Sunday, March 11, 2012

Motive to murder - seeking Confucius' help

In my post The motives of love, lust, lucre and loathing I quoted P.D. James, who had served for thirty years in various departments of the British Civil Service, including the Police and Criminal Law Department of Great Britain's Home Office, as well as being a magistrate that “All the motives for murder are covered by four Ls: Love, Lust, Lucre and Loathing.”

Everyone who has been following the Altantuyaa case including the most learned judge knows that Altantuyaa was blackmailing her ex lover Razak Baginda with such aggression that he became terrified enough to ask for special protection, so most would say there was initially love and lust in their relationship, and then when the passion and ardor turned cool and relationship soured, the blackmailing for money (lucre) kicked in, with the final outcome of loathing, probably of a mutual nature.

Thus, it was an astonishing pronouncement by his Lordship that notwithstanding Razak Baginda’s possessing all the likely motives (which of course don't necessarily translate into criminal action), those motives couldn’t be the basis to suspect him (Razak Baginda).

It’s hardly surprising that most Malaysians would cast their eyes on siapa godfather nya? Of course his close friendship with Najib plus alleged corrupt armed purchases have deepened the suspicions that there had been kow-tim-ness. These suspicions are all natural, logical and thus unavoidable, and coupled with the (lack of) reputation of our kow-tim-able judiciary, has led to accusations that our Malaysian Don Corleone had intervened. I'd go along with such suspicions.

Be that as it may, while it’s one thing to suspect Najib helping his buddy, it’s quite another to accuse Najib of being the killer or the man who gave the order to pull the trigger.

But that is the sentiment currently prevailing among PKR people who wants Najib implicated, not just as an accessory to the crime but as the prime suspect, the man who ordered the murder of Shaariibuu Altantuyaa.

In my readings of the various available articles and news reports, I could not find a single shred of evidence of Altantuyaa harassing Najib, or waiting outside his (DPM) house to pounce on him. All I gleaned from those was Altantuyaa going after Razak Baginda, her former lover.

Of course there was that mysterious photograph as well as Balasubramaniam’s double SD’s. I’ll touch on them in my next post.

Quite frankly, after reading the comments in Malaysiakini on the judge’s dismissal of charges against Razak Baginda, such as “The 2 policemen had no motive to murder Altantuyaa” or ...

... as someone commented in my last post in Exploiting the murder of Altantuyaa Shariibuu that “The UTK goons who were convicted were just the idiots who shouted 'Aye Aye Sir' and carried out the orders. Who gave the order to drop the bomb?”, I came to the conclusion that even if the judge had called Razak Baginda to give his defence and he was subsequently found guilty, those baying out for blood would still not be satisfied.

No siree, not with Razak Baginda or even those already ‘found guilty’, namely Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar.

Just a reminder, the two policemen were the ones who were the last people with a still-alive Altantuyaa when they whisked her off from Razak Baginda’s house to her sad fate.

Those MKINI readers want Najib’s head. They want him not just as an accessory to the murder (in helping Razak Baginda) but as the murderer.


Wakakaka, let’s talk about that in a future post. But to end this post, I am seeking the help of an ancient Chinese to help me conclude my piece about possible motives. Kǒng Zǐ or Confucius said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so please have a look at the following pictures (or photographs).

Altantuyaa Shariibuu was undoubtedly a very beautiful woman.


Subsequent Note: When I posted the above photos I made the same mistake as many others in believing they were of Shaariibuu Altantuyaa when they were not, but of a Korean model who committed suicide in Paris.

Nonetheless I've left the above photos in this post as I believe they serve a purpose, to illustrate a likely motive in the 2 policemen murdering Altantuyaa.

It is a line of thought which has struck me as quite plausible, but I admit it won't satisfy some people's politically driven belief that Najib has been the culprit or murderer. That has been why many argued that those policemen must have acted on orders a la idiots who shouted 'Aye Aye Sir' and automatically carried out the orders.

As I mentioned above, that even if the judge had called Razak Baginda to give his defence and he was subsequently found guilty, those baying out for blood would still not be satisfied until Najib was found guilty and hung whilst his chief political foe become the DPM to AAB.

Okay a quick revision, P.D. James said “All the motives for murder are covered by four Ls: Love, Lust, Lucre and Loathing.”

But I don’t suppose any of above can answer the comment in MKINI, namely, “The 2 policemen had no motive to murder Altantuyaa”.

Really? Or has that been toxic opportunistic politics talking?

Incidentally, I might recall for readers the sad murder of another beautiful woman, namely The Canny Ong Murder which you can read here and here.

photo of Canny Ong from Kosmos

Now, please tell me who gave Ahmad Najib Aris the instructions to rape and murder Canny Ong on the night of 14 June 2003?

After all, wouldn't you PKR people agree that The 2 policemen Ahmad Najib Aris had no motive to murder Altantuyaa Canny Ong.”


  1. Such a pretty and sexy lass.What a waste.Stupid Najib and pariah Baginda.Both brainless scumbags.

  2. Baginda doesn't know the difference between a frog and a tadpole,or a pussy and an ass,because he came out from the shit hole.

  3. The 2 policemen convicted of Altantuya's murder were no ordinary policemen.

    They were Unit Tindakan Khas - special forces - operatives who were assigned, at the time of the murder, to the security detail of Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Razak, then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

    These are simple facts - no wild accusations.

  4. Yes Baginda was terrified..but read Balan last sworn testimony...questioned by 3 lawyers...proving he was telling the truth.
    Why always on reported news and never add all the other news that have been blocked out.
    On the case..Raja Petra was at his best to impress PR.
    Ktee...all smart Malaysians know Baginda is terrified..because Altantuya threatens to reveal ALL..pulling in Najib....into the picture.
    The rest is history and we all know...Baginda DID NOT kill Altantuya.
    Why don't you put out BALAN last sworn will and testimony...and let all KONSIDER.
    Live up to your slogan...Ktee.

  5. I bet you..if there is one shed of evidence to pull in Anwar...Ktee will never miss the chance to highlight it.
    Susan Loone is a successful political employed and equipped with few skills of her own.
    Ktemoc is a political blogger too..bor gifted skills..need to work for someone all the time...through paper quali.
    His best is his compositions .yet the moment you can feel it is written by a cracko...mixing facts with many dreams.
    His cunning personality personified is shown in most of his posts..and every post about Altantuya....Ktee is protecting Najib..for reasons he knows best...with Buttercup supporting him...wholesale.
    His nice post get chosen to be published.
    So are many from Dr. Hsu and Susan too..chosen to be published.
    But ONE chosen from Ktee's he make doubly sure..all know that.
    Is'nt that a braggart talking?
    OK la...brag as much as you like...but don't insult Anwar Ibrahim...with your sickening grandfather stories.
    OK la....keep saying I am a mole...a Moooo side kick or problem.
    I kick kick me...what's the problem?
    Right now........
    HANTAM TETAP HANTAM...battle cry from Commander Anwar.
    What does your Commander Najib tell you to do?...blame Buttercup giving you wrong advises?

  6. does anyone know what the Mooheedeem Myrmidon monster is rambling about? Maybe he should have his own blog to mumble, dissemble and grumble

  7. I am grumbling and mumbling.. you put out half story of Altantuya.
    And you never ceased to keep advertising me...just like talk talk same lies and hope all will believe him.
    Do you have problems in reading my 12.10PM comment?
    And one said..."Such a pretty and sexy lass.What a waste"
    You mean if she is not that sexy and pretty...OK to murder?...cannot understand that logic....unless one is a pervert with a hard up Johnny.

  8. Clear as day !

  9. Ktee..I read ALL supplied by various sources...and bloggers.
    Where is the C4 bomb?
    And so much details given that Rosmah was involved. All lies???
    Best is Najib went to swear at the mosque..he does know Altantuya. That settle it.
    If all swear at mosques as gospel truth..then what is the use of court houses and lawyers?
    What is the use of Laws..when mosques over rule all.
    Actually...Najib is mocking Allah...using the holy place to play his dirty politics.
    Rubbish again....Ktee?
    I thought you like commentators to KONSIDER.

  10. I did saw her walking at Petaling Street stalls with her sister and one tour the evening.
    I know that guide very well...a barber turned tourist guide...
    "ah chan"
    I asked him...who are these two....and he said actresses.
    Murder is murder..and the two poor policemen have no reasons to murder her..unless instructed to do so.
    Yes...murder is matter how much one deserved to die... murderers.. real culprit/culprits...master minds...all..must be charged and they can prove their innocence in court.
    It's not like no evidences given.
    Tons given.
    Anwar had to do many times...not on murder...but so call sex.
    Is that more important that murder?
    Why can't Najib prove he is innocent in court and not by another way...mocking Islamic religion....bringing stone age way of life back to Malaysia.
    The want Anwar to copy Najib...but Anwar prefers court of laws...and not fall into Najib's trap.
    As we can see...all UMNO b PMs and leaders are all truthful.
    That's the picture we are given ..everyday.
    Who is practicing Communism.. and Dictatorship in Malaysia?

  11. monsterball,the only people you do not fight with are your very monsterbaby and monstermom.If they ever leave, you will be a very lonely man.

  12. Najib may or may not be directly involved in the murder but when:
    1. When defense , prosecution and judge jump to squash any mention of najib suing the trial
    2. Records of altatunya entering the country is erased and najib does not seem to want to know how this could happen
    3. Najib denies having met altatunya despite claims to the contrary
    4. The murder accused are allowed to not reveal their faces in court
    5. The ban by the police and media to mention najib and altatunya together
    6. No attempt is made to find the motive or the Godfather who ordered the killings
    Najib is just inviting such suspicions to be cast on him. As the PM of the country , the people have the right to know whether their PM is implicated in such a crime or not. By trying to shield Najib , you cannot blame the public to have their suspicions abt najib. The way the judiciary and government have handled to matter , as clearly these 2 guys are scapegoats , it is reasonable for people to wonder how high the govt the trail leads

  13. Monsterball,sometimes one has to have a sense of humour.All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.

  14. Bruno does not understand being alone is not lonely.
    I still have my children..pets and many dear old real life.
    This blog "loneliness" is nonsense.
    I don't fight with few commentators too...besides the monster family.
    I am just the opposite to Bruno.
    He is "Nice Guy"...I am "Bad Guy"....OK???
    Now lets focus....

  15. My sense of humor is miles ahead of you....Bruno.

  16. I don't work. I got money tree.
    I play all the time....right now.
    It's a good good cycle of stealing..all hard earned money.
    Mahathir and Najib are enjoying good lives.. as a successful thieves.

  17. monster, you want Najib to swear in mosque - I support you. I don't know much about swearing in mosque but since you advocate such a practice, please don't forget to tell your icon anwar to do likewise regarding his alleged sodomy of Saiful - he had already shown he dared not swear after Saiful challenged him - he even imported Gusdur to support his refusal to swear. Don't forget, I didn't bring this up, you did, wakakaka. You're so damn smart ler.

  18. oops sorry, forgot you're not with anwar anymore, since you showed your allegiance with UMNO's muhyiddin wakakaka

  19. What is this!!
    I do not support swearing at mosque by Najib....or by anyone to free him or anyone from a crime committed...or free him or anyone...going to court to answer charges
    As you can see...Najib did that...and all UMNO b stooges said that's good enough to prove he is telling the truth.
    Do we agree on this..Ktee.
    By the way....KTee...I am with no one. I am a freedom fighter and Anwar is chosen to be our next PM.
    So you insult him...I will go after you.
    With your kind of twisted can now say to all... I played out Mooo and a snake......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  20. Ktee....Concerning Anwar's sodomy case...why can't you get into your thick skull...whether he did it or did not do it...we still want Anwar to be PM.
    But Altantuya is DEAD...C4ed...BOOOM...and is MURDER!!
    So do you support a murderer to be your PM?
    Don't forget big time thief too...stealing RM700 million and cal it commission...and so is UMNO b party.....leaders..all big time rouges and thieves.
    Anwar did the job or did not do it...he won the case....and AG is appealing for a re-trail.
    Are you saying you hate Anwar because he fuck backside?
    You never said that before.
    You keep saying he was a UMNO b Finance Minister supporting corruptions....and from there...I argued on with you.
    What are your driving at?....that Anwar is a snake concerning the Sodomy case?
    Who cares...that is IN COURT.
    Let Najib go to prove his innocence in court concerning the accusatiuons on stealing RM700 million...linking to the murder case....and ALL Malaysians will vote for him.if pund not easy.
    Why does he not take the easy road to win 13th GE?

  21. Buttercup should team up with you and fight for BN to win 13th GE.. .by bringing down Anwar...and in your blog...prove..MONSTERBALL is Moo's side kick...and lets battle on.
    Ktee.....say it another 100 times more.
    Soon all will believe you.

  22. Ktee....How is your brain?
    I have been saying.....
    HANTAM TETAP HANTAM....with monsterbaby echoing it too.
    Who coined that slogan?
    ahso....I am Moooo's mole....confusing all...including LKS...Anwar and all monsters.
    Ktee...If I can do and night Najib will sit at my doorsteps begging me to join BN.
    PS: Braking news!! Shahrizat Senator-ship will not be renewed. She is leaving cabinet.
    Ktee...That cow woman and hubby stole RM300 million...and all they need to do when get caught...resign like criminal case.
    Imagine....mamak and AP Queen told her to resign....sort of protecting existing crooks not found cheating...but Najib did admit taking RM700 million as commission...why no resign too?
    He resign....sure go to jail....and UMNO b come dumpling humpty dumpty.
    MORE BRAKING NEWS!!!...8pm...All England Final....see Chong Wei battle it out with Lin Dan.

  23. Canny Ong was a pure rape case.
    Deepest sympathy to her love Altantuya...was brutally murdered ..staged as a rape case and murder...but she was murdered involving with PM...recommended by Baginda.
    Carry's body was found dead.
    Altantuya was blown to controlled bomb...only Najib can approve to use it.
    Rosmah took laws into her own hands to protect Najib.
    PLEASE PLEASE not put out Carry Ong case to confuse the issue.
    If so...plenty more to talk about..beside poor poor Carry.

  24. Wakakakaka. From crying Anwar war war war, our self proclaimed John The Baptist is mooing moo moo moo hide een. Bawl some more Ball. KT has fixed you real good. You are praising the loone when she has chucked you into her looney bin.
    John the Baptist is best taking care of Salome instead of the Altantuya. Tu dia, Ball you are being mothballed. And I know many people especially asthmatic ones are allergic to mothballs.

  25. Monster, the messages in my posts have been too subtle for you thus I have to accept some blame for baffling you totally to such an extent you have, I suppose as a panic defence for your lack of ability to comprehend, lashed out recklessly without a clue as to what and why you have lashed out for.

    Example, why I included Canny Ong's story plus that photo of her and her rapist-killer in an Altantuyaa story has completely eluded your moronic muddle-headed Myrmidon mind. I feel I'm just casting pearls ...

    Do us a favour - why don't you go to another blog where it's more crude, salacious and puerile and to your liking. Try to choose one which is pro Anwar wakakaka.

  26. have always enjoyed reading your blog.
    pls do not use the wrong photos of Altantuyaa.

  27. KT - your self-appointed 'blog protector' has now turned against you and I see you stooping to his level trying to engage with him.

    Its a futile exercise, you need people like tokio-rain to handle him.

  28. Well is good you feel I am so stupid...which is the the opposite of a very intelligent man.
    Keep it up.
    Your blog..your explanations....your conclusions...poor Canny's raped case included is to cast pearls to trap swines.
    The more you are trying to prove how smart you are...the more I am happy...and I stay put to cast worms to trap sit eating fishes...churning out shit clean your blog.
    So you do admit yours is an Anti Anwar blog..or is that I read it wrong again.
    Arn't you a lucky blog owner. ' soooooo smart..lets talk LOVE la.
    How many times I need to ask you.
    One LOVE...have openly brag how good you are.
    How many more do you know?

  29. By appending Canny Ong's case and photo at the end, Ktemoc is subtly questioning why wasn't anyone jumping up and down that Canny Ong's murderer had no premeditated motive to kill her either.

    BUT, I agree with Monsterball that Ktemoc is throwing a red herring here. Canny Ong's case is absolutely a different type of case altogether. She was likely the random target of opportunity for a sexual predator. He probably didn't start off with the intention to kill her, but did so anyway.

  30. Buttercup's cup must be leaking again.
    HANTAM TETAP HANTAM also got preachers to move warriors forward to hantam more and more.
    John The know his life story ah? Good....what did he said to Jesus?
    Mind you..I am a Buddhist.
    Quote it out or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
    hi Butter...I did not say I am John The Baptist resurrected.
    That's blaspheme. You will die and send to hell.
    You and Ktee...abang adek..brains very poor man.
    One brags and talk sweet NOTHING.....another..simply poor idiotic. No wonder you and Ktee love each other soooooo much.

  31. There Kteemoc...go read Anon 10.01PM.
    I guess you can say there are at least two idiots here.

  32. Just look at all the Altantuya photos Ktee put out.
    Will you do that to a dead person?
    Why then Ktee do that?
    He said Altanyuya's father appreciates his poem or something...and will publish in Mongolian paper.
    I hope her father sees this post by Ktee.
    I bet you..Steve Shariibuu will spit at Ktee's face..if both ever meet one day.
    From this can SEE..Ktee have no feelings for anyone..even to the dead...except himself.

  33. Monsterball,you must be horny looking at the look alike.Going for a quickie,you old crook.Hehehe.

  34. Ball

    I was about to say the same thing. But Kakak Bola beat me to it. Mrs Ball is wondering why he keeps going to the toilet.
    Ball, truthfully you are very thick in the head. Ktemoc and most in this blog are pro-opposition.
    But you alieneate them from being on your side. You sure do not know how to endear yourself to others. You don't know how to value others.
    It could have been you and the rest here who are hentaming me for being pro Najib. But you are not playing the game right. Stupido. Jangan mare ya.
    Heed this advice from a concerned pal. Hahaheehee.

  35. Buttercup a die hard Najib supporter advising me and teaching me? sad sad Chong Wei injured..cannot play.
    Now mood to talk....just let Buttercup know...I read and my PRICK is laughing.
    Anwar's "HANTAM TETAP HANTAM"...command ..time is right to apply.
    Yea...idiots are easily convinced and irritated.
    Buttercup. my lips.
    Never in the history of Patriots fighting Traitors...where some Traitors tell Patriots...they are actually patriots too..but fight because they hate the Patriot's commander.
    What bloody bunkum logic is that?
    You see....Buttercup is hoping all be confused and the more confused they are..the better for Najib.
    As Ktemoc is applying same logic too...Altantuya and Canny murders...put out together.
    It's low class mind poisoning technique.
    Buttercup...frequently say.. ..."I was about to say the same thing" ...cashing on other commentator's ideas...with no shame.
    I asked him who invented few ball games...I put out.all ignored and this dumbo want to advise me?
    I can read Buttercup like a book.
    Can he read mine????
    It's a sad day for Malaysia on Badminton.
    I hope the shoulder injury is not too serious for Chong Wei.
    Bye to sleep.

  36. Anon of 10:01 PM, March 11, 2012, every murder has a motive. The motive might not have been premeditated but something that arose at the last moment. The motive of poor Canny Ong's murderer could be said to have started from lust (one of the 4 L's) - he lusted after Canny, raped her to satisfy his lust, and then in a hope to cover up his crime of lust, murdered her.

    So??? what's my point then?

  37. John the Baptist told Yeshua ben Yusuf: "Cousin, I'm gonna lose my head after the seventh veil, but two thousand years from now, someone monstrous would lose his prior to the dropping of the 1st veil - dia ta'boleh tahan ler" wakakaka

  38. Anon 8:28 PM, March 11, 2012 - thanks for heads up; anyway they served a message I was attempting to convey

  39. Confucius says...Na-Aa-Ji-Go ordered his former girlfriend terminated because she threatened to spill all the secret deals of the ship which can swim with the sharks unless she was paid with Kum.

    Na-Aa-Ji-Go paid her with Pak Kum instead.

    Confucious says...because of the very bad Karma resulting, Na-Aa-Ji-Go will have bad luck for the rest of his life.

    He wil be Da Xiang for less than one full turn, and he will face Heaven's Justice.

  40. Talk about jinxed - the Korean actress whose photo Ktemoc mistakenly posted as those of Altantuya committed suicide not long after Altantuya's death.

  41. Oh my gosh.All the pretty and sexy girls are leaving to early.Monsterball must be lovesick and heartbroken.Pity him.

  42. Where is Tua Lam Par ?
    Chickened out ?

  43. In Ancient China it was common practice for Emperors to terminate Wives or Girlfriends who had fallen out of favour, especially if they started to make trouble.

    As we all know, Malusia has many things in common with Ancient China, including senior leadership posts which are largely filled based on heredity.

  44. LOVE = tak bayar to say maaf !

  45. A retrial hopefully with a change in government?We can then put all these cunt-struck dicks where they rightfully a deep dark hole that they can never get out!

  46. Tua Lam Par is gone ?

  47. Buttercup said : "Ball, truthfully you are very thick in the head. Ktemoc and most in this blog are pro-opposition.
    But you alieneate them from being on your side".

    Heheheh....Buttercup, you gotta understand one thing about the monster bola. Just being a pro-oppositionist is not good enough for the monster lah.

    It MUST be his type of pro......the type that love the smell of Anwar's butt, heheheh. One could shout ABU til hoarse, one could shout Hidup PR til hoarse, but if one, at the same time, do not agree to the monster's dictate that ONLY Anwar can be PM or is willing to criticise Anwar, no matter how valid the criticism......then it's off with the head of this PR supporter, heheheh.

    See his antics, e.g. re his ex buddy Bruno. Once he perceived Bruno as 'anti Anwar' altho' Bruno is undeniably a pro-oppositionist, the monster will start to vilify his former friend......hantam-ing his ex buddy on almost every issue under discussion, which is unthinkable prior to their fall out, heheheh.

    Not for nothing the term so aptly coined by the blog owner for monster and his ilk.....mindless, moronic myrmidons, heheheh.

  48. No matter what all you balless cunning selfish blokes are saying....
    HANTAM TETAP HANTAM..Continue your twisting and projecting your nice guy images.
    Advises....insults...hints..and more your worst.
    I enjoying every minute of it...while by MONSTERBALL is strong and healthy.
    Just brought my 5 darling dogs for yearly check up.
    I find dogs are more sincere and loyal than some humans.
    And praying to Lord Budhha......starts with........
    "Buddham saranam gacchami
    Dhammamsaranam gacchami
    Ssngham saranam gacchami...."
    Don't know...SHUT UP!!
    Budhism hundreds of years long before Christianity and Islamic religions.
    Chhose what you like....but don't brag.
    Memorizing all that's in the can all Muslims do so with the Koran.
    It's the SINGER..not the SONG that makes one "way of life"
    So if you choose to be cunning and matter how much you know about the are continue to be one cunning and selfish SINGER..
    Talk John The Baptist....his role...his mission..not about his head....idiot.
    How about Mary the so call prostitute...Jesus is said to have married.
    Lets discuss...Dan Brown's..."De Vinci Code"....true or fiction?

  49. You insult allow visitor to expose EVERYTHING about me..hoping to frustrate me...enjoying all the fun....all can.
    I return back same treatment....cannot.
    Why like that???
    Have some BALLS and be a man.
    Buttercup can stick to be a half man..half woman...but denying being half woman .like Mahathir denying being half Indian...shamelessly...all expected.
    If Bruno is reading..all he needs is to discover the real truths...why I fucked him.
    It's gone and stay that way....don't say "buddy forever" to me. In real life...buddies are as thick as blood brothers.
    In blogging....bullshit!!
    Only the monster family I can rely upon..and some real sincere FRIENDS keep protecting me...which I thank them sincerely.
    As long as I am here....
    HANTAM TETAP HANTAM...all hypocrites...fence sitters..and smart tongue twisters.

  50. I know a lot of fence sitters....including from some BN members and supporters...promising to vote for PR..or change of Govt.
    It's the young ones..whose promises are true and real.
    It's the old ones with lots of experiences..with clear cunning and selfish characters.....we cannot rely upon.
    Of course we have idiotic ones like Buttercup..a die hard BN supporter...cashing in to confuse readers.
    I simply cannot stop laughing he keep trying to advise me..warning if a rock will fall on my head.
    hi CUP...I am 10 times smarter than you.

  51. Mindless idiotic warrior?
    That's the hooligans disturbing Lim Guan Eng ..Nurul and Anwar.
    Where got mindless..idiotic warriors supporting Anwar.
    Saw great warrior Shahrizat resigned?
    That's a "think tank" warrior.
    Millions on the streets PR warriors Shout and yell with no fear.
    These are mindless idiotic warriors?
    What are you then?
    Not a mindful....what are you???
    Malaysia is what is today...because of such smart men.not warriors at all.
    What do we call them???
    I say they are the real bastards that think only for themselves.

  52. My dear Ball,

    Still going strong? As tough and as stubborn as always.

    Everywhere die die . Mouth only no die. Tongue wagging like pet pugs'tails.

    Comeon-lah! Join me in retirement since everybody not happy... you around. Your pal Bruno also become mice and no more a cat policing this blog.

    Old Pal,
    Ball Kicker

  53. I hetam Bruno not that I do not believe he is pro-oppositionist...but because he is USING me...trying to be too smart with me.
    I take "buddy forever" seriously..and all can see how busy he was....whenever needed.
    Anyway...I do not need any buddy in the internet world.
    I have let all out from my chest to Bruno.
    He can post all he want...but criticize Anwar....same same la...
    And I don't smell Anwar's butt or carry his balls. That Anon 4.19PM talking nonsense.'s ABU. It's HANTAM TETAP know why??
    It's for your children and all young Malaysians....that Malaysia must be REFORMED for 30 years of mind poisoning methods....thought out by divert Malaysians minds to talk race .protect their race and to divide and steal as much as he but up country with stolen billions.
    Can't all see that??
    Anon 4.19 PM....get it into your thick skull.
    Personally...I don't care who will be PM or who runs the country.
    But for the country and people....I DO CARE....and Anwar is best to get rid of corruptions.race and religion dirty politics..that poison all young be vegetables..puppets and balless.
    Get it clear...Mahathir is a devil and UMNO b is a devilish party..greedy for money...mocking Allah.

  54. Ball retired because you cannot tell me who invented those ball games I put out....feeling shameful and retired.
    You think smart Malaysians can easily forget?
    Keep being retired.
    And in case you are blind...did you not read "someone" keep shouting "where is ball?"...every few hours.
    And few put out such intelligent comments...supporting me.
    How can you know...when ball games you also don't know.
    Your good la

  55. Wah...Tua Lam Par still around ?

  56. hhmmmmm..."My dear Ball" nice too.
    WOW .."you cannot beat them..join them".... tactic UMNO b idiots.
    HANTAN TETAP it???
    Best is smart one saying.."Mindless Idiotic Warrior" shouting.
    Such beautiful description...such beautiful English....but sad..very sad..said to wrong person.
    Pot calling kettle black...with little worms.. driving in ..carry his build up into a fire.
    Habis wayang...tunggu tunggu..

  57. Copycat...allowed means original shut up...OK la

  58. Dear Clueless Ball,

    Hope you wake up, Ball. "Where is Ball"? The noise you heard are not applauses but blood chilling calls to neuter your balls.

    The writing is on the wall. All are clamouring for your downfall.

    Is not only ABU but also ABM.

    Ball Kicker

  59. Crush the Ball !

  60. So this is where the monsterball is lurking these days. Many2 sympathy to you, ktemoc. Believe he has been banned from many blogs.

  61. Monsterball,can you please refer to any of my comment posted refering you as my "buddy forever".You only know how to talk shit.Always fucking up the wrong tree.Do you truly understand simple English.You wouldn't know the difference between a pussy and an ass.


    What wrong has this 5-year-old girl done to you that you had to kill and burn her?

  63. The monster wouldn't know the difference between a pussy and an ass.They have different scents.Hahaha.

  64. Monsterball is going to come out f..king out when he sees what Bruno said about him.Better get the hell out of his way.Hehehe.

  65. Tua Lam Par is running out of steam on this blog

  66. Monsterball,you badmouth Bruno and got f..ked bad this time.Now you lari kuat kuat,eh.Don't hide lah.Soon,you will be known as monsterball-less.Hehehe.

  67. Bruno...with not enough brainwaves too.
    The fact that he asked I understand simple English...shows how stupid he can be sometime.
    I do not need to prove this ...prove that....and I have no time to search for that comment....wasting my time to prove it.
    Imagine a man who had 4 wives cannot differentiate a pussy and an ass.
    Actually..what he is hinting is that I don't know a friend from an enemy.
    And ONE moron becomes few.. insulting continue...your same repeated insults and accusations.
    Please do...and make this a record post...reaching 100 comments...fucking me.
    Hooligans again disrupted Anwar's road show at Bachang...Malacca...carrying UMNO b flags.
    I said copycat out....I stop commenting...and here I am these idiots.. one more reason to say I am a liar...supporting Bruno.
    OK la..liar..coward..and what till your heart's content.
    See you all at new post.

  68. Monsterball running away to the new post? hahahahahahaha.

    With tail between his legs ! hahahahahaha

    Kwak kwak, kwak, kwak, kwak....cries the chicken !

    Bruno with just some lines will slaughter the monster, hahaha. He doesn't need to shout and scream and abuse like the monster to make a point, hahahahaha.

    Poor and baby not around when he needed them, hahahaha. Will they be cursed too in the not too distant future ? hahaha.

    The monster's engrish is just slightly better than his literal that he misses the real gist and so thick that he misses any subtle meanings/ he just barely reads the full text or try to understand fully.....just so eager to go straight to the comment section to hantam, hantam, and hantam, making foes of friends and making his enemies to gather strengh. Padan muka....hahahahaha.

  69. See you at the next post, says Monsterball.

    Which post? The goal-post? You already kicked the ball for us to score.
    And we are now playing the Last Post for your funeral. Heeeheee.

  70. Wah...Tua Lam Par cabut...nice..nice..

  71. Monkies and donkies from UMNO b talking cock is not surprising at all.
    Yip new post is on..nice nice one too.
    Buttercup thinks he is funny with his 'last post" joke.
    Wait wait for my will be invited to attend...if you think you can out lived me.
    After all...death is is uncertain....but I have lived out my working life and have a money tree.
    You will be selling nasik lemak throughout your miserable the road side...once PR takes over the Govt.
    No money tree..don't talk big.