Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Mahathir's "New" Malaysia

MM Online - Minister: 15,000 spots added to matriculation intake, but 90pc Bumi quota to remain (extracts):

Yang Berhormat You-Know-Who 

Earlier on Sunday, the Education minister Maszlee Malik said he would raise current concerns over the programme's admission to the Cabinet, so as to reach a proper outcome.

He said the issue was brought up earlier today in a Cabinet meeting, with the additional intake implemented to ensure the best-performing students have a higher chance to further their studies

When the Education Minister raised the issue of uneven matriculation programs in the cabinet, he supposedly had two objectives, so he informed us (as per above news report), namely:

(1) ... so as to reach a proper outcome

(2) ... to ensure the best-performing students have a higher chance to further their studies

Very noble it would seem, but alas, I admit to my growing doubts on this "new" Malaysian government, mainly because of the brazen baffling bullshit of its adjective, namely, "new", wakakaka.

Nonetheless, on his pompous boast about his intention to make the additional intake implemented to ensure the best-performing students have a higher chance to further their studies, I was so disgusted by his ethnic-biased BS that I was compelled to publish on my FaceBook page a short message, as follows:

Minister: 15,000 spots added to matriculation intake
Who cares when 13,500 spots are already reserved for ketuanan bangsa

In response to my above message, one of my FB mates made a couple of comments expected of frustrated 'nons', the 2nd class citizens fo this great land, as follows (edited by kaytee merely for readability on this post):

When it was 25K (90% bumi/10% nons) it meant 22,500 would only be Malays seats.

But now they increase to 40K (still 90% bumi/10% nons) this means there will be 36,000 seats (out of 40,000 seats) reserved ONLY for Malay students.

This is not fair. Government admitted 90% of the taxes are paid by non Malays but 90% seats are reserved for Malay students in matriculation.

What kind of meritocracy is this, and how fair is the Malaysia Baru [we] voted in to defeat BN for changes.

The meritocracy is that nons have the glorious privilege of paying 90% of the taxes, wakakaka.

My mate then proposes (which I assess as a wet dream), as follows:

The government can have any amount of seats to their ability but admission should be based on merits alone without being biased to any race. A 10% can then be reserved for the poor and underprivileged students on a need basis.


  1. So long as education policy matters and the Minister of Education post are in the hands of dumb politicians, there will never be a wise nor transparent objective in their decisions.

    That's because whatever decisions they make will always be guided by their political survival and how many votes required to win the next election whether at party or at State/Federal level and how to placate and play to the gallery to get those votes.

    They just don't know when to play to be politicians and when to be a true leader of a Nation and to the rest of the citizens.

  2. Applications for the Ministry of Education’s Matriculation Programme for the 2018/2019 session will be open from Feb 25 to April 2.

    According to a statement by the Ministry of Education (MOE), this application is only open to students who have sat for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination in 2018.

    Something ISN'T right!

    "…for matriculation programmes, while increasing the number of student intake to 40,000." from the 25000 current set limit.

    Thus is that additional 15000 intakes current (ie 2019) or apply to 2020 onwards retaining the quota for 90 per cent Bumiputera and 10 per cent non-Bumiputera students.

    The current intakes of 90‰ bumi have most likely been exhausted the available bumi candidates from the 2018 spm exam as Maszlee has claimed the allocations involved seats allocated under the Bumiputera quota that had not been filled.

    The 'OLD' annual student intake for the matriculation programme is 25,000 of which 2,500 seats are allocated for non-Bumiputera students. With the proposed increase, the distributions r 36,000 & 4,000 respectively for bumi & None.

    More clarifications needed!

    Not just political double talks!

    1. wow so detail analysis on a pathetic 10%, must be a graduate from an anglo school.

    2. U know how good is lyt's arithmetic skill? (ReRead one of her pathetic book on the number of deaths under CCP). That's why u r as blurred & diffused as lyt's fart!

      The question SHOULD be about the 2019 matriculation intake based on the now revised 40k matriculation placements.

      Since the bumi quota has most likely exhausted the available 22500 placements (90% of the 25k), there will be an additional 1500 places (to make up the now 4k) available for the Nons who r been selected from the 2018 spm result.

      Of course the ketuanan freaks & lil' napoleons within the ministry WILL play havocs to torpedo this one of offer.

      2020 matriculation intake will be another story as mamak WOULDN'T be around!

  3. mca the old dog, dap the new dog.

  4. Maszlee is a walking disaster; clueless and spineless.

    Toonsie on the other hand, is just clueless (ha ha and too much spine for his own good), still using 20th century solution (ie dumb down the standards so that the masses can get easy uni entrance and be happy) which won’t work in the 21st century.

    The result of this move to increase matriculation intake will be a higher number of mediocre uni intake, who will graduate with dodgy standards who will burden PTPTN even more because no employer wants to hire them or even if they are able to get jobs won’t pay back their loan because this sense of entitlement will continue and they expect their PTPTN loan to be written off. Then the already bloated civil service will have to hire them, give them unnecessary jobs, increase the government operational salary costs and burden Guanee even more as he does his best to balance the budget with only a 35-year old provisional accounting qualification.

    Time to go...tick tock tick tock...