Friday, April 26, 2019

Malays Neglected & Marginalised in Matriculation Program?

Anwar Ibrahim today defended Putrajaya’s decision to maintain the 90% quota for Bumiputera students in the education ministry’s matriculation programme, saying this was to allay the community’s concerns after the government increased the number of students for the course.

The PKR president said he was told that the increase to 40,000 from 25,000 previously had led to worries that it would eat into the quota for the Malay students.
“For now, we have to allay those concerns. We don’t want them to feel like we are taking seats from the Malays.

“This is especially so in faculties where Malay participation is substantially lower,” the former education minister told reporters after being awarded the Global Citizenship Award by Saturna Capital here.

Education Minister Maszlee Malik earlier said the increased intake for matriculation students was based on a Cabinet decision to get more students into tertiary education and to spread the opportunity to all races.

He said the 90:10 quota was maintained in order to get more Bumiputera students to pursue science-related fields in public universities.

The move drew flak, with DAP’s P Ramasamy saying the government had failed to move forward, while Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism northern region coordinator K Sudhagaran Stanley described it as “one of the worst” moves by the Pakatan Harapan administration.

To this, Anwar said Putrajaya was merely acting on the present concerns of the Malays.

For 50 years, since 1969 - May 13 to be more precise - the Malays have enjoyed affirmative actions on an unprecedented scale. The 90% reservation for Malays in the matriculation process is one example, whilst the 101% enrolment in UiTM is yet another.

And we haven't even spoken about employment in the Civil Service, Armed Forces and Police Force, especially in the hallowed Malay reserved domain of senior officers in the aforementioned services and in academia. Only one non-Malay has ever headed the Navy and that was only because of the then British control-mentorship of the armed forces.

So what is Anwar Ibrahim talking about when he said the 90% reservation for Malays in the matriculation program is to show the privileged race they are not being neglected or marginalised. What eff-ing kok-tok.

Worse, when the 90% was already reserved in the initial-original batch of 25,000 for Malays in the matriculation program, the truly neglected and marginalised have been the nons.

But following Anwar's illogical argument, to wit, that the increase to 40,000 from 25,000 previously had led to worries that it would eat into the quota for the Malay students, this must be the BIGGEST BS ever.

Even if every single spot of the extra 15,000 places (from 25,000 to 40,000) were to be given to the nons, a most unlikely, nay, impossible possibility, it would only worked out to 17,000 nons [15,000 + (10% of 25,000 = 2,500)] against 22,500 Malays [25,000 - 2,500].

Non-Malays accept (for the last 50 years) the Never-Ending-Policy's affirmative action but how do you expect any non to believe 10% allocation to them is not racist, grossly biased and dripping with the stink of socio-political apartheid.

If the allocation to non-Malays were to be, say, 25 to 35%, it would have reflected a more Malaysian social ratio, especially for the very much marginalised Indians, B40 group, and other minorities.

The persistent insistent existent 90% or 101% in some cases like UiTM, has been and is an indicator of socio-politico-ethnic apartheid, namely, racism.

Look around us and see the highest ranking officers of the nation and their very senior echelon lieutenants, and make one guess as to which race they belong to. Neglected and marginalised?

Pakatan Harapan under Mahathir shows that it is no different to, or maybe even worse, than the BN government when it comes to racial inequality, racial favouritism, and racial marginalisation.


Government's anti UEC policy began with Mahathir


  1. This is why I think Anwar is only a stop-gap PM after Toonsie retires. Up till GE15, after that is should be someone else, a statesman brave enough to make tough unpopular decisions...bring on Zaid Ibrahim.....(from DAP...haha...)

    1. If that happens Zaid Ibrahim will the first foray of the Ali Baba into the world of government.
      Mahathir at least knows how to wield the MACC to control his DAP bitches.
      Terowong ... to'okong....nyanyi!

    2. Mfer, did ahjibgor/bn wield macc to control the DAP bitches?

      Or u just TAK TAU that the terowong charge was initiated during bn's gov!

      Mukin pula, ALL yr me-layu elites like to do the foray of the Ali Baba within the gov machineries they so controlled!

      Then, what's left for morons like u?

      Living on the chants of alifbata with the 'promised' 72 virgins in AlJinah!

  2. A few weeks ago, I spent a pleasant holiday at one of Malaysia's most exclusive resorts, on its own private island off the Perak coast.

    Put it this way, the hotel rates would be way out of reach of most Malaysians to afford, unless you are quite well off.

    The largest group of guests was obviously foreigners, mostly from 1st World Countries, and fast growing economies like China.

    It is an eye opener that the next largest group of guests were Malays.
    In a way it is not surprising, because Malays are the majority in Malaysia.

    But it also tells you, there are Plenty of High Income Malays.

    Still insisting on 90% quota doesn't sound right. It must be needs based, not simply-race based.

    1. most chinese, the middle income group, would only choose to go to pangkor laut, tanjung jara or club med when son or daughter finish university. many malay rarely worry about this. that said, we still could afford to visit exclusive places like danok n hatyai.

  3. We always laugh at kiasu Chinese Singaporeans; I wonder if Malays are more kiasu....must always win, must always be number 1, must always be first and privileged....

  4. Wakakakakakakakaka

    DSAI is famous for his Manmalai approach to things. I think FMT misquoted him.

    "FMT - Keeping 90% quota for Bumiputeras is to allay Malay fears, says Anwar:

    when it should be quoted as:

    "FMT - Keeping 90% quota for Bumiputeras is to allay Malay Unfounded fears, says Anwar:"

    However, there are also hidden issues within this statement and it showed glaringly in the mindset of Malay politicians (whatever party) who interchanged between calling themselves Bumiputra and Malay.

    Now, why did he use Malay's unfounded fears instead of Bumiputra's unfounded fears?

    Is it because the term Bumiputra was used in the official Govt. quota for years to whitewash the mainly West Malaysian's Malay grab all places/opportunities and look more inclusive to other non-Malays who are also Bumiputeras (mostly East Malaysians)? How many Bumiputras (whether classified as Malay or not) from East Malaysia actually get to benefit from this Quota who are even more handicapped than their Bumiputra Malay brethen in West Malaysia?

    And to placate/camouflage any Govt. policy so as not to be labelled as a totally aparthied/racist system but the more accceptable label of an affirmative policy system, a miniscule percentage is then given grudgingly to other non-Malays, non-Bumiputras espeicially towards election's seasons.

    You also have the ingenious way of politiking/placating non-Bumiputras with one-off quota or certain numbers/quantities of places being given out. What a joke and mockery of Malay politicians behaving like benevolent leaders and also non-Malay leaders thanking benevolent leaders as a show to all Malaysians in public.

    Where are the exioms of good leadership and good governance in having real affirmative policies to help the disadvantaged, fairness/adil and humanity? It has instead showed all the signs of lust, greed and racism all to the detriment of helping the really disadvantaged, poor and destitute which is what honest, uncorrupted and good politicians in power should aim for as leaders of a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural Nation.

    Why create and perpetuate the multitude of racial, resentments, unjustices and unfounded fears problems which are inherited from the previous BN regime when it can be solved with just a change from race based (Malay or Bumiputra) to a Needs based system to all Malaysians?

    Isn't that what all fair minded Malaysians wants and for the country?

    Malaysia is rich enough when properly governed by leaders to meet the real needs and provide opportunities/handicaps for the advancement of all disadvantaged groups/races to have a brighter future but will never have enough to satisfy the greed and lust of those who piggy back and hopped onto the affirmative/handicap bandwagon/system which they are undeserving of, thru the rhetorics and machinations of politics/racial/religion etc.