Thursday, March 22, 2012

Still radioactive ARE deters acceptance of LYNAS & future nuclear powerplants

Malaysiakini - Urgent motion filed on high radiation in Bukit Merah

SMSL, which is battling the Lynas Advance Materials Plant operations in Gebeng, Kuantan, has claimed that radiation at the Mitsubishi Chemical’s ARE plant, which was shut down 18 years ago, is still at a hazardous level.

SMSL chairperson Tan Bun Teet said the radiation reading near the plant was around 0.19 microsievert per hour while the reading near the dump site stood at about 0.2 microsievert per hour.

Both readings, if calculated to a year’s worth of radiation, are beyond the safe level of 1 milisievert per year as advised by AELB.

Thus AELB, in vouching recently that the ARE site would be safe enough to be converted into a public park once the Bukit Kledang waste disposal site is completely sealed by next year, has either been incompetent in its assessment or ..... untruthful. Malaysians have become so disenchanted with the highly politicised and, in many cases, corrupt Malaysian public service and institutions that most are likely to believe in the latter, that is, 'untruthful'.

Sweetie Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah) has been so shocked or so incensed, or both, by the frightening levels of radioactivity at the abandoned Asian Rare Earth (ARE) plant in Bukit Merah and its permanent waste dump site at Bukit Kledang, Ipoh, that she has filed an emergency motion in Parliament to debate SMSL’s claims.

This scarey turn of event is typical of Malaysia where government bureaucracy supposedly responsible for our safety, security and service have, with some small exceptions, either been incompetent or untruthful when they presented questionable reports which only favoured the requirements of powerful politicians and their business-industry cronies. That's the current public attitude regarding Lynas where very few people believe the government's assurance that it's eight bells and all's swell.

Compounding our Boleh untrustworthy bureacracy has been our (Malaysian) notoriety for poor maintenance practice, where we would build the most, best, greatest, biggest, largest, tallest, deepest whatever, but very seldom maintain the building or structure once it's construction has been completed. Maybe we Malaysians believe God's archangels would maintain the structure for us.

It sure as hell doesn’t help when maintenance money, whatever little of it, is siphoned off by corrupt officials, as was exposed by (then) Deputy Higher Education Minister Ong Tee Keat in September 2006, when Education Ministry officials embezzled humongous chunks (90%) of funds allocated for refurbishing vernacular schools in Johore.

The veracity of Ong’s accusations was confirmed by Lim Kit Siang in Parliament when he told (then) Works Minister Samy Vellu that a JKR official had admitted to Ong's allegation. The official said that the refurbishment works carried out on SJKC Kung Yu in Johor cost only about RM3,000 when the allocation was RM30,000.

Thus, Ong Tee Keat earned the wrath and eternal hatred of UMNO when he publicly exposed those corrupt officers. But instead of thanking Ong for his public service duty, Hishamuddin, he with the 50-foot Panca Warisan keris, demanded Ong apologise for not remaining within his Higher Education domain but intruding into Hisham's fiefdom. The cabinet led by cousin (then DPM) Najib supported Hisham in his demand but Ong refused to apologize, finally leading his boss Higher Education Minister Mustapa Mohamed to do so on his behalf to save everyone’s face, especially Najib’s and Hishamuddin’s.

For more of Najib’s ‘form rather than substance’ read my post
Corruption 'Fact' for DPM Najib & Hishamuddin. Till today I do not know whether those corrupt officers have been duly charged? But I won’t hold my breath waiting.

Back to Bukit Merah – thus, with such Malaysian (lack of) work ethics and its highly BTN-ized racial politics and governance, where corrupt, incompetent or even wilful officials would get away with virtually blue murder, it’s small wonder safety procedures would very seldom be complied with, more so if these were complex and laborious to conduct, or 'savings' (nudge nudge wink wink) could be derived by skimming on them.

In the private sector, it’s not unknown that companies had not been very kosher as well, cutting corners to obtain the best bottomline, no matter how well padded their rewards have already been guaranteed. Just sheer bloody greed and assured knowledge that all's kowtim-able if caught.

I was informed that there were rumours of trucks carting away the contaminated waste from ARE but irresponsibly and callously dumping them in unauthorized nooks and corners to save time and travel (cost). Part of the problem had been the ignorance of the truck drivers who themselves probably weren’t aware of the radioactive contents they were trucking away. I just wonder how many of them and their loaders had been tested for cancer since?

I have been consistently one of those who believe that at some stage, sooner rather than later, Malaysia seriously needs to examine the use of nuclear energy instead of just conventional fossil fuel for its electrical needs, hence I'm very much pro use of nuclear energy, but such reminders of the irresponsible management of ARE (by both industry and the Malaysian govenrment) can only serve to dampen my anti-Luddite proclivity.


  1. Nuclear power generation is a technology which brooks zero margin for error. One, because the technology is so complex and coupled with potentially deadly radiation. Two, the Worst Case Scenario is much, much more horrendous than any other technological accident.

    A airline crash, for example, tragic though it is, has little consequence beyond the families of those who died in the crash. Even the affected airline continues business as usual.

    The Total Exclusion Zone around Chernobyl, which will be dangerous for anyone to enter for the next one thousand years, is bigger than the entire state of Penang.

    The Total Exclusion Zone around Fukushima is bigger than Wilayah Persekutuan. Land in Japan is so precious they cannot afford to evacuate it for decades. It is now laying plans to eventually remove the all of the top 2 inches of soil from the entire vast evacuation area. Japan, one of the richest countries in the world could afford to carry out such a costly exercise, but most other countries cannot.

    Think very, very, very carefully before casually calling yourself Pro-Nuclear.

    I would never say Never to nuclear energy, but it should absolutely be a last resort, when there is no other choice.

  2. Most of the people who support nuclear energy are either intimately involved in the industry i.e. their "Rice Bowl" depends on nuclear energy or are ignorant of the nature and risks of nuclear energy.

    That's why you have the irony that many of the most knowledgeable "Experts" are pro-nuclear. Of course they are, either their share portfolio or they monthly paycheck is linked to promoting nuclear power.

    But the wider scientific and technological community, people who understand the physics, biology and the engineering but don't have a pecuniary interest in it tends to be very leery of nuclear power.

  3. Just to prove that the Lynas plant is so very safe,the Lynas management and Umno/BN should move their families to Gebeng and start their families and extended families there.Have babies,grandbabies and great grandbabies there to prove that the site is safe for all.

  4. I say our so call Nuclear power project is for UMNO B party to make buy up the country.
    Crooks are controlling the country....and after 12th GE...Najib begin to feel voters are not like before..not so easy to be fooled.
    Money is the root of all evils..and so this Nuclear Power Plant plus our two world best submarines are sort of..."killing two birds with one stone"...partly good for the country.....mostly for huge commission.
    No one trust UMNO b doing the right thing....right now..for all ..big and small...projects.. are grossly overpriced.
    And back to Nuclear plant...the standard of management is horrible...with narrow minded racists governing.
    They don't care about health all...until being cornered.
    Right hour is allocated in Parliament to debate on the issue...after so many months and months protect made.
    There is a clear distinct character of UMNO b minister's personalities.
    The hate to be proven wrong when they are trully wrong.
    It's all about UMNO b must always be right...not so easy now.
    No use to talk about this..when Parliamentarians are going to debate on this issue.

  5. "and so this Nuclear Power Plant plus our two world best submarines are sort of..."killing two birds with one stone"...partly good for the country.....mostly for huge commission."

    There's currently no nuclear plant in Malaysia so stop talking cock if you dont know, shut up long enough and people would not realize you are an ignoramus

  6. monsterbaby, I agree with your arguments, though I need to say, nuclear energy is just like fire, a bad master though a good servant. If mankind had been scared of adopting the fire that Promethus stole from the gods to give us, and managed it successfully, today we'd still be cavemen tearing at raw meat with our teeth.

    Today France has more than 85% of its electrical power supplied by nuclear plants. The perils of nuclear energy are not the plants themselves but in managing and controlling them, which the Russians failed to do at Chenobyl (because of shortage of funds and a pissed poor attitude towards safety).

    The Japanese catered for earthquakes but alas, not for the effect of tsunami, a disastrous oversight in a land where the unique word of 'harbour waves' came from.

    As I posted, until Malaysians can come up with a culture of good maintenance (and no corruption in thsi dangerous industry), it'd be disastrous to support N-plants

  7. monsterball has a point there...

    The Najib administration's avowed plans for nuclear power are likely intimately linked to the prospective "leakages" on a grand scale. Nuclear power stations inevitably cost Billions of Dollars. A mega project among mega projects.

    I will make another prediction...they will link up with a French company (again)...that least transparent of Western European countries.

    Like most UMNOputra-driven megaprojects, they may be superficially good or necessary for the country, but also major get-rich exercises.

    For Malaysia's rakyat, the "leakages" may ultimately end up the radioactive type.

  8. KT said...."..until Malaysians can come up with a culture of good maintenance..."

    Jangan harap lah for this country. The people should just stick to become the world champion making the longest lemang.... and tallest this and biggest that.

    At least when they lose millions upon millions and billions and billlions in GLCs and the Treasury...with not a single culprit brought to account, at least it is just money we lost and we just resign to become 'Greece'. But with this N-plants projects, lives wiill be lost in a much more horrendous ways.

  9. Quote: "[Malaysia] Boleh untrustworthy bureacracy [notorious] for poor maintenance practice, where we would build the most, best, greatest, biggest, largest, tallest, deepest whatever, but very seldom maintain the building or structure once it's construction has been completed."

    Aha! You mean like that brand new sports stadium in Terengganu which suffered a major roof collapse before even a single sports event could be held there!

  10. For more about nuclear power plants, this (click on it) blog commentary is quite an interesting read for anyone who can spare the time.

  11. Shithead Ktemoc....Malaysians are shouting ...protesting..all like expose the proposal to have the Nuclear plant on the proving waste plants...also cannot control...want to control nuclear waste?
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  16. Building nuclear plants,investing in business,investing in the stock market,investing in one's future by furthering one's studies or childrens future by sending our children for further studies.

    Even betting on the ponies,sports betting,buying empat ekors or even to gambling in casinos.

    Everything seems okay at first until something goes wrong.Like disaster struck in the nuclear plant,business goes down the drains or losing all your life savings in the game of chance.

    Then everything do not seem right anymore.In fact everything seems so gloomy like there will be no tomorrow.So let us ask the Australians why they will not permit Lynas to set up shop in Australia.Or do we sit on our hands and hope for the best and that the bad things do not happen here on our shores.

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  19. Dr. M said in London yesterday that the opposition protest against Lynas is just a political ploy. He said it was not because of the radiation fear.
    I tend to believe him. Why is that none of the Pakatan MPs want to join the Parliamentary Committee on Lynas?
    So much for the demo and the instigation of Kuantan folks that the plant is harmful.
    Fauziah the Kuantan MP is still talking crap despite the experts explanation on the issue.
    And Najib has assured that he will stop the Lynas project if it is harmful to the people.

    P.S. Kudos Ball. For once you talk sense.

  20. anon of 12:46 AM, March 23, 2012, nothing to do with maintenance - wasn't even correctly built in 1st place

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  33. Quote Ongkili

    'The reading of 0.2µSv/hr is equivalent to 1.6mSv/y, but this reading minus the background reading, which is also 1.6mSv/y, gives a final reading of zero.'

    There r a few frauds in that statement.

    1st assuming that the background radiation reading is 1.6 mSv/y, that means Lynas LAMP generate zilch radiation. This is twisted logic bcoz LAMP is not in operation yet due to the construction going on.

    But the situation would be different ONCE LAMP is starting to run.

    Simple logic would have indicated that the ambient surrounding radiation reading would be higher due to the imported ore from Mt Weld.

    So the question is what would be the TOTAL radiation reading then when LAMP operates.

    2nd - Using the logic that the radiation subjected by the people within the plant must subtract the original ambient background reading to indicate a safety level is a BIG Bull.

    Radiation level experienced by a human body is ADDITIVE. Meaning the sum total is ONLY going bigger & u would die in prolong exposure.

    I suppose that statement can ONLY be championed by people who has turn zero-sum game into a fine art.

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  60. I do not agree with with Pakatan Rakyat's position on Lynas, though I'm a long-time DAP member.

    The data which has been made available, and validated by the IAEA team, shows that the Mount Weld rare-earth ore only has very low levels of radioactivity, hardly any higher than background radiation.

    The most important reasons Lynas came to Malaysia are twofold -

    1. The Malaysian government offered them a VERY generous tax break, for 12 years no less. If the operation was in Australia, they would have been taxed at the 30% Company tax rate. Its a huge financial advantage to Lynas.

    Labour cost is not a big issue, because the plant is not labour intensive.

    2. The Ore extraction process requires massive amounts of water. The semi desert in Western Australia will not support the LAMPS operation.

    The amang ore in Bukit Merah is rich in radioactive thorium and is a very different consideration altogether from Lynas.

    Most of China's rare earth ores are also contained within radioactive material, and not relevant to the Lynas issue.

    I have long been a critic of the Malaysian government's long history of irresponsible actions in Bukit Merah, but I must say that the Lynas plant is a totally different set of circumstances.

    Malaysia needs to show that it can be a responsible host country for foreign investors.

    Rejecting the Lynas plant now for political reasons, rather than sound scientific and engineering grounds will be disastrous for Malaysia's future relations with potential foreign investors.

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  63. We are not talking about Nuclear waste.
    We are talking about the record UMNO b management records of all things..including garbage waste...very poor.
    All have been said.
    Your comments are sound and logical...Rocketman...but we are dealing with a well established crook....that can kill will eyes wide open.

  64. With the horrendous track record of the govt (read UMNO) so far, the public cannot be blamed if they are leery of any more billion ringgit projects especially of the kind that will disastrously affect the health of not only this generation but the next too.

    Even if what Rocketman had wrote about the safety of Lynas rare earth is true,( as had also been explained by Lynas itself and some others ), all these information is lost simply because UMNO has boo-booed once too often and the public is saying enough is enough. And with the election round the corner, how many politicians are able to resist using this Lynas issue to their advantage ?

    This is another example of losing the goose laying the golden eggs...just like UMNO driving away the 'brains' with their Ketuanan shouting and mismanagement.

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  66. Rocketman,

    Let me ask these questions;

    ‘Mount Weld rare-earth ore only has very low levels of radioactivity’ is not true.

    The Lanthanide from Mt Weld does contain low Thorium & Uranium concentration.

    But, this is NOT the answer to the question. All refinery process CONCENTRATES the required mineral. Inevitably, some unwanted elements would also be concentrated during the same refinery process.

    Thorium & Uranium + traces of Radon would be the radioactive by-products of any REO refinery process.

    No matter how small is the concentration of Thorium & Uranium in the original Lanthanide ore, eventually the refinery process WOULD gather enough dosage THAT could kill. Understand???

    The 12-yr tax break offered by the M’sian govt is one of the incentives for Lynas to re-site the LAMP to Gebeng.

    The logistic & transportation cost of shipping bulk mineral ore from Mt Weld to Gebeng is ONLY just been offset by this tax break.

    This is especially so during this current time of super low rate for tanker carrier, as indicated by the current Baltic Dry Index. If this rate goes up, there would be a chance that Lynas might pack & go somewhere else, especially, further down the line, other ORE refineries r coming on stream in the market & the REE commodities prices drop.

    The most cost intensive process of REE refinery is the handling of the radioactive waste. In Oz, all REE refineries r required to rebury the radioactive waste into the place where it comes from. AND this has to be done on a batch by batch basic, meaning no accumulation of these radioactive waste until it’s economical to send it down to where it comes from! Just rebury it as it's been produced.

    So, just imagine the money saved iff this particular requirement can be bypassed. & Bypass it’s in Gebeng!

    All current technology used in REO refinery involved water leaching. The argument of the semi desert in Western Australia will not support the LAMPS operation is crap. Do u know that Australia's Arafura Resources has to built its rare earth mine and processing plant at its Nolan project in the Northern Territory. Know how ISOLATED & DRY is that plant in Alice Spring? Make one wonder, what Arafura can do & yet Lynas cannot do in Mt Weld!

    Ditto Thor Lake mine in Northwest Canada.

    The only minimum water usage process in refining REE is current been implemented by Molycorp at Mt Pass. This only comes about bcoz of the 1998 radioactive waste water spillage, that caused the leaked radioactive waste water to spill into the Ivanpah Dry Lake, which, as an ancient salt lake, could ‘luckily’ adsorb the waste water from been getting into the waterway.

    It caused the only REE plant in the world at that time to close shop in 1998, as order by the State of Nevada. Molycorp only regains the operation license after preparing a cleanup plan and completing a new extensive environmental study, plus paying more than $1.4 million in fines and undisclosed settlements.

    Yr takes on the radioactive elements from the amang of Bukit Merah & the China REO r hp6 infos. Read my explanation in the 1st paragraph, would u!

    BTW, know why the W Australia govt refuses to accept back the refinery waste from Gebeng? IF what yr infos as claimed ‘The data which has been made available, and validated by the IAEA team, shows that the Mount Weld rare-earth ore only has very low levels of radioactivity, hardly any higher than background radiation.’ is accurate. Why is that the authority refuses to accept what’s been sent out & came back, with no additional radioactive increment, iff the claim is correct!

    The rejection of Lynas Gebeng IS not a political issue. IT is an environmental issue. PERIOD.

    I DO hope u read & research more b4 u write on subject with 2nd handed infos!

    Otherwise, u end up saying just like Ongkili’s zero sum radiation dosage inference, LOL.

  67. Monster leaving ? Don't get your hope up !

    'Tah T'oe S'ei Mmm Ch'ow' -- this cantonese saying Beat Til Death Oso Won't Go ( literal transl).

    He is an example of the worst chinese ever....boastful, rude, crude, foul mouth, moronic,vicious, insensitive, lustful, egoistic, vengeful, petty and thorough selfish.

    He thinks so highly of himself....we tolerate reading his nonsense just to put him down, so as to encourage him to leave. Most times, we just skip his comments. We come here just to see KT's postings and the useful comments from the non monstrous kind. So stop thinking your comments enliven this blog mr monsterball. Your nonsensical puerile comments contribute zilch to this blog.

  68. Hahaha.....the moronic monsterball waiting for an apology from KT ? Apologize for what ah?

    It is the monster who should be saying sorry lah...hehehe.

    Even if the monster goes on bended knees and apologize to KT for all the curses and all the nonsense here, it is not quite enough lah, hehehe.

    To ask for an apology from KT is like a terrorist who had just bombed your home and kill some of your loved ones and then turn around to ask you to apologize for trying to defend your own home. Podah lah this moronic monster. Getting bolder and more arrogant by the day.

    When is the last day of monster here? we are counting....hehehe.

  69. Monsterball,you are one very sick mother fuc_king baby.You have the sick mind to ask for an appology.Monsterball does not have the brains of a termite to figure it out,that he is an outcast of society,a parasite.

  70. Monsterball,do not challenged anyone to dare come to your house.Your mama,Monstermom was at your house yesterday and you locked yourself in.You are no street fighter.A penakut at best.Hahaha big kek kek kek chicken.

  71. CK,
    Sorry, I had a very busy Friday afternoon to clear my workload before the weekend.

    Please read IAEA
    s report on Lynas

    The Mount Weld ore contains up to 0.16% Thorium and 0.0029% Uranium, with a radioactivity level of 6 Bacquerels per gramme - doesn't even qualify as radioactive material under international law.

    Actual operation licence approval will be dependent on confirmation of the actual level of radioactivity in the shipped ore.

    If the Malaysian government is stupid enough to lie about this again (like Bukit Merah), Najib will be spending the rest of his life planting kangkong in Pekan.

    The IAEA report covered the issue of radioactivity levels expected from the post-processing concentrate and also the tailings.
    Yes, the Water Leachate Purification residue.
    will have higher radioactivity levels than the original ore, but only slightly higher.

    LAMPS is a chemical processing plant, not a nuclear power plant; it doesn't create any "new" radioactivity which isn't already in the ore. It is a Rare Earth concentration plant. Uranium and Thorium would be unwelcome impurities in the finished product - nobody is trying to concentrate Uranium and Thorium.

    The Lynas plant will consume 213 m3 of water per Hour - that is 213 tonnes of water per Hour.

    Comparing LAMPS to Arafura's Nolan mine is misleading. Nolan is a MINE, which needs little water.

    Arafura's equivalent operation to LAMPS is their Whyalla operation - since there is no way the local ecosystem can support such a huge water consumption , Arafura built a large Reverse Osmosis desalination plant, drawing sea water. Hugely expensive to build and operate, but supportable by the revenue from Rare Earths.

    Why did Western Australia refuse to take back the waste ? Simple.
    Why should they ? Its Waste, of no use to anybody, and they have Zero legal obligation to accept it back.

    Please do your homework before calling something crap.

  72. I strongly believed that the MONSTERBALL is on his way to self banishment from this blog.He has make more enemies than friends here.His uncouth rude behaviour,vulgar words flying off his bitchy mouth and cursing anybody who disagrees with him till kingdom come.This senior citizen is only fit fot the filthy pigs in the pigsty.He will soon be history in KT's blog.Good riddance to filthy dirty garbage and shit.

  73. Filthiness is what you all pariahs..that Ktemoc and including that so call monstermom braggart that can walk yo my house in 1 second.
    Anyone supports a filthy government that rob and kill deserves filthy comments.
    Let others insult Ktemoc in their ways...which are excellent.
    I will keep talking cock to him...for in his filthy blog..he chooses to belittle me..teaches me...insult me...and exposes me.
    Ktemoc claims he was brought up by Confucius values....and Confucius tells all to be meek and humble...and ALWAYS respect the Elders....say sorry to them...if anyone got offended.
    I have said sorry to Ktee few times...when he said I was wrong..not to argue with him in the past...but the more I am humble..the more he brags...with an objective to stamp his authority over he knows....I support Anwar to be PM...and all his bloody nonsense exposed by me...and few others.
    He wants me to leave his blog and all I ask is him..saying sorry to me..
    Look at his silence..with that fucking shit attitude .."My blog..I do or say what want"
    Sure he can...but not telling lies about Anwar Ibrahim..
    Then this blog is a political blog...anti PR...with a twisted tongue to confuse readers....all the time.

  74. He will never apologize.
    Who else can make his posts with so many hits??

  75. Monsterball is responsible for 50% of Ktemoc's current says Monsterball...muaaaa

  76. hi "monstermom"....ALL house front doors are locked idiot.
    Why don't you ring the door bell?
    Describe my house.
    Liar deserves liars in his blog.

  77. Right now I'm just at Persiaran Murni, outside the gate of Sekolah Kebangsaan Seafield. Just wondering whether to go your place to bash you up...

  78. Rocketman,

    I don’t usually call people’s idea crap. For u, that would be an exception! (cf the explanation at the bottom).

    What’s yr point of referring to IAEA’s report on Lynas?

    Furthermore, what’s yr point of telling me that the Mount Weld ore contains up to 0.16% Thorium and 0.0029% Uranium, with a radioactivity level of 6 Bacquerels per gramme - doesn't even qualify as radioactive material under international law?

    I suppose it’s just bcoz u don’t see the trees (details) for the forest (superficiality), yes?

    My POINT is concentration of radioactive waste due to the refinery process. GET IT?


    Again, all refinery process inevitably increases the concentration of ALL the components within the original ore. Get that into yr grey matter, ok?

    ‘6 Bacquerels per gramme’, yes? Then what’s the vol of REO that’s going to be process at Lynas LAMP? What would be the sum total of the radioactivity of that pre- & post-processed REO’s radioactivity that’s sitting at the plant site? Remember radioactivity doesn’t play zero sum game. IT’S accumulative & additive – meaning can only increase as the vol increases.

    IAEA might consist of a group of nuclear scientists, BUT they r NOT expert on REO refinery & mining controls. DO read about the Molycorp’s Mt Pass radioactive waste water spillage to judge for yrself about their ‘expertise’, would u?

    In simple layman term, REO refinery is in its infantry development currently. It’s ONLY been developed in the last 10 yrs & still undergoing process tweaking, especially on the handling of the radioactive waste.

    Using water for mineral leaching is an ancient & environmental harmful process. Tin mining is an good example. But the process is simple & cheap & easily done. That’s why so much water is been used in the REO leaching process.

    BTW, the Water Leachate Purification residue would have the HIGHEST radioactivity levels concentration than the original ore, NOT only slightly higher! Moreover, as the concentration of the waste increases, the level of the radioactivity increases. Keyword - ACCUMULATIVE CONCENTRATION.

    U r obviously WRONG about nuclear power plant. Neither the nuclear power plant nor the LAMP processing plant create any "new" radioactivity. They both create their intended purpose via the critical concentration level of the source to get the end result that they wanted. Nuclear plant does that via the critical mass of the uranium rods, while LAMP does that via chemical (water leaching) process to refine the REO.

    Yes, Uranium and Thorium would be THE unwelcome impurities in the finished product. Whose fault is that?

    Pls read more about WHY Australia's Arafura Resources has to built its rare earth MINE and PROCESSING plant at its Nolan project in the Northern Territory. U obviously ONLY read what u wanted to read.

    Yes, Arafura’s Whyalla operation CAN refine REO at a water resource critical location. & hugely expensive to build and operate, but supportable by the revenue from Rare Earths. So WHY not Lynas? Meanwhile, don’t ignore water requirement of the Nolan plant at Alice Spring, too!

    BTW, do u read about how Arafulla’s Nolan & Whyalla plants handle their radioactive waste? Ditto, wrt Molycorp’s latest zero water emission plant at Mt Pass. Ditto, Avalon's Lake Thor plant.

    This is gem;

    ‘Why did Western Australia refuse to take back the waste? Simple. Why should they? Its Waste, of no use to anybody, and they have Zero legal obligation to accept it back.’

    So why must Gebeng gets the waste? For that matter, M’sia?

    Now my crap compliment – u do know A LOT about 2nd hand infos. Next time try some 1st hand infos, for a supposedly ‘intelligent’ guy like u, OK?

  79. That's telling him off...Rocketman.

  80. I know an intelligent cracko ..walking at Petaling Street and people used yo gather around...invite him to a eating shop..offering him drinks and money...and ask him and he can give you an answer.
    He even know he is a cracko.
    We ask him why...he said he has committed the greatest sin....fucking his mother.
    Then his real father will come...telling us..that's nonsense.
    He over studied..a bookworm....shorting the brainwaves...too much input.
    Doesn't this remind you of Ktemoc?..the most intelligent blog owner in Malaysia?..everything he knows..never wrong....and teaches others too.

  81. someone is trying to find a role for himself when he has no clue how to go about it, and instead offends everyone not just here but everywhere

    just as he claimed to defend Susan Loone's blog (but was banned from it wakakaka), he came to my blog claiming to defend it which means he had been so moronic as to want to defend a blog that doesn't regard his idol with respect. but in reality, he has no more place to go, so in oder to stay here (his final stand) he now claims another role, to protect anwar, not that he is doing any good for anwar wakakaka.

    he is violent, a blatant liar, foul mouthed and obsessive with sex - far more radioactive than uranium

    he craves respect and loves for me or anyone to call him uncle (he's jealous I refer to Lim KS as 'uncle') and desperately begs for apologies as if he needs an immediate blood transfusion

    Sometimes I feel sad for this lonely old bloke but most times I regard him as an irritating uncouth bug

  82. CK,
    Its obvious from your emotional response that you know Zero about nuclear physics and the chemistry of mineral processing. You have not shown any understanding of the subject beyond being a Google jockey.

    The most basic fact you need to know is that Nuclear Power plants definitely do create new radiation - lots, lots of it, thats why they can be dangerous. The uranium fuel rods that are loaded in the first time are only moderately radioactive. When the reactor is powered up, the self-sustaining nuclear reaction produces high speed neutrons and protons which can convert non-radioactive isotopes into radioactive ones. It even produces Plutonium, a highly radioactive and toxic element- and doesn't exist in nature anywhere on earth, definitely doesn't exist in the original uranium - get it ?

    Radioactivity with a chemical plant like LAMPS is certainly a Zero Sum process. No more radioactivity comes out at the end than what goes in from the original ore.

    Arafura's Nolan is not a Rare Earth processing plant. Its a MINE.
    Because its only a MINE it needs very little water, just like the mines in Broken Hill, in the middle of the desert.

    Go back and read some good HSC/STPM-level Physics textbook before you even think about trying to argue Lynas with me.
    People like you give the Environment movement a bad name.

    Meanwhile I will stop this Lynas here. Waste of time discussing with CK.

  83. Rocketman,

    I MUST have forgotten about the differences between radiation & radioactivity in a nuclear reaction within the reactor of the nuclear power plant!!!!LOTFLOL

    Or is it someone trying to play semantics?

    Ha! Radioactivity with a chemical plant like LAMPS is certainly a Zero Sum process! Who’s talking about new radioactivity? Or was it the CONCENTRATION of the radioactivity?

    This web page - - does not give u the real picture. Suffice to advice u to read the industrial rare earth metal report to find out more. That would be a 1st hand infos.

    Try to be a google jockey for a change, ok?

    Now, who’s giving the Environment movement a bad name, again?

  84. It needs that so call intelligent man to give a long long defensive reply...twisting and twisting like a snake....telling grandfather stories again again and again..with not single proof.
    That has always been his style when he hates someone.
    That's good.
    It shows how important I am here in this blog.
    No use to defend.
    After is his blog.
    Everything he says are gospel truth.

  85. Putting words into my mouth when I have never spoken ...indicate or shown...what he accused me typical of a pondan..not a man personality at all.
    Perhaps he hates Anwar so much....because what was reported and accused about Saiful and Anwar..Ktemoc wishes it was him.
    He sounds a real itchy bitch to me.
    Pity pity pity...who is pitying who?

  86. He claims he was bought up by Confucius teachings and I just pointed out to him...what Confucius teaches...respect for the Elders..and here he twist and turn like a snake...saying I yearn for respect.
    I have seen females quarreling like that...but never seen a man talk like Kteee.

  87. A blog so so big...yet click to the blog owner biography... his biography....BLANK!!
    That sums up how brave Ktemoc talk 3000 miles away...about Anwar and me.
    He is 100% ....a COWARD!! instigator...a talk talk..politics..yet faceless....nameless.
    He is a bullshitter with no shame....thick skin.. pondan.
    "Sometimes I feel sad for this lonely old bloke"...said Ktemoc about me....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    He is 3000 miles away from all his love ones..and feeling sad for me.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Whole family disowned him...a pondan now...prick attacked syphilis germs...a punishment given by God to him..playing out so many innocent cannot children.
    He pity me...a man with 5 children...7 grands and.. a sweet young wife....treating me like a King???....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  88. And a money tree?
    Pity me?.......HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Ktee is a nincompoop.....without text book helping him.
    If you read all his comments...he sounds so fair minded understanding man.
    Then we see the real Ktee when he talks about Anwar Ibrahim...and his twistings...and LKS...Karpal but not Anwar..the BN man style oF swinging votes to BN.
    A pondan just say few harsh words is showing how angry he is...and his post of a showing how much he hates me....keep asking me to go says he pity me.
    Contradictions upon contradictions...what is he?...a liar Najib.

  89. 'Sometimes I feel sad for this lonely old bloke"....also mean Ktemoc claims he can read characters.
    How many more fantastic super duper qualities he has?
    I guess that is his answer..why he will not apologize to me...because he pity me.
    I will not pity him. I am not a him.
    I will ROJAK his blog....whenever necessary.
    Now rest..this post will again break the 100 hits record.
    Who make it possible..Ktee??? me gobolok.

  90. Monsterbaby described Ktemoc well and clear...a malicious person....a person with a desire to harm others.
    In Cantonese .."hark sum yen"....cunning with a black heart.
    And this reminds me ....none other than Mahathir.
    Ktemoc can boast ...he possessed some qualities from the real 2 DEVILS.....Najib and Mahathir.

  91. Monsterball,I will describe your house for you.All your windows are reinforced by 1/2 inch steel bars.Only prison steel bars are 3/4inch in diameter.That means that your house is like a mini prison,so well protected from streetfighters.And your gates are padlocked and further protected by a 1/2 inch chain with locks.

    You know monsterball,you have make so many enemies that you have to live in a caged house.It is just like a burong living in captivity in a rattan cage.And furthermore all your enemies are made from your rude and crude comments as a commenter in Susan's and KT's blog.

    If all your enemies were made from your activities as a street fighter,I would understand.But you are no streetfighter.You are an penakut impostor pretending to be called a streetfighter.What a shame to be living in a birdhouse because of your big mouth,sprewing filthy uncouth comments at your fellow bloggers and commenters.

    Even when I was at your house,there were a crowd of around 100 people gathered around curiously watching as what is happening.They wanted to know what the commotion was about.They soon learned that it was about the coward Monsterball quivering inside his house like a coward.What a blurdy shame for a man who calls himself a streetfighter.

  92. Wah...all that drivel by the monster...such a pathetic old man...incredible such human do exists. May be not human...more like an insect, a monstrous insect.

    We all thought we killed this bug off, but here he is again, turning up again and again.....guess he had no where else to go. Pitiful old pathetic fool....

  93. As usual when I have my sleeves rolled up,and ready to give my uncouthful son the Monsterball a good spanking,he has gone into hiding.This useless son of a gun deserves to get his fat ass kick around like a bola.He is such a disrecpectful spoilt brat that I have decided to disowned him from this moment onwards.Good riddance to the rude and thuggery monsterball.

  94. Monsterball,hahaha,hehehe,your monstermom has disowned you.Now that you are out on the streets where are you going to go.Are you going to appologised to sweetie Susan so that she will take you back under her wings?

  95. If ever Ktemoc can sincerely feel sad for anyone......these are the Malaysians he should feel sad for...and they are all anti-Anwar too.....daily lying and talking nonsense.
    To's cheap fun.
    I guess malicious one deserves same kind...and Ktee is enjoying too.

  96. Miniball,you talk a lot but you lack substance.So today onwards we have to call you mini instead of monster.You are not a street fighter,but a homemaker.You are the boss of the house and the kitchen only.

  97. hahahahahaha....All Freedom Fighters are not home makers.

  98. Najib talk alot...totally no substance.
    Ktemoc talk a ghost..a faceless and nameless blog 3000 miles away...very brave indeed.

  99. The monsterball has surely again scored a century with his comments.No blog can do it without the monster.

  100. Ktemoc,
    Just say clearly

    "Monsterball, you are not welcome to comment on this blog.
    Please leave and don't come back"

    Monsterball doesn't understand hints.
    Monsterball doesn't deal in allusions, nudges, winks and asides.
    Monsterball doesn't do Shakespearean English.

  101. copy out again.
    I...the original MONSTERBALL told Ktemoc to apologize to me..then I will leave.
    Just look at this blog...with a copy of me....confusing readers.
    Who approve this and why?
    Leaving this post....not leaving the blog.....UNTIL Ktemoc apologizes to me.

  102. What a lively corner of cyberspace this has become. Things are jumping here ... how wonderful! Makes my Sunday perfect.

    Rocketman and CK engaged in a passionate and instructive debate on the dangers of nuclear waste disposal.

    KT and Monsterball too have an ongoing ... er ... intelligent debate?, or maybe a boxing match, about AI - Artificial Intelligence!

    Actually a boxing match is a more apt description here - KT's style is more like Muhammad Ali's - unleashing a stinging jab now and then; Monsterball's is more like Mike Tyson's technique - throwing out a flurry of wild punches.

    Question: Will my comment provoke Monsterball to throw a flurry of foul words in my direction? Now, that will be nice - the icing on the cake of a perfect Sunday!! Monsterball, don't just say: Shut the Fuck Up! Let me throw you a challenge. Be really, really foul. The fouler you can get, the more I luv it! Because it makes me laugh and laugh.

    Hellooo, Buttercup, why so silent? Are you merely watching from the sidelines? Don't you want to come in and join the party? Hurl a chair or two? And add to the merriment!!

    Yang ikhlas,
    Judge Goodwon, the anarchist

  103. Now BOTH the nicks are with blue colors....perfect copy to the confuse readers.
    Everyone who read my comments..knows 11.06AM style is not mine.

  104. Previously I asked someone to leave and not desecrate this blog, but being of thick skinned construct, he refused to, attempting to impose all sorts of conditions (that I must promise never to attack Anwar). Quite frankly, even if I had agreed to that, he would have come up with another condition. The thing is he doesn't want, can't leave here because he has no other place to go. He clings on desperately, changing his role from defending Susan to defending me to defending Anwar to making 100 comments wakakaka.

  105. The monster likens to Mike Tyson vs the Muhd Ali of KT ? Surely you must be kidding, Judge Goodwon !

    The part about KT's stinging true- to-target punches ala Muhd Ali is very apt....but the monster is not even up to the knee level of KT. Nay, even lower than that, more like at the ankle, heheheh. So he is no Mike Tyson lah...more like mickey mouse, a very old and feeble one too.

    With a brain like a mindless insect, all he did is spewing nonsense couched in the dirtiest foul language you could find. Now we all know he is just a lonely, pathetic old man seeking relief with his hallucination of being a freedom fighter.

    An old man in his 70s claiming to have a young 4th wife and scores of children and grandchildren....what is he doing sitting behind the computer 24/7 pretending to be a 'freedom fighter' shouting foul language and quarelling with almost everybody ? Another hallucination when he rambles on about his young wifey ? May be his so-called young wife is just a screen image on the computer ? Wakakakaka. And his so-called 'money tree' is just the chiku tree outside his yard, wakakaka.

  106. KT has no face and name.
    I you are right...he is not Ali and I am not Tyson.
    And so is an Anon 3.32PM.....faceless and nameless...yet talk big.
    In short...I a real..KT and Anon 3.32PM are ghosts.

  107. hi......Ktemoc...don't talk 3 talk 4 with me.
    Just apologize sincerely to me and I will leave.
    Your blog is not that important to me.
    I can see so many can battle you on Anwar SHUT THE FUCK UP and cock...Susan this Susan that...full of shit man you are.

  108. I have been commenting for past 10 years and have so many blogs to visit.
    I started here not more than few months ago...and yet he says I have no where to go....this and that.
    KT keep trying hard to dig for information from a busybody...not a man at all.
    This faceless nameless piece of owner...talking about Anwar 3000 miles away...feel not one bit of shame at all for his cowardice and malicious character.
    His blog is the only one...with an exact copy of me.
    That speaks volumes of KT real character.
    If you really respect your commentators...humble yourself and apologize...or shut the fuck up.

  109. Every BN supporters is like KT...full of shit and busy body about my personal life...digging and digging.....
    Kt thinks he is so smart...digging too.

  110. It is a fact..KT is a faceless and nameless blog owner.
    He has no principles in life..yet can judge others.
    And judge Anwar if..he is so qualified to do so.
    I cannot believe Ktemoc is such a shit man....until I came into his blog...and I will stay and ROJAK his blog...until he apologizes to me.

  111. He has been applying all sorts of stunts to make me leave.
    Stunts that are harmful to me and my family too.
    That's why I stayed on and fuck and curse him whenever I have a chance.
    KT is a braggart ...and full of shit man.
    I exposed him many times...and he does not like it.
    He wants me to that he can start his "agree to disagree" swing votes to BN.
    He carries Najib's balls ...with no shame.

  112. Here is your golden chance Kt.
    Apologize and I will leave.
    Do that..if you have any respects for your good visitors.

  113. Monsterball,you are a newbie and you just forced yourself in and try to take over KT's blog.Foul mouthing anyone that stands in your way.

    You are an ignorant spoilt brat crying undergrown baby.You can start by jamming that huge carrot dangling in front of you into your mouth and get to work.You will be richly rewarded when the juice started juicing out.Enjoy.Hahaha.

  114. Monsterball sounds like Triad Tai-Kor asking for Protection money.

    Asking Ktemoc to apologize, otherwise he will trash Kt's blog

  115. As expected...the sense of logic and proportions by such idiots like kanineh is sad.
    Weiid Najib deserves weird followers.

  116. But to Malaysians...they are known as half pass sixes Malaysians...and so is Najib too..a half past sixes APPOINTED PM.