Saturday, April 20, 2019

No justice for killed Adelina Lisao

On 19 Feb 2018 I posted Stop cruelty to foreign maids by stopping them from coming in which I highlighted:

Indonesia’s news portal (Sindo News) recently reported that Jakarta is once again mulling a full stop to its nationals being sent to Malaysia as domestic workers following the recent death of Indonesian Adelina Lisao, 26, who was allegedly abused at her employer’s house in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Adelina Lisao (right) and her employer Ambika MA Shan (left) 

Apart from being allegedly abused, Adelina Lisao was forced to slept OUTSIDE the house with a Rottweiler. Eventually she died.

Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim had then attempted to rescue the maid but alas she expired before anything could be done. A police report was lodged on her death and about the cruelty of her employer.

But last week, that employer, Ambika MA Shan, who was charged with murder, was reportedly granted a full acquittal by the High Court after the prosecution requested a discharge not amounting to an acquittal.


Steven Sim 

FMT reported (extracts): Steven Sim said today that the court decision was “as tragic as” Adelina’s death.

He said he had sought clarification from the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

“I read with disappointment and frustration the recent court decision. I have contacted the attorney-general to seek clarification. The AG has responded that he will personally investigate this matter to look into the next course of action.

“I trust the AG and the legal system will uphold justice,” he said in a statement today.

The court decision to free the employer was condemned by the women’s rights group Tenaganita. Its executive director, Glorene A Das, said yesterday that the court’s decision was shocking and the AGC must answer why there was no justice for Adelina, when there was apparently clear evidence.


  1. Irrespective of whatever the reasons the AG office or the Court may give , you just have the feeling that it is a cover up for reasons known only to the PP and the Court.

    The bottom line is "A life was lost due to Maid Slavery". Abuse is just too kind a word to describe the maid's life under employment.

    1. The Employer/Slave Master should be charged with murder/attempted murder and bankrupted to pay back the victim's family.

    2. The employment agency should also be charged with accomplice to murder/manslaughter and their license terminated.

    3. All the occupants of the house should be charged with manslaughter as witnesses to murder but did nothing to prevent it.

    4. The PP and Court should be investigated by MACC for any evidence of corruption, abuse of powers and if yes, to be terminated and charged.

    This case is just like all those corrupted protectors, slave traders, murderers and their accomplices involved in the Wan Kelian slave camp who are still roaming free even after all the evidences of murdered victims graves are found.

    1. 100% support from me

      see also the case of Rozita Mohamad Ali, who made headlines after she pleaded guilty to causing grievous hurt to her domestic worker.

      The Sessions Court initially just sentenced Rozita to be bound over for five years on a good behaviour bond of RM20,000.

      Then the prosecution appealed and she was slapped with a more appropriate eight-year jail sentence by the High Court. The follow-up was that she was awarded a stay of that jail term and freed on bail of RM25,000 with two sureties pending disposal of her appeal.

      Bear in mind she pleaded guilty to causing grievous hurt to 19-year-old Indonesian domestic worker Suyanti Sutrinso using a knife, a mop, a clothes hanger, an iron bar, a cat's toy and an umbrella at a house in Petaling Jaya between 7am and noon on June 21, 2016.

      Does Rozita wandering free sound like justice to anybody?