Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Johor MB Sahruddin Jamal in deep poo

FMT - Tensed PPBM meeting over Johor exco line-up ends with solidarity for Dr M (extracts)

PETALING JAYA: Top PPBM leaders have expressed solidarity with Dr Mahathir Mohamad amid lingering tension between the prime minister and the Johor royal household over the selection of the state cabinet.

FMT has learnt from reliable sources that the expression of support came at the end of a tensed Supreme Council meeting last night, during which party leaders discussed the new Johor state line-up which was sworn-in yesterday in front of Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

The meeting, which a source describes as “very heated and tensed”, was called at short notice on the back of concerns that the new line-up was never approved by PPBM.

They also questioned newly appointed Johor Menteri Besar Dr Sahruddin Jamal’s action in ignoring a Cabinet decision that there was no need for a reshuffle of the state line-up.

“But the MB went ahead with the reshuffle although he was informed of the Cabinet stand during his meeting with the prime minister prior to his swearing-in,” the source said.

FMT has also learnt that Sahruddin’s action was heavily criticised by Mahathir.

The source said many had during the meeting questioned the move
[by the new MB Sahruddin Jamal] to “kowtow to invisible hands” in the selection of the Johor exco line-up.

The Cantonese (in KL and Ipoh) have a term to depict the Cabinet decision that there was no need for the Johor MB to reshuffle the state exco line-up, to wit, 'Moe Yook', wakakaka. It means 'Don't move (or change)' the exco members.

Well, Sahruddin Jamal 'yook', wakakaka - [Penang Hokkien equivalent would be 'iieo2' or far better 'ting1tang3'].

But as I penned in a previous post DAP ADUN ousted from Johor Exco - Karma's a Bitch (extracts):

... new MB Sharuddin Jamal, he has no eff-ing say at all in the selection of the new Exco. The poor Sod is now caught between the Johor Sultan and the PM who is also his party boss.

Mahathir has just said the Johor Sultan has no say in the selection of the new Exco for the Johor State government, but DAP's Tan Hong Pin who was in the previous exco has now been clearly dropped, together with Pribumi's Mazlan Bujang (Mahathir's boy). Mahathir would not have sacrificed Mazlan Bujang because his party Pribumi has a scarcity of MPs and ADUNs.

It's obvious Sahruddin Jamal prefers to kowtow to HM rather than to his own Boss Mahathir who passed instructions NOT to change the members of the Johor Exco. Undoubtedly in accordance with the 'silent' dictates from 'invisible hands', wakakaka, the new MB kicked out DAP's Tan Hong Pin together with Pribumi's Mazlan Bujang from his new exco lineup.

HM has won in this recent round, but I am sure Mahathir won't forget nor let it go - he'll definitely think of a way to 'somehow' kowtim HM, wakakaka.

As for Sharuddin Jamal's future, what is saving him at this stage is probably the scarcity of Pribumi ADUNs in Johor State, wakakaka, but it's unlikely he'll have a great future in Pribumi unless Mahathir leaves for 'parts beyond'.


  1. You see the “Deep State” now? No guns no tanks....no need armed forces, just invisible hands.

    The source said many had during the meeting questioned the move [by the new MB Sahruddin Jamal] to “kowtow to invisible hands” in the selection of the Johor exco line-up.

    1. wakakaka, that's NOT a 'deep state', just teh new Malay MB being awed by (or scared of) the Sultan, or just bodeking

    2. If this weakling is acting as u said then indeed the existence of the deep state is confirmed!

      Bodeking the blue blood?

      If mamak didn't nominate him, not matter how much he likes to bodek the blue blood his effort would be just like yr 'Moe Yook' fart for the blue blood. Who the f*ck is this weakling of no substance & coming from no where to try his luck at bodeking the blue blood?

      Furthermore, mamak has spoken his piece about the right of the people vis-a-vis the ceremonial right of the blue blood.

      More likely he is scared of the blue blood for effecting his possible buang negeri!

      If that's the case then why is he so scared of been buang negeri? This is a new M'sia where constitutional monarch remains as such - to be seen ONLY.

      That mental block of 'deep state' as indoctrinated within the mindset of these weaklings IS the only reason!

  2. Its not what PBBM thinks, its what Johor rakyat think that matters.
    Mahathir is putting Johore MB and to some extend M Yasin stuck in between a rock and a hard place.Nobody will benefit from this not even PBBM. Maybe UMNO will benefit. Some rakyat will shift support back to UMNO

  3. Boxing fight oso want to interfere.

    TMJ made ‘uncomfortable demands’, says Syed Saddiq
    Timothy Achariam

    Published on 23 Apr 2019

    Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman says Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim had demanded that a boxing match featuring Manny Pacquiao be cancelled at the last minute and he had to explain to the royal that it could not be scrapped as contracts had been signed.

    YOUTH and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Syed Abdul Rahman revealed today that the breakdown of his relationship with Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim was because the latter had made “uncomfortable demands” on him.

    Syed Saddiq said one such demand was to cancel, at the last minute, the Manny Pacquiao vs Lucas Matthysse fight in Kuala Lumpur which took place on July 15 last year.

  4. Another example of Deep State.....in Pahang...?

    Coincidentally the Agong now is the Sultan of Pahang and also UMNO/BN rules the state. Is their MB also in awe or bodeking HRH? Which state will be next?

    New Law In Pahang Requires People Wanting To Do Business To Show Loyalty To Agong & Sultan

    By Sadho Ram — 20 Apr 2019
    The law has been made compulsory and is effective immediately.

    On Friday, 19 April, Pahang Menteri Besar Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail announced an additional condition for business licences and permits: To pledge allegiance to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Sultan by showing unconditional respect and loyalty at all times

    "Failure to adhere to the requirement will result in the business permits and licences being revoked"....said MB Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail.

  5. A group of lawyers could debate this for hours over dinner and drinks...and the "kakis" that I know did.

    There are several interesting constitutional issues surrounding this matter.
    a) The Constitutional Ruler had no right to demand the removal of an MB. Whether the MB still retains the confidence of the Assembly is for the Assembly to decide, not for the Ruler.
    b) The same way , the Constitutional Ruler had no right to demand the removal of some Exco members. He can always give his input on whatever matters to the MB, but no "right" to demand conditions.
    PH is making a dangerous precedent by caving in to the demands.
    What is next ?
    The Ruler Demands the state government compulsorily acquire private land that he has cast his lascivious eyes on ?
    The government has such power, but only intended for construction of vital infrastructure or in the interest of environment or safety - it is an abuse of power and probably corruptionto force owners to give up private land for commercial uses.

    The Ruler Demands the state government close both eyes to environmental laws being broken by companies that he has a private stake in ?

    Rumour has it that both types of mischief have occurred in the Southern state.

    c) As a Federation, the Prime Minister has no "right" to insist on the appointment of an state MB or Exco members. That is a matter for the state.
    d) As the National head of the Pribumi party , he of course, has the right to give his input, but again, he has no "right" to make the decision on the MB or Exco appointments. That is a State-level decision.

    In reality , of course , in Malaysia, things often don't work according to Constitutional structures.

    1. This is wrong to say:

      PH is making a dangerous precedent by caving in to the demands.

      Mamak has voiced strongly against such kowtowing to the blue bloods.

      But the fact of the matter IS u have a bunch of feudalistic weaklings, feeding on the past misdeeds of affirmative neo, who can't have strong WILL to stand up to the challenge of modern day principle of ALL HUMANS R EQUAL!

      Instead, they crave in to their meme-ed feudalistic instincts of hamba behaviour. Prove paid to the saying of bringing a kampong pumpkin to the modern time for him/her to be behaving just like back in the kampong!

      PH has a lot of these weaklings!

  6. Over 300 slaughtered in terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, mainly targeted at places of Christian religious worship.

    I suppose Ah Mok does not give a fuck....its his blog, yes, but I long ago pointed out his hypocrisy towards different religions.

    Especially Islam vis-à-vis Christianity.

    Christchurch vis-à-vis Charlie Hebdo, and now, Colombo.

    1. see my FB page, shit stirrer

    2. Ah Mok is not only a hypocrite but a liar.

      There is NO post on the Sri Lanka massacre on the Facebook page "Kaytee Moc"


      Kaytee Moc
      April 23 at 11:31 AM

      Kaytee Moc
      April 24 at 1:51 AM

      Kaytee Moc
      April 24 at 09:06 PM

  7. It's obvious some Deep State players (politicians, government servants, royal household staff, academicians, religious NGOs, gangsters, bloggers, trojan horses etc) are behind the scenes trying to cause a Constitutional crisis by influencing all the Royalties to disrupt and overthrow a democratically elected Govt. by unlawful means.

    The only way out, if PH Govt. whether at Federal or State is able to govern and last the full term is to launch another Ops Lallang 3 and round up all these instigators pretending to be Royalists with a different agenda of bringing back their Bossku.

    Civil rights groups and liberals will have to take a back seat if they really care about democratically elected Govts. and democratic principles to survive the continuous onslaught by Deep State players.

    Sun Tzu says "The biggest threat to the Empire is not the enemy which is in front but rebels hatching rebellions from within. A small rebellion can create more rebellions throughout the Empire leaving the enemy to just walk in without fighting a war."

    There is no other alternative for an Empire to continue to exist/flourish if rebellions are not crushed and all the rebels beheaded to show to the rest of the populace in a country of the might of the Emperor/Ceasar/Pharoah.

    So, let's get it over with, as the continuous rule of the Empire/dynasty lies in the fate of men who knows how to chart the destiny of a Nation.

  8. the dap outsted is one that issued memo in chinese right, transfer him to take care ecrl la, he can be translator.

  9. let's be fair to Tan HP

    news reported:

    It was later revealed that the letter was also in Bahasa Malaysia, but only the Mandarin and English versions were circulated on social media.

    1. Just tambak lah, as long as it's dap related!

      The pet cat must be really gutted badly.