Thursday, March 01, 2012

Malaysian justice?

From The Star (20 January 2010), a Jobless man gets 5 yrs for stealing some beer.

Zulhaidi Hamzah was sentenced by the Magistrates Court in JB to 5 years jail for stealing 11 cans of beer worth RM70 from a mini mart in Pasir Gudang.

Compare Zulhaidi's sentence to this one, where The Malaysian Insider reported that an
Umno MP and his aide get six-year jail terms on eight counts of making false claims totalling RM80,000 for events that never took place four years ago.

On top of the relatively lenient sentence, the Shah Alam Sessions Court also granted them a stay of execution pending appeal.

Look, Zulhaidi was an unemployed and probably uneducated man, while the latter two were a politician and his fully employed (presumably educated) aide, so where was the judicial considerations of these aspects in these two cases?

Malaysian justice?

Then from Malaysiakini, we heard that an
Elderly man was probed over Dr M's 'letter' to Israeli PM.

Liew Khooi Cheng, 73, was called by the MCMC to record a statement at the TTDI police station today. Liew was alleged to have spread to the public that contained seditious elements, namely an alleged email from former prime minister Dr M to the prime minister of Israel.

Today, The Malaysian Insider reported
Government releases Dr M’s letters to Israeli PMs.

Will the MCMC now call Anifah Aman, the Foreign Minister, to a police station to record his statement reagrding such letters from Dr M to the prime minister of Israel?

Malaysian justice?


  1. Malaysia has a very transparent set of laws.

    If you are in the Senior UMNO hierarchy, you can get away with almost ANYTHING.

    If your are lower down the pecking order, you may get punished but leniently.

    If you are a common person, tough luck...

    Don't like it ?
    As Tun Dr. Mahathir once said, if people don't like Barisan Nasional they can always vote the government out in an election.

    Otherwise STFU.

  2. "As Tun Dr. Mahathir once said, if people don't like Barisan Nasional they can always vote the government out in an election.

    Otherwise STFU."

    You know, in the good old days, during those times of horses and slaves.....take for example, when the Manchus invaded Korea, they will capture half million or so of the koreans back to be slaves but along the way, just for sport, they will magnanimously announced - "this is your last chance to run back to your country, if you could run beyond that river without being captured by my men, you will be free".

    But of course his men will be on horse back, with swords and lasso in their hands, whereas the koreans will be bare handed, some carrying babies, and haven't eaten for days, and completely exhausted after the long trek on the way to the Manchus country.

    What chance do these buggers have ?

    Same same here lah, forward to 22nd century. Gerrymendering, postal votes, foreigners-instant-citizens votes, phantom votes, use of full governmental machinery, and with billions of funding......the Leader will shout....not happy, vote us out lah, you can vote the opposition.

    What chance the buggers here have ? Yeah, better STFU ! NO chance lah. Or vote with your feet....better option in the long run.