
    He attracts. He mesmerizes people.
    He simply takes voters away from Najib.
    I hope our smart ass blog owner understands what a Pipe Piper is...when spoken by Terrence Netto.
    There is no other Malaysians living today that have will power like Anwar is having.. to withstand and endure so much pains inflicted onto him....still smiling....still the same determined politicians that hungers to free Malaysians.
    That's why a Najib's stooge like Ktemoc...must do his part to stop it as much as he can.

  36. Day by can see...the real Ktemoc is being exposed.
    He must seizes every opportunity to paint Anwar an unreliable ..untrustworthy PM waiting.
    Using an idiom...he even compare Anwar to a leopard...with permanent spots....can never if...he is so perfect...never change at all.
    I wonder does he really understands life itself...or maybe Ktemoc has become lifeless as he is a shameless.. faceless and nameless blog owner too.
    Yip...Ktemoc is Najib's stooge....YET...he tries to convince all how much he respect and love Lim Kit Siang and Karpal. hate someone....yet love someone that love the one he like how to agree to fool all PR supporters.
    Ktemoc is boring and low class skunk.

  37. that's why Anwar depends on supporters like you wakakaka

  38. Anwar has millions upon millions supporters like me...much more than Najib...dumbo.

  39. That's why Najib depends on supporter like you too....and so......

  40. "monsterbaby said...
    Anwar Ibrahim is many things, good or bad, but one thing he definitely is not is a coward."

    I suppose the bloke who wore a flakjacket and run away to hide at the Turkish Embassy on the nonsense he would be assassinated (following Saiful's police report he was sodomized) was someone else, wakakaka.

    and what about the other bloke who always surrounds himself with a platoon of gorrilas who pushed and shoved people (ironically including his admirers) around?

  41. Ktemoc said Anwar is a coward.
    I quote..."for his cowardice" bla bla bla.
    Anyone dares to label Anwar Ibrahim as a coward has one screw in his brain.
    Ktemoc's screws in brain ..not only are loosen ..but also shaky and unbalanced.
    Maybe due to his Confucius upbringing...depending on Newton Laws...Shiva..Jesus and Buddha...yet proclaimed Jesus is his Lord...and say a prayer to Buddha...another to Jesus daily.....making all supernatural beings...pity him...carrying all Gods balls to protect him.
    Buttercup is daily laughing at Ktemoc..yewt Ktee thinks CUP respect him most.
    Ktemoc must carry Najib's balls...hoping he can get an offer..he cannot return to Malaysia.
    Meanwhile no offers..he continues eating Fish & Chips...tasteless dishes...trying hard to be an Aussie...where even an Australian Aborigine is smarter than him.
    Ktemoc is a bookworm....speaking from books knowledge...with little or none practical experiences...except with girls..he did say he had so many in denying that too...because he must not be like painted and be seen ...a playboy...and so he said I lied...he never play out and girls in his life.
    Liar par excellent.

  42. KT :
    Like caravanserai said, politics are for special breed of humans, so do not expect the righteousness as in normal decent folks.

    The way you vilify DSAI only shows your spitefulness,and is bringing you down to the level of someone dominating your blog.

    You think those presently in the corridors of power (or most of them) are better off than DSAI?

  43. Ktemoc..attacking monsterbaby now.
    Sodomy 2 case thrown idiot!!
    And what is he talking about a "bloke" in his last para?
    I wonder will monsterbaby be bothered to reply.

  44. He is far below my level.
    I can put Ktemoc in my real life.
    Hi..Ktemoc...answer Anon 835PM..last para.
    You are reading...don't pretend you are not.

  45. If you are judging me talking in this an Anti-Anwar blog owner who judges others...shamelessly...being faceless and nameless too...still his level is lower than mine...if you ignore my foul words...hahahahahahaha

  46. I utter lots of foul words.
    Ktemoc is a hypocrite...busy body..sly fox...with cow brain.
    He applies tactics to insult me...worst than a jackal.

  47. See...he attacks me and monsterbaby...dare not respond to Anon 8.53PM
    He pick and chooses victims..for his own pleasure....and so with pleasure...I will ROJAK his blog.

  48. When a man claims to be a political reformer and a champion of democracy, and then subscribes to gaining power through defections (a practice he had practised in the past and in recent 'reformasi' times), he is an outrageous blatant liar. 'Rghteousness' is not within his sight at all, so why even bother to bring up that word.

  49. Anwar and me are liars.
    Ktemoc is all truthful.
    There are moments you can trace Ktemoc talks like a braggart....shamelessly...with no face and name at all.
    What a big coward he here run there....always avoiding accusers.
    He is a GHOST and that's why I call him a lantan tan man...filthy...dirty..rubbish man.

  50. Ktemoc has no credibility lah.

    Look at his type of half past six analysis.

    Just because DSAI does not want to be interviewed and let me stress that word - INTERVIEW ! he lambasts DSAI as a coward.

    But not a word about the UMNO goons like Jibby Najib Razak who has chickened out of thousands of debate invitations and let me stress the word DEBATE! that UMNO and Jibby Razak has chickened out on.

    And you donbt comment, i wonder who is the real chicken here!! Jibby and UMNO or is it DSAI or PKR!

    Be more objective in your observations lah ktemoc. Your hatred of DSAI is embarassing to you and to us chinese. Its embarassing for me as a chinese that you are one also.



  51. Some likened KTemoc to the Captain Ahab of Moby Dick.

    He is so consumed with emotion when it comes to DSAI that it's pointless to continue the discussion. He should add a caveat to his blog's declaration :


  52. Easier said than done.
    Ktemoc is malicious and pick on commentators like me to insult and bash around.
    Ktemoc is a faceless and nameless blog owner...yet teach others to have principles in life.
    Not only DSAI...but he must be exposed for what he is.
    Just look at how he play around with Malaysians mind..saying...he respects and love Lim Kit Siang..Karpal.. and Lim Guan Eng.....but not Anwar.
    This means...Anwar must not be PM....ans if Anwar cannot be PM...It also mean.....if Anwar cannot be PM...and PR stays as opposition and BN win again.
    Check it out.
    He is trying very hard to confuse voters.....and I and few others.....keep exposing him.